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The NORTHLAKES Salvation Army Community Church

From the Coalface 31st October 2011

Our Provisional Plans Read 1 Corinthians 16:5-9 5-9 I plan to visit you after passing through northern Greece. I won't be staying long there, but maybe I can stay awhile with you—maybe even spend the winter? Then you could give me a good send-off, wherever I may be headed next. I don't want to just drop by in between other "primary" destinations. I want a good, long, leisurely visit. If the Master agrees, we'll have it! For the present, I'm staying right here in Ephesus. A huge door of opportunity for good work has opened up here. (There is also mushrooming opposition.) (THE MESSAGE) Most of us make plans for the future. Holidays are scheduled, social gatherings are put on the calendar, conferences or concerts are put in the diary. Those who follow Jesus make such plans but need to do so understanding that they themselves do not ultimately manage their own lives. Here, Paul is telling the Corinthians of his own plans to visit them. But this long and leisurely visit didn’t materialise and he copped some flak from the Corinthians because of it. While Paul had his own good ideas, God had other ideas. All our planning is thus provisional. We can normally assume the plans will be fulfilled. But circumstances can change. Our planning was done with the best of intentions. When the plans are changed we might wonder if we have made some terrible mistake. More often than not, we haven’t. We merely have to recognise our own limitations of knowledge and use such plans changes to deepen our trust in God’s wisdom rather than our own organisational sense. So we plan, but recognise God might have his own plans. One further thing: how interesting that Paul’s increased opportunities to share his faith corresponded to increased opposition. Something else to ponder!

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Soccer Team Presentation

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Mental Illness - No One There To Save You The band Simple Plan has a song which reflects on life with these words:

The men’s and women’s soccer team present ation will be during our church service on Sunday 6th November.

"To be on the edge of breaking down And no one's there to save you. No, you don't know what it's like Welcome to my life."

Following this, a BYO picnic will be held at Speers Point Park to celebrate the successes of the season.

This could be either teenage angst or the struggle with mental torment. ABC sports reporter, Craig Hamilton has written a book on his own struggle with mental illness called "Broken Open." In this honest and revealing story he tells of a mental breakdown in his life due to Bipolar mental illness. He writes about his experiences to help people understand the condition.

All players and families are welcome, along with any others from our church family.

Hamilton says that one in six Australian sufferers of Bipolar illness commit suicide and one in three never receive treatment. It’s the great unspoken illness of our society. People are afraid to ask for help so they struggle on alone. In the words of the song – "with no one there to save them."

Graeme Evans

Are you struggling with depression and can’t see a way out? If so, please act. Tell a friend. See a doctor. Pray and be sure you get help.

ONE’S TRASH ANOTHER’S TREASURE When: 26th November Where: 46 Reservoir Rd, Glendale Things required: Books, clothes. Bric-a-brac, appliances, plants, furniture, and what ever you have to donate.

Phone Jeff 0414 583 224 or Lisa 0488 201 227 for pick ups.

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How to Develop a Faith of Leap out on many blessings that God wants you to enjoy and many opportunities to do work that had eternal value.

Editor's Note: The following is a report on the practical applications of Michael Frost & Alan Hirsch's book, The Faith of Leap: Embracing a Theology of Risk, Adventure, and Courage, (Baker Books, 2011). If you’re a Christian, you aren’t meant to live a safe life. You’re meant to live an adventurous life, following wherever God leads you. Anything less than that dishonours God, blocks your ability to grow into the person God wants you to become, and diminishes your contributions to the world. The only way to truly fulfil God’s purposes for your life is to take the risks God calls you to take – just as Jesus did. So the next time God calls you to take a leap of faith, do so. Here’s how to follow God on a great adventure: Stop settling for a mediocre life. A mediocre life isn’t good enough for you, since God intends for you to live a great life every day that you’re alive on Earth. Realize that by settling for mediocrity, you’re missing

Make Jesus your role model. Jesus’ life was a great adventure, full of risks that demanded courage but led to profound change for the better. As a Christian, God wants you to live as Jesus did, embracing adventure to the fullest. If you shrink back from following wherever God leads you, you’re not honouring Him. But if you love God and other people and make whatever sacrifices are necessary to fully follow where God leads you, you’re emulating Jesus and honouring God.

forward with what God wants you to do, despite feeling afraid, because God is with you. Read God’s promises to you in the Bible and decide to trust them every day. Direct your fear toward a healthy fear of God (a reverence for Him), since that reverence will help humble you and motivate you to follow God’s guidance in your life – which is the best way to handle life’s challenging situations.

Remember that you play a role in the greatest story of all, and it’s urgent that you act. God has given you an important part to play in the great story of what He is doing in the world. If you don’t take action to do your part, the story won’t be the one God wants to write, and our fallen View life as an opportunity rather world will suffer even more. But if you do play your part, then you can than as a threat. Ask God to give help bring God’s redemption to you a vision of specific ways that He people who urgently need it. Don’t wants you to serve Him in this world. delay; act immediately to do whatevLet that knowledge excite you and er God is calling you to do. motivate you to seek and fulfil God’s purposes for your life every day, in- Build a community of fellow adventurers. Join other Christians at stead of worrying about what trouble your church and in your local area to might come your way each day. unite around common missions. In Recognize that any control you may the process, you’ll encounter God think you have over what happens to and each other in new ways. Create a you is an illusion, so trying to control culture of adventure in your Christian your circumstances is a waste of your community, encouraging each other to take the risks necessary to serve time and energy. Instead, embrace well. Tell each other your stories of the opportunities that God gives you what God is doing through your each day, and make the most of them, lives. Thank heroes in your commutrusting that God will help you along nity for what they’re doing to honour God and help people; study their the way. lives and let them inspire and motivate you to serve in heroic ways Pray for the faith you need to yourself. Pair people up with mentors overcome fear. It’s natural to feel when possible, so they can learn from afraid when you encounter each other and do more great work in challenging situations, but you never the world. Encourage others in your church to be courageous in their worhave to give into the fear that you discipleship, community, feel. Pray regularly for fresh doses of ship, and mission pursuits, building everyfaith that will empower you to move thing they do around fulfilling God’s

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For Our Church Family at Northlakes

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Pray Sale of house and wisdom for the future. Ryan—surgery HSC Students exams, pray for calm and trust in the Lord. Year 10 students for trial exams. For Emily Dunn as she travels to Vietnam for Uni work. Liz with inoperable lung cancer. Family members who are not saved and need God. Our parents. Peter Miller diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. Barbara who has cancer.

Praise Healthy baby news for Ellen Chris and boys new home. Karina’s new baby Pippa Lee Troke. Safe travel, home safely.

God’s there, listening for all who pray, for all who pray and mean it. Psalms 145:18 The Message

For the Salvo’s

Any information regarding the newsletter / wanting to place an add.. Contact Fiona Stig 0423 033 318 or

Latin America North Territory —Pray for the unity of Salvationists in the 9 countries that make up this territory; for a strong Christian influence in the Army’s schools and kindergartens; and for the continued growth and development of the Army’s strong work in Cuba. Sydney Congress Hall, NSW—Major Terry Grey & Major Lyn Edge, Captain Rhombus Ning and Captain Lai Li Sydney East & Illawarra Chaplaincy Service, NSW—Major Judy Knight (Coordinator), Majors John & Phyllis Thorley, Major Elaine Redwood, Betty Lanham, Sharon Jory, Envoy Alan Staines (Hospital Chaplains), Major Judy Knight, Sharyn Widdowson, Major Heather Rose (Court Chaplains), Majors Lyndsay & Dawn Smith (Fire Brigade Chaplains), Captain Rhombus Ning, Captain Lai Li, Commissioner Verna Skinner, Alan Byrnes, Major Hilton Harmer, Major Cliff Randall (Airport Chaplains) Sydney East & Illawarra Divisional Headquarters, NSW—Majors John & Narelle Rees, Majors Kelvin & Cheralynne Pethybridge, Major Paul Kinder, Major Elwyn Grigg, Major Sue Winterburn, Major Kay Clarke-Pearce, Major Diane Maxwell, Major Gweneth Woodbury, and team Sydney Street level Mission, NSW (Including Inner City (Streetlevel) Community Welfare Centre)- Major Robin Pullen and Team

Every Sunday we have a prayer meeting 45 minutes before Church. This is a wonderful opportunity to pray for the Sunday Celebration Service and also any urgent prayer needs.

Coalface 31 October 2011  

Coalface 31 October 2011