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Student groups

a reason to love TEC

Being at TEC has been probably


the best experience of my life Some people can define the Institution as their study place, some others where they have fun or where they meet people; but for me, this has become in much more than I ever had imagined. Here in the Campus are a lot of extra activities which I love to, one of them is being part of student groups, is something I enjoy to do, to organize events, to go to meetings, to develop new abilities, to think about new ideas that should work, in order to improve the relationship between the hole high school, etc. People who are in student groups are often seen as “nerds”, but I think that is completely the opposite. We are working hard to inject them all our joy and cheerfulness in order to wake their curiosity of moving up, either by themselves, for them school, for Mexico or simply to make the difference between “Being a student” and “being more than a student”. This is what the school calls “entrepreneurial culture” and I feel that we have to understand what it really means in order to help other students to become in this culture.

If someone asks me about why I like to spend my complete day at school, I couldn’t answer because I don’t even know. It simply makes me feel that each day I become a better person and I am one step further than the “only students” who go home when they finish their last class at 1:00 or 2:30. I feel strange when I arrive home early, I feel like I was leaving my day incomplete. –Said a member of “CLIP” (a student group). Citing the phrase I said at the beginning “but for me, this has become in much more than I ever had imagined”; much more than I ever had imagined means something extraordinary. Before start classes at TEC I knew that being here was going to be wonderful, but not that wonderful. Now I can say that you will never know how amazing would be a new experience, everything depends of you and the willing you have to get advantage of every single thing that appears in your life in order to make from the ordinary, something extraordinary.


Washington DC An experience no to be missed

When you are in 3rd semester at your high school in TEC, you have the opportunity to go to a program named close up in Washington dc, you can go with some of your friends and also goes people from Guadalajara and all USA. Close up is a high school program created to all students for having the opportunity to learn about the government of the United States, this program is for one week. When you arrive to Washington and go to your hotel, the people of close up give you a room that you will share with 2 students of USA and one from México, in my case I was with Celina from México and Sydney and Brittany from Dallas, and it was a wonderful experience because I could learn a lot of my roommates and also I practice my English. All days in the morning I had breakfast and then I went with my group and we spoke about all the activities and debates that we will have during the day, I always traveled in bus to all the places we went, like the museums, memorials, monuments, institutions and other places, and in each place I had a different activity or debate of the topic of the place we were, like in the second world war we debated about that. At the night I just want to go to dinner, go to my room, take a shower, speak with my friends and go to sleep because at the end of the activities we all were very tired.


At the end of the week we had already learned a lot, we had taken a bunch of pictures and made a lot of new friends. In the last night we had a party in the hotel and it was so cool and crazy, I enjoyed a lot. This was an incredible experience and I recommended it a lot, because I could learned about the government of one of the most powerful countries in the world, and this program also helps you in your curriculum when you go to the college.


My lifestyle BY– DANIELA MAC�AS

Study at Tec involves many things , one of them is that when you have a lot of homework or things to do, you get stressed very easily. Due to this, many people decide not to get into extracurricular activities because they feel they have no time or already have too much to do to get more stressed. My way of thinking is totally opposite , I like to be in extra activities because is something different , and even I have a lot of homework to do, going to these activities helps me to relax from the stress of school.

My favorite activity in the world is dancing , when I enter to the dance room I like to leave all my worries away and enjoy the time I dance , it's something I enjoy and makes me forget my problems , school, my house, my sorrows, or all the bad things I have gone during the day. Dance is something that has helped me in order to improve in several aspects, such as to be more responsible, committed , organized

le y t s e f i l y M

shared , etc. . The dance company is like a family for me , where I have found very valuable people who have helped me to grow as a person . Being part of the dance company has helped to be in TEC becomes the best experience of my life , without it, studying in the tec would not be the same . If you plan to enter to TEC , and you like to do different things, you like music , dancing, etc. I recommend you to be part of this wonderful experience, you will never re-

¥The best Experience! BY– SARA NIETO

When I entered at High school Teceveryone talks about the Carnero Day and I was like what is that? So one girl of third semester asked me "Do you know what is Carnero?" And I was like Yeah, sure I know but it wasn't true. At first, my school was located on a college campus ( was on the campus for 3 years, I entered the school during the last year on the college campus). It was pretty great, we got to go to the college cafeteria for lunch. Also gym was located in a different building, so we got to leave our building for gym and lunch. I made lots of new friends during the year also, and what I loved most was having different teachers for different classes at different times each day. We have tons of fun and our conversations are hilarious. The parties are so much fun, and it's great how you can find people with the same sense of humor, same likes, same dislikes. One day, I received an email and I was invited to assist to Carnero, I was so happy because for 3 weeks everyone told me that it will be my best exoerience in all my life. The day arrived the most important event. The Carnero. This event is the gorgoeus day in which you can meet new people, enjoy and spend time with your classmates. The carnero consists in spend time, have fun with everyone. And you have to learn to work in teams. Also you will develop your skills to be a leader, some qualities like tolerance, patience, to be empathic andthe most important to be a Tec student. They put you the activities so creative, and in teams so it can be more interesting. At the beginning you say. Oh my God! Why I come? But when at the day ends you will get a big smile because you learn to be a tec student.