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Volume 1, Issue 1 January 2011

Community of Faith Family Ministries

The Edd Scroggins Blanket Drive Helpers Spot-Light “AKA Sorority, Inc.

Danyelle Scroggins Ministries


As of December 2010, I have been blessed to have been asked to become a part of the Pastoral Staff at Community of Faith Family Ministries in Mansfield, La. I must say, I was not expecting to be planted in a ministry but God. God has a way of moving us in the direction of His Purpose and when we say, “Here am I, send me”, God does just that. I am so honored to have special men around me: 1) My husband (Pastor Reynard Scroggins) who supports me and my ministry, 2) My Pastor (Pastor Tommy Nard) who sees this move as a special season that God has me walking in, and 3) My Mentor, (Dr. George Thomas) who sees enough in me to allow me to help Sheppard his flock. God is good and I’m so excited. Services at Community of Faith starts at 9:30 AM & 11:00 AM on Sunday Mornings and at 7:00 PM on Wednesday evenings.

God has allowed some awesome people to pitch in and help with the Blanket Drive. We are still in need and I am again asking each of you to donate a blanket or funds to buy blankets. $5.00 will buy a nice furry wrap at Wal-Mart and we need them. Hats off to this Melanie Spencer and the AKA Debutants of 2011, who graciously donated blankets for our cause. Here is a little about her and the AKA Debutantes:

I am the chair of the AKA Debutantes. These young ladies are sponsored by the Sigma Rho









We seek to refine the ideals and principles that lead to finer womanhood in our debutantes by utilizing cultural and educational experiences. As these young ladies emerge to make their debut into society, this chapter will embrace, support and gently guide them on their debut into adult society. The Sorority accepts as its mission to promote the concepts of high scholastic achievement, self-respect, independence and work ethics that will promote finer womanhood to meet the challenges of this age of unlimited opportunities.

Me & Mentor Dr. G. Thomas,

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Community of Faith Pastoral Staff Scroggins Blanket Drive (AKA Sorority) Crazy Faith Featured Book of the Month Good, Good Gossip Thank You Salvation Is Yours

Crazy Faith As I looked at my past year and how things happen, I could not understand it then but now I know that God was building what I now call “Crazy Faith”. We are so bent on making things happen in our lives until we sometimes ignore the fact that God has our lives in His hands. I can’t help but go to one of my favorite scriptures Jeremiah 29:11, “I know the plans I have for you saith the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and hope.” In order for us to have thoughts of peace, we have to know that no matter what happens, we can trust God to take care of the situation. Who ever said that trusting God was easy? It’s one of the most challenging things to do especially when your life seems to be turned upside down. Yes, it is hard to believe that God has got it, when it is spinning out of control. Fortunately, if you do trust Him, you won’t run out of hope, and unfortunately if you don’t trust Him, you can very well drive yourself insane. It is not the stuff that we go through that drives us nuts, it is the way we handle the things we go through that drives us nuts! Just know that God knows what He is doing with you, in you, and through you. God took me to Habakkuk and showed me that people with “Crazy Faith”, go through sometimes, but their faith causes a curiosity and boldness that’s impossible to deny. You know, the old folks use to tell us, “You better not question God!” Nevertheless, during my study time the Lord shared with me that: 1) People that question Him must believe that He is God., 2) People that question Him have to believe that He will answer. And 3) People who question Him have to trust that the answer that He gives, is befitting for the question that they asked. Is that not awesome! I really got it. Why would a person who had no faith question Him? Only a person who believes that He has all the answers would go to Him for answers and this brings me to my title. Sometimes, we have to go through some rough stuff in order to have “Crazy Faith”. See, I can believe God for anything after having gone through some of the stuff that I went through. If God could bring me out, surely He can bring you out. And I mean that literally, no matter what it is you are going through. Habakkuk’s concern was for a people whom God loved but seemed to have forgotten and allowed oppression to fall on. Nevertheless, God assured Him that He knew everything and things would turn around, and he needed to write the vision and make it legible for even those who would run by, and though it tarry, wait on it. Can you see how important it is to write the things that God has promised you down? See, when I was going through, I kept going back to my book of promises. I have a vision book that contains all the things that God has promised me. The vision for my life, my marriage, my ministry, and my children is as plain as day and I believe God for all that He has promised to do through each dimension, attribute, gift, and talent in my life. This year, pull out your pen and pad and write the things that God has promised you in bold ink. And when times get rough and the devil is trying to reap misery or God is trying to enrich, enhance, and perfect your faith, you can always go back and recall the promises that God has given to you. Then, rely on “Crazy Faith” to believe that God can do the impossible and will do the impossible! Be Blessed!

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Featured Book Of The Month I believe that what you do for others, God will cause to happen to you. So, (my favorite two letter word), I have decided to feature a book every month in my newsletter that I totally enjoyed. I read two to three books a month and thought I would give you a good suggestion besides “His Mistress or God’s Daughter?”, “Not Until You’re Ready”, or “The Power of Pain”. (Great Plug Danyelle :)!!! Anyway, my featured book for this month is “Holy Ghost Corner” ISBN 9780446564090 by

Michele Andrea Bowen. It has been a long time since I have read a book that made me laugh and cry at the same time. The good ole folks of Fayetteville Gospel will surely brighten up your day. I am going to support her ministry because this book was truly about living single and saved, and getting saved! The writer truly express my sentiments that God can save anybody, no matter what they have gone through or done. I bought my copy from Wal-Mart for $4.97. Please go out and get this book especially if you are single, and married church going women will get a hoot out of the Bishop’s wife (she don’t play!). Make sure you email me and tell me how you enjoyed it, because I know you will.

Good, Good Gossip Did you see the BCS Championship Ball Game, and how Cam Newton gave our God the praise? That young man went through a lot and he declared that He was God’s Instrument! Did you hear how all the Congressmen and President were asking people to pray for the people and their families in Arizona that was shot by the young man that said He didn’t believe in God? Does it take the devil to surprise us with tragedy in order for us to understand that we do need God and we must pray? I am so hurt that this happened but when people don’t God in their lives, they are subject to do anything. Always remember to pray for one another, even those who misuse and do wrong, maybe jail will be an opportunity for this young man to turn his life to around by repenting and seeking God. I just found out about a new singing group here in town called: The Greater Starlight Singers. I’m all for young people singing praises unto the Lord!!!! I have started to upload some of my pod cast and messages on You tube so check it out at and search for DanyelleScrogginsMin. Hope that you enjoy them.


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Would like to thank you for subscribing to my monthly newsletter. As you can see, this year we have expanded the issue by two pages and pray that you find the information to have great substance! Please tell your friends to join our monthly newsletter list by going to and signing up. I really do appreciate you. Don’t forget to go get your copies of my books. I am depending on your support! Also, don’t forget to check be friend me on Face Book and check out “The True Vine Online” on Face Book. My sister Dana is doing some great things with her ministry and the devotionals and notes are awesome! Thank God for the women who understand who they are in Christ Jesus and are spreading the Gospel by any means necessary. Always be certain that I am here to pray with you, and allow me to touch and agree with you through my site’s prayer request form. God answers prayers and I like to go before His throne with my friend’s name on my lips. I love you and remember that “We Walk By Faith, and Not By Sight!” Email: or Website: or

Salvation is Yours! I refuse to take for granted this year that everyone who is reading this publication is saved. So today, I offer you Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior. John 10:10 says “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” Christ came to give you a rewarding life filled with His love, grace, and mercy. He is the good Sheppard that willingly gave His life for you and me. If you desire to give your life to Him, repeat this: Lord Jesus, I confess You with my mouth, and I believe in my heart that God has raised You from the dead! With my heart, Lord, I believe unto righteousness, and with my mouth, my confession is made unto salvation. And according to Romans 10:9-10, I am saved, In Jesus Name. Amen! Now Praise the Lord! And on Sunday Morning or Wednesday Night, find you a local church to worship God in. You don’t have to worry about having nothing to wear, wear what you have on right now if you want…..just go. Don’t allow the enemy to rob you of this opportunity to fellowship with those who have experienced the same joys and hurts as you. You are your only hold-up. And in the famous words of Danyelle Scroggins, Be Blessed!

Danyelle Scroggins January 2011 Newsletter  

In the life of author Danyelle Scroggins, author of His Mistress or God's Daughter?, Not Until You're Ready, and The Power of Pain eBook

Danyelle Scroggins January 2011 Newsletter  

In the life of author Danyelle Scroggins, author of His Mistress or God's Daughter?, Not Until You're Ready, and The Power of Pain eBook