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Above (l-r): Old photo of the Glasses in the study, which would be called a family room today. This room had a table for playing cards as well as a Victrola. One of the only photos of the interior of this house shows Loretta and Anita Glass in front of the original ďŹ replace. The parlor was the ďŹ rst room in the house to be decorated and was where the Glasses held celebrations, funerals and hosted guests. The piano still works and is original to the house. The parlor contained several chairs, some made distinctly for men and women. This chair was designed for men because it had armrests; a matching chair with a wider seat and no armrests was made for women to sit and spread their skirts out.


VIEWS 04.2011 - Section 1  

Section 1 of the April 2011 edition of VIEWS

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