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In World of Warcraft, the introduction of a new race always brings with it a new starting area that is not only their homeland, but is generally filled with quests that have been carefully chosen to complement the new race. These quests are intended not only to help you reach level 10 in a short period of time, but to help you learn more about your new character. In all of the previous expansion packs, each faction was given its own new race. For example in Cataclysm we had Worgens for the Alliance and Goblins for the Horde. At the same time there were two different faction based starting areas. In Mists of Pandaria an entirely new concept has been introduced, you must complete all of the starting area quests before you choose which faction your Monk will join. You start by recruiting a group of elemental spirits and taking them with you to the temple in the middle of the starting area. This area harkens to the aesthetics of ancient China, as you will quest through lush bamboo forests, past amazingly beautiful temples and vast farmlands. Once you have recruited your spirits you will take a hot air balloon ride to meet the turtle that believes he has a thorn in his side. What you are going to find instead is that it is a crashed airship that you have to remove by blasting it out. You will perform a series of simple quests during your investigation, which will culminate in your blasting the airship out of the turtle's side, leaving a gaping wound. This is the setup to the final phase of your time in the starting area as you must now recruit healers to repair the gaping wound you created in the side of the turtle. As you recruit them, your job is to protect them from an endless series of mobs while they use their magic to heal the badly wounded turtle. Once you have succeeded in healing the turtle, you will journey back to the temple in the center of the zone.

After you arrive at the temple, you must decide which faction you will join. At this point you will be dropped into a hot air balloon and whisked off to the appropriate major city where you will continue questing and leveling until you reach level 85 at which point you will return to Pandaria to complete levels 85-90.

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Getting Started With Your First Pandaren Monk In Mists of Pandaria  
Getting Started With Your First Pandaren Monk In Mists of Pandaria  

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