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five visits. three discoveries. one zine.

c h i n e g s a e r d e n

A. Bird Atop A Chinese Guardian Lion

I thought how lonely i would be without you.

Then I realized it didn’t matter if we never ever spoken.

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C. On the platform of Chinese Garden MRT

B. Pl astic W Bottl ater e A Gu Atop ardia n Lion

E. Fire Extinguisher

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in present.

If we live in the past, and the past lives in us...

We forget the present, a present in itself.

D. Looking at the horizon from the bonsai garden

F. Lantern on a tree

Beneath the sun and the moon, the sky and the stars, red is the beating heart, and green the gentle soul.

If it was a person, fearless and meek, gentle and innocent. That would be him.

G. Bougainvillea in the midst of the bonsai

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; search and you shall find.