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Clara, all the complexes offer single- to three-bedroom apartments, and most offer four-bedroom units as well. At Riverwood Grove in Santa Clara, Dolores Martinez offered a tour of the home she shares with her daughter. While it looks no different from a typical apartment, her two-bedroom home costs her $250 a month because she’s disabled and her rent can be no more than a third of her income. All the complexes are near either train or bus service, as would be the case in San Ramon, and most of the complexes are tied to commercial space, which is considered

key to transit-oriented housing, since many residents either don’t own a car or share one with other family members. A Starbucks is at one corner of the property in Union City, a property once occupied by run-down apartments and a used furniture store. In San Mateo, small commercial units line the front of the building along South El Camino Real, a site that was once home to a tire center. A complex in Redwood City is adjacent to its city hall, and restaurants and small shops run along the street in front. Generally, the commercial spaces are sold off as condos, according to Nevada

Merriman, a MidPen Housing project manager who led the tour. The five properties included in the tour were built and managed by MidPen, a nonprofit developer that builds apartments for low-income families. The tour was organized by the Greenbelt Alliance and sponsored by it, the Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California, MidPen and EBHO, the East Bay Housing Organization. All of these organizations are willing to work with any community in the area as it strives to meet its state requirements for housing. ■


Nevada Merriman, a MidPen Housing project manager who led the tour of lowincome housing, points out a mural at a San Mateo complex that shows the Bay Area, including Mount Diablo in the distance and the project in the foreground.




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