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DROP A drop in the ocean, a change in the weather...

The first day Sara Jacqueline Nieto

Everyone knows that the first day of school can be the best day of your lives. Some people forget it or they still remember it. In my case, I still remember my first at TEC, and I will tell you how was it. Well we start on 14 of January, it was 4:30 AM and I couldn´t sleep all the night because I was nervous about my new classmates, the teachers, maths, a new school, I didn´t start at the beginning at this school, but I really want to start at the beginning like everyone. I had to be at school at 7:00 AM, so I had a lot of time to dress me. I dressed a blue tee-shirt and my denim pants, I took a breakfast, I think that it was fruit and quesadillas, I don´t remember pretty well. I arrived at school 15 minutes before the maths

class started. I entered in the classroom normally, and then all my classmates were talking about the spanish teacher and I was mmm... I think that I am in the wrong classroom, and I it was. This scene is classic for all the students, it´s funny when you are not the dude. Finally I was in my classroom, and I saw some faces, I recognized them. They were my classmates from elementary school, was a long time since I saw them. They have the same faces but they are bigger. I was happy of met some persons. The maths class started with the teacher´s presentation, the material you will need during the course (books, notebooks), then each student has to present by yourself. Then when the class finished, my classmates

taught me the "Cube" the perfect place to sleep, sorry for reading or for studying, also the famous paninis they are awesome! How to use Blackboard, (this was the hardest part). I had all my classes with my old friends, so it was easy to get used to my new school. I forgot to tell you. You have to visit the residences, near of it there is a trampoline, seriously, YOU HAVE TO GO! Well, it is very important to... eat a lot of paninis, I was joking. It is important to enjoy every second, minute, hour with all the people that you love, don´t forget this three years of high school. Remember, You Only Live Once.

¥The best Experience! BY– SARA NIETO

When I entered at High school Teceveryone talks about the Carnero Day and I was like what is that? So one girl of third semester asked me "Do you know what is Carnero?" And I was like Yeah, sure I know but it wasn't true. At first, my school was located on a college campus ( was on the campus for 3 years, I entered the school during the last year on the college campus). It was pretty great, we got to go to the college cafeteria for lunch. Also gym was located in a different building, so we got to leave our building for gym and lunch. I made lots of new friends during the year also, and what I loved most was having different teachers for different classes at different times each day. We have tons of fun and our conversations are hilarious. The parties are so much fun, and it's great how you can find people with the same sense of humor, same likes, same dislikes. One day, I received an email and I was invited to assist to Carnero, I was so happy because for 3 weeks everyone told me that it will be my best exoerience in all my life. The day arrived the most important event. The Carnero. This event is the gorgoeus day in which you can meet new people, enjoy and spend time with your classmates. The carnero consists in spend time, have fun with everyone. And you have to learn to work in teams. Also you will develop your skills to be a leader, some qualities like tolerance, patience, to be empathic andthe most important to be a Tec student. They put you the activities so creative, and in teams so it can be more interesting. At the beginning you say. Oh my God! Why I come? But when at the day ends you will get a big smile because you learn to be a tec student.

2. Memorize the keyboard. 1. Put your phone in silence.

3. Always look to the teacher.

4. When she or he turns back you can read your messages.

5. Answer your messages always looking to the teacher.

Student groups

a reason to love TEC

Being at TEC has been probably


the best experience of my life Some people can define the Institution as their study place, some others where they have fun or where they meet people; but for me, this has become in much more than I ever had imagined. Here in the Campus are a lot of extra activities which I love to, one of them is being part of student groups, is something I enjoy to do, to organize events, to go to meetings, to develop new abilities, to think about new ideas that should work, in order to improve the relationship between the hole high school, etc. People who are in student groups are often seen as “nerds”, but I think that is completely the opposite. We are working hard to inject them all our joy and cheerfulness in order to wake their curiosity of moving up, either by themselves, for them school, for Mexico or simply to make the difference between “Being a student” and “being more than a student”. This is what the school calls “entrepreneurial culture” and I feel that we have to understand what it really means in order to help other students to become in this culture.

If someone asks me about why I like to spend my complete day at school, I couldn’t answer because I don’t even know. It simply makes me feel that each day I become a better person and I am one step further than the “only students” who go home when they finish their last class at 1:00 or 2:30. I feel strange when I arrive home early, I feel like I was leaving my day incomplete. –Said a member of “CLIP” (a student group). Citing the phrase I said at the beginning “but for me, this has become in much more than I ever had imagined”; much more than I ever had imagined means something extraordinary. Before start classes at TEC I knew that being here was going to be wonderful, but not that wonderful. Now I can say that you will never know how amazing would be a new experience, everything depends of you and the willing you have to get advantage of every single thing that appears in your life in order to make from the ordinary, something extraordinary.



My lifestyle BY– DANIELA MAC�AS

Study at Tec involves many things , one of them is that when you have a lot of homework or things to do, you get stressed very easily. Due to this, many people decide not to get into extracurricular activities because they feel they have no time or already have too much to do to get more stressed. My way of thinking is totally opposite , I like to be in extra activities because is something different , and even I have a lot of homework to do, going to these activities helps me to relax from the stress of school.

My favorite activity in the world is dancing , when I enter to the dance room I like to leave all my worries away and enjoy the time I dance , it's something I enjoy and makes me forget my problems , school, my house, my sorrows, or all the bad things I have gone during the day. Dance is something that has helped me in order to improve in several aspects, such as to be more responsible, committed , organized

le y t s e f i l y M

shared , etc. . The dance company is like a family for me , where I have found very valuable people who have helped me to grow as a person . Being part of the dance company has helped to be in TEC becomes the best experience of my life , without it, studying in the tec would not be the same . If you plan to enter to TEC , and you like to do different things, you like music , dancing, etc. I recommend you to be part of this wonderful experience, you will never re-

41 years after its creation, the International Cervantino Festival has established itself as one of the most important festivals in the world. It is an essential event in the cultural life of Mexico.

In the International Cervantino Festival your able to find a great variety of cultural events, including theater, dance performances of all kinds, art exhibitions, museums and all the sights offered by the city of Guanajuato, come! you will not regret, and you will live the best experiences and see the best shows recognized in the worldwide.

SOCIAL SERVICE Social service is an activity that students do in third semester of the subject of ethics. Social service is an activity that students do in third semester of the subject of ethics. This activity is very interesting because you know the lifestyle of people with less resources than us and is very funny to play with the kids, because we had sent to different institutions and all institutions are with children who have no parents or their parents can not afford to keep them and take them to foster homes. We have to do it once a week, and with your team you choose in class where you will go, in some cases it can be closer or farther from the city and the experience start when you depart, and watch the whole environment as ugly streets, people with few resources, battered houses and then you get into the place and everyone organized they divide first the children and help them with their homework, and when they finish the children can play the ball, draw, talk or do whatever they want and is very rewarding to see them getting excited and having fun by be living with you, and once they run out of time the team go but for the next week the children are looking forward to play.

I was placed with my team to go to a place called “Comienzos� this was 20 minutes from TEC it was not really as far as other institutions. In the beginning there were like 40 children of which 23 had sleep there and the others go in the mornings and evenings because his parents worked and could not care for, there had many different cases, about whether they went to school and some not, some were newborns and 4 had up to high school, those were the greatest. In my experience social service was really cool because every time I was learning something new and also was a change in my daily life because I had to go on Friday afternoon and look out with my friends, I spent some time with the kids either playing, talking, dancing, singing, eating, or doing homework and it was really fun because those children are very witty and they can make you smile of anything, the truth is that I enjoy a lot and I was very happy to help them because when we were about to go they were saying that they don't wanted that we go and at that time I felt very happy because I knew I was doing something good to help others.

On the part of the subject the teachers leave us soThe last day of service we made a feast, we gather all me work to do with the children or to help the instituthe teams that we went and we gave them two piĂąatas, tion as getting toys, materials and food for the chilcandy's, food like fruit, pizza, sandwiches, cakes, etc.. dren and as final work is to make a celebration to Then we played with them, we took pictures and made children like a party where all live and receive gifts and candies the video to show to our teacher what we had managed to work with these children. and that you have to recorded Social service is very interesting and fun and you can and show it learn a lot of this experience, you became sensitive, in class. you know more about this and you value more what you have and it helps a lot. By Amaranta Orozco

By– Sara

SPORTS‌ MY PASSION Do you love practicing a sport and you study at Tec? Well, at Tec we have different kinds of sports. You can choose which one do you want. You only need to have enthusiasm, you will enjoy a lot doing sports, and meet new people. If you like the ocean, the perfect sport for you is swimming. The teachers will help you to develop your skills. You will be like Michael Phelps, okay not, but you can be better. The schedule is reazonable for you. Football, this a sport specially for boys, also they will develop their skills, have fun, they will learn to work in teams, to communiate, and they can play with other campus Tec. This sport can be for girls and boys, the basquetball. In this sport you eill have fun, you will try to give your best effort because you need to be patient, honest and tolerant. You will learn to be empathic.

Listen music is not enough to feel the music. When you learn to feel the music, you can dance. Yes! At tec we have this option, you can compite with other campus or you can practice only for hobby. Also this academy made a gorgeous expositions. You can do it! It will be amazing. Soccer is another option. Girls and boys have the passion for this sport. They prove how they can do it. This sport has changed the life of everyone. Finally, you can do every sport but you have to love it. f you don't like any sport you can try new things at Tec we have a lot of sports. You can ask to Carlos Salgado and he will explain you about the schedule, he cab recommend you which sport will be perfect for you.

Washington DC An experience no to be missed

When you are in 3rd semester at your high school in TEC, you have the opportunity to go to a program named close up in Washington dc, you can go with some of your friends and also goes people from Guadalajara and all USA. Close up is a high school program created to all students for having the opportunity to learn about the government of the United States, this program is for one week. When you arrive to Washington and go to your hotel, the people of close up give you a room that you will share with 2 students of USA and one from México, in my case I was with Celina from México and Sydney and Brittany from Dallas, and it was a wonderful experience because I could learn a lot of my roommates and also I practice my English. All days in the morning I had breakfast and then I went with my group and we spoke about all the activities and debates that we will have during the day, I always traveled in bus to all the places we went, like the museums, memorials, monuments, institutions and other places, and in each place I had a different activity or debate of the topic of the place we were, like in the second world war we debated about that. At the night I just want to go to dinner, go to my room, take a shower, speak with my friends and go to sleep because at the end of the activities we all were very tired.


At the end of the week we had already learned a lot, we had taken a bunch of pictures and made a lot of new friends. In the last night we had a party in the hotel and it was so cool and crazy, I enjoyed a lot. This was an incredible experience and I recommended it a lot, because I could learned about the government of one of the most powerful countries in the world, and this program also helps you in your curriculum when you go to the college.


Finding the True Friendship

“Friend” a very easy word... “Friend” a word that we say very often… “Friend” easy person to find?

Without realizing, now a days, we call everyone “Friend”, and we believe that everyone is our friend, and that happen because we cannot see the real meaning of that word. For all of us “friend” is who go with us to school, “friend” is who explain me the topic, “friend” is who ask me if I can explain her/him, “friend” is someone that goes with me to the nightclub on Saturday nights, “friend” is who give me the homework for copying it, “friend” is who give me money… and the whole world is my “friend”. NO!! we have no idea what is a real friend. Actually I didn´t have idea until I enter to Tec the Monterrey. When I started my high school I don’t have idea what was the true friendship, I believed that someone who hear me, and “support me” was my friend and that is not true, and I understood that, when I met my friends in Tec. Here in Tec I met a lot of people, all kind of people, but I met the best people I ever met… I met my true friends; and how I know it? Well I realized that a friend is someone who loves you, yes, a person who wants the best for you, and someone that no matter if you are correct or not, she/he al-

ways be there, and if she/he is not agree with you she/he is going to tell you, but she/ he still there even she/he ia not agree with you. Friend is the person who is going to give you all the support, in goods and bad things, and never is going to give you the back, or make you pouts. In Tec I found a lot of friends with all these characteristics, like Diana, Miryam, Danny, Liz, Majo, Paola, and I feel that they really loves me, and I really love them. They are always with me, at any time, and not only at the nightclub or when I do the homework; they are for me when I really need them and when I don’t need them and that makes me happy because I know they are worried for me, and they know that I always be there for them when they need me and when they don’t need me; and all these I found it since I am in Tec de Monterrey.

Now I know that the true friendship is hard but not impossible to find because a friend is someone who laughs your laughter, but a true friend is one who cries your tears.

Pearls Heels

. Teachers Many times school becomes our second home or often our first home, the partners becomes our brothers, sisters, cousins, etc, and obviously the teachers becomes our mother or father or why not? Our Angels. Like in all the schools, the teachers are the principal factor that moves the school, without they, we can´t take classes, learn, study or even cry! But in Tecnologico de Monterrey Campus Leon there is something special with the teachers, they are not only the principal factor that moves the campus, they are like our secret angels! Yeah, sometimes we don´t see like this, but if we think about it, it is true! They are always there for us, for anything what we want, they teach us everything, and they make us to be better persons. I am agree that sometimes they don´t have the best manners to do it, but finally all the teachers have the same objective: Make of us the best person in all the categories: knowledge, values, education and respect. Also we need to think that not all the teachers are the same, not all have the same character or ways to teach, each one is different, and always we are going to prefer to be with one and not with the other. For example, I am going to say my experiences with teachers here in Tec, during my almost three years and without beard. I had an English teacher during my first semester and I didn´t like his classes! I really hated it! I think he wasted a lot of time in jokes with other students, but it doesn´t mean that he was a bad techer, because he knows a lot of English, but maybe the way that he gave the class was not the best for me

By: Sunny

In the other hand, during my second semester I had another English teacher, and for me, she has been the best English teacher I have had; with her I learn a lot! Really! Because she had and she has a very nice way to give the class, she is patient, and she knows how to explain every single topic, and that was amazing for me, also she knows a lot of English, and she is very kind, and that motivates you to take the class. These are only a few examples of the variety of teachers. They are very smart obviously, but always will be preference for one, and that teacher that you choose becomes your friend, and you see it when she/he smile you in the school even when you are not in his/her class, or when you can say: “Sorry, I don´t understand” and he/she can explain you again without pout, until you get the topic, or when you can come with her/him and say: “I need to tell you a secret”. Teachers are very special persons for us, not only for school, they are in our life, and here in Tec I have found a lot of teachers that I really admire and love, because they are always there for me, they are my secret angels.

Steps to rent a book in the Campus

Relationship with exchange students

Live the International Experience.

By: Sunny

Live->Love the International Nowadays students exchange is a very daily topic, living an academic experience out of your country brings you, definitely, infinity of benefits, because it develops the ability to interact with the people of different countries and cultures. This, no doubt, we know, better than anyone, the Tecnologico de Monterrey´s Students, because every semester we receive a lot of exchange students from all around the world, like Germany, Brazil, France, Italy, Denmark, etc. Students exchange not only brings benefits for the people who arrive to the country or leave it, also for the people who receive, it means, for the people that is here, because from our Mexico we can observe and learn about the variety of traditions and manners around the world and why not? A little bit of their languages. Personally, in the almost three years I have been at Tec, I have had the opportunity of living close to the exchange students. For example during my first semester of high school, I made friendship with a girl named Samantha, she was from Brazil, she was so cute and she loved dancing; We started to be friends in the second week of class more or less, when she didn´t speak very well Spanish and she didn´t have a lot of friends, so I went with her and started to speak to her, and that is how we ended up being excellent friends, our nickname was “Chaparrita”. I supported her with Spanish and she taught me to say a few words in Portuguese like “Happy Birthday” that in Portuguese is “FelizAniversário”. When she had to return, she gave me a beautiful letter in which she say “thank you a lot for all the support” and she offered me her house in Brazil for any day that I want to go. Today we are still in contact.

I also made friendship with two girls named Betty and Johanna, the first one from Hungary and the second one from Germany, both were very cute but very shy, but I did a very very beautiful friendship with both of them and to date they still invite me to their house. Another girl named Cholé who is from France, besides being with me at Tec, she lives with my aunt, so it means that she is like my false cousin, so we are very close. To this day, I have met a lot of exchange students and that makes me happy, because there are friendships that last forever and relations that can help me later, in my future, because besides offering me their home and giving me their unconditional friendship, they help me to have contact around the world, to open my mind to new ideas, ways of thinking and see the world. So as student of TEC de Monterrey, I invite you to live an international experience.

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LULY OROZCO! If you are student of Tec de Monterrey Campus León, is unforgivable not meet a woman basic for the campus: Luly Orozco, who always is there to help you in anything you want and you need. In this small section we will give you some details that you didn´t know about her… •She has 16 years working in the campus, leaving marks everywhere, because she makes a lot of good things. •Her favorite color is GREEN, because she say that is the color of the nature, and everything that gives life. •She loves eat meat. Definitely is her favorite food.

What Else?….

•Finally, ¿What does Luly do when we don´t see her?, it means, what does she do in her free time?... Well Luly loves make investigations about topics that she doesn´t know, she loves learn new things, she is very curious. She likes topics about the rela-

Now you know more about Luly, the teacher, friend and colleague who is very important for our campus, and who definitely, win a space in the heart of anyone who meet her.

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You get into blackboard at 11:50 pm to upload your work… Your notes are pictures… You say your ID instead of your name at Starbucks… You know that being sheep means to be a leader and not a follower…




If you're in the mood for love, remember to be sensitive to your partner's needs and give lots of love in return. Don't forget that the old standbys of champagne and chocolate still work! Or a warm bubble bath - that's sure to relieve any tension.

A woman, perhaps your mother, could visit you today. She may not be in a great mood, so perhaps you'd better take her out in public where she'll have to maintain some self-control. If not, you could set yourself up for a scolding over something that seems inconsequential. Defuse the situation by encouraging her to talk about what's really bothering her. It's probably not you.



You're romantic by nature, but today you're probably more interested in sensuality than roses and champagne. Even the idea of inviting seduction seems too insipid right now. You're more inclined to action. This is OK your lover is in the same frame of mind. Use your intuition to judge. If not, you might have to go for the champagne and roses after all.

You're apt to feel rather tense today and blame it on boredom and discontent with your current life. You could spend much of the morning daydreaming, formulating outrageous plans to escape what you see as a rut. While doing this you might discover an idea that's not only appealing but also workable. Consider it carefully over the next few days. You might want to go for it!


Traffic in your neighborhood could be congested beyond anything you've seen before. Perhaps an accident or road construction is blocking the street. It may be nearly impossible to get anywhere by car, even the grocery store. If you must go out, either walk or ride a bike or it might take an hour to do what would normally take a few minutes. Better yet stay home!


Do you feel like you're about to explode? Tension may have built up through the week and now there may be no outlet for it. If you aren't careful, you might take it out on those closest to you. Go for a workout or clean the house. Engage in any kind of physical activity and get the endorphins going so you can feel good again. Life's too short to waste on being stressed and upset.


Was there a task you wanted to have completed by now that was delayed for reasons beyond your control? Don't obsess over it. It isn't your fault, and there's nothing you can do about it. Find something else to do so that thoughts of this chore don't creep in. Better yet, go out with a friend. If the Universe had meant for that task to be completed, it would have been!


Over the past few years you've been aware that both you and your chosen life path are changing. This hasn't always been easy for you, because it sometimes means saying goodbye to parts of yourself that you're rather fond of. Today the tension of the past week may get to you. Defuse the tension. Go for a workout, shop, or clean the house. Keep the emotions in check.



Dark dreams may haunt your sleep and cause you to awaken in the night. The dreams probably represent nothing more than your unconscious mind releasing the darkest of your worries, fears, and frustrations that you've been going through over the past week. A closer study of what the symbols mean to you could be enlightening. Write them down!

Your partner may be worried because a family member is ill. This could cause your friend to be distracted. If this is a love partner, offer sympathy, but don't expect any gratitude now. If this is a business partner, you may have to take on a heavier workload over the next week. The family member will recover, but your partner won't be much good to anyone until then.


Are you planning to hear a sermon, lecture, or speech of some kind today? Don't be surprised if what the speaker says turns out to be more hot air than useful information. He or she is probably more interested in venting feelings than presenting the facts. Opinions can be valuable, too, so listen. Take it all with a grain of salt until you've checked out the facts.


Do you feel like you're about to explode? Tension may have built up through the week and now there may be no outlet for it. If you aren't careful, you might take it out on those closest to you. Go for a workout or clean the house. Engage in any kind of physical activity and get the endorphins going so you can feel good again. Life's too short to waste on being stressed and upset.

Final project magazine  

English 5 Lily Granja Sara Amaranta Sunny Daniela

Final project magazine  

English 5 Lily Granja Sara Amaranta Sunny Daniela