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We are an online bread supplier delivering rustic quality artisan style breads of distinction direct to your business. Whether you run a restaurant, gastro pub, cafe, deli, farm shop, sandwich bar, bed & breakfast or hotel, we offer a full range of truly wonderful breads to delight your customers.

Introducing BREAD DU JOUR’s

‘Magnifique’ breads All of our breads bake-off within minutes, be it in a restaurant kitchen or in-store bakery operation. Every loaf is delivered with a minimum of 14 days ambient shelf life, there is no need therefore to store our breads in a freezer, the packaging will keep the bread fresh until baked off. As an internet based business we offer non fixed boxed quantities and no minimum order requirements, you can simply pick and mix from the range and pay for just what you need.

Our breads are made using bulk fermented dough’s to give flavour and deliver a light open texture with an egg shell crust. We use generous amounts of quality ingredients such as fruit, seeds and grains as well as sour dough, rye flour and wheat germ for additional flavour. Our breads are baked on the sole of the oven to give a great texture and crusty finish. Every one of our breads is unique – just like our customers. The shape of all our breads varies slightly, thus giving them that handmade look. The way we bake and pack our bread ensures your customer has that perfect fresh quality bread experience time after time.

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create ‘Magnifique’

bread DISplays This bread looks so good you will want to display it somewhere prominent and in a manner that entices your customers. The aroma of fresh baked bread is irresistible and is one of life’s true delights.


TABLE breads Bread of this quality deserves to be the first thing on the table. Discerning well travelled customers will always seek out establishments that offer an experience of good quality wholesome bread.


APPETIsERS We have a wide range of interesting breads so there is something for every taste – a few slices of our artisan style Baguette or Ciabatta will enhance any appetiser.


BREAKFASTS & STARTERS Our bread will help make any simple eating occasion into a memorable experience – you can serve top quality bread at any time of the day.


lunches & MAINS Why not make bread more than just an accompaniment, try giving your soups, salads or even burgers that gourmet point of difference with some of our delicious Sour dough, Olive loaf or Herb bread.


DESSERTS Let’s not forget that bread can also make more of your dessert menu, try serving bread and butter pudding made with our artisan style bread or offer some slices of our fantastic rich fruit breads with a speciality cheese board.

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