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2014 Leadership of the DAOR

Downey Association of REALTORS 12073 Paramount Blvd - Downey, CA 90242 562 861-0915 - Fax 562 923-9995

Executive Directors: Mireya Ruiz, President Jason Cierpiszewski, President-Elect Carrie Uva, Vice President Esther Lee, Treasurer Jeanette Baumann, Executive Vice President Directors: Mario Acevedo Maria Cibrian Sossi Gabriel Ericka Saenz Ruben Sarinana Vicki Spearman Miriam Villanueva Michael Berdelis, Immediate Past President DAOR Chaplain: Ruben Sarinana Monday - Friday 9am-5pm Saturday 9am-1pm

Volume 1– Issue 1

T[\l_ of Cont_nts:

CAR State Directors: Mireya Ruiz, Carrie Uva & Jason Cierpiszewski Affiliates In Action Committee Tom Ramirez, Chairperson

1 - @stron[ut Fr_^ H[is_ L[n^s in Down_y

Awards Committee Larry Kooiman, Chairperson

2 -

Budget & Finance Committee Nubia Aguirre, Chairperson DAOR YPN Laura Dominguez, Chairperson

3-4 1

Grievance Committee Dan Nevarez, Chairperson

L_t's El_]t Our 2015 D@OR L_[^_rship & M_m\_r @ppr_]i[tion Kogi Lun]h

5-6 -

YPN Top Pro^u]_rs [nsw_r qu_stions on R_[l Est[t_ T_]hnology

LCRC Trustees John Lacey, Chairperson Local Government Relations Sandra Carnett, Chairperson

7 - “Di^ you Know” from D@OR’s M_m\_rs B_n_fits Sp_]i[list

Membership/MLS-Technology Committee Remoun Said, Chairperson Nominating Committee Russell Skersick, Chairperson Professional Standards Committee Bev Baumann, Chairperson

Supr[ Lo]k Box_s


8 -

L_gisl[tiv_ R_port

9 -

Stor_ it_m/s[l_ of th_ month

REALTOR Community Relations Committee Rowena Dominguez Scholarship Committee Diane Sanchez

DAOR Staff Jeanette Baumann, EVP - Customer Care Department Nelly Palma, CeCe Robles, Hilda Inzunza, Membership Department Julie Sartor, Fausto Navarro, Susie Gonzales,


Pl_[s_ fin^ on p[g_ 9 links to “join” D@OR’s F[]_\ook, Twitt_r, Inst[gr[m, You Tu\_, [n^ Vi_w 2014 Pi]tur_s on Pi][sso.

Apollo 13 Astronaut

The bio of Fred Haise

FRED HAISE Lands in Downey

Fred Haise began his 20-year NASA career as an aeronautical research pilot, serving as backup crew for the Apollo 8, 11, and 16 missions and commander of the Space Shuttle Enterprise in 1977 for the Approach and Landing Program at Edwards Air Force Base. But Haise is most well known as a crew member on the ill-fated Apollo 13 lunar mission in

for a DAOR Membership Luncheon DAOR brought Astronaut Fred Haise to day prior to his annual Spacefest expo, which was being held in Pasadena this year. We arranged for him to have a tour of the Downey Space Museum, and receive a proclamation from the city of Downey...seen here with REALTOR and Downey City Council Member, Alex Saab.

198 DAOR Members attended the luncheon and heard Mr. Haise narrate an original film of the 1970 Apollo 13 Launch, in space activities, and landing. It was awesome!! Page 1

1970. Portrayed by actor Bill Paxton in the Apollo 13 movie, Haise was the lunar module pilot on the space mission. In 1973, while flying an aircraft used in the filming of the Pearl Harbor movie Tora! Tora! Tora!, Haise was involved in an accident with a BT 13 aircraft that had been modified for the film. A fire erupted and Haise was burned over 65% of his body. It would take 14 months of recovery and rehabilitation before he could return to the skies to subsequently Command the Space Shuttle Enterprise in the 1977 Approach & Landing Tests. Haise served as president of Northrop Grumman Technical Services and has been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the NASA Distinguished Service Medal, among others. He has also been inducted into the Astronaut Hall of Fame.

For a complete list of compatible phones, app devices and more information go to

The New Supra iBox BT LE Offers More Convenience through Technology The iBox BT LE Communicates directly with your iPhone, iPad and more.

iBox BT LE is equipped with the same large key container as the iBox BT, which can holds both gate cards and keys. The shackle is completely removed from the key box for easy handling when placing the iBox BT LE on a property.

More models of smartphones and tables communicate directly with iBox BT LE than any other Supra key box. No additional hardware is required for most phones, including the newest models of iPhone and iPad. You can check your phone’s compatibility on the Compatible eKey device list.

The iBox BT LE communicates directly with most phones or tables via infrared (IR), Bluetooth (BT), and Low-Energy Bluetooth (BT LE) technologies. Please note that iPhone and iPad devices released before the iPhone 4S require a small adapter to communicate with the iBox BT LE.

Assign a Listing to a Key Box and receive emails when box is opened. Go to:

[Unassign your old listing (if necessary)] • Click on LISTING in the top navigation bar • In the listing inventory, click on the MLS # you wish to unassign • On the left-side of the screen, click the “Unassign Listing” link and confirm it.

Click the login button to go to SupraWEB [Assign the new listing ID] • On the left-side of the screen, click the drop-down for Assign Listing Enter your user ID and Password

Enter the MLS number for the listing associated with that keybox in the text field

Once you are logged in, a list of your lock boxes will appear. Click on the lock box you wish to assign to your new listing. If you have a listing already assigned to the keybox, you • will need to unassign it first.

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Let’s Elect Our 2015 DAOR Leadership ! The following Candidates have been uncontested and will be Installed to their position on November 11th.

Jason Cierpiszewski Century 21 My RE DAOR President

Carrie Uva Prudential 24 Hour RE DAOR President Elect

Ericka Saenz C 21 Jervis & Assoc. Secretary/Treasurer

Voting may only take place in person. You may drop by the DAOR Office July 10th through July 18th. 18th is the last day to vote, is Election Day and DAOR Open House with the Kogi Food Truck to serve you lunch.

Election for 2015 DAOR Vice President Two outstanding REALTORS have gone through the Nominating Committees screening and interviews. Both candidates are anxious to serve and you have the vote!! MARIO ACEVEDO Mario started his real estate career in 2005, and has been involved with the DAOR since serving of several committees and Directors for 4 years. Community is very important, helping Habitat for Humanity, ARC of Downey, Easter Seals, Red Cross, and Downey Regional Medical Center. Mario believes in the importance of the REALTOR Political Action Fund and has donated the True Cost of Doing Business $149 for the past four years. Mario is looking forward to serving as VP, to give back to the DAOR and its members. Page 3

ESTHER LEE - Esther is a 2nd generation REALTOR® and DAOR member since 2001, Director for 2011-2012, current Treasurer for 2013-2014 and received 2012 REALTOR® Associate of the Year Award and has served on various Committees. Esther has been with Young Lee Real Estate Co. since 1996 and long time Downey resident for over 31 years and counting. Currently serves as AREAA Greater LA Chapter President, a nonprofit trade organization and has held various leadership roles since 2009.

Election for 2015-2016 DAOR Director [You will be instructed to vote for two.] LAURA DOMINGUEZ - Laura has been a licensed Realtor for over 2 years is currently with Century 21 Masters. She earned two degrees an AA Business Management/Real Estate (Cerritos) ,AS Administration of Justice (Rio Hondo) and is a Recognized Author/ Publisher Library of Congress Washington D.C.. Laura has served on Scholarship, Membership, YPN and Realtor® Community Relations Committees. I appreciate your vote and look forward to serving my fellow DAOR REALTORS.

ROWENA DOMINGUEZ - Rowena has been a licensed

DAN NEVAREZ -Dan has been in Real Estate over 30 Years,

REMOUN SAID - Candidate for 2013-14 Director. Remoun joined the DAOR in 2009, and inquired about getting involved at the membership luncheon that he was installed as a member. Immediately Remoun became the Chairperson of the Technology Task Force, which reformatted the strategy of the MLS Committee. Today he serves as Chairperson for the Membership/Technology Committee., Professional Standards, and YPN committees. Remoun was a DAOR Director from 2012-2013 and is seeking a DAOR Director Seat in 2015-016. Remoun has received a BA in Real Estate Finance and an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Cal State Fullerton.

he claims he's not that old, he started when he was 10, he has been with the Century 21 Organization for over 30 years, An International award winner as an agent, manager and owner, he has led 3 different Offices into the Top 10 Offices in the Nation for the Century 21 System. He has spoken at several training seminars, on panel discussions and has trained at Century 21 International Convention and also served as Broker Council President for Century 21's Pacific Region. Dan is currently the Chairperson of the DAOR grievance committee and also serves on several other committees at the DAOR. Dan is a Downey resident, has been happily married for 23 years and has 3 children.

REALTOR since 2007, with Century 21 My Real Estate Co, She currently serves on the Scholarship Committee and is the 2014 Chairperson for the REALTOR Community Relations . Rowena has served as an Ambassador for the Downey Chamber of Commerce and volunteers her time throughout the community. She has two children and has been a Downey Resident since 1993. Rowena works at Century 21 My Real Estate.

When & How to Vote: Active DAOR REALTOR Members may come into the DAOR Office from July 10th through July 18th to vote. (in person voting only)

ELECTION DAY & DAOR OPEN HOUSE Is Friday, July 18th 11:30am-1:00pm Vote for the 2015 Leadership and have lunch catered by California’s #1 Favorite Food Truck! Kogi Truck FREE for DAOR REALTOR® Members. (Affiliate, MLS only, or non-Members will need to pay $17. Sorry no exceptions, thank you for understanding). Food will be available from 11:30-1:00 Page 4

DAOR’s Annual YPN / AIA Mixer, 2014 social media with an average of $375,000 Michael: 18% of my sales comes from the internet / email blasts total 20-25% of my business. Edith: 2013, out of 36 closed transactions, 8 were due to social media. 2013, so far out of 9 transactions, 2 are from social media/internet. Remoun: 2013, 10 transactions came from social media at 3.8 million 56% of business. 2014, 85% so far is coming from social media. Q. What is your monthly social media and technology software budgets? A-social media BTechnology/software? Luther: Total of $720/month Michael: 12.5% of my gross commissions Edith: Varies but invests $500 to $800/month Remoun: Facebook budget is $600 to $1500/month plus additional $625 for other Q. Why should someone incorporate social media in their business plan? *Your top tip, *Your Top Four awesome top producers….who DAOR is post on Social Media *Top mistake made on social proud to call their members, answered several media? questions in front of 83 REALTOR Members … Luther: Facebook is an amazing way to get expoTopic: “Technology I Can’t Live Without”. Panel sure. *top tip: categorize your Facebook friends, was Edith Villa, Century 21 Realty Masters, Luther clients, friends family etc. I have my clients tag me Sanchez, Century 21 Allstars, Michael Berdelis, instead of me tagging them...we get more exposure Prudential 24 Hour RE, & Remoun Said, ReNew and likes that way *mistakes: when friends tag me Real Estate. Here is a re-cap of their Q & A. with them and they're drinking… it’s not bad, but doesn't look good. Q. Your story on how you started using social me- Michael: Post everything in terms of real estate… dia? I’m on my business page like crazy posting listings Luther: Stared social media to reconnect with high and it helps...the power of posting listings is that school friends, and now use it professionally. random people that you never thought would be Michael: Was so resistant to use, and majority of interested sometimes are. my personal friends or in real estate, so I use it to Edith: Everyone should be technology wise, and communicate to them also. not be left behind. *top tip: if you are going to use Edith: Started in 2013 to stay connected to my Google, Trulia, and Zillow, and invest in it, you younger internet savvy clients. Remoun: I was an IT before becoming a REALTOR… technology and social media is a natural fit for me. Q. Last 2 years of business that came from technology and social media? Luther: 2013, 42 total transactions 7 from social media. 2014, so far...15 deals, 3 from Page 5

Tom Ramirez, AIA Chair; Laura Dominguez, YPN Chair; Luther Sanchez, Michael Berdelis, DAOR President, Mireya Ruiz; Edith Villa & Remoun Said

need to study and learn it. *Mistake: a lot of people don't know how to keep business and personal separate. Remoun: I tag everyone involves in each transaction including the gardener. *most viewed post was me jumping off the roof into the pool after it sold. *mistakes: I'm with Luther the party pictures Q. What technology do you use every day for real estate? Luther: DropBox, ZipForm Mobile (which is free for all DAOR members) and DocuSign Michael: DocuSign Edith: DropBox, personal smart phone, MLS Remoun: DropBox, personal smart phone, ipad, MLS, Real Stream Q. How have you leveraged technology to grow your business? Luther: Personalizing text messages… template messages that goes out to everyone. WiFi -I don’t want to call people back … they may call another

REALTOR in the meantime I immediately text them a “digital business card” of myself. Michael: Email Blasts, Google Map, Zillow REALTOR Edith: Email Blasts, Text Savvy Remoun: Emails, Social Media, Videos Q. What technology do you incorporate in your listing presentation? Luther: Keynote for iPads Michael: The Internet Q. Over the next six months is there any technology you are planning on incorporating? Luther: Videos Michael: Keynotes, ZipForm Mobile Edith: Facebook Remoun: Drone Pictures and Videos (Note: the answers of the panel were transcribed and minimized)

DAOR’s YPN Co-Sponsors a Region 22 Networking Event More greatness coming from DAOR’s Top Producers!! DAOR YPN joined RSEAOR and MDBOR YPNs for a Region 22 YPN Networking Mixer. One top producer, from each AOR served on a panel to share their “Three Favorite Apps” . Representing DAOR was Top Producer Eloy Villamil, Excellence Innovative Real Estate. Eloy shared with the crowd of 83 REALTORS from Associations of Region 22 his favorite apps, along with Mark Anthony Ruiz and Xio Mark Anthony Ruiz, Xio Sandoval, & DAOR Member Eloy Villamil Sandoval . Their favorite apps were: MLS Touch - GoodReader - Google Drive various title programs - Group Text - Gmail -

WFG on the Go - Videolicious - MagicPlan Google Voice - ZipForms & Open Home Pro. Page 6

Did You Know… Each month, as your Member Benefit Specialist, I will be sharing with you products, services and much more that you may not be aware of….. Let’s celebrate summer !! By being a REALTOR member of DAOR here are some benefits you can take advantage of. Hitting the road this summer… NAR provides you

with discounts for car rentals through Avis @ The; Budget @ DAOR; Hertz offers their members the ability @ to purchase discounted movie tickets to Krikorian If it’s a new car your looking for NAR will give Movie Theater for $7.50 and Regal for $9.00 that $500 cash alincludes lowance and Edwards, two years of free oil changes, on a purRegal and United chase of a Chrysler Automobile. Artists Theatres. Chrysler.

Wild at Work extends discounts to DAOR Members for Theme Parks including Disneyland, Universal Studios, Knott’s Berry Farm, Legoland, and SeaWorld. Hotel, Restaurants and more discounts also available thru this Program . How to sign up: • go to • Click on new user sign up—enter DOWNEY ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS • Complete registration form • You will now receive an email with your password confirmation. ————————————————————————————————

CeCe Robles, Education & Member Specialist - DAOR “Please call me if you have Any questions.” Page 7

Now You Know!!!

Your Voice Was Heard! By Jonathan Fonti, DAOR GAD

must remember that their vote counts. That is why it is important to go out and vote in each election for the candidate and ballot measures that will represent you the best.

Future Election Information: Voters in Los Angeles County came As the November election quickly out to the polls to vote and let their approaches, you have to remember voices be heard on the critical issues that politics affect you as a REALin the 2014 Gubernatorial Primary TOR® and your business. Every Election held on June 3rd. There year important legislative decisions were many hotly contested races in are made at all levels of government California this election which affect which impact REALTORS® across us not only on a state level, but the country and the state. The Calilocally as well. One local measure fornia Association of REALTORS® that took center stage on the ballot is continuing to defend against any in Downey was Measure B. legislation that threatens the real estate industry. This is why your vote Measure B was focused upon is so important. The next time that because a defeat of this Measure you go and vote, you should consider meant Downey would be able to choosing elected officials that will continue to provide its own police take action on issues and legislation and fire personnel, and contracting that is important to REALTORS®. those services, such as to the L.A. Remember, your vote does make a County Sheriff’s Department or difference! L.A. County Fire Department, could not happen without a two-thirds Independence Day: advisory vote from Downey voters. Fourth of July is a federal holiday The voters were clear that they did commemorating the adoption of the not want to change the current city Declaration of Independence on July mandate and voted this Measure 4, 1776. It is a time to celebrate our down by a vote of 82.89% against to nation and thank the servicemen and 17.11% in favor. servicewomen for their service to our country. Whatever your plans are One other race that will affect for the holiday, take some time to Downey and surrounding cities is reflect on what the day means and the hotly contested race for the 32nd who we have to thank for it. State Senate District seat. Former From all of us here at the Downey Downey Mayor and current Downey Association of REALTORS, City Council Member, Mr. Mario make your Fourth of July a happy Guerra will be competing against one, and a safe one! former Assemblyman and teacher, Mr. Tony Mendoza. On June 3, 2014, Mario Guerra received 44.5% Meet DAOR’s New Government of the vote and Tony Mendoza received 31.9%. As a result of these Affairs Director (GAD). outcomes Mr. Guerra and Mr. Mendoza will run off for the 32nd Senate Jonathan Fonti has recently joined seat in the November 4th 2014 Gu- the Downey Association of REALTORS® as their Governmenbernatorial Election. tal Affairs Director. As their GAD he directs the organization’s policies As we move toward the November and objectives involving local, state, 4th, General Election, every citizen

and federal government affairs and develops relationships with key legislators to effectively channel the goals and desires of the association. Jonathan has recently completed an internship with Congressman Ed

Royce’s office and continues to work with California State Senator, Bob Huff dealing with legislative, judicial and administrative processes. He acted as a liaison between the district office and the constituents in the community it represented, conducted research, monitored legislation, and attended legislative and community events. Jonathan received his Bachelor’s Degree from California State University, Fullerton, and double majored in Political Science and History. He also received his Associates Degree from Fullerton College in Math, Science, and Liberal Arts. While at California State University Fullerton, Jonathan was chosen to be a delegate in the prestigious Model United Nations program in Boston and New York. He also participated in the Moot Court program that is linked with

the law and Judiciary System. You can reach Jonathan at

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Hilda 562 861-0915

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Volume 1 Issue 1  
Volume 1 Issue 1