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Odehimin Kizis—Strawberry Moon—June 10, 2011 TFN Council Tel: Fax: TFN Administration Tel: Fax:

819-723-2370 819-723-2799

TDSS Pow-Wow a Huge Success

819-723-2335 819-723-2353

This years Pow-Wow was once again a great success, students and staff of the school as well as surrounding schools turned out in large numbers for the 5th Annual Pow-Wow. This years Pow-Wow was held on the beautiful grounds of TDSS. It was designed to serve two main purposes: (1 ) to raise awareness among the nonaboriginal youth of the cultural significance of a Pow-Wow, by teaching them some of the component to it; dancing, drumming, along with other cultural traditions, and (2) to provide an opportunity for youth to apply what they have learned, and to once again witness an actual Pow-Wow.

Outreach Office New Liskeard, On. Tel:


Police Tel: Admin: Fax:

819-723-2323 819-723-2810 819-723-2734

Health Center Reception: Fax: CHR: Med. Tran. N.N.A.D.A.P. Brighter Futures

819-723-2260 819-723-2272 819-723-2487 819-723-2599 819-723-2153 819-723-2381

Social Services Tel: Fax:

819-723-2955 819-723-2925

Wedodowin Front Line Services Tel: Fax:

819-723-2152 819-723-2272

A.L.T.C.C. Tel: Fax:

819-723-2225 819-723-2112

CHNT Radio Station Tel: Fax:

819-723-2121 819-723-2167

H.R.S.D. Tel: Fax:

819-723-5333 819-723-5211

Kiwetin School Tel: Fax:

819-723-2533 819-723-2578

Recreation Center Tel: Fax:

819-723-2291 819-723-2353

Seniors/Elders Unit Tel:


Parajudicial Services Tel:


Income Security Tel: Economic Dev. Tel:

819-723-5333 Ext. 232 819-723-5333 Ext. 226

Timiskaming First Nation Newsletter

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KweKwe Sports Fans! From May 25 to May 30, some of the Kiwetin Saints travelled to St. Jean sur Richelieu to compete in the 4th annual First Nation Education Council Interschool Games. Communities from across Quebec as well as a team from as far away as Alberta braved the floodwaters to compete, play hard and make new friends. Our athletes would not have been able to attend this event if it was not for the support of our community. Whether attending bingo fundraisers, spaghetti lunches or buying Senators/Canadiens hockey ticket draws, you made it possible. Thank you, Merci & Miigwetch. A special thank you goes out to the TFN Police and the TFN Band Council who made very generous donations that allowed us to travel to the games. As well, Chi-Miigwetch to Gwen & Alan Moonie from King’s Smoke Shack & Leonard McBride from Golden Eagle Smoke Shack for their magnanimous donations that were greatly appreciated by the athletes. Monica Thivierge took first place in the under 15yr old girls 100m dash. She just blew away the competition despite the inclement weather. Did we mention that the Richelieu River had flooded its banks and that it rained almost the whole time we were there. We competed in the 15 & under old co-ed floor hockey tournament, although we were not victorious, we had a lot of fun and gain some valuable experience. It was a building year for our team as we had Tigger on defence who despite being only 10 was asked to shadow and stop some much larger 15yr old boys. Besides the competition, we were honoured to carry the TFN Flag into the Opening Ceremonies where Olympian Waneek Horn-Miller delivered an impassioned and inspiring message of continuing to dream and dream big. On Saturday night, we were treated to a rap concert by the MÊtis artist Samian from Pikogan who spoke about never giving up and working hard to make your dreams come true. We also would like to thank Archie, Lisa, Khamala and Beecky who came out to watch the opening ceremonies and our hockey games on Saturday.

Timiskaming First Nation Newsletter

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We kept the community and parents informed through our Twitter account ( KiwetinSaints). We had lots of fun and look forward to next year, when we hope to bring more students and more teams. Saints FNEC Team Members: Doreen “Tigger” Moore, Griffin “Ditto” Chief, Nolan “Chips” Cook-Tebiscon, Quinton “Zippy” Polson, Cody “Codle” Wabie-Delorme, Victoria “Victorious” Chevrier, Damian “Sleepy” Sigouin, Jacob “The Wall” McLaren and Monica “Road Runner” Thivierge. Miigwetch from your coaches & chaperones, Ardie Moore, Sabrina Wabie and Craig Perry

Timiskaming First Nation Newsletter

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Team Results for Kiwetin School Ath #



203 Monica Thivierge

128. Intermediate Girls 200 Metre Dash 106. Intermediate Girls 100 Metre Dash 116. Intermediate Girls High Jump 129. Intermediate Boys 1500 Metre Run 125. Intermediate Boys 800 Metre Run 115. Intermediate Boys High Jump 128. Intermediate Girls 200 Metre Dash 122. Intermediate Girls Long Jump 106. Intermediate Girls 100 Metre Dash

211 Mark Renaud

193 Victoria Chevrier





NT 14.08 NH NT NT NH NT ND 18.53

31.31 14.44 1.35 6:34.98 2:43.37 NH 40.02

2 2 1 8 3

8 8 10 1 6


NT 14

195 Onagoshi-Lila Haymond

194 Brandy Chief 204 Noah Chief

205 Jamie Dekesyer

196 Shantal Mathias-Fawcett

206 Marshall McKenzie 207 Jonah McLaren

208 Andy Millette 197 Sunshine Moonias 198 Doreen Moore 209 Robbie Polson 199 Christina Polson-Desjardins 210 Dominic Renaud 200 Angelique Roy-Wabie

201 Koral Saile 202 Lana Thivierge 212 Preston Thivierge

213 Connor Viau

130. Intermediate Girls 1500 Metre Run 126. Intermediate Girls 800 Metre Run 106. Intermediate Girls 100 Metre Dash

NT NT 16.84

DNF 3:26.70 NT

112. Atom Girls High Jump 102. Atom Girls 100 Metre Dash 103. Pee Wee Boys 100 Metre Dash 113. Pee Wee Boys High Jump 123. Pee Wee Boys 800 Metre Run 107. Atom Boys 400 Metre Dash 111. Atom Boys High Jump 117. Atom Boys Long Jump 108. Atom Girls 400 Metre Dash 102. Atom Girls 100 Metre Dash 112. Atom Girls High Jump 123. Pee Wee Boys 800 Metre Run 119. Pee Wee Boys Long Jump 117. Atom Boys Long Jump 107. Atom Boys 400 Metre Dash 101. Atom Boys 100 Metre Dash 123. Pee Wee Boys 800 Metre Run 113. Pee Wee Boys High Jump 102. Atom Girls 100 Metre Dash 112. Atom Girls High Jump 118. Atom Girls Long Jump

NH 21.22 18.35 NH NT NT NH ND NT 20.20 NH NT ND ND NT 23.10 NT NH 19.06 NH ND

0.90 NT NT 1.10 3:13.69 1:38.76 0.90 2.66 2:01.13 NT 0.90 4:46.10 1.58 2.44 1:55.82 NT 3:35.16 NH NT 0.90 1.85

119. Pee Wee Boys Long Jump 103. Pee Wee Boys 100 Metre Dash 108. Atom Girls 400 Metre Dash 112. Atom Girls High Jump 113. Pee Wee Boys High Jump 103. Pee Wee Boys 100 Metre Dash 124. Pee Wee Girls 800 Metre Run 120. Pee Wee Girls Long Jump 104. Pee Wee Girls 100 Metre Dash 118. Atom Girls Long Jump

ND 18.11 NT NH NH 16.17 NT ND 18.00 ND

2.77 NT 2:02.72 NH 1.20 NT 3:33.84 2.55 NT 1.87

15 16 20

118. Atom Girls Long Jump 108. Atom Girls 400 Metre Dash 103. Pee Wee Boys 100 Metre Dash 119. Pee Wee Boys Long Jump 123. Pee Wee Boys 800 Metre Run 117. Atom Boys Long Jump 111. Atom Boys High Jump 101. Atom Boys 100 Metre Dash

ND NT 16.88 ND NT ND NH 23.03

2.25 2:11.01 NT 3.11

12 21 13 11

1.39 NH NT


2 7 13 7 21 17 4 11 16 12 11 19 20 7 17 17 17 18 20 15 19 7 18

2 7 10 15 14 17







Event Team has no relays registered

Relay Name


Total Points: 46.99

Timiskaming First Nation Newsletter

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Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life gives you and your community the opportunity to celebrate cancer survivors, remember and honour loved ones lost to cancer and fight back against all cancers. Gather 10-15 friends, family members or your co-workers and join us in an evening of fun.

RELAY FOR LIFE - RELAIS POUR LA VIE Date: June 10, 2011 Time: 7:00 pm to 7:00 am Location: Aréna Frère-Arthur Bergeron Ville-Marie, Québec For more information call Colleen at the TFN Health Center at 819-723-2487

TFN Offices Summer Hours Summer Hours are as follows Monday to Thursday:

8:00 am to 12:15 pm 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm


8:00 am to 12:00 pm

Friday afternoon:


This includes Band Office, Council Office, Health Center Ni Dakinan (Natural Resources and Heritage Dept.)

Ending: September 2, 2011

Timiskaming First Nation Newsletter

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Wedokowin First Line Services

I am excited to present my team to the community. Each person on the team will be an asset to the development of our new program. Bobbie-Jo Gregorcic has been our Community Outreach Worker since May 24, 2011. She is from New Liskeard. She is a single mother of two girls. She has prepared a brief -background of who she is. “I am a recent graduate from Northern College Social Service Worker Program. I have also worked for many years as a teacher’s assistant. I grew up in Toronto and I have slowly moved my way north to live a better quality of life. I am a single mother who has overcome many different obstacles in life. I value my children and I have strived to maintain a positive, healthy and spiritual life. I hope to bring forward in my position as Community Outreach Worker with Wedokowin First Line Services, many of the positive resources I have learned and share them with the community.“ For those of you who do not know her, Dayna Ball is our Summer Student through Health Canada. She has lived here since the age of 2. I am pleased to have Dayna join our team for the summer. She has provided a little bit of information about herself, as well. “This past year, I completed my third year of a four year Psychology degree at Nipissing University. I will be graduating in June 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Psychology. I have recently started working as a Health Canada summer student for Wedokowin First Line Services, a new program that has been started here in the community. Over the last few weeks I have already been playing an important role within the team and have gained new experiences. This summer opportunity has really peaked my interest in this field and I am very much looking forward to the rest of the summer.” And finally, Angel Hargrove is our newest member who started on June 6, 2011. She started as the Family Support Worker. She lives in Temiskaming Shores with her husband, three children and her dog, Jake. This is what she has to say about herself. “I am your Family Support Worker and I’d like to start by saying thank you to those that have so warmly welcomed me into this community. For the past two years, I have been working with Best Start as a Community Liaison Worker serving families with children ages 0 – 6. I have recently taken Nobody’s Perfect Training, Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) Lifestyles which focuses on parenting, nutrition and physical activity, Triple P Transitions which provides adults with skills for coping with separation and divorce and a school readiness program. I also bring with me 14 years of experience as a police officer with the Ontario Provincial Police. During that time I received training as Court Officer, D.A.R.E. Officer, Background Investigator and Coach Officer. I am currently a volunteer member of the Youth Justice Committee. I am really looking forward to getting more familiar with the community and I am very excited to be part of this service.” Check out our Facebook page Wedokowin First Line Services. Rollie Allaire, Clinical Coordinator/Counsellor Dayna Ball, Rollie Allaire, Angel Hargrove, Bobbie-Jo Gregorcic




F W co m

Timiskaming First Nation Newsletter

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“Mattawakin: The Changing Paths” The Community Care Committee is seeking help to renovate the “Home for Better Living” Your assistance is required to complete the work so that the doorway to change can be opened.

EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!! Refreshments and BBq will be provided. Bring your tools, spirits to lend a helping hand with this important community project.

WHEN: Sat. June 18th, 2011 9:00am WHERE: 4 Stangers Rd. Don't forget to get your Father’s Day Canoe tickets! All proceeds from the ticket sales go toward this worthy cause! For More Information or to leave your name to volunteer please contact: Harold McKenzie or Darlene Chevrier at 819-723-2335 or Floyd McBride 819-723-2810

Timiskaming First Nation Newsletter

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We are inviting everyone from our First Nations Communities to three fun-filled days of festivities and event to be held at the

Wanaki Centre & Kitigan Zibi School Pow-Wow Grounds July 15-17, 2011 Food Stands, Craft Stands and Information Kiosks will be available to guests. “rough camping” services will be available on a first-come, first served basis only available at the Kitagan Zibi Pow-Wow grounds. Phone: 819-449-7000 Web: CANOE RACES, LIVE MUSIC SHOWS, HORSE SHOES, HOOP DANCING, WANAKI CENTRE TOURS, RECOVERY & RELEASE WORKSHOPS, SACRED FIRE, SWEAT LODGE CEREMONY, TRADITIONAL FEAST AND MORE…...

Aboriginal Day June 21, 2011 Sunrise Ceremony TFN Arbor 6:00 am BBq At the covered Rink Behind Kiwetin School 11:00 am to 1:00pm All are welcome to attend

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Community Notice—New Garbage Containers

The Public Works Department would like to inform the community of the new garbage containers that will be arriving shortly. Each home will receive one charcoal container for garbage, and one blue container for recycling which will be arriving at a later date, once all arrangements have been made for the recycling program. You can expect the charcoal containers as early as next week. Once the garbage containers have been delivered, the Public Works crew will no longer be picking up garbage that is not in the containers. If you produce more garbage than you can fit in one container/household, you will have to purchase an extra container at your own expense. Large item pick ups will be twice a year. Also there will be a large bin placed in a central location within the community for non recyclables. (ex. Construction debris, etc.). This large bin will only arrive upon the closing of the Town dumpsite.

Dump Hours Just a reminder that the Town Dump Hours are: Tuesdays Noon – 4:00pm, Thursdays Noon – 4:00pm, Saturday all Day.

Pets Also there are to be NO PETS running loose in the community, this includes cats and dogs.

Important Dates for Parents of Kiwetin School Friday, June 17th is the last day of school for Head Start Thursday, June 23rd is the last day of school for Kindergarten to Gr. 8 Thursday, June 16th at 10:30 – Kindergarten Graduation Wednesday, June 22nd 4:00 P.M. Grade 8 Graduation Thursday, June 23rd (last day of school!) Swimming at the Pool & Fitness Centre then a Bar-b-q at the beach (K to Gr. 6)

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Fire Fighting Course The Timiskaming First Nation is taking names of anyone that would be interested in following a fire fighting course. All those interested can submit there name at the Band Office 819-723-2335, (Attention) Harrison Ball.

TFN Police Bring Their New Car to Kiwetin School On May 17th, the TFN Police brought their new car to Kiwetin School to let the students have a chance to see the new vehicle as well as present a donation of $100 to the school. The students had an opportunity to interact with the officers. It was a tremendous learning experience for the students as they were able to ask questions of the police as well as getting to sit in the new police cruiser with the lights, horns and sirens going. Everyone had a great time and we want to thank the TFN Police for their generous donation and the opportunity for us to view your new vehicle. Some of the students still liked climbing into the police pickup truck as well.

Timiskaming First Nation Newsletter

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Red Cross Babysitting Course Time Commitment: 8 hours: Monday June 27, 2011 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM Location: TFN Medical Center Course will be given by: Rollie Allaire,

Clinical Coordinator/Counselor

Cost: NO COST To register: Email or call 819-723-2152. Space limited to 15 participants You're an adolescent of 11 years (born 2000) old or older and you've decided to become a babysitter; are you prepared for this important responsibility? For example, do you know how to: Feed a baby or change a diaper? Prevent injuries and keep children safe? Handle an emergency if one happens? For many young adolescents, babysitting is their first job, and the Red Cross can help them become real "pros"! They learn valuable tips for managing their business, as well as: Safety tips for children of all ages How to cope with common problems, like tantrums and crying What to do if anything makes the babysitter uncomfortable Some great games and other ideas for having fun with the kids while babysitting How to make the children's environment safe and enjoyable What are the respective rights and responsibilities of the babysitter and the family hiring one What to do in case of an emergency? Emergencies sometimes do happen, even to the best babysitters. The Babysitting Course teaches youth how to handle emergencies with confidence by providing the basic first aid skills for such common problems as: Choking Sprains and Strains Bleeding Poisoning Burns Fire emergency

Timiskaming First Nation Newsletter

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CAVACs offer front-line services that are free of charge and confidential. Their assistance focuses on providing the tools to enable crime victims to regain a sense of control over their lives as quickly as possible.

CAVACs offer post-trauma and psychosocial intervention to assess the needs of victims of crime and their resources, following which an intervention is offered to alleviate the consequences of the victimization and allow the victims to regain control of their lives.

Available assistance includes:

CAVACs offer information on the rights crime victims have and the remedies available to them, which encompasses the main stages of the judicial process, the crime victims compensation program, INFOVAC-Plus and any financial assistance measures to which victims may be entitled.

Post-trauma and psychosocial intervention Information on crime victim rights and remedies Technical assistance Accompaniment Referrals to specialized services

CAVACs assist crime victims in filling out required forms and to enable them to comply with all the formalities associated with their situation. CAVACs accompany crime victims through their dealings with medical and community resources, and provide sustained support throughout the judicial process as the case proceeds. CAVACs refer victims to specialized services such as the appropriate legal, medical, social and community resources capable of assisting victims as they attempt to deal with the problems they face.

For more information about the services we offered by VAVAC, you can visit out website at or contact the CAVAC nearest you.

Timiskaming First Nation Newsletter

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Timiskaming First Nation Newsletter

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Ada Chevrier or Lindsay McLaren Polson - Field Technicians 28 Algonquin Ave. Timiskaming First Nation, QC J0Z 3B0 819-723-2019

Canada has 563 lakes having an area greater than 100 square kilometers. Today, around 3 800 cubic kilometers of fresh water is withdrawn annually from the world's lakes, rivers and aquifers. This is twice the volume extracted 50 years ago. Residential indoor water use in Canada : toilet – 30% ; bathing/showering – 35% ; laundry – 20%; kitchen & drinking – 10% ; cleaning – 5% A single lawn sprinkler spaying 19 liters of water per minute uses mor in just 1 hour than a combination of 10 toilet flushes, to 5 minute showers, 2 dishwasher loads and a full load of laundry. Water power meets about 62% of Canada’s electrical needs. Canada is the largest producer of hydroelectricity, followed by the United States and Brazil. Quebec has 333 large dams, more than any province in Canada.

Discover What You Know About H 2 0. Challenge yourself with the following True/False statements to find out what you know


False 1. Rain, hail and snow provide Earth with new sources of water. 2. Humans eat more water than they drink. 3. Water can dissolve more substances than any other liquid. 4. Nearly all of the Earth’s potable water (suitable drinking water) is found in rivers, lakes and ice caps. 5. Water is always on the move in a never ending cycle. 6. The greatest home use of water in Canada is for drinking. 7. Like most other liquids, water contracts (gets smaller) when it freezes. 8. Approximately 3% of the water on Earth is fresh water. 9. The largest fresh water lake entirely in Canada is Lake Superior , located in Ontario.

Timiskaming First Nation Newsletter

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Appreciation Corner (Thank you for going above and beyond)

The TFN is very lucky to have volunteers offering their time to help our adults and kids. We never take you for granted and are pleased you want to help. In this issue of the Newsletter we want to say a very big Meegwetch to Simon Chief and Ada (Girlie) Chevrier for all that they do, Simon for taking care of the Baseball field and Girlie for coaching the kids baseball teams and for all the running around she does to get them organized. A Big Meegwetch from all of us….

Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer.




Full Moon Ceremony Odehimin Kizis (Strawberry Moon)

Wednesday June 15, 2011 8:30 pm at Marilyn Chevrier-Wills Lodge (Full Moon Lodge) On Richard’s Road

Please bring you own cloth and tobacco

Timiskaming First Nation Newsletter

Kiwetin School Parent Committee Estelle Wabie for Head Start- Kindergarten Twyla Wabie for Grades 1 & 2 Robin Chevrier for Grades 3& 4 Christine Chevrier for Grades 5&6 Lynn Simpson for Grades 7&8 Harold McKenzie and Wanda King are the two members representing the community at large The two Parent Committee members who are on LEA are: Harold McKenzie and Christine Chevrier

The next Parent Committee Meeting is scheduled for the following date: September 2011 All meetings will be in the Kiwetin School Library starting at 4:30 pm

Page 16

CONGRATULATIONS Congratulations to Sasha Wabie, Jenny Southwind and Carole Gratton, who graduated with their Aboriginal Teacher Certificate Program from Nippising University. We want to thank you for all your hard work and dedication that you have shown over the years to the children of our School and community. We hope that you will remain with us for many years to come. Arline Chasle Director of Education

Thursday Night 6:30 pm Sharp Entry Fee – $20

Any student looking for volunteer school hours can call Dan at 819-723-2335

Extra 2 Strips - $5.00 Extra 4 Strips – $10.00 Specials & Jackpots - $1.00 each

Megwetch, Thank You, Merci

New Programs and New Rules..!!

Harold McKenzie Social Development Coordinator 24 Algonquin Ave Timiskaming First Nation, Quebec (819)723-2335

Timiskaming First Nation Newsletter

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All are invited to

Lawn Cutting Services

Join us in worship,


teaching and preaching

Ralph McKenzie

Tuesdays at 7:00 pm

of the Word on at Karen Polson’s home

at 819-723-2838

60 Richard’s Rd.

l O V


John 3:16-17 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved."

Reverse Osmosis Residential Water System Systems sold here at $210.00 compared to other systems that are sold at $350.00 Price D.I.Y. Installation $210.00 Seller installed $260.00 Potential customer usage is one 18 liter per week. Recommended filter change every 6 months at an annual cost of $120.00 $120.00 / 52 wks. = $2.30 weekly costs The more bottles you use per week the more the savings. D.I.Y. customers realize further savings on home maintenance. One system on hand. First come first served.

For information or to purchase Call Francis Robinson at 819-723-5173 R.O. water is the best, safest, healthiest drinking water available.

Timiskaming First Nation Newsletter

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Offer of Employment The TFN is an equal opportunity employer and where members with equal qualifications will be given priority.

All the complete job postings are available at the Administration Office Title Department: Supervisor

Ontario Office Information Coordinator Natural Resources and Heritage Department (Ni Dakinan)

Under the supervision of the Socio-Economic Coordinator and the direction of NiDakinan Main duties (but not limited to) Maintains and monitors office operations in Ontario Office; Works closely with Chief and Council and Ni DaKinan departments on land related files; Maintains files and databases, as required; Prepares reports, presentations, memorandums, proposals and correspondence; Coordinates / Schedules appointments and meetings at Ontario office; Receive telephone calls, faxes, and collects mail daily;


Gathers and transfers information for TFN Council on current land and political issues that may affect First Nations or TFN; Transfers and/or gives coordinate information to Chief and Council and Ni DaKinan; Presents to the accounting department in charge of the program all invoices, purchase orders, payment authorizations, time sheets and any other expense generated by the Ontario Office. Keeps inventory system of office supplies and office assets.

Deadline for application

Title Immediate Supervisor Duration SUMMARY Application deadline:

Thursday, June 23, 2011 @ 12 noon

Head Carpenter (2 positions) Under the supervision of the Housing Department. 16 weeks (approximately) The position consists of all aspects regarding construction of 2 housing units This position also includes supervision of carpenter helpers, plumbers, electricians during construction and indirect supervision over equipment operators contracted to do site preparation and excavation. Thursday June 16th, 2011 @ 4:00 pm.

Possible date of interview

Monday June 20th, 2011

Tentative date of employment

Tuesday June 22nd, 2011


Timiskaming First Nation Newsletter Title Immediate Supervisor Duration


Application deadline: Possible date of Interview Tentative date of employment beginning

Page 19

Carpenter Helpers (Up to 6 positions) Under the supervision of the Head Carpenter. 16 weeks (approximately) Under the supervision of the Head Carpenter, the Carpenter Helper’s function is to perform all job related assignments as assigned by the Head Carpenter. The Carpenter Helper will become familiar and gain experience in all aspects of carpentry construction.

June 16th, 2011 @ 4:00 p.m. June 22nd, 2011 June 27th, 2011

Applicants should be aware that the TFN has a pre-employment drug testing program. All Positions have a 6 month probation period, Anyone interested in the above positions are invited to submit their Resume along with a cover letter, all pertinent documentation, and reference list to: TIMISKAMING FIRST NATION Attn: Nancy McBride 24 Algonquin Avenue (TFN) Notre-Dame du Nord, QC J0Z 3B0 Or e-mail to:

Learn a little today and use it a lot

Animwewinan - Conversations Ân e’ inwenimoyin? How do you feel? 1-Ân e`nwenimoyin dash âja? How do you feel now? 2- Ni nimwenimonan mîgwech. I feel fine, thank you. 3-Ân e`shi mino mandjowiyin?H ow are you? 4- Ni mino mandjowinan, mîgwech. I am well thank you. 5-Ân e`shi bimâdiziyin? How is life? 6-Ki mino bimâdiz na? Are you in good health? 7- Nimino bimâdiz mîgwech. I am well thank you. 8-Ân e dîyin dash ajâ? What is the matter with you? 9- Gâwin gegon nididisî. Nothing is the matter with me. 10- Ân e`shi webak? How is it going? 11- Ân e`shi webizoyin? How things are going?

12- Ân e`nwendjigeyin? What is happening with you? 13-Âja na gi mino’ayâ? Are you well now? 14-Âja nigî mino’ayâ I am well now. 15-Âja na gigî kige? Are you healed? 16- Âja nigî kige? I am healed. 17- Gigî nenadawe’igo na? Were you cured? 18- Âja nigî nenadawe’igo. I was cured. 19- Ân gâ ishi seyin? What happen to you?

Timiskaming First Nation Newsletter

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TFN Newsletter and Learning Resource Center 24 Algonquin Ave. Notre Dame du Nord, QC - J0Z 3B0 Tel:




Odehimin Kizis

New Moon: June 1

Strawberry Moon

First Quarter: June 9 Full Moon: June 15

June Activity Calendar


Last Quarter: June 23

The sixth moon of Creation is Strawberry Moon. The medicine of the strawberry is reconciliation. It was during this moon cycle that communities usually held their annual feasts, welcoming everyone home, regardless of their differences over the past year, letting go of judgment and/or self-righteousness. Manadjitaganiwan

Metisowini Kijigan

Anjeni Kijigan

Sozep Kijigan




Wed 1





Mini Kijigan



Thurs 2

Bingo 6:30pm Community Hall


Chibayatigo Kijigan




TDSS Pow-Wow





24 Kiwetin and Offices closed


Senior/Elder Com Meeting 1:30 Bingo 6:30pm Community Hall

Council Meeting




Council Meeting




21 Kiwetin and Offices closed

Council Meeting

Aboriginal Day





Full Moon Ceremony

Bingo 6:30pm Community Hall


23 Kiwetin School’s Last day of School Bingo 6:30pm Community Hall





Bingo 6:30pm Community Hall

Council Meeting



St. Jean Baptiste



If you have dates of up coming community events that you would like to see on the calendar, please contact Dan Lavigne at : 819 -723-2335 or by e-mail:


Submissions deadline for next Newsletter: Wednesday June 22, 2011 at 12:00 pm. The Newsletter will be circulated on Friday June 23, 2011

Newsletter-June10, 2011  

TFN Newsletter