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IntroMojo Colin Martin, Co-Founder

After spending 40 hours researching contact names on a tradeshow attendee list, Colin Martin realized two things: one, he was completely disheartened with the research process and, two, he couldn’t be the only one. After conducting market research, Martin discovered U.S. companies spend up to $20 billion/year on lead lists with less than 5 percent of prospects resulting in some form of business. He approached Dan Waldschmidt with an idea for a new technology, and they came up with IntroMojo, a web-service that finds information about someone you need to meet and interactively builds an organized dossier about that person on the fly. That’s right – a prospect report generated in real time that allows the user to discern what vital information is included and then creates an html documentation that can be saved and accessed at any time or even printed as a PDF. Martin explains that “70 percent of all business leads are wasted because sales people don’t know enough about the lead. It’s a studied and defined multi-billion dollar problem. It’s a massive business opportunity and we think we can fulfill it by helping people to build rapport before they meet and maximize their advantage in that 60-second face time.” He and Dan brought in Peter Barth on the technology end, and the three expect to launch their product, IntroMojo, near the end of the third quarter 2010. With an estimated audience of 20 million business professionals, IntroMojo will be primarily marketed for Sales/Business Development, HR professionals and recruiters.




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