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David McGruder - Guarding Your Child Against Gun Weapon Charges


Rediscovered History from a Daughter’s Perspective ( Cheryl Wills )

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Paint, Poetry and Brooklyn Stepping into the mind of Art Dad Danny Simmons

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On The Cover Malcolm Jenkins of the Philadelphia Eagles takes us to the city of brotherly love for an exclusive with him and his family inside the Loews Hotel, Philadelphia . Subscriptions For subscriptions ,






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The Mantry Company A New Craftsmaker Is In Town ART ISSUE 2015

Atalia Katz




10 ART ISSUE 2015










Atalia Katz Ethiopia


discovered Ethiopia through photography. Having travelled there simply

to document, I fell in love with this ancient land and felt that I was literally walking with people from Biblical times. Ethiopia has been an advanced

kingdom from the time of King Solomon. Legend has it that the Queen of

Sheba journeyed to visit the King and returned pregnant with their son, Melnik. When the boy came of age, he visited his father and took the Holy Ark back with

him to Ethiopia. It’s believed that the Ark is still hidden in one of the churches there. The Ethiopians are a peaceful people who live a simple life, working the land. They

are mostly happy with their lot, and live a life of joy, deeply entrenched in family and community. The vast majority of Ethiopians are devoutly Christian; however, there are

other religious groups in the region, and they co-exist peacefully. When I first arrived in Ethiopia, I encountered an ancient Jewish community, anticipating their emigration to

Israel. Since then, I’ve returned numerous times to document their immigration process. Touring widely there, I’ve photographed a range of different places and tribal ceremonies. The southern tribes, still in the “hunter-gatherer” stages of their culture, particularly

fascinated me. I’m looking forward to heading back to Ethiopia in the next two weeks, to document a communal event of the Adeni (Yemenite) people in Addis Ababa. I’m

besotted by this beautiful people and share a profoundly emotional connection with them.

Ethiopia: by: Atalia Katz Photography 12 ART ISSUE 2015

Ethiopia: by: Atalia Katz Photography ART ISSUE 2015


Ethiopia: by: Atalia Katz Photography 14 ART ISSUE 2015

Ethiopia: by: Atalia Katz Photography ART ISSUE 2015


Ethiopia: by: Atalia Katz Photography 16 ART ISSUE 2015

Ethiopia: by: Atalia Katz Photography ART ISSUE 2015


18 ART ISSUE 2015



20 ART ISSUE 2015



22 ART ISSUE 2015 ART ISSUE 2015


to a red light party and danced the wild ju ju until blistering dawn

printed in china

hardcover isbn: 978-0-9898856-3-8

for information:

first edition spring 2014 an outta da box imprint designed and published by kmw studio publishing, new york

all rights reserved. no part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.

art and prose copyright © 2014 danny simmons book design copyright © 2014 kmw studio publishing llc. artwork photographed by mark lee blackshear


danny simmons

and finally the beats who let loose a torrent of free expression that inspired this volume. whose spirit had me imagine what I’d want to say if I was a brown beatnik poet in a dark smokey greenwich village cafe.

then there are my brothers russell and joey and my son buddies eric, tom, bill, brian and comic book ray, dear friends who are always there for me in ways that i can’t even describe. my good buddy mike warlow and his dear wife and partner kiersten armstrong who nurtured and designed this and my two previous books of poetry. these people and many more have brought me to this place.

there are so many people i need to thank for my entry into the world of poetry. i don’t mean writing poetry that came from my dad, dan sr. he was and continues to be my role model as a man who was dedicated to exploring human rights through poetry. he was my first poet warrior. my mom, evelyn who said the most empowering thing ever to me “go ahead and be an artist nobody will let you starve”. but over the years there were others who emerged that drove me to the feet of poetry. jessica care moore who pushed me to publish and read my work. sonia sanchez my spiritual poet mother. black Ice aka lamar manson whose works always grabbed me and reminded me that poetry is grounded in keeping it real even when it’s at its most abstract. men who i only met in passing like amiri baraka who continually fueled my revolutionary spirit and taught me that words can be the most powerful force for social change. poets like liza jessie peterson, tony medina, kayo, carl hancock rux, vanessa hidrary, asha bandele, kevin powell, and the last poets, who man the walls and rail against oppression and speak for justice time after time. there are too many more to mention but i have to remember seikou sandiata my friend and neighbor who always encouraged my poetry. there are too many visual artists to name, that are my comrades who continually overstep boundaries and push me to do so myself.

thank you

short i wore a baby blue suit

so she melts.




With Natural Born Artists

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine a world where creativity reigns. All forms of art are recognized and brought to life and you walk down the street and experience extensive paintings reaping of natural human emotion or drawings filled with poignant messages worth uncovering. Well, although this could exit in someone’s Utopia, for now, we have RAW, an independent arts organization, for artists, by artists with a community of creative people across the globe. Dapper Dads Magazine uncovered some of RAW’s great talent and brought it to your fingertips.

Jefferey Reid A.K.A. FINK

Fink’s artistic development stemmed from struggling with depression as a youth, something that he is very open about, although he started his craft prior. “I started drawing when I was really little, before I was diagnosed with depression, it translated really well. I knew I had my family to fall back on but they didn’t always understand, so I would often draw and wonder instead.” He often emphasizes on mood through his work, as he is at a point in life where discovering more of who he is, is crucial and gaining perspective through his work is a great start. Consequently, “Asking my own questions sort of forced me to know what I wanted to say, which might be why I’m so expressive,” he added. There are quite a few striking pieces by this artist, such as that of the head of a rounded skull, which doesn’t look quite at you, yet you can see most of its features and imagine what the soul of the person

it belonged to was like if it came to life. The placement of the skill on a slithered mantle, detracts from an otherwise gory feel and makes this skull somewhat approachable. Yet, the contrast of dark and light patterns in the background give this piece the balance it requires, adding an additional layer to his work. You are not quite sure what mood to be in when gazing on this piece. Speaking of mood, Fink believes that “mood my work carries usually depends on the subject. I love doing portraits because I feel that nothing says expression quite like a face. It can be happy, silly, curious, awe-struck, angry, or sad the list goes on. Even outside of portraiture I love the idea of mixing moods, like curiosity and anxiety or sadness and the feeling of being left alone. I feel it achieves a nice balance but I’ve still got plenty to explore.”

" mood my work carries usually depends on the subject. I love doing portraits because I feel that nothing says expression quite like a face. It can be happy, silly, curious, awe-struck, angry, or sad the list goes on. " Feelings are certainly not easily expressible by all, but RAW Artist Jefferey Reid, also known as Fink, brings a new meaning to human emotion, with his straightforward style and strong use of a polarized, overcast temperament. With a sprinkle of imagination, some of his work can be described as the channeling of a miniature Edgar Allan Poe, brought to life through drawings.

In the near future we can expect some interesting things from this RAW artists who shared that we can expect him to venture into more paintings, as this “is something that makes me smile in frustration. I love seeing paintings and I often marvel, especially at oil painting, but I have yet to sit down and confront the anxiety it gives me. I think it comes from wanting to precisely plan everything out beforehand. In working on loosening my style I’ve developed a greater appreciation for landscape, so

26 ART ISSUE 2015



Austin Hillebrecht

Animation is a unique craft, which few can truly execute; it has the ability to take you to a place where imagination comes to life, where dreams are brought before your eyes. California native Austin Hillebrecht makes it look so easy with a distinct style which mirrors, and perhaps exceeds the art work for best-sellers like Harry Potter or the art for The Series of Unfortunate Events, and evokes a world that makes you feel as if you are a part of The Adams Family. It comes to no surprise that Austin has had quite his share of film and animation as it is “something I’ve wanted to do ever since I was 6 years old and my passion for it hasn’t wavered since. I’ve found the

28 ART ISSUE 2015

easiest translation from my art to film is through animation. Austin has this strong affinity for the macabre, which can be frightening for some, but intriguing for others,” he says. Although he still wonders where this tone of art stems from he did admit that the “lighter side of things just doesn’t hold my attention. It’s the darker things that seem to always get my imagination boiling. And the thing is I don’t think of my art as very scary. It’s dark and spooky and macabre, but it’s also funny and whimsical. It’s about characters and telling their stories. I really like taking the expected and spinning it on its head, not just in my art but in my film, animation, and music work.”

This highly sought after artist does believe that all the different forms of art “I do feed and fuel each other. Something that acting, music and art all have in common is the fact that they’re all methods of trying to express a certain truth or idea inside yourself. They’re just different ways of saying the same thing. And if they’re all done together it helps make the idea that much more real and tangible. That’s why film has been around for as long as it has, because it’s mastered the art of blending all these different mediums together in a way that makes people think and feel things they probably hadn’t before. It gives them a chance to escape this world but at the same time face certain truths about themselves and their lives. I think that’s a huge reason why I love the format so much. It’s a giant mirror that allows you to step through it into another world,” says Austin. Allowing you to step through into another world is something Austin does so fluidly with his work like his personalized version of Edward Scissor-hands with a less beautiful face and stronger expressions. Of course there is also the crowd pleaser of a fair lady donning lace, and dripping in pearls, while liquid, which could be blood or mascara, falls from her face, as she maintains a somber expression, which you can see although you are viewing her from a side angle.

This creative connoisseur is currently working on a piece that has been a couple years in the making. It takes place in a carnival in the belly of a huge steam powered whale, and follows Cthulhu as he tries to break out of the freak show that he’s been imprisoned in for far too long. He has been working on this project with the help of a few people, it’s looking really great so far, and he adds, “I’m always looking for more artists who can help me finish it. It’s a beast of a project!” Although he is working on great things now, Austin does hope to have a larger audience in the future, where he acknowledges that “though my art is fairly themed and specific I would prefer my audience to not be. I’m not making my art for anyone specific. I primarily make it for myself and have found a wide range of people enjoy it, which is great!” With such a unique product, there is no reason his strong momentum should not continue in the future, which can permit a stronger opportunity to interact with his audience and meet people though conventions and gallery’s, something that he has always loved. Austin added poignantly, that “I’ve always really enjoyed seeing who is buying my art and why they like it so much. Everyone has a different perspective on my work which I find very interesting.”



Ryan’s portraits of time, with extensive pieces of animals, landscapes, still life and nature have led him to some of this world’s most beautiful countries including: Australia, Bolivia, Cambodia, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Ecuador, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Macau, Malaysia, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, the Vatican, Vietnam, the Philippines and the USA.

Ryan De Los Reyes

Before he traveled the world to hone his craft, Ryan grew up in the Philippine’s as a young boy where you was inspired by the construct of the world around him. “I have always had the fascination with photographs of our family through generations, and I really enjoyed looking into old Black & White portraits and family gatherings plus the stories behind it,” said Ryan. This respected artist didn’t come into the arts expecting such strong reception by the public because, “I have never imagined this would lead to my craft Have you ever studied photo, and garnered a sense of peace or intrigue? These are two of the many states you may come to terms with after delving into the art work of Ryan De Los Reyes, a Physiotherapist by profession and self –proclaimed world wanderer with an aptitude for world class photography, capturing extravagance and humanity with his Nikon camera. Great use of camera is a wonderful thing, a skill that is often watered down in today’s society because of its implementation into so many everyday forms of technology. But, sometimes,

32 ART ISSUE 2015

what people fail to realize is that when you take a photo, you are unveiling a story and capturing a moment in time that can never be back-tracked. If you really think about it, you can see that it allows you to better understand things and people of this world. It gives you vivid portrayal of everyday life which will serve as a mark of history for this generation’s descendants. Ryan’s numerous photos depict a point in time like the popular black and white photo of a bull fight from a bird’s eye view, or the visual of colorful hot air balloons sailing across the skies, looking down at the sand brown, rock homes beneath it.

at the moment. I am a Physiotherapist by profession and also a frustrated journalist, which was my first career choice, but I ended up as a Therapist. Although I have to admit, that even as a young boy, traveling has always been my passion and geography comes with it. I told myself then that if there will come a time that I will have the opportunity,” he added. Although Ryan is almost always traveling, downtime “for me is when I am on the road, traveling, wandering… away from my day job. Downtime for me is when I am living life and discovering new frontiers. Downtime for me is when I’m out there experiencing life, be it zip lining and white-water rafting in Costa Rica, surfing in Bali, hot-air ballooning in Turkey, trying exotic Indian dishes or enjoying the fine white sand beaches of the Philippines. But when I’m in town and away from busy work schedule, I do find time to relax hanging out with friends, having a drink or two, a good movie, a great Tennis match, and attending/joining art exhibits,” he said.

" I have always had the fascination with photographs of our family through generations, and I really enjoyed looking into old Black & White portraits and family gatherings plus the stories behind it "















Nobis 2015

36 ART ISSUE 2015



38 ART ISSUE 2015



40 ART ISSUE 2015



vK Nagrani 42 ART ISSUE 2015

VK Nagrani Menswear2015



A Brand For the Global Gent VK

Nagrani is one of the hottest menswear companies coming out of NYC and Mr. Vivek Nagrani is the brain and creative genius behind the luxury menswear brand. His collection, which began as a sock business soon flourished from that to what it is today: a growing empire encompassing a lifestyle wardrobe for the guy, whom I like to call The Global Gent. The VK Nagrani collection can be credited with uniqueness and personality but at the base of it all I do believe that the rising popularity of the brand is rooted in the authenticity with which Mr. Nagrani creates his collections. He is a visionary. He is a creative mind. He is an entrepreneur. He is a father. Vivek Nagrani is not just a savvy, passionate entrepreneur, but a family man with a social and spiritual conscience that is embodied in his work.

By: Shona Cruz importance of sharing a meal together. Her favourite is fettuccini Bolognese and roasted vegetables.”

Nagrani began with humble beginnings, working out of his garage and cycling to drop off customer orders to the nearest UPS hub. His motivation was never driven by money but rather the desire to do right by the customer. “Those that find their purpose see the world very differently. We seek to impact the world through our work and our passion. 15 years later I still work with a responsibility to the consumer.”

Nagrani is a deep believer in the idea that we are here to fulfill a life’s purpose and that the key to true success, happiness and authenticity is to live within it. In the paragraphs to follow I will not just be singing the praises of just another luxury lifestyle brand, but rather I hope that through my lens you will be inspired to use your gifts to create “To me a father’s role is very different from a mother. A and touch the lives of those around you. Let this father teaches by example. We can say anything, but a brand not just capture your wallet but your heart child tends to look to mom for advice and to dad as an in a way that you feel compelled to follow your example. I have two ‘things’ that I always do with my daughter. The first, when I am in town, we listen to music path; if that means you pick up a few pairs of and I tell her an empowering story that focuses on the socks, a manly pair of ‘links or even treat yourself strength of being a female. I want her to know that she to one of Nagrani’s luxurious, Italian made suits, can do anything she wants and not to be intimidated by do it to embody the confidence and swag of The boys. The second, every Sunday my daughter and I cook Global Gent so you may also complete your life’s dinner together. I teach her the importance of family by purpose… and do it with style. teaching her how to cook, how to set the table and the

44 ART ISSUE 2015



Now, allow me to introduce to you the ideal VK Nagrani man: The Global Gent.

and class all his own. All of this encapsulated in one jet setting, cultured, luxury lifestyle lover of a man. Now I don’t know that I can draw a better picture in your mind; all that’s missing is a descriptor on how this guy smells. OK fine, you get the idea but what I have discovered is that VK Nagrani as a brand is designed specifically with this Global Gent in mind. From the bathrobes designed for wear on your overnight flight in first class to a collection of underwear aptly named Woody, Wang or Johnson (with a surprise inside) that well, let’s just say it’s humorously tongue in

46 ART ISSUE 2015

cheek Mr. Nagrani. While I obviously haven’t sported these briefs myself, I have it on good authority that they are indeed as exceedingly comfortable as they look, being anatomically perfected for “maximum comfort”. Dare I say this brand is like to how the Global Gent likes his martini: dry, with a twist of humour. It is with this unmistakable personality that the VK Nagrani brand has charmed its way in to the closets of Global Gents around the world. However, it is through the brand’s impeccable design, comfort and superior quality that these items quickly become wardrobe mainstays.

his particular gentleman is not just your cliché Tepitome modern man, oh no. The Global Gent is the of sophistication, oozing unique style


breathtaking, manly and sophisticated array of cufflinks. The animal spirit represented on each pair comes with a story connecting the animal back to a masculine quality that I can only imagine appeals to every Global Gent on a primal level. Not only is this a gorgeously original idea but a genius marketing move. Each animal differs in its masculine attributes but all maintain one common quality: POWER. What man doesn’t want to feel powerful in his clothes? I mean, that’s what it’s all about- using your wardrobe as a self-expression Aside from the VK Nagrani flagship product, the but also as a tool through which a man can pass socks, my top pick is arguably the most important his energy. This allows the Global Gent to build accessory in a gentleman’s wardrobe: The Cufflink. his confidence with every click of his cufflink, The VK Nagrani collection showcases a reminding himself who’s boss and that the world is indeed his for the changing. was very difficult for me to choose just a single focus for this assignment as I did manage to lose my heart more than a couple times while drooling over this luxurious collection. Now while not all of us can fork over $3200 for the Maharaja’s Robe, which by the way is 100% hand painted AND hand sewn with only 18 of these exclusive puppies created worldwide, I do however, wish to highlight my personal favourite in the paragraphs that follow.

We seek to impact the world



VK Nagrani

We can say anything, but a child tends to look to mom for advice and to dad as an example.

48 ART ISSUE 2015



J e n n y S c h wa r z

Jenny Schwarz AW 15



52 ART ISSUE 2015



54 ART ISSUE 2015




56 ART ISSUE 2015



The City Dweller

Its winter time: temperatures drop and snow is crunchy on the ground. In this part of the world whether we like to hibernate in the colder months or take advantage of outdoor winter activities we all want to LOOK the part. Now there is a new kid on the block (well sort of new) to help you reach your goal. Hawke and Co. was established in 2007 and here is where the originality of the brand started… The Hawk is an international symbol for power, vision, leadership and energy; vitality personified. Hawke and Co. did not choose this branding by accident. They chose it purposely to honour the place from where the brand idea birthed: New York. Did you know that hundreds of Hawks come to nest under the bridges interconnecting the concrete jungle? Next time take a look. The founders of Hawke and Co. did and credit what they saw as the inspiration behind a new emerging outwear company. Thus Hawke and Co. began. It is those characteristics of power, vision, leadership and energy that connect the Hawke and Co. brand lover to the brand itself. Inspired by an animal, symbolic of Americana and freedom, the brand is indeed American but caters to customers across the continent, and with the assist of e-commerce capabilities, they also meet the needs of customers around the globe. At first glance, Hawke and Co. appears to be your typical “outdoorsy persons” apparel haven and it is; but there are exactly 3 reasons why it’s more than that and I’m going to

58 ART ISSUE 2015



The Packable


The Modern Explorer {#ModernExplorer}

is the Hawke and Co. flagship line. e all want to look sharp yet unpretentious, TandhisReady for this? Its feather-light weight Wsleek yet approachable, and fashionwhether you are commuting in the forward yet relatable. I introduce to you, The city or heading out for road trip weekend, this piece is your outerwear essential to keep you warm, active and takes up virtually no room!

The packable line of jackets and vests are designed with a built in “pack bag”. This means no extra room required for a puffy coat. It literally packs down in to a convenient size for luggage, messenger bags, carry-ons or back packs. Whether you are camping or jet-setting light packing options are always a bonus and with the Packable line by Hawke and Co. you get the travel convenience. As if that weren’t enough value out of this line, the designers at Hawke and Co. exercised their genius and considered the fact that style by design is just as important as functionality because as much as we want to have fun, we want to look good doing it! So in addition, The Packable line now comes in a variety of colours while maintaining their sleek design, keeping it uber fashion forward for the city explorer.

The Pro Line [#TakeOff] line is for the guy with NO FEAR. TstylesheIt’s Proand sporty active wear in a variety of looks. The genius team Hawke

and Co. understand that although we may like to dress as city dwellers during work hours, we also value keeping fit and active, which requires a stylish yet functional casual line. The Pro Line is designed for the city active explorer. Whether you find yourself out for your daily run in the neighbourhood, trying out some new hiking terrain, or hangin’ on the weekend with the boys, the Pro Line from Hawke and Co. is active wear designed with style. The Pro line keeps true to the brands’ lightweight feel while incorporating sophisticated active wear technology so your piece stays functionally smart. The look here is understated and stylish, using colour and shape to give The Pro line a modern style sensibility.

60 ART ISSUE 2015

Black Collection by Hawke and Co. Let’s be honest here, most of us, whether based in the heart of a thriving metropolis or enjoying the spacious backyards of suburbia, the modern explorer idea is rooted in the fashion fact that we have become a city dweller society (our farming friends excluded) when it comes to our image and styling demands. Whether you are a young professional in corporate America or whether business casual is your work look of choice, The Black Collection is the perfect outerwear pairing for you. This line was designed with the city sophisticate guy in mind who strives for the best but wants to keep it classy and sophisticated. The collection consists of Hawke and Co.’s signature smart technology combined with a tailored design aesthetic with extra attention to the details. This is what every young professional is looking for to complement his life and his work wardrobe.

verall,what’s my impression after researching this up and coming brand? O I can sum it up in two words: cool and functional… what more does one need out of casual to business outerwear? Of course there are all kinds of brands on the market with similar looks and maybe even similar technology but one thing that sets Hawke and Co. apart from the rest is the unpretentious, authenticity of the brand. They know how to keep it clean and since launching in 2007 and since 2010 when Macy’s opened its doors to carrying Hawke and Co. in their stores, their notoriety has grown and translated into real growth. Even without large scale commercial advertising, Hawke and Co. is proving itself to be worthy player in an industry where the quest is ultimately for your brand loyalty as a customer.



Special Note: Hawke and Co. has recently caught the eye of Hollywood and they have officially come a knocking! Hawke and Co. is the official outerwear brand for the upcoming film, Manhattan Nocturn, starring Adrian Brody. The film is slated to come out November 2015 and will be featuring various collection pieces from the collection. In January 2015 Hawke and Co. is one of the official sponsors for the upcoming film, I Am Michael, featuring Hollywood star, James Franco. 62 ART ISSUE 2015





64 ART ISSUE 2015









observant parent will often get plenty of notice when his teenage child is involved in drugs. Changes in behavior, appetite or appearance will often give it away. Plus the trend in the American Criminal Justice System is to decriminalize certain drugs and to send young people to rehab for other drugs even when they are caught selling them.

Written by: David McGruder

But in certain states guns and other weapons are a different story. In New York and other states the mere possession of a loaded firearm carries a mandatory state prison sentence and a felony that will never leave your record (just ask Plaxico Burress). In my many years of practicing criminal law I have witnessed families devastated by lengthy prison sentences for the mere possession of a loaded firearm. Obviously tough gun laws serve an important and legitimate purpose, but often times too many promising young men can be caught in this vast web.



68 ART ISSUE 2015



Cheryl Wills

Written by: Tenyse Williams

70 ART ISSUE 2015

“Ok Cheryl we need you in five!” were some of the many commands I heard as well as the countless ringing of phone lines were what I was greeted by as I stepped into the newsroom of New York’s most credible local news organizations NY1 (New York One News). “I am Cheryl Wills, we will be right back with weather on the ones.” As I observed this unique atmosphere, it was exciting to see and hear this longstanding news personality say her familiar words in person, instead of watching her through my Samsung television. I waited patiently in the green room, and I was greeted by a warm smile, accented by a salmon colored suit that was cute enough for the runway, but rigid enough for a business meeting, and a hug that only a mother can give.

It was certainly evident that Wills had strong journalism characteristics running through her veins, as she immediately dived into her personal story “Die Free,” which shows her strong roots intertwined with American history. She eloquently conveyed the story of her great –great-great- grandparents, Sandy who, a runaway slave fought courageously in the Civil war, and Emma Wills who, had her own battles to fight in her country where she worked for free against her will. Who knew Wills the great-great-great granddaughter would rediscovered her father’s history within a click of a button on Clarence Wills, as described by Cheryl “my father was a very dotting, articulate, and I look up to him in ways that I cannot express as a child, and I absolutely adored him, my family adored him she said indignantly. Everyone looked up to him.” Clarence was one of the few black fireman back in the 1950’s whose bravery was admired by many especially during a crucial time in our country where the Civil rights movement was almost at its peak, but to better understand her reason for writing this book in the first place, you have to understand the relationship Wills had with her father.



he was in his mid-thirties, and it was then that he began to lose his way. He had five children, but he started putting everything ahead of them, and one of the most important things that a father can give, as Wills poignantly emphasized is “TIME.”

pointed out that her story ties back to how a little girl views her father,” if there is one takeaway from writing this book is ‘fathers be careful how you treat your daughters.‘Because they are always taking mental notes especially since you are their first male encounter and love.” Cheryl Wills had a hard, yet unique relationship with her father who “was dynamic in the beginning very smart, putting himself through college even when he had a wife and children (I was the oldest), he was dotting, articulate, and I look up to him in ways that I cannot express as a child, and I absolutely adored him we all adored him.”“My dad was a paratrooper and there were not many black men who were paratroopers. He wore those paratrooper wings everywhere he went, because he was so proud and he wanted everyone to know,” she added. In essence, everyone looked up to him. She did admit that some issues got the best of him when

72 ART ISSUE 2015

“My dad ALWAYS had his finances in order, however, it seemed as if his children was at some point coming last, whether it was school shows, dinners, plays, or quality time, we were coming last at this point,” added Wills. This lack of communication with his children would soon have a lasting effect , as in “horror of all horrors, he was killed in a motorcycle accident on the Williamsburg Bridge at the age of 38 and was snatched from us like a thief of the knight. When I think about it was almost God’s hand in a way, as he was preparing us for this since we were not as close to him at the time, and when my family and I heard that he was dead we weren’t’ devastated it was to the point where we did not shed any tears, no one shed any tears. However, even though I did not express how I was feeling at that time, it came about and it affected me throughout the rest of my life.” Tomorrow is not promised to any of us, and we have to be responsible and take care of our children. Just be there and be available to your children,” said Wills.



hrough facing unfinished business with her father, Cheryl Wills penned a powerful book with a title that came from Freedom Fighter and activist Frederick Douglass powerful quote: It’s better to die Free than live as slaves. If you really think about it, her book can easily be called ‘Looking Back at Our Line of Fathers,’ one can see that “the line that led to my father and see why he did the things he did now. If my father would’ve known about this I know he would’ve done things a little differently. There were stories that were not passed down. How does a story of a runaway slave who fought in the civil war not get passed down? I certainly know the answer to that. Black people were terrorized and they could not tell a heroic tale about their fathers or loved ones because it was a risk of them being brutally murdered, especially in Tennessee. You did not brag about these great stories. You kept your head low because it was SURVIVAL. From this point on, I teach my son going back over 200 years and he knows who he is and how far we have come and how far we have to go,” said Wills.

“Die Free” digs deep into the American History that was deprived of African-Americans for hundreds of years. Understanding one’s family’s history is great when you are rediscovering yourself, you find out your origins and what created YOU. Just knowing the bravery of a young slave who died for his freedom in his country where they did not even recognize him as a MAN could have potentially impacted Cheryl Wills’ father in ways he may have not imagined. Throughout this interview with the award winning journalist, she kept saying the word “IF” in reference to her father knowing his bloodline and where he came from. We have to start now in not living in regrets and tell the stories of our families, so we will not have to say the word “IF” in referencing the past, but rather for the future. Wills now makes sure that stories do not remain untold, in allowing her son and her family to know their history and the sacrifices of the fathers before them. ‘Die Free’ is certainly a book that can resonate with anyone regardless of race, class or background, but it also shows the importance in the effect of TIME as a parent, shared with the ones you love.

What is the state of Black Fatherhood in America?

hat is the state of Black Fatherhood in America today? This question has been asked over and over again where there are more single black mothers in America. According to U.S. Census Bureau, 3 out of 12 million SINGLE PARENT families in 2013, more than 80% were headed by single mothers. Today, 1 in 4 children under the age of 18 — a total of about 17.5 million — are being raised without a father and nearly half (45%) live below the poverty line. For those living with a father only, about 21% live in poverty. In contrast, among children living with both parents, only 13% are counted as poor. (source https://singlemotherguid. com/single-mother-statistics) 67% of these family are African-American or Hispanic. What happened to the black family where dads were a staple in the household? My mom a child of the 70’s remembers her father being the

head of the household and the bread winner of the family as well as the respect he received from his children. Fathers were well-respected figures and were every son’s role-model and every daughter’s first love. Why are fathers now the enemy? Why do some mothers believe they are daddy too? Has black fatherhood become obsolete? Do #blackdadsmatter. In the 21st century we are living in a state where we are still protesting on why #blacklivesmatter where we are witnessing on camera how black fathers and children’s murdered are being justified by police, how do we SAVE ourselves and remain whole. Dapper Dads team members Jennifer Wilson and Jamila Pringle catches up with civil rights activists Tariq Elite and Ciara Taylor from the Dream defenders about the current state of black lives and black fatherhood in America.

defending our dreams With Ciara Taylor- Political Director of Dream Defenders

By Jennifer Wilson

Ciara Taylor, Dream Defenders Political Director

pon interviewing Ms. Taylor, I had the pleasure fighters, fighting for the people- all people. of attending the Dream Defenders December 2014 Congress in Fruitland Park, Florida. Activists from Mexico, Brazil and South New and potential members met in a retreat Africa came to the retreat to discuss matters style to discuss the state of police brutality, of injustice in their countries. The amazing race relations, the capitalist system, and their protest chants, the energetic community goals for 2015. Coming into the Congress I kids, the eye opener sessions and effective was excited and eager. Not sure what to expect organization of the Congress definitely made exactly, I had a feeling I was going to meet it the place to be for people interested in the some great people, and hear and join in prolific movement. But in that thought I realized, discussions. This is exactly what I saw a glimpse into the new generation of freedom occurred. I witnessed an open fighters, fighting for the people-all people. platform where in depth honest discussions on race, capitalism, imperialism, colonialism, and more were held. Raw honest that the movement is not for everyone and emotions were being expressed. Wide-eyed everyone will not be apart of it. For some young people, many college students or people though, the movement is their life college educated, some educated by the system and for the ones that finally get involved, they having dealt with many of the injustices they eventually realize how invested they truly are organizing against were at the forefront are. Ciara Taylor is one of these people. Ms. of this retreat. To say that we are behind race Taylor explained to me how she got started in in America is inaccurate to say the least, but the Dream Defenders. to say that the young people of America are ready to be over it is very accurate. I saw a glimpse into the new generation of freedom

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Ms. Taylor (First row, Far left) with International Facilitators Photo by: Roberto Mario

Jennifer Wilson and Ms. Taylor

DD: How did you get started in the Dream Defenders?


Taylor: I got started with the Dream Defenders in my senior year of college at Florida A&M University. At the time, I was a foreign language student majoring in Spanish and minoring in French because I wanted to join the State Department as an ambassador to help countries around the world. Unfortunately, that was also around the time that Governor Rick Scott supported major budget cuts to higher education and FAMU, being an HBCU, was hit pretty hard and the foreign language department was cut significantly and my program went to the chopping block. I began organizing around the higher education fight but when Trayvon Martin was killed, none of that mattered anymore to me. Having a teenage brother and sister back home encouraged me to fight for justice for Trayvon and when I heard about a conference call for a group of alumni and students from Florida colleges and universities, I knew that I had to get involved. On the conference call, there was an organizer who had recently returned from the 47th anniversary of the march to Selma from Montgomery (Bloody Sunday). The organizer suggested that we honor that legacy and march 40 miles, from Daytona Florida to Sanford, to demand the arrest of George Zimmerman. Although I thought the idea was insane, I decided to join the exodus anyway and the rest is history! ART ISSUE 2015



My dream is to create a world in which everyone will be free to realize his or her true destinies.

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PHILADELPHIA, PA --The Loews Philadelphia Hotel recently completed a $25 million enhancement project that included the guestrooms, meeting space, expanded lobby and the debut of Bank & Bourbon restaurant.

lifestyle, while serving as a hub for guests in the hotel. There are community tables with charging and electricity stations and free Wi-Fi connectivity. There are living areas with soft plush furniture and elements that would be found in a home. A 16 by 24 video board allows guests to watch news, sports or other programming while in the lobby lounge. And, guests can indulge in a cocktail at the bar or order food off the lounge menu. The traditional check in desk has been modified into individual pods to allow for a more personalized experience for the guests.

The Loews Philadelphia Hotel, once known as the historic Philadelphia Saving Fund Society building (PSFS), has integrated the technology that today’s traveler wants, while maintaining the historic integrity of the building. The past and the present blend seamlessly in one of Philadelphia’s most important buildings. The architectural integrity remains intact, while upgrades ensure the ultimate The restyled guestrooms were designed with the in guest comfort and quality. need to be constantly connected. As such, the rooms provide increased Wi-Fi capabilities, larger Along with Bank & Bourbon which seats 100 in work desk areas paired with ergonomic guest chairs the dining room and has three private dining rooms and several accessible electric outlets added to all that can seat 76, the hotel opened a new lobby 581 guestrooms to accommodate both leisure and lounge area that is much larger than the original business travelers. lobby. The lobby lounge appeals to the working

The refurbished rooms also have new wall coverings, draperies, duvet covers, lamps and cityscape artwork. Hues of black, white and red accentuate the original black and white marble located throughout the property.

The hotel also added five new meeting rooms that can accommodate smaller groups under 30 people with a variety of flexible room options. The five new spaces equipped with modern technologies and features – including high speed wireless capabilities in all rooms. The new rooms are ideal for business meetings and small parties or functions. An upscale executive library room located on the hotel’s concierge level provides the ideal location for a board meeting with exclusivity. The five rooms include: PSFS Room – Featuring panoramic city views from the hotel’s 33rd floor, the premiere PSFS room is 800 square feet, Library Boardroom – Located on the exclusive Club Lounge level, this 625-squarefeet luxury boardroom features an extensive library, Penn Room – A private, 625-square-feet meeting room with three walls of windows is located on the 5th floor, the Mezzanine Room – A smaller, more intimate deluxe boardroom that features 350 square feet and is located on a private floor and the Franklin Room –This 680-square-feet room is located on the hotel’s designated third floor conference level.

A full-service FedEx outlet will open in Built as the world’s first modernist skyscraper May 2014 allowing for additional businesses the landmark PSFS Building revolutionized services on site. the form and functionality of the urban landscape and is considered among the most While Loews has created new and enhanced significant buildings of the 20th Century. The updates spaces, they have maintained the 36 stories high building was the second to programs that make them unique including have air conditioning which the public dubbed their Loews loves Kids program and Loews “weather in a box” at the time. Loves Pets programs. Architects George Howe and William Lascaze “We are proud to unveil the updates to the were meticulous in every detail, lavishing on building and to offer travelers – both business the building an abundance of marble, polished and leisure – a great place to stay in a premier granite and rate woods. Art Deco clocks by location in an historic building. Philadelphia Cartier adorn the former banking floor, the is all about history and we are proud to have escalator entrance and the 12th Street elevator just recently completed the modernization of lobby. The cost for the materials in 1932 was $8 the most modern building of its time,” said million a staggering amount for the depression Sean Clancy Managing Director of the Loews era and cost prohibitive today. Philadelphia Hotel.

Loews Hotels & Resorts Headquartered in New York City, Loews Hotels & Resorts owns and/or operates 19 hotels and resorts in the U.S. and Canada including the newly acquired Loews Madison Hotel located in the heart of Washington at the epicenter of legendary D.C. landmarks and the Loews Boston Hotel, one of Boston’s preeminent historic buildings, situated on the corner of Berkeley and Stuart Streets. Located in major city centers and resort destinations in North America from coast to coast, the Loews portfolio features one-of-a-kind properties that go beyond Four Diamond standards to delight guests with a supremely comfortable, uniquely local and vibrant travel experience. For reservations or more information about Loews Hotels & Resorts, call 1-800-23-LOEWS or visit: www.loewshotels. com. Like Loews Hotels & Resorts on Facebook: Follow Loews Hotels & Resorts on Twitter: Watch Loews Hotels & Resorts on YouTube: LoewsHotels Read our Wish You Were Here Blog at



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Philadelphia Eagles’ Family Man HE IS J U ST BY : JAMILA PRINGLE

“ T H AT C O OL” W

hen he moves, an air of pride stems from every step and

when he is still, there is this peculiar, insouciant, laid-back vibe which is certainly appreciable. Observing this Philadelphia Eagles, NFL heavy-hitter is almost like watching Miles Davis glide across the stage while singing “So What” with his trumpet - he’s just that cool. Off of the field, you will almost always find him in a suit and a bow tie, something our forefathers wore with ease and Millennials can’t seem to grasp. No doubt about it, Its Malcolm Jenkins; he’s an old soul.

It’s no wonder Philadelphia immediately fell in love with one of its fairly new players, Malcolm Jenkins. It doesn’t hurt that Philly’s beloved team, the Philadelphia Eagles, always seems to be on a winning streak. Jenkins takes this ever growing popularity one day at a time and acknowledges that the reception has been good. He realizes that “It has been fun. It is my first time on the east coast in five years. This is my first time being back home since high school, even though I grew up in New Jersey. It is fun for me.” With that being said, we all know that Philly always takes care of their own,” and Jenkins “love(s) this fan base because they are passionate, traditional, and I am just having a ball!” The funny thing about Malcolm is that at every charity, or red carpet affair, he is well suited, accented with bow ties from his own personal collection, Rock Avenue Bow ties. This all started because “when we travel as a team, you have to wear a coat and tie. My second year, I wanted to standout, and wear bow ties. Once I learned how to tie them, I was complaining to my wife saying that I couldn’t find what I liked. I wanted something less stuffy, and more me. She said, make your own. So, I got some fabric, a sewing machine and I researched how to make a bow tie and the rest is history” said Jenkins.

This string of events led the creative NFL safety to “a manufacturer in New Orleans, who came back from New York, and was establishing his own company. We were the first client. We received great feedback and within a few months my bowtie line was born,” he added. You may wonder how this former New Orleans Saints player has managed to convert religiously tie donning folks, getting them to embrace the likes of a solid bow tie. Perhaps, consistency, authenticity and showing America just how tasteful this often ignored accessory is that made every “Dapper man” fall in love with it. The beautiful thing about his line, Rock Avenue Bowties is that true value is put into material, so of course you will get nothing but 100 percent cotton, premium chambray, or wool -just pure luxury. There are multiple design options to “suit” one’s fancy like miniature bow ties perched against solid colors, or tweed-like looks for more of an earthy feel and even ostrich leather with lambskin for those that are daring. With all of these forward strides, Jenkins believes that we “want to eventually expand to a line full of accessories.”





A N A L L - A RO U N D


What is success without the solid understanding that many times you have reached as far as you have as a result of the support of the people around you? The answer? It gives one perspective and for Jenkins, a huge part of his success was from the support of his family, pointedly his mother and father who have helped to shape him as a person and mold him into the quintessential business and family man which he has become. Jenkins grew up with a mother and father, something that is deemed traditional now, as it is not always common, but “for me it was just normal. I had my father who played with us, went to work and taught us to play football, basketball, and he served as a father to a lot of kids in the neighborhood, coming to games and driving us to practice. I see why I have a passion to give back,” said Jenkins thoughtfully. “He would drive to and from work every day, and I never realized how hard he was working until I got older. He was doing what he was doing to support our family. It impacts how I do business, and I think the biggest thing is that family comes first. The one thing my father has a problem doing is saying no to family to make sure everyone is happy and supported. This prompted me to bend over backwards to support my family as he did.”

Jenkins expressed how he watched his father interact with other young men. With this nurturing and support, “two other guys in my neighborhood made it to the NFL, which he helped coached. Our house was the house of fun, and we always had that steady figure,” he said. This constant love and support prompted Malcolm to sit down with his mom and create the Malcolm Jenkins Foundation.

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He paused then added that, “She takes my thoughts and makes them happen. The motivation comes from my father and execution from my mother. Without either of them I couldn’t make things happen. My mom is the president of my organization, and she makes my vision come forward.” “Yet, the thing we are most proud of from a foundation standpoint is that we have a lot of programs, and we help a lot of people. We have this project in New Orleans where we give out scholarships to all participants in the program. When we get letters back for how much they appreciate us, it makes it worth it. It may only be these 20 or 30 kids here and there, but it is something.” Faith and Love If there is one thing about Jenkins that is truly evident, without spoken words, there is this evident love for his beautiful wife Morrisa Jenkins and daughter. He understands that with being in the NFL, “there is the more you do, and less time you have to yourself, where I get tugged and pulled in different directions. But, whenever I get home, I spend an hour with my family. My wife and I schedule a date night and never cancel it for anything. We continue to block out that time, because things can get hectic during the week. The relationship with my daughter and wife is what I don’t want to put behind anything.”

Jenkins’ emphasis on family time comes as no surprise, as he carries this reticent, centered state, emulating value and self worth. Being the humble man that he is, Jenkins credits this attribute to God, “who has placed me in this position. For me there is this sense of work and responsibility. I can’t fathom what he has in store for me.”


11 5

CONFIDENCE ….is key!


Without that, little of what you say or do will be as effective as you would like it to be. Know your worth and what you can offer and you’ll be amazed at what gets attracted to your new emanating energy! Dig deep and find the elements that make you authentically you and own it.


2 The Gentlemen’s Checklist The Gentleman’s Checklist is not only a guide to the essentials for the dapper lifestyle but rules to live by because being a gentleman is a choice that never goes out of style.

Gentlemen, a healthy dose of both these qualities will let people know you look good, feel good and will inevitably attract people to you. So before you second guess yourself, give yourself the pep talk you need to push those shoulders back and walk like you own the place. Remember, what you convey through body language is communicated 93% stronger than verbal communication so make sure you’re sending the right message.


MANNERS. This is not just a dying art form, it’s a must! Whether


CHIVALRY. Because good old romance ain’t dead yet. To those gents clever enough to truly understand the locks this magical key will open, kudos. For the rest of you … google it ASAP!



So she can sense your presence before she even lays eyes on you and stay on her mind long after that kiss good night. Did you know that fragrances smell different on every person? Everyone has a different body chemistry and because of that every scent will translate differently on your skin than the next guy. When purchasing a signature scent keep 2 things in mind: i) what you WANT to smell like and ii) what the fragrance smells like on you after a few hours. You will want to test out a few and DON’T buy the same day – make sure you still like it after the top notes have faded. A gentlemen’s signature scent will not only make an impression, it’s your lasting impression… so make sure it’s a good one.

you’re walking that elderly lady across the street or holding the door open for

a mom with a stroller, like it or not, your manners are saying more about you then you realize. The mark of a


true gentleman can always be seen in the way he treats those around him. 116 ART ISSUE 2015


11 7





A gentleman is only as smooth as the wines that

Not an option if you do not get your suits

he enjoys. Know your basics, this doesn’t mean

custom made. Although I always recommend

you need to be a connoisseur but know the

a made to measure or bespoke suit (which one

difference between a Merlot and a Malbec. Taste a few and determine what your favorites are then find out what year they had the best grapes! You will be dripping of sophistication

is dependent on budget) given the option, if you must purchase off the rack, alterations are not something you want to take a chance

and elegance as you impress the socks (and

with. You want people to notice YOU in the

maybe more) off your dinner date.

suit, not the suit you are in and a great tailor will ensure you get noticed for looking sharp.



What are you passionate about? Job? Car? Sports? Fashion? Family? Don’t be afraid to show off those things that hold a key to your heart – that’s what makes you human and real and nothing is more



The Gentlemen’s Wardrobe Essential’s Checklist (which I plan to share in depth in an upcoming article) requires you to be presentable and appropriate for any and all occasions life brings your way. This means you will need in your wardrobe, at minimum, i) a perfectly fit black suit for the unexpected funeral or formal affair ii) navy suit for daytime functions and less formal occasions iii) grey suit, to alternate with the navy suit for daytime, less formal occasions as well as the spring/ summer months. These three suits will provide you the foundation for a suiting selection for looking dapper and sophisticated no matter the occasion.

118 ART ISSUE 2015

appealing than a gent who’s not afraid of


MENS ACCESSORIES. Because clothes don’t make the man, his accessories do. Ok so this

his emotional side. On the other hand, it also shows that you are multi-dimensional and have hobbies and interests. Whether you

is obviously arguable, however, a

are looking to impress that special someone

well accessorized gentleman is seen as paying

or putting your best self forward with the

attention to the fine details. So make a point of

bosses, showing your human side makes

investing in that great watch, that sexy bracelet and classic sunglasses you’ve been debating; it all adds to the image and look of sophistication

you seem balanced in life and in control of what you want.

and class. It’s all in the details.


11 9

By Colin Christopher Breakups and even being dumped are not just teenager or high school problems. Women are not the only ones that have to endure these harsh realities, either. Men also suffer the loss of companionship

Moving on After a Breakup

and, like most people; we have difficulty coping with these heartaches. When it comes to a breakup, the reality is

Think about it differently

Most people going through a breakup are constantly reliving and thinking about the to move on, especially if the relationship was only negative aspects of that relationship, and it takes a few months old, or it never felt right in the first a toll in the way of low selfesteem and decreased confidence. Start by spending at place. But for most guys, a breakup will bring least 10 minutes each day reciting positive thoughts or affirmations. For some emotional suffering or a feeling of loss, example: “I am strong, confident, attractive, and make a great life and while not pleasant, this is completely partner.” A positive mindset will ultimately change your outlook through each day. Confidence is a huge boost normal. If you find yourself faced with to a man’s morale and when you exude a healthy amount of it, others around you will this dilemma, these helpful tips notice and respond positively. everyone handles it differently. For some men, it’s easy

can get you to overcome the emotional scars while also guiding you to move forward with the life you want to live. 120 ART ISSUE 2015

Find support

There is no reason to ride the emotional rollercoaster alone. Talk to close friends, family members, or a therapist with which you feel comfortable. Find a local support group and talk to others who are going through the same thing. The largest misconception is that you are alone. Men aren’t the best at expressing their feelings or looking for help, but there’s no shame in finding support to get you through a difficult time.



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A New Craftmaker is In Town By : Jamila Pringle

brace yourselves. A new craft maker M en, is in town, none other than “The Modern

businesses never stop, and people never stop, so why not have something that can feed into Men’s Pantry,” also known as The Mantry. your edible desires, while saving you time and The concept is exceptionally simple. Carefully effort? With this being said, a creation like this selected eats are delivered right to your is certainly timely. doorstep. You get the opportunity to delve into some of America’s best kept Artisan food, Upon excavating your new Mantry Box, you carefully curated and packaged in Brooklyn will find that there are six products to choose made wooden crates, with 1920’s themed font from, there are endless tantalizing flavors for mirroring the processing of products during your tastebuds to partake like Bacon Bloody America’s booming industrial movement, Mary’s, Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup to adding a light, rigid, yet earthy feel to your Sriracha Lime Jerky. There is also a courtesy manual in each sleek box, minimal and made experience. from eastern American basswood, filled with Some may say, “Why do I need a food filter?” food details, recipes as well as the maker´s story. Although The Mantry is a food filter, when The quality and delivery these creation’s may you break it down to its simplest form, there be just the thing that co founder’s Anthony are those foodies who need an expert in the Hancock and Reggie Milligan’s, along with industry to reference their specified interests. Kyle Zien’s idea to catch on like wild fire upon Of course in today’s society, time never stops, inception in 2012.

128 ART ISSUE 2015



Co-founder Reggie Milligan acknowledged that “we saw men in craft makers. After the 2008 downturn, due to the economic collapse, people started making their own stuff across America. We saw interesting stuff being made, so we wanted to connect people making stuff and people in food. We thought that the people to hone in on were guys.”

intricate details about those that make their foods.

With such an inclusive culture at its base, The Mantry has developed a larger customer base of more than just men. “Many of our customers are in couples. Many couples have incorporated Mantry night into their everyday lives. They share the products, and it is quite surprising Embarking on this idea turned out to be that although the product is tailored to a fruitful endeavor for the trio, because guys, the food is also received in a couple so many American men have been format as well,” added Milligan. incorporating this product into their lifestyle, eating restaurant style edibles in The Mantry’s expanding base includes stars as well like Lauren Conrad and NHL the comfort of their own home. players. Growing popularity of this brand Some of The Mantry founder’s favorite has given stronger incentive for more eats are the “cocktail recipes because they themed food designs for different events. are simple. It shows how to do things, and Milligan let Dapper Dads Magazine in people can just make them. For example, on the news that they will be compiling you can mix gin with a premium tonic food specifically for The Superbowl, a and get a great creation. The artisan highly anticipated event. maker has skills, so that you don’t need to do much,” says Milligan. Getting a strong Look out America. A simple, delectable understanding of the Artisan behind the food design may be coming to a doorstep food is one of The Mantry’s great quirks near you! as well. They take pride in providing



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Dapper Dads Magazine Issue No. 3  

NFL Philadelphia Eagles’ Safety Malcolm Jenkins is flying high with expanding ventures on the horizon with the support of his wife and paren...

Dapper Dads Magazine Issue No. 3  

NFL Philadelphia Eagles’ Safety Malcolm Jenkins is flying high with expanding ventures on the horizon with the support of his wife and paren...