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Grapplers Inc. is a truly American success story as it was started from humble beginnings by Jay and Bonnie Thiessans.

They have since built a thriving and very successful tool and machine business in Sparks Nevada and won many awards.

They have also been recognized nationwide for their achievements. Grapplers Inc. has been making reach extension and commercial grade litter pick up tools since 1992.

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This very useful tool comes in different lengths, so that you can customize your purchase based on your needs. For instance, the 24 inch long one is recommended for individuals in wheelchairs, while the 48 inch version is perfect for those who wish to remove items while on a riding lawn mower. Its versatility is what makes it an invaluable tool for both outdoor workers and for those with limited reaching capabilities. The 33 inch long one is the favorite of most of our customers and is by far the most commonly ordered. The 40″ comes in second.

Phone no: (775) 284-8990 or Toll Free: (877) 212-5803 Fax us at: (775) 331-6312 Postal Address: 599 East Nugget Avenue Sparks, NV 89431-5848


Reaching tool  
Reaching tool  

Grapplers, Inc. produces the best Made In America pick up tool, Grabbers for Easy Yard Cleanup, Reaching and Grabbing Tool for the elderly,...