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Hot water Tanks are used to store hot water for household use or for heating a particular area. It is usually heavily insulated to retain the heat of water for several days. The water that is heated using a geyser or a heater is stored in hot water cylinders that can contain the heat and can be used for different purposes like bathing, laundry, washing and so on. Some of the tanks have additional water heating systems attached to them such as electric immersion heaters, built-in oil or gas burner system, or might employ an exterior heat exchanger to heat water from another energy source such as a wood-burning stove or a district heating system. Thus the water that is heated remains hot and energy is not wasted when we use hot water tanks. This can prove to be also useful when consistent hot water is required. The insulated tank retains heat and thus water of uniform hotness is received. This is required in hotels and hospitals and at homes during severe winters where the water might just freeze. Since the specific heat capacity of water is very high it is often used as a medium for storing heat and using it for other requirements when needed. A buffer tank is just a tank that holds volume of water, raising the overall volume of the heating distribution system. Any additional volume of water is set to the side to take in any extra heat produced by the heating appliance in low load conditions, which the system does not yet have the need of. A buffer vessel can be an energy efficient solution for any surplus requirements of any system. But the cost and time involved in installing a hot water tank and buffer tank at home, hospitals, hotels or anywhere is quite high. This calls for the need for buying good quality heater systems. As per today’s brands of water heaters and other accessories, Cordivari is seen as the leaders in the manufacture of these products. Established in 1972 by Ercole Cordivari, the group is produces calorifiers and buffer tanks, compressed air receivers, solar thermal systems, chimney flues, design radiators and food containers. It was in 2003 that Cordivari developed the Polywarm series with the hot water cylinder that was manufactured in carbon steel which is then lined on the inside with a special polymer finish and is cured at 230 degree Celsius. These calorifiers are flexible which are highly different from the conventional glass-lined cylinders which experience shipping damage, , thermal shock, pipe connection thread damage and break-down of the coating at the soldered closures on the inside of the tanks. Cordivari Polywarm products have won several awards including the ANVER award for innovation during the time of their launch. Since then they have been expansively tested in many parts of Europe and Asia. Cordivari has a good reputation and warranty this makes it reliable. Additionally it has been satisfying customers since their launch and has a wide variety of products for different uses. A trustworthy distributor can be contacted in case you want to install a hot water storage unit or a buffer vessel after deciding the brand you prefer. Then you can talk to the dispenser and fix your mind on the type of system that would be adequate for your needs. Then you can install the system and enjoy consistent hot water at low power consumptions.

A major problem in most industries these days is the production of a large amount of dust and fumes. Every industry, no matter what type, generates a large amount of waste. These wastes need to be properly treated and not let out in to the environment as such. What to do with these wastes is the question industrialists are facing these days. In the beginning stages of the industrial age, the industries found easy ways like letting out fumes to the environment as such without any treatment whatsoever. These practices led to huge environmental hazards in the future years. Slowly, people started realizing the troubles of such practices like degradation of the environment and also chronic illnesses in humans. The effect such smoke has on humans was beyond what they could imagine at that point of time. The industrial effluents contained a large amount of hazardous gases and dust particles which not only caused breathing trouble, but also other issues. Pollution slowly started becoming the root concern of the century. This is when new methods and techniques started to be invented and practiced. Dust and fume extraction is the most popular method in this case. Techniques were devised to extract the dust and fumes as they are released from the manufacturing stage. All the hazardous constituents are separated from these wastes and they are treated. This makes sure that no toxic elements are let out to the environment as such. This is something you need to be very careful about. Acid rain, global warming, ozone layer destruction, are all effects of toxic gases in the air. Besides affecting the environment, they also have a major effect on the breathing system of the body. Bronchitis, asthma, and lung cancers are just a few examples. We, at Harold Engineering, specialize in fume extraction and dust extraction. We have carried out several dust and fume extraction installations in applications. We have tried these in a variety of fields like manufacturing industries, educational centres, emergency services, and so on. The technologies we offer are a range of capture at source technology from established manufacturers like Nederman, Plymovent, Alfi and Woodwork Dust Control. Nederman product range consists of Exhaust extraction systems, High vacuum extraction, Extraction hoods and downfraft Tables, Compact Dust Collectors, Mobile Fume and Dust Collectors, Hose reels and cable reels, Extraction arms, On-tool dust extraction, Lubrication equipment and systems, Workplace screening, and Sandblasting equipment. Under the Plymovent product range, there are extraction arms, Fans, Extraction hood, Hose reels or droppers, Nozzles and hoses, and Rail systems. We have a large number of satisfied clients all over. The product is chosen and installed as per your requirements. You just name what all your preferences are, and we provide you the perfect designs. Whichever sector you are in, we have the perfect solution for you. Our dust extraction systems extract all kinds of dust particles like organic, plastics and polymers, wood, paper dust and lots more. The fume extraction system controls all kinds of hazardous fumes coming out. They are all filtered and separated and only pure air is let out. For a perfect solution to your problem of fume and dust extraction, feel free to contact Harold Engineering. Our engineers are always ready to help you out in all matters and provide you the best solution possible.

A couple of most dangerous elements that creates major environmental hazards are dust and fume. Dust extraction and fume extraction could be the way for protection of environment and ensuring its safety. Dust and fumes are major threats to safe and healthy environment. Therefore, extraction of both these elements from environment is essential. Scientists and engineers have been working round the clock to achieve this objective. We may start with fall out dust extraction first of all. Fall Out Dust Extraction Since most of the dusts are fall out elements, therefore fall out dust extraction is to be monitored consistently for appropriate environmental safety. There are specific processes of monitoring as follows.  Fall out dust monitoring is known as precipitant dust monitoring.  Laboratory equipments are used that are designed specifically for dust monitoring purposes. Elements for Consideration Elements that need to be taken into consideration for dust monitoring and extraction are as follows.  Atmospheric dust deposition is to be checked.  Fall out dust monitoring is a legal requirement.  Measurement of dust levels with reference to the permissible limits.  Finding out the enterprises responsible for the dust fall out and ensuring that they take steps to extract the fall out dusts. What Causes Fall Out Dust Some of the factors that cause the fall out dust requiring their extractions are –  Rainfall; because water vapour attracts dusts from atmosphere;  Wind; since it carries dust and they fall out at places where there is no wind; and  All such factors including geographical considerations that could have impact on wind or rainfall and therefore; on dust fall out.  Adding to dust levels could be pollens as well as small insects.  Activities generating dust like dropping or dragging objects are also major reasons for dust fall out. Challenges to be Faced Challenges that are to be faced are detection of the fall out dust and extracting them so that they do not pose any danger to the environment around. It is a matter of engineering the fall out dust away. Fume Extraction Equally important for maintenance of the ecological and environmental balance is the fume extraction and steps are to be taken for appropriate fume extractions as and when they are encountered. Major Sources of Fumes Some of the major sources of fumes excretion are as follows.  Metal industries are the largest sources of fumes.  Exhaust fumes from running vehicles also poses a major threat to environment.

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There are also other sources like the fire industry and garages. Welding smokes. Oil mist and smokes. Tobacco smoke; a major threat to healthy environment around.

Engineered Solutions To address the problems relating to fume extractions the experts and engineers have come up with engineered solutions. It makes the air clean erasing out the dirty smokes that causes pollution. However the task is carried out in phases. Phases of Engineered Solution For extracting fumes, the phases involved in engineered solutions are as follows.  First phase is that of analysis and designing the cleaning and extraction system.  Second phase is customizing the extraction process befitting the needs of the place and type of cleaning to be made.  Ensuring an environment that is healthy and pleasant for the workers working in such industries is the third phase of the activity. Limiting the exposure to smoke is most important part of it besides making the environment cleaner and healthier.

Dust Extraction and Fume Extraction for Environmental Safety  
Dust Extraction and Fume Extraction for Environmental Safety  

Hot water Tanks are used to store hot water for household use or for heating a particular area. It is usually heavily insulated to retain th...