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Happy Belly devise

Ariana Canhasi, Daphne Verbeek


-- Finding places to eat gelato without having any trouble finding the right address. -- Inspired by the cup of a gelato. -- Having a little info point with you at all time. -- A little to go touch screen devise that is light in weight.


-- Making a little devise that is easy to use for everyone. -- Giving people info about gelaterias. -- Help people find their way through a GPS-system.





-- A map of Florence that helps you find the closest gelaterias and find the way how to go there, by using the GPS-system (collaborated with TomTom). -- People can rate the gelaterias on the little devise, the info is registered on a simcard after they give the little devise back the information is put on the server. -- They find details of each gelateria, such as opening hours, price, location, ‌ -- Basic phrases people can use on their holiday in Florence, such as directions, questions, help you order.

Final presentation