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2009 : everything that's going to be happening in the city

Valentine's Day, clever shopping ideas The future of the European civil service

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Nobody needs to know the price of your Saab

Saab builds exceptional automobiles. And there’s no reason for anybody to know how much you paid for it, and especially, how much you didn’t pay for it. On the other hand, what everybody should know is that now, if you’re an expat, a diplomat or a member of the armed forces, very special terms apply on the 9-3 Sport Sedan, Sport-Hatch or Convertible, and the exclusive 9-5 Griffin. Discover your advantage! More information is available at your local dealership, or at

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2009, une année pour innover 2009 année de la crise, 2009 année morose, 2009 année qui fait peur… Mais aussi 2009 année placée sous le signe de l'innovation par l'Europe, année de la BD à Bruxelles, année du bouclage du réseau de métro, année de l'ouverture du premier grand musée Magritte digne de ce nom en plein c?ur de la capitale ! Notre dossier fait le tour de tout ce que Bruxelles va receler de festivités (en février, la Balloon Parade promet d'être un événement !), de rendez-vous culturels mais aussi de grands travaux pour un plus grand confort à l'avenir…

Pour la première fois aussi vous tenez entre vos mains "The Brussels Tribune", ce mensuel qui ne demande qu'à vous accompagner dans vos découvertes de la ville, qu'à écouter vos questions pour y répondre… The Brussels Tribune, c'est un vrai pont entre la Commission et Bruxelles, un supplément de La Tribune de Bruxelles uniquement pour vous. Et qui a la même âme que l'hebdomadaire que vous retrouvez désormais dans le métro : plaisir, curiosité et amour pour Bruxelles sont les fils rouges de nos pages.

Des infos à demander, des questions à poser, des conseils à nous faire parvenir ?

Crédits photos : P4-5 : Vincent Hopper, documents Dupuis; P 6 : Ag. Bernard Enguerand; P12 Bénédicte Maindiaux; P14 Bernard Demoulin, Didier Bauweraerts

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RAOUL CAUVIN, the man with 100,000 gags "It all started with a gag! I studied advertising lithography only to find out, once I’d qualified, that it no longer existed as a profession!" 1969 was the key year. Cauvin and

I read and I also channel hop a great deal. I

Salvérius took advantage of the departure

am very inquisitive, and that gives me ideas.

of "Lucky Luke" to launch their own

For the next "Tuniques Bleues", for example,

western, "Les Tuniques Bleues", a funny

I flicked through some magazines on the

comic strip set against the backdrop of the

American Civil War and discovered a portrait

American Civil War. Over 15 million copies

of a female surgeon way ahead of her time.

of this saga, now drawn by Lampil, have

She inspired me with regard to the script to

been sold in French, and there have been

be written. For "Femmes en blanc", I always

countless translations.

have a medical dictionary with me, and I take

Today, aged 70, this white-moustached

ideas from the news, changing unhappy events into more amusing stories.

ith this, the comic strip author,


grandfather (who, incidentally, is sketched

Raoul Cauvin, starts to tell his

pretty accurately by Laudec in the comic

life story. When you see the list

strip "Cédric") keeps up with the times.

of all the series he has penned ("Les

Alert, quick-witted and ready to pull out a

Tuniques Bleues", "Pierre Tombal", "Les

pun or quip, this author with an

Femmes en blanc", "Cédric", "Cupidon",

inexhaustible imagination still spends two

"Du côté de chez Poje", etc.), you wonder

days a week at Dupuis, which publishes his

what the Belgian comic strip world would

comic strips. The rest of the time, he works

have looked like if this little bloke from

at home, virtually non-stop, and is still one

Antoing, in the west of Belgium, hadn’t

of the country’s most prolific comic strip

one day decided to turn his hand to

authors. He has about ten series on the go,

writing. Yet it was chance which led to this

and publishes 7 to 8 albums each year! In

self-taught man becoming the talented

fact, he’s just started on a new series,

little body inside. As the tree continues to

author we know today.

"Coup de foudre", with David De Thuin.

grow, it closes up over it. It’s a very

Newlywed and with a useless qualification,

"It’s not a job, it’s a passion,” Raoul Cauvin

touching thing, and I’d love to talk about

he was taken on as a cameraman at

insists. “When I get up, I find myself faced

it. I also love visiting cemeteries. I find

Dupuis animation studios in the early

with a blank page to fill. It’s a stimulating

them to be places which are both moving

1960s. That’s where he met artists and

daily challenge. Give that up? Never! What

and poetic at the same time.

realised that they were often looking for

do you want me to do with my time? In the

What is your writing process?

authors to breathe life into their drawings.

summer, I could get on with some

Raoul Cauvin gradually ventured into this

gardening, but in the winter? There’s

My main work tool is the couch! There’s

field. "I call my early years my Jehovah’s

nothing to do in the winter!"

one in virtually every room in the house. I

Witness years,” he jokes. “I went from


door to door hoping for an artist to agree

imagination come from?


Nowadays, they’re the ones coming to find

From everyday life. I watch the people around

everything is firm in my mind, I take out a

me, and I only agree if the artist is nice and

me quite a lot. When I arrive at Dupuis,

I really like their drawings!"

custom dictates that I make the coffee. Then,

Does travelling inspire you too? At one time, I never used to go away. However, my wife put her foot down and now I’ve started to travel to faraway places again. There are some incredible things in the world that I want to put in my scripts one day. For example, in Indonesia, I had the opportunity to see a baby tree. When a newborn baby dies, they carve a hole in the trunk and put the

lie there with my eyes closed (in fact, I does



to take me on for a crust of bread.

everyone comes in and has a cup. I sit back and listen to what they say: someone has cut their finger, someone else has met someone interesting. I also like to provoke. If I know that two people don’t agree on something, I light the touchpaper and watch what happens. If I meet a hypochondriac, I’ll say to him how pale he looks, and then he’ll dash off to the toilets quick smart!


challenge you to think with your eyes and






piece of paper and sketch the comic strip. Then I send the boards to the artist, who gives my story shape. So you’re the driving force? The artists will tell you the opposite! However, as far as I am concerned, there is no series without the author, whereas an artist can be replaced. It’s a bit like Molière: he wrote plays which are acted by other people today.

touch, then it needs to adapt too. Today, young people play on computers and games consoles. Now, I don’t know anything about that. However, the artist for "Cédric" asked me if the character could play on a computer in future. I’m forced to follow the trends!

Do you think you’re funny? It’s not for me to say! However, it is true that when I think up my gags on the couch, I laugh at myself. If I manage to make myself smile, then I’m on the right track. However, to get a critical opinion, I regularly have my severest reader read my boards, and that’s my wife. With her, it’s easy: either she likes it or she doesn’t. If she doesn’t smile, then I know that the public won’t like it either! So it gets ditched. Are you proud of what you have achieved? Proud? Definitely not. I’d say content. I love getting feedback from people at festivals and book signings. I have a huge advantage over stand-up comics. If one of their puns doesn’t hit the mark, they bomb and that must be very tough. I, on the other hand, don’t have any direct reaction from my readers, so I don’t feel that loneliness when a gag doesn’t make people laugh. That’s why the festivals are important, so that you can find out what the public thinks. Over all these years, you must have seen a lot of changes in comic strips… Photo: © | Vincent Hopper

You can do a lot more things now than in the past! In the 1960s, if you drew a girl and her chest was too big, it immediately got the Tipp-ex treatment. Back then, you wouldn’t have had the stewardess in the comic strip "Natacha": you’d have needed too much Tipp-ex! Nowadays, the language has changed too. You can use words like 'shit' and 'bloody' without being censored. On the other hand, we’ve also seen the arrival of strong competition from the East, with the Mangas. I don’t have anything against them, but they sometimes take up over a quarter of the shelf space in bookshops, which doesn’t leave much room for traditional comic strips. Faced with this new phenomenon, we have to try to hang on in there. What about Has that changed?



It inevitably follows fashion, and therefore the Mangas appeal to them very much. If the traditional comic strip wants to stay in

Thrust and Parry A writer: Jules Verne, Victor Hugo and Molière. A book: "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown. A composer: Chopin… And all writers of country music. A hero: John Wayne. A place of rest: A sea, the beach, the sound of the surf… in French Polynesia, for example. What I hate: Something that’s not solid, something that’s only sand and all you need to do is blow on it, something which isn’t reliable and you can’t count on it… Both in terms of people and things. The biggest lesson I have learned in my life: To shut up and listen! A Belgian expression: “On a un ?uf à peler ensemble” (We’ve got an egg to peel together), which means "we’ve got a score to settle".



La vie devant soi : the play to see! “La vie devant soi”, Romain Gary’s novel, has been successfully adapted for the theatre: the play has won 5 Nominations and 3 Molières: Molière for best female actress: Myriam Boyer, Molière for best private theatre play, Molière for best adapter: Xavier Jaillard. In this great story of filial love between an old Jewess who used to be a prostitute and a young Arab dumped on her, the seething tide of humanity encounters all the conflicts of the world, turns dogma and received wisdom upside down, overthrows the gods to make room for what is so lacking today: tolerance, the key to life. You’ll be laughing all the time. Well, almost all the time. The play will be in Brussels for a few days... don’t miss it!

From Monday 9 to Sunday 15 March at 8.30 pm. At the Centre Culturel d’Auderghem, boulevard du Souverain 183, 1160 Brussels. Reservations 02/660 03 03.

Story telling in the lingerie department for Valentine’s Day The seventh season of Conteurs en Balade [story tellers on the move] is getting off to a good start: naughty stories in the lingerie department of Galeria-Inno-Louise for Valentine’s Day!


here is no doubt that Conteurs en Balade have lost none of their enthusiasm for introducing you to an unfamiliar Brussels through stories. The stories, these fragile words handed down over the years, remain a refuge full of wisdom and humour in these troubled times. And Brussels can be explored at the slow pace of these story tellers who, with a dreamy look in their eye, relish heritage mixed with imagination. From February to June, a series of unusual walks will take place in the most varied of locations: the lingerie department of GaleriaInno-Louise, workshops and classes at the Institut des Arts et Métiers, the Tour & Taxis circus school, the homes and gardens of

6/ C U LT U R A L D I A RY

people living in the rue Porcelaine and the cobblestones of old Brussels! Not forgetting the traditional Spaghetti tale and torch-lit walks as the seasons change.

14/02. Naughty stories from the lingerie department. Galerie Louise Rotunda just back from the avenue Louise 1050 Brussels. 6.15 pm. With Sophie Clerfayt, Florence Delobel, € 6 .

Feed the world. Tackle climate change. CONFERENCE Agriculture, Fertilizers and Climate Change 12 February 2009 Radisson SAS Royal Hotel, Brussels the expected global population growth by 2050.

of the current world population are fed thanks to the use of mineral fertilizers.


48% of the current global population are fed thanks to the use of mineral fertilizers. Conversely, fertilizer production and use represents only 2.2% of total GHG emissions in the EU 27. The EU fertilizer industry is committed to further improve this position. It has a fundamental role, and is taking the lead in addressing the key issues of feeding the world, together with tackling climate change. Success will depend on participation from all industry partners. This conference will play an important part in accomplishing our mission.

Chairman: Agra Facts, Editor, Roger Waite of EU 27 Green House Gas emissions are as a result of fertilizer production and use.

Speakers: FAO, Director AGP, Shivaji Pandey MEP, Chairman Agriculture Committee, Neil Parish Aberdeen University, Pete Smith DG Environment, Michael Hamell ECN, Jan Willem Erisman COPA, Vice President, Peter Kendall IFM farmer, Philip Huxtable

EFMA, European Fertilizer Manufacturers Association, 4-6 avenue E. Van Nieuwenhuyse, B-1160 Brussels,; +32 26753550 - Fax +32 26753961 - KRAM/MC


They’ve got gold in their hands! Sunday 8 February will see the third “Journée de l’Artisan” [craftsmen’s day] throughout the country. Several hundred craftsmen, throughout the country, will open the doors of their workshops to show the public their expertise and their passion for their craft through demonstrations or guided tours. The purpose of the Journée de l’Artisan is to promote the work of craftsmen to the wider Belgian public. Previous days have each attracted over 50,000 visitors! How can you organise your visit? Two options are offered to visitors for going on this “open door” day: either choose the craftsmen that they would like to meet from a list available from 24 January 2009 on the

website; or follow “trails” which group craftsmen from the same region or a specific sector together, in order to make the most of an organised trip. Whether you like work with glass, jewellery, wood, paper, food or more artistic skills; whether you are looking to meet people, exchange experiences or techniques, we invite you to discover these craftsmen by opening the doors to their workshops on February 8!de leur atelier le dimanche 8 février prochain !

Journée de l’Artisan, 8 February. Doors open throughout the country FREE ENTRY Website : (from 24/1/09)

Such a “magic” mutiny W

ant to know more about the Belgians’ strange sense of humour? Then immerse yourself in the atmosphere of an evening at the MagicLand Theatre! With the revival of “Mutinies of the Fish & Ship”, you set sail on an incredibly funny story.

Confiez-nous vos tâches ménagères et profitez de plus de temps libre ! Pour seulement 5,25`/heure* (prestations, assurances et frais compris) Aujourd’hui, plus de 4000 familles font appel à une de nos 600 aides à domicile. Bientôt ouverture d’une nouvelle agence avenue Louise à Ixelles !


Avenue Louise 363 - 1050 Bruxelles Tél. 02/217 55 48 - Fax: 02/217 55 82 - Un titre-service coûte 7,50 € (5,25 € après déduction fiscale) et donne droit à une heure de prestations d’une aide à domicile (nettoyage de la maison et des vitres, lessive et repassage, petits travaux de couture, courses ménagères, préparation des repas). N° d’agrém. Sodexho 01849. Division de Flexpoint Recrutment & Selection

When the governor and his oh-so-charming wife board the “Fish and Ship”, with instructions from the king to restore order to the distant colonies, little do they know what terrible fate awaits them. After being hit by a violent storm, the crew is the victim of a mutiny. Captain Drake, a bloodthirsty pirate who has become the master of the vessel, is quick to throw the whole of the royal crew overboard and share the booty. He has no hesitation in taking the governor’s wife as a reward, in spite of the protestations of the governor who, in order to avoid being killed, agrees to become a ship’s apprentice. Death would have been kinder! He is completely unaware of what this role involves in a crew of buccaneers … A wacky new saga from the full company of the MagicLand Theatre which includes: boardings, a storm and spectacular fight scenes, all of which is interspersed with the sound of canons and sea shanties …

From 3 to 21 February at 8.30 pm (night off on Sunday and Monday, full on 6, 7, 11, 13 and 14 February). Adults : € 18. Children and students: € 15. Article 27: € 1.25. Reservations : 02 245 50 64 or Rue D'Hoogvorst- 1030 Schaerbeek

Welcome to the world of mobility and ease! The Servipark P Card gives you access to nearly 70 Interparking car parks and 80 Fleet-Wash car washes. No need to think about payment any more, you enter and leave with your P Card and its use is invoiced at the end of each month. Moreover, with your P Card you can get discounts from a number of shops. www. Antwerp - Bruges - Brussels - Ghent - Knokke - Liège - Namur - Zaventem Ask for your P Card on


20 February, everyone’s animated about Anima 2009 The Brussels festival of animated films, the famous Anima, will be held in Flagey from 20 to 28 February. Anima 2009 will open with “Ponyo on a cliff”, the new full-length feature film from the Japanese Hayao Miyazaki. Sneak previews will give us a chance to see the new “Wallace and Gromit”, three hitherto unseen feature films by “Naruto” or the first images from much-awaited projects such as “Panique au Village” or “Gaston Lagaffe”.

The Turin effect in Brussels Spring is starting early with Bozar! From 20 February in fact, the Palais des Beaux-Arts is eyeing up Italy, and more specifically Turin, one of the country’s most dynamic and surprising cities. One of these many multidisciplinary events to flag up is the exhibition “From Van Dyck to Bellotto - Splendours of the Court of Savoy”.


ollowing the success of the Ensor exhibition in Bosch, in 2005, the Palais des Beaux-Arts and the Vlaamse Kunstcollectie are being joined in spring 2009 by a third partner: the Galleria Sabauda of Turin, which houses the magnificent collection of the House of Savoy. This exceptional project highlights the attraction to the Flemish masters of the family which gave Italy its first king. Discover “their” Jan Brueghel of Velours, Pierre Paul Rubens, Anthony Van Dyck opposite the Italian masters of the 15th to 18th centuries. Highlights of the exhibition: works by the Italian and Flemish grand masters, including two masterpieces by Rubens on show in Belgium for the first time, a room entirely dedicated to painting inspired by Caravaggio, two superb illuminated manuscripts from the

Royal Belgian Library and a set of highly valuable Brussels tapestries exhibited in Belgium for the first time... Contemporary Turin In parallel, the Palais des Beaux-Arts, in conjunction with Comitato Italia 150, will be organising a multidisciplinary festival based around the contemporary art scene in Turin. Italy’s first capital and a city with a buzzing cultural life, Turin (Piedmont) will play host in 2011 to the festivities being organised to celebrate 150 years of Italian Unity, under the title of “Esperienza Italia”, an event which will enable visitors to live an experience of Italy past, present and future and will reveal a plethora of great masters, both Flemish and Italian.

Until 24 May. Info :

The great meeting (2) “The Penalty” is a play about a football match … (in Greek) by Georges Paloumbis by the Greek Theatre Workshop, directed by Tassos Nychas with scenography by Christian Guilmin. A comedy of manners and an indirect criticism of contemporary Greek society with humour and strong language ...

Almost two hundred films in the international competition (shorts and full-length features, commercials, music videos) or in panorama, a competition and a Belgian focus will give us an overview of animation in all its entertaining, creative and experimental dimensions. Bill Plympton will be a guest at the festival, along with Samuel Lord Black, Steven Woloshen and many others who will be coming along to present their films or take part in the “Futuranima” professional days. First ever Cosplay! Have you ever dreamed of turning yourself into your favourite manga, video game or cartoon hero? First of all you need to make a costume of your favourite character. Just one rule: look as much like your chosen character as possible. Then come along to Flagey on the Cosplay day and be your hero: you’ll be able to walk around on stage or create a scene around your character. A Jury will choose the best cosplayer and various prizes will be awarded to the winners. You must register in advance for the Anima 2009 competition via the Belgian Cosplay Team website only, which can be accessed from the Anima site. The Cosplay competition will take place on Sunday 22 February 2009 at Studio 5 from 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm, but the cosplayers will be walking around from 1 pm until the end of the day throughout Flagey.

All info on

10 / C U L T U R A L D I A R Y

The great meeting On Friday 27 February, forty nine years after playing and singing together for the 1st time (in Paris), Jean-Claude Vanden Eynden and José van Dam will be back together at the Brussels Royal Conservatory of Music for a one-off concert. They will be joined by violinist Véronique Bogaerts, winner of the Concours Reine Elisabeth, and Marie Hallynck, the brilliant young cellist. This concert will be held in aid of the Eduardo del Pueyo Music Centre which trains future great players on the international musical stage. On the programme, works by Mozart, Ibert, Schubert, Brahms...

On 27/02, at 8 pm. Rue de la Régence, 30 - 1000 Brussels. Seat prices: Adults : €20 & €15 (boxes) Students: €12. Reservations : 0476 334 523 & 0475/643.053.0475/643.053. 10 E-mail: / C LTURAL


5, 6, 7 and 8 February at 8.30 pm. Info/reservations : e-mail : tel. 0496/55 72 75. Scarabaeus, espace théâtral a.s.b.l. Rue Creuse, 9-27 - 1030 Schaerbeek. Tél.:02 241 44 02.

A good plan! From 12 to 15 February, the capital of Europe will play host to the Affordable Art Fair for the first time. After London, New York, Sydney and even Paris and Amsterdam, “accessible” contemporary art is calling into Brussels at the Tour et Taxis site, with the aim of democratising access to contemporary art! Launched in 1999, the concept of the AAF is quite simply revolutionary: to enable absolutely anyone to buy piece of a contemporary art for less than € 5,000. This fair, which has enjoyed enormous success for almost 10 years in all 4 corners of the world, not only makes contemporary art financially accessible but also opens the doors of today’s creations to everyone.

From 12 to 15 February. Tour&Taxis, Avenue du Port 86C - 1000 Brussels.

Tarifs centre de repassage

s s s s


Un titre-service = 60 min de repassage. Une heure entamée = un titre-service mais un bon à valoir vous sera remis pour le temps non presté. Les articles en soie et en lin sont majorés de 7 minutes. Sur demande, possibilité de prendre et de ramener le linge, gratuitement, à domicile.



lus encore qu’un bar à vin de qualité, the Sol Ar est endroit où l’on aime se retrouver, parce que simplement, c’est chaleureux, confortable et bon. Que ce soit pour découvrir un vin –portugais bien sûr – sorti tout droit de la cave d’un petit producteur qui mériterait d’être plus connu ou une spécialité du fin fond de l’Algarve, toutes les raisons sont bonnes de s’y rendre le vendredi soir. D’autant plus que des dégustations de vin y sont organisés par Eric Boschman, truculent sommelier à qui l’ont doit entre autres les chroniques « Le goût des Belges ». Et tous les derniers vendredis du mois, The Sol Ar devient un endroit de dégustation de vins du Portugal. La soirée est consacrée à un producteur ou à une région vinicole portugaise, accompagnée de musique live. Dommage que ce ne soit ouvert que le vendredi soir… à moins que vous décidiez d’y organiser une petite dégustation ou un cours de cuisine portugaise privés.

The Sol Ar, sur les traces du Portugal The Sol Ar

Au programme

52 Avenue Brugmann (près de Ma Campagne, entrée par le parc) 1190 Bruxelles

• Le 6/2 Tour du Portugal en 70 Minutes! • Le 13/2 St Valentin avec des vins pour voir la vie en rose • Le 20/02 Vins de Carnaval pour changer du jus d'orange • Le 27/02 The Sol Ar… at Night! Avec le producteur Art Wine

Antipasti, salami et tutti quanti

Deux pièces allemandes, au Théâtre Nationalal.

Mental Finland – Décapant

L’antipasti, une tradition italienne qui aujourd’hui a ravi la plupart des tables européennes. Les charcuteries occupent d’ailleurs une place de choix. Les « Rendezvous Apéritifs Inédits » donneront l’occasion de découvrir gratuitement, à l’heure de l’apéritif, les Fines Charcuteries labellisées d’Italie, fraîchement tranchées sur place par un professionnel. Au menu, ou plutôt, à l’apéritif, des tranches fondantes de prosciutto, des salamis divers et épicés, de la mortadelle veloutée et parfumée, du speck aux arômes subtils et complexes. De quoi faire un tour de l’Italie et de ses saveurs les plus fines.

Rénovateur du théâtre populaire allemand, Franz Xaver Kroetz apparaît au Théâtre National avec «Negerin» (Négresse) qui, comme souvent dans ses productions, dépeint une descente aux enfers qui met à vif la mutilation sociale dans notre société moderne. De son côté, Falk Richter est un auteur et metteur en scène allemand que le théâtre francophone apprécie beaucoup, entre autres depuis le dernier Festival d’Avignon. Insolent et caustique, il revient après «Unter Eis» joué en janvier au Théâtre National, avec «Jeunesse Blessée», l’histoire d’un jeune homme perdu. Un homme et une femme apparaissent le soir de son anniversaire. Mais qui sont ces trois innommés ?

Laure d'Oultremont

Les «Rendez-vous Apéritifs Inédits» • AU PARLEMENT EUROPÉEN (réservé aux membres du Parlement Européen et leurs invités). Le 28/01/09 – de 11h30 à 14h • AU WARWICK BARSEY HOTEL - Avenue Louise 381-383 – 1050 Bruxelles. Les 10, 11 et 12/02/09 - de 18h à 20h

• NEGERIN : du 11 au 21/02 – Studio – en allemand, surtitré français/ndls • JEUNESSE BLESSÉE : du 24/02 au 14/03 2009 – Studio – en français surtitré. Théâtre National Réservations : 02/503 53 03

En 2069, toute l’Europe est occupée par les troupes de l’Union Européenne. Toute ? Non, car un container d’irréductibles Finlandais résistent et continuent à faire valoir leurs traditions locales. Ce container est équipé de tout ce dont un Finlandais a besoin: rennes, sauna, karaoké, alcool… L’histoire commence au moment où les troupes de l’UE découvrent cet étrange habitation. L’avenir de l’Europe est vu sous le prisme du metteur en scène finlandais Kristian Smeds et sa troupe. Humour absurde et visions surréalistes au rendez-vous…

MENTAL FINLAND – en finnois et en estonien, surtitré en français, anglais, néerlandais. KVS Réservations : 02/210 11 12


«Il faut réformer la réforme Kinnock !» D

epuis 2004 et la réforme Kinnock, la fonction publique européenne a profondément changé. Une équipe de l’Université de Konstanz vient de rendre ses conclusions sur les changements impliqués par cette réforme. Le moins que l’on puisse dire est qu’elles ne sont pas très positives, l’étude estimant même qu’une révision prudente de la réforme est nécessaire. Les responsables du syndicat Renouveau et Démocratie ont convié l’auteur de cette étude, le professeur M. Bauer ainsi que d’autres intervenants à venir s’exprimer lors d’une conférence sur le futur de la fonction publique européenne. Rappelons que les intentions de cette réforme étaient selon les termes de Neil Kinnock « de réformer en profondeur l'administration de l'Union européenne […] et ce tout en générant des économies en termes réels » ainsi que de mettre « l'accent plus que jamais sur une gestion de qualité […] pour que le personnel soit en mesure d'atteindre l'excellence dans ses prestations. »1 D’après les résultats de l’étude il semble que l’ensemble des chefs d’unité estime que ces visées générales n’ont pas été atteintes ; pire, le surcroit de bureaucratie engendré ainsi que les mesures de sécurité auraient tué toute productivité potentielle. Pour Francesco Ianniello, président du syndicat Renouveau et Démocratie, la raison de cet échec est peut-être que le but poursuivi par les supporters de cette réforme n’est pas exactement identique aux intentions avouées. Selon lui, « le véritable enjeu de la réforme n’est pas de faire des économies sur le personnel mais plutôt d’arrêter le développement d’une Europe que certains états membres ne veulent pas voir se réaliser ».

La réforme de la fonction européenne de 2004 aussi appelée réforme Kinnock était au centre d'une conférence où sont intervenus Mme Catherine Guy-Quint, Prof. Michael Bauer, Me Sébastien Orlandi, Francesco Ianniello.

Il poursuit son raisonnement en expliquant que ce problème relève du conflit idéologique qui divise les pays membres de l’UE. « Il existe deux conceptions politiques opposées de l’Union européen : la première considère que l’Europe doit se limiter à un libre marché et l’autre envisage l’Europe comme une vraie union. La différence entre les deux est énorme. Or la fonction publique dépend du dessin politique qu’il y a derrière. Si on veut que l’Union européenne se limite à un libre marché on n’a pas besoin d’une fonction publique européenne de 15 à 20 000 fonctionnaires. Mais si au contraire on voit l’Union européenne comme une vraie union alors ces 15 à 20 000 fonctionnaires ne seront peut-être pas suffisants. » Dans cette perspective, le recours massif aux agents contractuels ainsi que la multiplication des agences européennes dans d’autres pays seraient des signes de cette volonté de privatiser et de précariser la fonction publique européenne. L’étude s’est penchée sur la fonction qui a été la plus affectée par la réforme, le middle

management c’est-à-dire les « head of unit ». Il en ressort que les chefs d’unité préféraient leur ancien rôle et qu’ils perçoivent leur nouveau rôle comme du management pur. « Avant les chefs d’unité étaient les experts du domaine, maintenant ils ne sont que des “managers”. » Les auteurs de l’étude regrettent qu’on soit passé d’une politique d’entreprenariat à une politique de nouvelle gestion publique. Selon ces auteurs, cette réforme affaiblit le rôle politique de la Commission européenne notamment en la paralysant. De son côté, Mme Guy-Quint estime que « le rôle politique de l’Union ne doit pas être noyé dans des “chicanements” administratifs. » Car dit-elle « cette réforme a mis en place une gestion pointilleuse où l’on chasse les centimes d’euros. Elle a fait naître un climat de suspicion entre les fonctionnaires où tout le monde se méfie de tout le monde. Ce qui a pour effet de paralyser la Commission et de l’empêcher d’innover. Or pour être capable d’innover il faut que les gens se fassent confiance mais le mot confiance ne fait pas partie du vocabulaire de la rigueur managériale. » Dans ce contexte, R&D plaide pour la création d’un pôle de réflexion en partenariat avec l’administration au sujet de la politique du personnel. Samuel Hoste

Pratique :

1 Extrait d’un discours de Neil Kinnock, publié sur le site web de la Commission le 22 mars 2004.

14 / C O N F E R E N C E

mobilier d d’art art & décoration

20% reduction for EU public officers many of them already gave us their confidence!

urs o j s e ous l h30 t t r e ouv 10 à 18 anche de t dim ardi e m é m fer

-20% pour les fonctionnaires européens Découvrez, sur 2 étages, nos mobiliers contemporain, classique et moderne ! Le choix, la qualité, le stock à prix étudiés sur plus de 1.700 m² d’exposition.

canapés: cuir, tissu, micro-fibre gardes robes lits meubles bibliothèques merisier de france tentures éclairages décoration tableaux tapis et tissus

321, Chaussée de Louvain 1932 Woluwé St-Etienne Ouvert de 10h à 18h30 - Fermé mardi et dimanche tél: 02/ 771 15 11 - Parking privé P -


What’s in store for you in 2009? This year, the capital is celebrating comic strips as part of the Year of the Comic Strip. However, many other events and changes are scheduled for 2009 in the Brussels Region, both in cultural and everyday life. Here is an overview.

January, the institutions celebrate This year isn’t just any year for Brussels. Exactly 20 years ago, the capital became a Region in its own right, with its own government and specific institutions. Two decades on, the work carried out is not insignificant, for example in terms of urban planning. With the creation of this Region, the public authorities have gradually learned to manage Brussels as a specific entity, and to give it the full attention it deserves. So, even though there still remains a lot to be done, and even though Brussels suffers from a recurrent lack of financial resources compared with the Flemish and Walloon Regions, it is right and proper to celebrate an anniversary such as this! For this reason, the Region has pulled out all the stops and is planning festivities, exhibitions, debates and publications throughout the year. The activities on offer include a History of Brussels Festival aimed at the general public in May, based on short conferences aimed at the general public, a fire parade organised by the fire brigade, a fashion show and even an archaeology exhibition (up until 6 April) at Halles Sant-Géry. The Iris Festival, which is held every year in May, will take place on 8, 9 and 10 May and, to mark the 20th anniversary, will feature a multimedia show in Place des Palais and a show featuring Brussels talents at the now traditional "Fête de la Rue" street festival.

For more information, visit As far as Europe is concerned, the dominant theme of 2009 will be innovation. In fact, after having celebrated intercultural dialogue in 2008, the European Union has made 2009 the European Year of Creativity and Innovation. This event was officially launched in Prague at the beginning of January, and, over the months, the theme will be promoted among European citizens through various public events such as conferences, exhibitions, debates, etc. The chosen theme was inspired by a European

16 / T H E B R U S S E L S T R I B U N E

Parliament recommendation to the effect that consideration should be given to teaching and educational attainment assessment methods, and that greater priority should be given to motivation and innovative spirit, on which creative and innovative capacity is based, throughout young people’s school careers, all with the aim of making Europe the world’s most successful economy by 2020.

For more information about Europe, visit

February, with balloons and colours On 28 February, passers-by in the city centre’s boulevards will have no option but to look up at the sky. To give BD Comics Strip Brussels 2009 (or, in other words, the Brussels Year of the Comic Strip) a fitting launch, a large parade of inflatable balloons will travel through the city, just like the parade which invades the streets of New York each year. From that afternoon up until the end of December, tens of activities to do with comic strips are being organised. These include the "Exchange of Views on Belgian Comic Strips" exhibition at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts, which is presenting 100 years of comic strips through the eyes of 20 contemporary Belgian authors. There is also the "From Yellow Peril to World Comic Strips" exhibition at the Belgian Comic Strip Centre, which looks at the world of the Mangas and their influence on traditional comic strips. Other original activities include an comic strip improvisation championship in March, the Anima Animation Film Festival, which will devote one day to comic strips, the creation of the world’s largest board in the Grand Place in May, and the Comic Strip Festival in October, which will feature an exhibition on the work of Raoul Cauvin and all of his artists (portrait on Page 4-5).

For more information, visit

Also from February onwards, the city’s visual appearance will change considerably when, like other large cities, the Belgian capital’s taxis will gradually all don the same colours, i.e. black and gold. This makeover will go hand in hand with new features, such as the option of paying by bank card in the taxi and the vehicles being fitted with Sat Nav. However, the transformation is set to happen only gradually. "For the time being, the matter is with the Council of State and the government is due to indicate its agreement to a second reading at the end of January. Only then will taxis be able to make their applications, which are on a voluntary basis," comments the office of the Minister concerned, Pascal Smet.


Although strong incentives to adopt the new taxis’ vinyl attire are being provided through regional financial assistance, it is not compulsory!

March, culture-packed

April, on the move and in the arts

After the calm of winter, spring is generally a very busy time for cultural events of all kinds. From 5 to 9 March, the unmissable Book Fair will be moving into Tour et Taxis, alongside the canal. Each year, this event attracts over 70,000 visitors and several hundred writers. In 2009, a Poetry Night will be held once again as part of the Fair, and Comic Strips will be given pride of place. Well, it is the Year of the Comic Strip after all!

2 April will see a great upheaval in Brussels’ transport scene. Announced years ago, the metro network loop will be officially opened and put into operation two days later. From that point on, Line 2 will be a complete line, thanks to the work between Delacroix and West Station, which will make it possible to reorganise the other lines and have more connections throughout the region. The objective is to increase the capacity of the metro by 40%!

Another unmissable literary event is the Passa Porta International Literature Festival, which is being held from 26 to 29 March. Passa Porta, a bookshop in the fashionable Dansaert district, is famous for its wide selection of international books, as well as for its biennial festival featuring readings, literary meetings and writing workshops.

For more information, visit and March will also be prolific in terms of theatre, because Bronks, a brand new theatre for young people, will be opening its doors on 21 March at the Marché aux Porcs in the city centre. In actual fact, this theatre has been in existence since 1991, but it has never had a fixed address and has always been hosted by other theatres. Bronks produces and stages productions for young people (theatre, music and visual arts), as well as offering educational workshops on the performing arts, both for schools and for young people in their free time.

For more information, visit

For more information, visit On the subject of culture, the large annual Kunstenfestivaldesarts Festival will also be taking place in April. This name on its own, which is a mixture of Flemish and French, indicates the event’s originality. For three weeks, performing and visual works of arts, created by French-speaking and Dutchspeaking, Western and non-Western artists, will feature in tens of theatres and art centres in Brussels. The spirit will be fairly innovative, as shown by the way the event is presented on its website: "it’s an urban and cosmopolitan festival dedicated to new creations, where artists can share their personal outlooks on the world with spectators willing to challenge and broaden their own views."

For more information, visit Finally, aficionados of ecology and the environment will also have something to celebrate in April, when, for the first time, the capital plays host to the Energie-Cités conference from 22 to 24 April 2009. 400 energy experts from throughout Europe will be coming to take their inspiration from what is happening in Brussels!

For more information, visit

T H E B R U S S E L S T R I B U N E / 17


May, on foot, by bike and in song With temperatures heating up, the time has come to venture outside. There is no shortage of activities in May to motivate Brussels residents to take advantage of the great outdoors. In fact, this is theoretically when "Cyclocity", the system of self-service bikes and the younger sibling of Paris’s "Vélib'", will gradually be extended to the inner ring of Brussels municipalities, i.e. Etterbeek, Ixelles, Saint-Gilles, Forest, Anderlecht, Molenbeek, Koekelberg,




Schaerbeek. The idea is to enable pedestrians to borrow a bike from a station, make a short journey and drop it off further away, in return for a reasonable hire price. When the first Cyclocity bike hire stations were located in the centre of Brussels, there were a lot of complaints about the fact that the stations were too close to each other, and how it was

Besides the Iris Festival on 8, 9 and 10 May

range of topics. However, another significant

(see above), a number of urban events will

event is coming to Brussels in June, and that is

also feature in May, including the Brussels 20

the official opening of the brand new Magritte

km on 31 May, the Neighbourhood Festival on

Museum. Currently hidden behind a large

the 26th, Gay Pride on the 16th and Brussels

sheet featuring one of the famous Belgian

Jazz Marathon from the 29th to the 31st. In

painter’s works, the museum will occupy part

addition, singing will also have pride of place

of the buildings of the Royal Museums of Fine

at Botanical Nights, from 8 to 17 May,

Arts in Place Royale. Renovated thanks to the

featuring a number of concerts by well-known

€4.5 million contributed by Suez, 2,500 m2 of

Another piece of good news for cyclists and

and less well-known groups at the Botanical

the building will house the world’s largest

pedestrians is that the signposting along the

Gardens and at the Cirque Royal.

collection of works by René Magritte. A

impossible to get to municipalities further afield, when most of Brussels’ transport problems were linked to traffic between the centre and the outskirts. Today, the authorities have learned their lessons from the early experience, and are ultimately intending to create 200 further stations, with a total capacity of 2,500 bikes.

chronological and themed trail will trace

Green Walk, a 60 km trail through a number

Magritte’s art, thinking and life. Like the Van

of parks and green spaces in the Brussels Region, will be completed on 9 May. Finally,

For more information, visit

Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and the Zentrum

still on the same subject, the Brussels Region,,

Paul Klee in Berne, the Magritte Museum will

will be hosting the “Velocity” International,,

be the international reference centre in its field

Cycling Conference for the first time from 11 and

for getting to know René Magritte.

to 16 May. More than 1,000 participants are expected from all over the world to discuss issues to do with cycling.

June, going to the polls and to the museum!

For more information, visit

For more information, visit

The key event of June 2009 will be the

As always, June will also strongly feature music and

European elections (together with the Flemish,

with, among others, the "Couleur Café"

Walloon and Brussels regional elections in

Festival, dedicated to music from all over the

Belgium). On 7 June, European citizens will be

world, and the Festival of Music (from 18 to 21

able to vote and stand for election, even in

June) which will be celebrating its 25th

another EU Member State. In fact, since 1993,

anniversary in Belgium this year! The idea of

any European Union citizen has been able to

celebrating the summer solstice with music was

vote and stand for election in European and

dreamed up by American musician Joel Cohen,

council elections, irrespective of which

and was launched by the French government in

European Member State they live in. At the

1982, before coming to Belgium in 1984. The

2004 European elections, this rule meant that

watchword is all styles for all people, with free

four MEPs were able to stand for election as

concerts all over the place, and no doubt a few


surprises to mark this silver surprises pour fêter ce quart de siècle.

Cameras will be keeping a close watch on the results of the polls, particularly the regional elections, since these might change the ruling

For more information, visit

majority and






consequently, policy in the capital across a

18 / T H E B R U S S E L S T R I B U N E

Stimulating Inspiring

Entertaining The spirit of Royal La Rasante. A family club that’s less about routine and more about discovering something new every day. A club where you can find a sport to challenge you, discover true relaxation, enjoy time together. Royal La Rasante is a way of life for the whole family. A limited number of memberships are available in February: call 02 609 19 10 to find out more. rue Sombre 56

1200 Brussels

T +32 (0)2 609 1910


Septembre, patrimonial et architectural You mustn’t miss the Heritage Open Days this autumn, which will be taking place on 19 and 20 September on the theme "From Elsewhere". This theme will highlight exoticism (Chinese ornaments, Egyptomania, Japanism, etc.), “imported” styles (Louis-style, cottagestyle, etc.), buildings representative of the French, Austrian and Dutch periods and places of worship. The open days will also highlight foreign influences in Belgian architecture.

July/August, sweet summer pleasures Life is more gentle in Brussels during the summer. There is less traffic on the roads and pavement cafés fill up at the slightest glimpse of sunshine. What’s more, there are cultural and recreational activities on offer for those not fortunate enough to go away on holiday. From 27 June to 5 July, Flagey will be hosting the Brussels Film Festival, which is simply a European Film Festival. In 2008, this event attracted around 30,000 spectators. For 2009, the organisers have announced bigger and better previews and more Belgian films.

For more information, visit During the summer, Brussels is also about traditional fixtures, such as Brussels-on-Sea, the canal-side beach (from mid-July to midAugust), Ommegang, a reconstruction of the arrival of Charles V in Brussels (from 30 June to 2 July) and the Foire du Midi, Belgium’s largest fair (from 18 July to 23 August). Not, of course, forgetting National Day on 21 July!

For more information, visit,, and

For more information, visit Culture will also be given pride of place with the opening at Bozar of a major exhibition, as part of the Year of the Comic Strip, entitled "Sexties - Crepax/Cuvelier/Forest/Peelaert”. The idea is to show how, in the 1960s, the imaginations of comic strip authors were suddenly unleashed through the influence of rock music, freedom from 1950s corsets, sexual tolerance and hippy festivals. From this time on, boards erupted in graphic terms, narration exploded, illustration boxes became less standardised and characters were revisited "pop art" style.

For more information, visit Finally, September will also be a good month for gamblers, since the brand new Brussels Casino will be opening its doors in a brand new building right in the centre of Brussels, in the island hemmed in by Boulevard Anspach and the Place de la Monnaie. Currently located in the Salle de la Madeleine, near to the Grand Place, the casino hopes to be able to welcome 50% more visitors as a result of this move into bigger and better-equipped premises. The temple of gambling will have a surface area of 13,000 square metres, compared with 6,000 at Madeleine, which will enable it to create more playing areas, as well as a panoramic restaurant and a 500-seater theatre. The new

complex will also feature a shopping arcade, accommodation and a hotel.

For more information, visit

October, with Asian influences In October, the capital will pay homage to China through Europalia. In fact, the event is dedicating its 22th festival to the culture of the Middle Kingdom. From October 2009 to February 2010, Europalia will be revealing a China which is authentic, new and contemporary, through several hundred events including exhibitions, concerts, dance and theatre performances and cinema. The aim is to go beyond clichés to reveal a China which is authentic and on the move.

Novembre/Décembre, la ville s'illumine From November, the city will wrap itself in a cloak of lights to mark the end of an extremely busy year. In November, Christmas comes early to the Place du Sablon, known for its antique shops, with the famous Nocturnes du Sablon (Sablon late night opening). The event has become a must in the capital, despite “only” being a local festival. However, this is one of the capital’s most beautiful and richest localities, which makes this event truly magical. This is when shops and antique shops stay open until 11 p.m. and musicians play their instruments more or less everywhere. A foretaste of the festivities to come, which will start properly on 27 November with the opening of the extremely famous Winter Wonders (Christmas market, ice rink and Ferris wheel). Something special to round off a year packed with events and changes, before diving back into another year, which will be just as exciting.

Fanny Bouvry

A gagner: 10 exemplaires “Le guide culturel – Bruxelles 2009” Pour avoir la chance de gagner un de ces guides, il vous suffit de nous envoyer un mail à avec “Guide” en objet, vos coordonnées complètes et la réponse à la question suivante :

“En quelle année, Bruxelles devint capitale de l’Europe?” Les gagnants, tires au sort, recevront le cadeau par courrier. Bonne chance à tous!


Bientôt le lendemain de la Ste-Priscille ! Rouge, rouge rouge Mais pas n'importe lequel : un rouge qui se fait déjà printanier. On veut (Saint-Valentin ou pas

Un amour de casse noix

d'ailleurs) Rue Blanche. Echarpe Alix, 31 euros.

C'est l'idée la plus originale qu'on puisse trouver ! Il est en plus facile d’utilisation et très design : voici le coeur casse noix.Design Alessi, il suffit de placer la pointe du coeur sur le dessus de la noix et de tourner… 13 €. Vendu dans un petit écrin noir chez Buss Jadoul, chaussée de Charleroi, 18 – 1000 Bruxelles. Tél. : 02 538 14 45.

Naughty women ? La marque de lingerie dévoile une jolie collection pour la fête des amoureux avec notamment l’édition spéciale Miss Valentine ! De la lingerie rose, noire et grise ; occasionnelle, coquette et sexy ; féminine, créative et espiègle... Ou pour les plus audacieuses d’entre vous : armez-vous des jarretières, plumes, menottes ou masques que vous trouverez dans le « naughty kit » de women’secret… Miss Valentine, soutien-gorge - 29,95 € et petite culotte avec jarretières détachables - 14,95 €. « Naughty kit » - 24,95 €.

Pequignet & la beauté

Une petite coupe ? Une petite bouteille ! Pour la Saint-Valentin, les One Fo(u)r sont présentés dans un pack duo “One for her, One for him” : One Fo(u)r by Nicolas Feuillatte. Qui dit Saint-Valentin, ne dit pas forcément dîner en tête-à-tête à la maison ou une table pour deux dans un restaurant.Avec leur impertinente origi-

Deux bagues Moorea en acier et or. Zut, il faut en choisur une seule, deux ce serait too much... quoique...

nalité, les One Fo(u)r de Nicolas Feuillatte vont

Pequignet Bague Moorea acier/or 1 rang 4 grains

faire pétiller la fête des amoureux autrement !

or: 445 €; bague Moorea acier/or 1 rang – 1 grain

Environ 28 euros.

serti: 385 €.



We’ve saved the biggest bargains till last!


Les Open Hearts de Tiffany & Co Pour la Saint-Valentin, Tiffany met à l’honneur les créations d’Elsa Peretti. Designer de renom et figure majeure dans le monde de l’art et de la mode, ses « Open Hearts » sont travaillés tout en finesse et sont un emblème de féminité. Sur le devant de la scène, les « Open Hearts », déclinés en or jaune 18 carats (1170 €), en argent (245 €) et disponibles en trois tailles, sont proposés sur chaînes ras du cou ou au contraire, plus longues, afin de s’adapter à toutes les envies. Pour les plus discrètes, les « Mini Open Hearts », en or jaune, or rose et argent (905 € les trois) que vous pourrez superposer. Enfin, en virtuose et orfèvre du précieux et puisque l’amour n’a pas de prix, Tiffany propose un « Pave Open Heart », monté sur platine et pavé diamants (2 carats), (à partir de 11590 €), qui rehaussera les tenues de soirées et révèlera la beauté des femmes par son éclat. Open Hearts, Tiffany & Co, boulevard de Waterloo, 66 - 1000 Bruxelles. Tél. : 02 501 66 33.

Un coeur très Cerruti Cette année sonne le retour de la tradition valentine dans toute sa splendeur ! Cerruti 1881 place la fête des amoureux sous le signe du coeur. Un coeur en relief doux, une délicate bordure de zircones étincelantes pour un bijou simplement beau ! La ligne spéciale Saint-Valentin est disponible en deux versions : le coeur “smokey quartz”et le coeur 18 carats “rose-gold plated”, tous deux sertis de zircones blanches. Bague 18 carats “rose-gold plated”: 179 €.

Les fibules d'Ilona Les fibules, (du latin fibula signifiant attache) ancêtres de notre « épingle à nourrice », étaient très utilisées dans l’Antiquité et au Moyen-âge pour fermer les vêtements


mais également comme broche décorative. Ilona Chale

L’esprit de la fin des années soixante est de retour ! « Love »

les remet au goût du jour : simples et élégantes, tout en

est dès lors le thème central de la collection Dim pour cet été.

étant fonctionnelles, elles attachent écharpes, pulls et

Motif en forme de coeur dans toutes les nuances entre le

châles !

rouge et le rose et Body Touch (dernière génération de lin-

A partir de 125 €. Ilona Chale, rue Washington 174

gerie sans couture) mélangent flower power et modernité .

1050 Bruxelles. Tél. : 02 346 34 14. info@ilona-

Soutien-gorge armature : 31,95 euros; Soutien-gorge (Possibilités de création à la carte).

bandeau : 37,95 euros; Slip : 17,60 euros; String : 17,60


euros; Boxer : 17,60 euros

Une belle histoire d’amour... pour tous ! Avec Brussels in Love ©, la Saint-Valentin va devenir la fête de tous, quel que soit l’âge ou la culture. Et, pour le prouver, des actions gratuites ont été imaginées par des passionnés qui ont envie de faire bouger Bruxelles différemment... Une sculpture originale sera installée au c?ur de la ville : le projet a été confié à Christiane Erard, une artiste belge au grand c?ur qui viendra installer son ?uvre dès le 13 février. Tout le monde est invité à venir découvrir cette sculpture dont l’idée même ne peut que toucher les coeurs. Un Elixir d’Amour sera offert aux passants dans de nombreux endroits de Bruxelles. Ne vous étonnez donc pas si, au détour d’une rue ou à la sortie d’un magasin, l’on vous propose gracieusement un peu de cet élixir. Buvez-le… qui sait ce qui peut se passer ! Des milliers de ballons auxquels les enfants et leurs familles seront venus accrocher des messages d’amour, d’amitié ou, tout simplement, un dessin s’envoleront ensemble de la Grand-Place de Bruxelles vers des destinataires inconnus. De jolies cartes-postales sur lesquelles les messages et dessins pourront être inscrits seront disponibles dans tous les Brico. Une réflexion sur le thème de la solidarité se tiendra dans un lieu prestigieux de la capitale. Cette réflexion se basera sur les premières con-

clusions d’une étude menée par la faculté de psychologie de l’UCL à la demande de Télé-Secours et abordera la solidarité à tous les âges de la vie. De nombreuses initiatives de commerçants, associations de quartiers, lieux de culture, de mode… se grefferont à l’événement et seront facilement identifiables par l’emblème de Brussels in Love ©. Parmi celles-ci, notons déjà : la découverte du Musée du Coeur (Cinquantenaire) et de la collection des c?urs Boyadjian, des Conteurs en Balade, des démonstrations de tango suivies d’une soirée, des ateliers de sculpture de chocolat, des cours de cuisine dans un lieu inattendu, de nombreuses expositions originales (la Cobalt International Gallery accueillera Larissa Ickx et ses toiles parlant d’amour, la Galerie Dérapages invite à une expo sur le thème « Rouge : amour ou amitié ? » autour d’un vin chaud, l’artiste Frank Lalou et la danseuse Tina Bosi rempliront la Porte de Hal de formules d’amour dans plus de 100 langues, etc.), des quartiers en fête comme la rue du Bailly et le quartier Dansaert (avec notamment Y-Dress qui montrera comment recycler une robe de mariée), un rassemblement d’amours de coccinelles à Autoworld, et plein d’autres choses encore… Plus d'infos :


Long live bistronomy ! We hadn’t set foot inside the Orphyse Chaussette for ages. But now we have again. And what a joy.


t’s tucked away in a little place behind Sablon. Whilst the area is promising, the rue Charles Hanssens is one of the run down ones in this corner of Brussels. Orphyse Chaussette has made this little street its hideaway - and has been here since 2001, if we remember correctly. The address is low profile and this modesty suits it very well.

Though discreet, the name is nevertheless a hot tip exchanged between discerning food lovers. In our case, we hadn’t been there for several years … without really knowing why. To be honest, we like everything about it. Firstly there’s the setting, a cosy interior with old tiles, big mirrors on the walls, bistro tables and trompe l’?il paintings. Good for an intimate dinner for two, but good as well for a meal with friends. Then there’s the food which hits just the right spot, prepared by a chef well at home in the kitchen. Subtitled a "Gastronomic bistro", the menu fits the bill perfectly. It abounds in wonderful products superbly transformed with just the right alchemies. To pay homage to the old year – and to friendship – we embarked on t h e

adventure as a foursome of fine diners. First of all we were surprised to still find a dish which had won us over last time: the Tartare de thon façon retour des Indes [tartare of tuna, Indian style] (13.50 euros). It’s still on the menu, like a loyal friend who goes through time without ageing. We understand why Philippe Renoux has left this dish on the menu, it has the makings of a signature dish. After tarrying again with this exotic friend from yesteryear, we went for the Quenelles de joues de b?uf charolais à la cuillère [tender ox cheek dumplings] (19 euros). This treat, cooked for 20 hours, has all the hallmarks of what is appropriately called “bistronomy”, this meeting between the spirit of the bistro and gastronomy. You’re aware of the supreme importance of the product, of food like mother used to make and of the inventiveness of a chef who has his own universe of taste. Bingo, we were right to go back. The other pleasant surprise was finding that the wine list, whilst still just as well chosen, has greatly increased. To go with the sublime food, we rightly chose Dagueneau’s Silex, Domaine Gramenon’s Côtes du Rhône and Jamet’s Crozes-Hermitage. So much so that we forgot to make a note of the prices. Obviously when you like something you don’t worry about the cost. But that’s not to say that we lost sight of things completely and if we had to make one criticism, it would be that the service was fairly average … but not average enough to stop us going back there again very soon!

ORPHYSE CHAUSSETTE, rue Charles Hanssens, 5 – 1000 Brussels. Open from 12 noon to 2.30 pm and from 7 to 10 pm, closed Mondays and Sundays. Tel. : 02/502 75 81.

Chaque mois, la sélection des restos de Wasabi, le chroniqueur de la Tribune de Bruxelles







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Brussels has finally got its bagels The recent address dedicated to bagels, Au Pays des Merveilles, confirms two things: the resurgence of the avenue Jean Volders and that the snack mentality is alive and well. As far as we are aware, Au Pays des Merveilles – APDM to regulars and those in a hurry – is the first address in Brussels to pay homage to bagels – this little sourdough roll in the shape of a ring, typical of Jewish cooking and a veritable fast-food blockbuster on the other side of the Atlantic. Dreamt up by Alice Romaniuk, this eatery really hits the spot. Rather than playing the US card by doing it up as an American-style diner, she has gone for a very Brussels decor – a succession of three rooms – which makes it feel very homely. The rue Jean Volders district – below the Parvis de Saint-Gilles – fits this area, with its arty contours, like a glove. On the menu: the bagel in all its forms. First you choose the bread – plain, sesame, poppy seed… then the cream cheese – an essential part of the genre -, dried tomatoes and fresh herbs. We went for a good old family Pastrami (4 euros) which did not disappoint, though we found that the mustard didn’t go with it. A second bagel with salmon, red onions and herbs (4.50 euros) went down better. APDM is also drawing on the good vibes and liveliness of the district. Exhibitions – new offerings on the first Thursday of the month -, a great play list and concerts held on some Sundays complete this pretty picture. AU PAYS DES MERVEILLES, avenue Jean Volders, 42 – 1060 Saint-Gilles. Open from 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday (Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm). Tel. : 02 539 01 51.

Crisisbeater Every Sunday, Wiels – the centre for Vintage contemporary art situated oysters in the former WielemansCeuppens brewery – offers Oysters are one of the brunch from 11 am. In best things of the year. collaboration with Kamilou And remember, they don’t – a friendly and excellent disappear when the location in Saint-Gilles – the celebrations are over. January art site offers a random and February are two great assortment of quiches, salads, soups occasions to enjoy these pearls of and pastries from fair trade sources for around 10 euros. the sea. Fans will be delighted to know that Brasseries Georges are now offering WIELS, avenue Van Volxem, 354 – 1190 Forest. Every oysters from Prat-Ar-Coum d’Yvon Madec, Sunday, from 11 am to 3 pm. Tel. : 02 340 00 50. the famous Breton oyster grower. These oysters are even available in a vintage version, namely the Prat-Ar-Coum 2000. This hint of the sea in the low countries is like the call of the wild. The cry of a seagull. A fog horn. LES BRASSERIES GEORGES, avenue Winston Churchill, 259 1180 Brussels. Open every day, from 11.30 am to 12.30 am. Tel. : 02/347 21 00.

B e t w e e n heaven and earth Arrived at the airport early or flight delayed? The departure lounge at Brussels Airport is now home to Beaudevin, a wine bar with a contemporary design. The wines have been chosen by Fiona Morrison, a Master of Wine working in our country. You’ll find heavyweights such as Château Yquem and Château Montrose. And to set it all off, it offers a selection of Mediterranean specialities. BEAUDEVIN, in the departure lounge of Brussels Airport, Zaventem. Open every day, from 11 am to 10 pm. Tel. : 02 719 77 00.

28 / A F T E R W O R K

If time is money, then what are you waiting for? Brussels is a vibrant city. More and more young families make it their home. That’s why an investment in Brussels real estate is more than worthwhile.

Clos Walcourt – Rue de la Pastorale – 1070 Anderlecht

Bouygues Immobilier Belgium builds splendid housing facilities in the residential areas of the capital. They excel in security, accessibility and aesthetics. We are a large developer who offers its investors a rental guarantee with a guaranteed return on investment. The Tilia Gardens and the green Clos Cérès in Auderghem and the modern Clos Walcourt in Anderlecht combine the vibrant atmosphere of a city with the calm of a residential, green area. The contemporary architecture of these residences creates an unparalleled feeling of openness and space. The breathtaking panoramas are the perfect way to relax. All rooms are equipped with the latest trends in luxury and comfort. Our residences are built to last, and respect the environment in every possible way. Bouygues Immobilier Belgium is indeed a sustainable developer who looks beyond the needs of today.

Tilia Gardens – Rue Jules Cockx – 1160 Auderghem

Moreover, our flats and housing facilities are not only destined to the happy few: our prices start at no more than € 130.000! Thanks to our extensive experience, the Bouygues Immobilier Belgium projects are a guaranteed success for every investor. Over and over again, they offer you the security you expect when making a real estate investment.

Come and visit us today. Call +32 (0)473 87 13 19 (Johan Machiels) E-mail:

Clos Cérès – Clos Lucien Outers 2/10 – 1160 Auderghem

Bouygues Immobilier Belgium – Real Estate Development – Avenue Louise 166 – 1050 Brussels –

2009 ou le retour à des prix réalistes Les hausses de prix de 2007 et une partie de celles de 2006 sont désormais balayées.


’indice Trevi (*) au 31 décembre 2008 a baissé à 107,61 points. C’est 0,9 point de moins qu’au 30 septembre. Et 1,7 point de moins que fin mai. Mais en monnaie sonnante et trébuchante, cela donne quoi ? “Ce que je retiens, c’est qu’on est revenu au niveau des prix de février-mars 2008”, indique Eric Verlinden administrateur-délégué du Groupe Trevi. Cela veut dire qu’on a non seulement balayé la hausse de 2007, mais une partie de celle de 2006. L’un dans l’autre, cela représente un recul de 10 à 12%.” Ce qui ne veut pas dire que tous les biens ont perdu 10 à 12% de leur valeur. “Les biens de première qualité n’en ont perdu que 8 à 10, alors que ceux de seconde qualité ou de seconde zone en termes de localisation en ont perdu 15 à 17. Quant aux secondes résidences, à la côte ou dans les Ardennes, elles ont plus souffert que les premières.” La grosse différence par rapport aux années de boom, c’est que les prix annoncés semblent enfin être… réalistes, c’est-à-dire en phase

avec le marché. “Jusque mi-novembre 2008, poursuit Eric Verlinden, les vendeurs étaient déstabilisés par le manque de repères. Fin novembre, ils se sont mis au diapason : ils ont digéré les nouvelles donnes du marché et admis les expertises réalisées par les professionnels. Progressivement, l’équilibre entre offre et demande est revenu, avec des transactions à la clé. C’est bien simple : à Bruxelles, en 6 semaines, du 1er décembre au 15 janvier, on a vendu deux fois plus d’appartements neufs que durant les mois de septembre, octobre et novembre réunis.” Avec des rabais de 10% s’entend, sous forme de baisse du prix ou de cadeaux (garage, finitions de meilleure qualité…). “C’est déjà beaucoup: 10%, cela mange l’essentiel de la marge du promoteur.” Ce nouvel équilibre entre offre et demande est tel que “les transactions ne se font désormais que si le prix annoncé est proche du prix réalisé, ajoute l’agent. Des prix surfaits rebutent d’office les candidats acquéreurs qui

n’essayent même pas de négocier. Il faut dire qu’ils sont de plus en plus professionnels dans leur valorisation des biens.” Et demain ? Eric Verlinden voit trois signes précurseurs d’une réelle embellie stabilisatrice. “Un, une baisse des taux d’intérêts hypothécaires qui, même en période difficile, a toujours déclenché des hausses de prix. Deux, les mesures gouvernementales relatives à la TVA (soit un gain de quelque 7500 € pour les acquéreurs). Trois, un retour des consommateurs vers des valeurs fondamentales et des biens durables. Le marché n’est pas moribond !”

Charlotte Mikolajczak (*) Indice trimestriel des prix de vente annoncés de villas, maisons, appartements, terrains à bâtir, immeubles de rapport (8 000 petites annonces par an). Le marché immobilier semble connaître un nouvel équilibre entre offre et demande.

Place Georges Brugmann, 11 • 1050 Bruxelles (Ixelles) Tél: +32 2 346 33 55 - IXELLES - Ds la plus belle partie de l'Av. Molière, à prox immédiate de la Place d'Arezzo, très bel appartement de caractère de +/- 190 m2 niché au 3ème étage d'un splendide Hôtel de Maître. Très belles réceptions, cuisine équipée avec office, 2 chbres, sdb, terrasse fermée, cave, chbre de bonne. Bourré de charme et très lumineux ! 680 000 €

IXELLES - Localisation excellente à mi-chemin entre les quartiers recherchés du Châtelain et de la Place Brugmann. En intérieur d'îlot, exceptionnel loft duplex d'environ 170 m2, aménagé tout confort et très standing en 2003. Superbe séjour de +/- 85 m2 avec cuis US sup éq, terrasse, 3 belles chbres, sdb, 2 wc, coin buand, nbrx placards intégrés. Coup de coeur assuré ! 575 000 €

ref 036/20881

ref 036/20689



Les clés en main À partir de quand reçoit-on les clés du bien acheté ? Et quels sont les risques de les donner avant que l’acte soit signé ?


n principe, l’acquéreur ne reçoit les clés qu’au moment où il paie le prix c’est-àdire lors de la signature de l’acte authentique. Toutefois, la remise des clés peut intervenir lors de la signature du compromis. Mais il y a des risques. Imaginons que les futurs acquéreurs entament d’importants travaux et décèdent tragiquement. Si la famille renonce à la succession, les vendeurs se retrouvent avec un chantier sur les bras difficilement vendable. Pensons aussi à l’acquéreur qui, après avoir payé un important acompte, entame des travaux dans l’immeuble. Malheureusement, quelques jours avant la signature de l’acte, l’immeuble est saisi à la requête de la banque ou du fisc. L’acquéreur risquera de perdre son acompte (s’il n’a pas été consigné chez le notaire) et le coût des travaux entrepris.

Autre exemple : un acquéreur reçoit les clés anticipativement et part une semaine. À son retour, toutes les canalisations ont sauté par des températures de -10 ° en l’absence de mazout dans la citerne. Qui est responsable ? L’acquéreur qui a les clés ou le vendeur, toujours propriétaire ?

Malgré ces précautions, des dangers subsistent. Votre notaire vous conseillera le plus souvent d’attendre la signature de l’acte authentique.

Plus d’infos sur le site

Certaines précautions sont donc de mise : prévoir que l’acquéreur ne pourra effectuer que des travaux de rafraîchissement, à l’exception de gros travaux, ou encore qu’il devra souscrire une assurance pour couvrir l’immeuble contre les dégâts, ainsi qu’en responsabilité civile. Le vendeur peut demander à l’acquéreur de bloquer un acompte plus important jusqu’au jour de la signature de l’acte. L’acquéreur peut aussi supporter toutes les charges de l’immeuble, le précompte et les consommations dès le jour où il reçoit les clés.


Soyez plus vite chez vous... Mettez en vente et en location chez nous ! • A deux pas des communautés Européennes • L’Agence Immobilière qui vous aide à vous installer à Bruxelles - Tél. 02 736 10 16 - Fax 02 736 57 92 L’Agence Immobilière - Square Marguerite, 31 - 1000 Bruxelles

02/742.01.42 - IXELLES : €460.000 A proximité de l'Abbaye de la Cambre et des Etangs d'Ixelles, très bel appartement de caractère, d’environ 250m2, 4 chambres, situé au 1er étage d'un immeuble de standing datant de 1946.

ETTERBEEK: €480.000 A proximité immédiate de Montgomery et de la station Thieffry, belle maison "Bruxelloise" 2 façades datant de 1929. Elle offre une superficie habitable de 220m2.


CHOOSE YOUR FAVOURITE VOLVO, SUCH AS THE EXCITING NEW VOLVO XC60, FILL IT UP WITH THE LAVISH SUMMUM LUXURY PACKAGE FOR ONLY `1,000 AND SAVE `2,495*. FOR AN EVEN BETTER DEAL, ORDER THREE OR MORE ACCESSORIES AND SAVE 20% ON THE PRICE. VISIT DIPLOMAT.VOLVOCARS.COM TO GET ALL THE SAVINGS, ON ALL MODELS. * Summum package includes leather upholstery, Dual Xenon headlights, Park Assist, power operated driver’s seat and more. European speciďŹ cation, left-hand drive. Total saving differs depending on model. Special offers for other speciďŹ cations. Valid until February 28, 2009.

KROYMANS BRUSSELS 1930 Zaventem, Mr Carlos Romao, Tel 02/720.92.17, }"(>eTaXYbT<aEX]RT]c3T\ThCT[!%'&"!!$eST\Th/PRQadbbT[bQT JPC MOTOR S.A./SHAPE, 7000 Mons, <a>[XeXTa=^T[CT[%$"!&'##^[XeXTa]^T[/Y_R\^c^aQT DE SMET BRUSSELS %!DRR[T3a^VT]Q^b<a5aP]ZEP]STaBcTT]CT[!"""'! UeSb/STb\TcQadbbT[bQT S.A. LOUIS BRUSSELS N.V "1adbbT[bBRWPTaQTTZ<a<PaR<^]R^dbX]CT[!&#"' ' \^]R^dbX]\/VPaPVT[^dXbQT STERCKX N.V. %#AW^STBc6T]Ă?bTBc6T]TbXdbA^ST<a?WX[X_EP]STFP[[TCT[!"$((#'$_WX[X_/bcTaRZgQT } $7P[[T<aHeTbCXT[T\P]bCT[!"%" $"$heTb/bcTaRZgQT

5.+5." 12#(/+., 32 +$2LNEREHACA@PKOANRAUKQ


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