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agency background & philosophy DPA Branding is a strategic full-service consultative agency and production firm established by Don Pelham on the principals of uncompromising standards, creative solutions, intense sense of urgency and success-oriented activation. With the collective experience of more than 60 years in strategic consultation, brand marketing, broadcast production, digital media and advertising, DPA Branding connects dedicated team members of top industry professionals and award winning associates that take a sincere sense of pride in exceeding the expectations of premiere brands across industries. From the moment we initiate our in-depth diagnostic process to the moment we report your success stories, DPA Branding is a full-time partner, devoted to our client’s needs. Throughout the strategy planning, decision and execution process for everything from traditional media, advanced digital media, creative production, media buying, social media, live event presentation, and promotional activation, we are transparent in our efforts, and innovative in achieving the highest results for you. We invite you to find out why we are confident DPA Branding is the answer to your marketing and branding needs – no matter how complex or innovative. We will deliver the message to your target market, whether it’s a regional approach or a national scale, and with the same hunger to grow your sales as you.


scope of services DPA Branding’s approach to marketing includes a comprehensive suite of services and can apply to all the following in our full service – Agency of Record relationships. • Branding your company to give you a specific position in the market place • Strategy, Planning and Coordination of your marketing, advertising, public relations, and promotional activities • Graphic Design for print or online media for sales, marketing and other initiatives • Print, TV & Radio creative development, production, buying, and scheduling • Internet Media Marketing (IMM - SEO) improves the organic rankings of your website • Synergistic Search (SS - LSEO & PPC) provides the greatest opportunity for first page Google, Bing & Yahoo listings through targeted search • Online Review Management (ORM) generates and posts reviews from your clients & key stakeholders, while requiring “substantiation” of negative posts • New Website Design more effectively communicates to your target audience in order to improve lead generation • Social Media Marketing engages your audience via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube in a way that builds community • Telephony tracks the source (IMM vs. SS vs. website) of the phone call to measure performance as well as keep recordings for review and training • Real Time Dashboard keeps you attuned to the performance of various DPA services 5


strategic goals:

1. Consultative Audit

4. Broadcast/Promote your Features & Benefits

This foundational element is critical in analyzing and defining

Because online prospects are specific in “Googling” their

your business, as well as understanding your unique selling

needs, ORM, IMM, SS, SMM and Video initiatives will

proposition. This includes surveys and interviews with key

promote the features and benefits that anyone looking online

stakeholders that can define strengths, opportunities, the

for your services will find.

industry, competition, etc. 2. Develop your Brand

5. Generate Leads Making an impression is half the battle, the rest is ensuring

Establishing your Brand Identity personifies what makes

we move your prospects into action of calling, emailing,

you – you. Whether it is a key market advantage, why you

or shopping directly at your location. We work with you

are better than the competition, or that critical insight that

in setting goals and reporting performance so you have

makes your customers love you, we leverage and market this

quantifiable results.

through your logo, business collateral, POP, digital assets, copy writing, website, newsletters – every single touch point. 3. Build Awareness

6. Increase Sales & Market Share The success of the above initiatives working in tandem will ensure steady growth. As your business grows, we target

While TV & Radio still tend to be the best forms of building

the most effective spend to ROI ratio to increase your market

broad based consumer awareness, SEO (IMM), ORM, and

share for the long term.

PPC (SS) programs are also effective in geo-targeting the core audience actively seeking your services. It is the well planned combination of each of these mediums which ultimately bring the awareness necessary for true market penetration.


crafting your brand

spree: a period or outburst of extreme activity Initial research discovered a great deal about our target audience. Athletes and exercise junkies are competitive, usually selfmotivating, and pay close attention to detail. Anyone heavily involved in healthy exercise knows that there is a place where your body reaches it’s pinnacle level of output and creates an optimal workout and even fuels the mind to push further than normal. Some call this a runners high or simply a rush of adrenaline. That simple insight inspired the name and position of our new technology. Spree. The burst of adrenaline you get when you are worn out can be achieved when pinnacle range for your body to maximize it’s performance is known. We believe this is the key step and direction to position your brand. Spree should live in the middle of technology and health. By leaning toward the health side, a gadget of this sophistication will not only help create safety but most important it provide the key information to an athletes performance. Despite this impressive technology, consumers will not use Spree if they don’t feel confident that it enhances their workout or their performance. Along with this, Spree must give our ‘athleddicts’ the knowledge that delivers the upper hand and insight into their body’s performance. Our research indicates our optimal target being a social, young to middle age, urban male with above-average income, and a college education. Clothing, technology, active hobbies and sports recreation are where they spend a good portion of their time and money.


For acceptance among this audience, the brand needs to add a sleek appeal, a simple and friendly design, an informational resource and become fashion-forward in the advertising. We feel there are ideal hobbyists that encompass technology, health, and the importance of optimizing body performance. Those are runners, cardio fiends and other solo exercisers which we have identified as ‘Athleddicts’. Athletes in general are too large of an audience to go after. We want to focus on the people who primarily work out at their own pace or on their own schedule. These guys love technology that makes life simpler. These guys admire underground athletes that push their body to the limit. Every guy would love to take their passion to the next level, they don’t exercise out of duty, or to lose a little weight, these guys do this because it lives within their soul, and that is who and what we must speak to. A look at Spree through the lens of finding your body’s optimal zone becomes the positioning of the brand and the premise for our advertising. A runner finding his stride in suburbia. Spotlights on an olympic athlete training for his next meet. A cross-fit trainer pushing her body to the next level. This all would be captured in a photoshoot DPA would manage to create the right look and feel for the brand. Photography from this shoot would be used on the website, social media and trade show materials. It would also be used to create a the perfect brand for what Spree intends to be. It is also our intention to get this technology into the hands, or more specifically the heads, of actual athletes, trainers and thought leaders. It adds authenticity to the advertising, and allows us to tap into their fans and followers. The rest of this presentation will help show the rationale behind our strategy.


the consumer

Nielsen notes that there are now more smartphones in the US than feature phones. This data shows a key insight that our customer was more than likely an early adopter of this technology and therfore more advanced and comfortable with technology and the internet playing a vitale role in their life, from work to working out. Forrester states that Americans spend more time online than watching TV, about 13 hours per week and 4 out of 5 active Internet users visit social media sites and blogs. More specifically, Facebook reaches 70% of active US Internet users, who spend about 8 hours monthly on the site, with about 40% of users accessing it through smartphones. We believe that there is an underlying truth to this information; Americans embrace new media not at the cost of traditional media, but in supplement to it. Having multiple media touchpoints is now more important than ever to create a connection with consumers – wherever they might be. DPA does not see this trend being something to jump on the band wagon of because it is new. We see it as important because it is the right way to engage with your audience. Over the past 10 years, technology has become a necessity, not a luxury, in staying connected in our busy world – no matter your income level. Our workweek is longer than ever, with Americans spending 1,900 hours working annually. We tend to find ourselves still working after leaving the office, and tend to stay connected to friends and family while at work. Americans are exposed to 600 – 3000 advertising messages daily, depending on your source. So it’s imperative our brand be at the right place, at the right time, with a message that is personalized, meaningful and interesting. All that said, we must define who our target is exactly. With limited time and resources, we must truly focus our efforts on those consumer segments with the highest likelihood of being able to purchase our product – today. The consumer insights on the following pages helped navigate DPA toward the optimal target for Spree.


the consumer

Approximately 88% of Adults in the US own a cell phone, around 200 million users according to the FCC. In fact, well over 30% of the country no longer has a home LAN line. But as of this summer, 54.9% of Americans now own a smartphone. In fact, 2 out of 3 Americans who acquired a new phone this summer chose a smartphone instead of a feature phone. (Nielsen). Preference for the Android and iOS platforms continue to outpace all others. A greater percentage of men own smartphones, increasing by 10% from 2011 to 2012. Pewt Research also says that women tend to make fewer calls with their cell phones then men. Currently, Americans spend about 2.7 hours per day socializing on the mobile phone – that’s more than twice the time they spend eating, and over 1/3 of the time they spend sleeping each day. (Digital Blog Buzz). And that number will continue to climb as penetration of smartphones increases. Share by Platform 60 45 30 Smartphone Ownership by Gender

15 0






37.5 25 12.5 0






the consumer

Adults under the age of 34 are the most likely to own a smartphone, with the highest subset being aged 25-34. This group purchased 13% more smartphones this year versus last.

Smartphone Ownership by Age 80 60 40 20 0







While Caucasians are larger in overall numbers, and increased their purchase of smartphones by 15% over last year, a greater percentage of African American and Hispanic consumers own smartphones. This is not surprising, as African-Americans and Hispanics over-index vs. Caucasians for overall technology, cell phone ownership (87% vs. 80%), texting (10/day vs. 5/day), and initiating at least 30 calls/day (13% vs. 4%).


the consumer

Those households making $75,000+ annually have the largest percentage of smartphone users with 68%, increasing by 9% over last year. Those making $50-74,000 increased by 11% with 49%, making it an important subset as well.

Smartphone Ownership by Age 70 52.5 35 17.5 0





Those with some college, or a college degree, lead in smartphone penetration percentages, and increased by 14% and 12% respectively since last year. Urban residents continued to show strong affinity for smartphones with 50%, increasing 12% over 2011. 46% of suburban residents are now using smartphones.


the consumer

The specific sports and exercises people do vary by age. People aged 15 to 24 years were more likely to participate in team sports such as basketball, football, and soccer than those 25 and older. Singular sporting activity like running, cycling, aerobics and cardio were dominant in ages 25-54.

Average Daily Exercise Activity Running Cycling Aerobics Cardio 0


15-24 14





the consumer

Men are slightly more likely than women to participate in sports and exercise activities on an average day, but their preferences for specific forms of exercise differs.

Distribution of Male to Female Who Engage in Sports Activity Running Cycling Aerobics Cardio 0








the consumer

Of all 25-54 year olds, running and cardio exercises accumulated the most activity other than walking with 30% of exercisers.

Exercise Activities on Average by Day by SpeciďŹ c Activity Running Cycling Aerobics Cardio 0






the consumer

People with higher levels of education were more likely to participate in sports and exercise. Among people aged 25 years and older, those with a bachelorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s degree or higher were more than twice as likely to participate in sports and exercise activities on an average day as those with a high school diploma or less.

Percent of people aged 25 years and older who engaged in sports and exercise activities on an average day, by education Bachelorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s degree or higher Some College High School Less than high school 0






the brand



trade show

If you’ve had any experience in the trade show universe, you are likely aware that it’s never an easy objective to cut through the clutter and leave a valuable impression on your target audience. That’s where dpa branding’s experienced trade show veterans make life easier on you. From concept to setup, DPA branding has the resources, experts and strategic partnerships to execute your trade show event in the most effective way. SCOPE OF SERVICES Booth Construction Contracting Booth Display Design Public Relations & Press Conference Facilitation Facility & Union Liaison Trade Publication Advertisements / Article Placement Newsletters / e-Newsletter Production & Distribution Direct Mail Production & Execution Printed Leave-Behinds (Graphic Design & Execution)

Promotional Packaging, Ordering & Implementation Talent Casting & Management A/V Design, Contracting & Execution Copywriting & Teaser Camapaign Messaging Competitor / Industry Research & Reporting Video Production & Photography Archival / Social Media Reporting & Communications Target Specific Outreach & Appointment Reporting Off-Site or Suite Events - Planning, Execution & Implementation


digital marketing overview

Marketing has evolved significantly over the past few years.

Specifically, online tactics and initiatives have

revolutionized the way consumers search for and interact with the products and services we seek. The bottom line is that people are actively searching, “opting-in”, “friending”, “liking”, “joining”, and simply following services that Tylock LASIK offers. Thus, beginning with Strategy and Branding, we then work with you in positioning your Website, SEO (IMM), Social Media, PPC (SS), and Online Reputation Management (ORM) to ensure your brand is broadcast and promoted in a way that resonates with your target audience. Specifically, we drive educated homeowners, 28-55 in each of the respective Spree markets to each media to keep them engaged, continue to use, and send referrals to us.



responsive website development

Your website needs to serve the purpose of your brand, not just in the design, but in the organization and specifically the goal. Our website development process always starts with clearly understanding what you want a customer to do when they visit the site. We focus on creating pathways for them to get the information they are looking for, while getting the conversion you are looking for. Your website needs to include the message of the brand, a clear order of communication, and apparent calls to action that result in leads. Many companies like yours have simple or cookie cutter web design solutions, but we will take the time to craft a solution that benefits you. We focus on the details from consistent content updates for SEO/LSEO purposes, to effective branding components and evolving promotional themes. The bottom line is your website can compete online with any other competitors providing the same services and pricing. Because we have 4-7 seconds to engage our target audience on each page, we first must understand our audience and what information they seek. Crafting the appropriate brand messages through photography, graphics and text all work together in a way that will deliver value to the viewer and bring effective results to you. Over one half of all local searches are performed on a mobile device. With these mobile searches rising everyday, it is of high importance to make sure that your content is easily accessible on even the smallest of screen sizes. Our Responsive Design will help adapt your website to any screen size, on a desktop, or on the go. Also note that the best websites are not considered beautiful if no one has ever seen them. We focus our sites to be found on the front page of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. This is important because 70% of search engine users report that they visit organic sites on a daily basis. This helps you reach your target audience, giving you more impressions and leading to more conversions.


social media

Humans are social creatures. Our souls desire interaction with each other and the recommendations of our peers mean more to us than we admit. You must move to the next level by engaging their customers and fans by reaching them where they are. DPA Branding offers a powerful creative turn-key social media solution to keep your customers engaged and your brand top of mind. Creativity and engagement is the key to turning people into fans and fans into customers. Engineered to engage an audience with relevant messaging, your social media campaign will encompass all aspects of social media (Facebook postings, Twitter-following campaigns, LinkedIn networking, “listening” services, video production, and strategic blogging) assuring your company will achieve an SEO-friendly and effective social media positioning. Although numbers are helpful in social media, DPA Branding understands quantifiable engagement with geo-targeted core demographic consumers is far more important to turn “likes” into transactions. That’s why all activities are formulated through a pre-established social media agenda that maintains a calendar-based execution of finely timed and planned inter-activities on all principal social media platforms.

social media management • Complete Social Media Strategy • 4 per month - optimized blog posts • 7 per week - Facebook Posts • 10 per week - Tweets/retweets/reposts of relevant content • 1 per month - optimized press release • Monthly Ad Campaign • Social Reputation Management • Conversation Management • Foursqare Integration

reporting • Monthly Reporting 24

• Quarterly Reviews

internet media marketing & synergistic search

According to Wikipedia, SEO is the process of improving the visibility of your

The days of Pay-Per-Click, or PPC, dominance in search engine results has

website or webpage in search engines via the “natural” or un-paid (“organic”)

gone the way of the Dodo. According to Google’s own survey, over 85% of

search result. SEO may target different types of searches; including Image

online searchers opt to choose “organic” results over those they recognize as

Search, Local Search, Video Search, Academic Search, and News or Industry-

paid results.

Specific Vertical Searches. SEO gives a website presence and Internet Media Marketing, or IMM, utilizes a proprietary process to assist websites in achieving top 10 organic search engine rankings. According to Google, the “Big Daddy” of American search engines, 90% of those searching online know when a search result is paid for and only 15%

Still, no other method for search engine ranking provides for more multiple first page search results than PPC. To benefit from PPC in the era of SEO and LSEO internet marketing and website construction, some definite creativity is necessary to cut through the clutter and get your brand noticed.

select those results. Seventy percent of search engine users report they visit organic sites on a daily basis, and 72.3% said they feel Google’s organic listings are more relevant than their paid counterparts with organic conversion rates being three times more effective. What does all of this mean? Well, this tells us that the millions of searches happening every day are responding to top 10 search engine results more and more, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet media Marketing (IMM) are more important to your business’s website than ever before. Making sure your website not only incorporates thorough and relevant key words and phrasing in the fabric of your website’s construction, but reacts to the ever changing variables of search engine algorithms with rich content (whether through Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube or any others), can be a tricky thing to actually pull off without expert SEO involvement. There are, however, processes that achieve consistently higher SEO rankings.


agency of record summary

Sometimes when people want to express something they say things like, “What I am really trying to say is...” and then they ask how they should say it. What DPA Branding’s expert marketing team does for you is break your messaging down to a core value and help you express that directly to the people who want to hear it the most - your customer. In a strategic step-by-step process, Spree will first go through a diagnostic evaluation of current marketing practices, competitor activities, market share goals, and a true branding analysis. This leads to an effective website, digital marketing campaign, collateral packaging that enables a strong online presence, and tangible consistent creative effort for maximum brand awareness and consumption. The next phase of marketing development for Spree will utlize an expert think tank panel and years of applicable experience to grow the all new Spree brand to a wider audience through mobile, traditional and social media platforms. The initial goal of accomplishing double the lead volume a month will be only the first of many milestone achievements. The true goal of DPA Branding is to effectively tout the value and unique selling proposition of Spree to become the premier fitness product in the respective markets with increasing numbers of units to meet demand in new markets. DPA Branding offers you more than marketing advice and transactional execution. We are proud to be more than media buyers with a campaign concept. With depth in experience and talent, DPA Branding is a true partner in success that plans carefully for real world results. We are confident we not only understand the goals of your company, but also have the unique ability to assist Spree in exceeding even your own expectations.



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