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DYF Issue 4

EDITORIAL The first e-mail I got from Isidora was full of polite and formal word constructions. Two weeks later, we are hanging out on the couches of the GA venue, eating pizza and singing with Lana del Rey while finalising the layout of the last newspaper. I was Dasha’s journalist last January on a session in Moscow. She taught me how to say that I am a vegetarian in Russian, let me use her fisheye lens all the time and drove me around the city at least twenty times. Amongst other topics, this issue is about friendships and what you can personally take from an EYP session, but of course you have already experienced this firsthand the last few days. I had a good and productive time with my two editorial assistants and of course Marko, Matthew, Tinna, Nadja, Eleni and Jana. The future is open to meet everyone from this session in other teams and other places. I think all of you are looking forward to that just as much as I am. Vidimo se! Janne Vanhemmens


3 Session fashion

4 Women in the third world 5 Harm’s Haiku corner

6 Beauty in diversitylanguage variety 7 There is a first time for everything 8 Do not lick it!

9 Virtual mentality 10 Barriers to success

11 EYP Friendships

SESSION EYP is a modern youth organisation and as we noticed at this session, EYPers seem to be keeping up with the latest fashion trends. According to the runways this summer, it is stylish to wear bold animal prints as well as floral prints. If you are more of a simple dressing type, we have news for you, because going monochromatic will make you look both simple and chic at the same time independent of the season and with almost no effort. Furthermore, one of the biggest trends this season is the Aztec print. It can be simple black and white or you can make it a bit more fun by wearing flashy colours along with it. Just like on the runway, we also have a catwalk of our own in EYP. If you pay attention you will notice that a lot of participants are keeping track of the previously mentioned fashion trends. We have asked around to see who are the most fashionable officials of the session and what the delegates think the most popular style of the DYF is. We asked them who they think is the most fashionable official (male and female) and what the most common trend among the participants of the DYF is. Lucas Zambom told us that he considers Isidora and Harm the most fashionable officials, and that the most common trend is stripes. Serbian delegate Milica Nektarijevic voted for Nastassia and Harm. We were not surprised when she selected the floral print, as she tends to wear it all the time. Nicolas Bugy also thinks that Nasstasia is the most trendy female official, and agrees that the president is the most fashionable male at session. When we asked him about the trend he immediately answered “floral”.


FASHION Ivana Biga, another Serbian delegate who is really into fashion, confirmed that Harm deserves to be on the spot of the best dressed person at the forum along with Nasstasia. She also thinks that stripes are the way to go at this session, especially because of the French delegation, who set up the bar high. Clementine Odion from the French delegation agrees with Lucas about Isidora’s and Harm’s great sense of fashion. She thinks that the floral print is the print of the session as well. Marko Kolovrat, delegate from Croatia picked Isidora and Jovan Donic as the best dressed ones. He was neutral about the most fashionable trend of the session. On the other hand, Julien Doris thinks his chair Julia and organiser Nikola Uzelac should share the spot of the session fashionistas. Overall I have found that the majority of people follow the latest fashion trends so they made the right choice by putting Nasstasia and Isidora on the first place, and Harm of course, who outvoted everyone by far.

Nađa Lazić

WOMEN IN THE THIRD WORLD What is taken for granted in Europe, is often a struggle for survival somewhere else… Violence against women cannot be eliminated if the factors that directly or indirectly make women vulnerable are not impugned. Tradition plays an important role, but furthermore the power of men in privileged positions in many fields such as law, society, economy and politics provides fertile ground for physical or moral violence against women. It is therefore evident that the promotion of economic development, education and participation of women in the decision-making process is the main method for combatting violence, either public or domestic. Even though this phenomenon is international, we cannot deny the fact that it needs immediate treatment in Africa or Asia. As mentioned before, the problem remains more significant in Africa or Asia. An Indian quote says “Raising a daughter is like watering the neighbour’s garden.” For example in Kenya, the majority of women and girls have suffered genital mutilation despite a law banning genital mutilation of girls less than 17 years. Another major problem that many women have confronted in Kenya is the problem of sexual violence. In Egypt, the government is still fighting against the practice of female genital mutilation through the introduction of relevant legislation and actions aimed at changing the attitudes of the population. The practice of female genital mutilation was banned by law in 1996 but the ban was lifted again by court order. In Nigeria, punishments of flogging and execution are imposed by stoning women accused of adultery. These measures were imposed by courts in the northern states of Nigeria, applying Islamic law (the sharia). In some similar cases, the Commission sent requests either directly to the president of the country or through diplomatic channels and made representations to the Nigerian government to stop the application of the death penalty. At the same time, according to a report by Human Rights Watch in January 2003, girls in Zambia are five times more likely to be infected with HIV than boys because they are often the victim of sexual violence

. Another key problem is the inability of the judiciary to deal effectively with allegations of sexual abuse. The stories that follow are just a few examples of what is happening every day on planet Earth in 2013: 1. When she was just 14 years, Beatrice Kitamula had to marry a 63-year old man to pay off her father’s debt. 2. Edah Mwanyongo, 20 years old, was forced to marry Ridein Simfukwe, 66 years, because her father sold two cows belonging to Simfukwe. 3. When Mwaka Simbeye was 11 years old, her father forced her to marry an old man to repay a 11$ dept. She ran away but her parents found her after 6 months and brought her back. Despite the fact that such incidents do not often occur in Europe, it does not mean that we, as European citizens, should stay aloof from this situation. Especially us involved in EYP should have a say on that and try to bring a real change. The fact that FEMM Committees in EYP tend to appear more and more could be considered as a first step showing that such problems affect us all. Eleni Giannouli


HARM’S HAIKU CORNER Has it ever happened to you that you did not recognize a friend’s voice on the phone? After they tell you their name, they suddenly sound normal again. Amazingly enough, this is because of our brain’s own subconscious processing ability. Only a certain amount of the information in our voices can be taken in and sent through telephones. The brain sees the gaps in the information passed to it from the phone and, when told who the person really is, it fills them in.

This is a perfect example of the power of our minds and the special relationship we have with our voices. When shown a graph of the frequency of a human’s speech beside a graph of another sound, the wave form of the human voice is instantly recognisable. This is exactly because of that special relationship. Our ability to communicate has been one of our strongest tools over the years and has been molded by evolution to be easily recognisable in all circumstances, express an enormous variety

of notions as well as show emotion and affection. As well as an efficient form of communication, the human voice has become an art form. From singing and rapping to poetry and theatre, there are many ways to practise this art. A haiku, for example, is a special form of Japanese poetry with a set amount of syllables in each of its five lines. Or, as our journalist Tinna put it; “Well, you have to have special words or something!”.

Matthew Brazel

Matthew’s Rap Recipes: When busting truly excellent *Y0L0 $W4G* rhymes there are a number of important factors. You always need to have COPIOUS amounts of puns, unnecessary alliteration and a REALLY cheesy rhyming scheme. Only then may you be appreciated in the same light as One Direction, Justin Bieber or Ke$ha. Seriously though, One Direction does not even rhyme… Feel free to try it yourself and do it better!

Inhale,exhale,just got my cheque in d mail, My homiez are balling – SW4G FOR SALE! Back of the pick-up truck, gonna make a buck, YOLO, ha$htag, not giving a DUCK!!! Back in the hood, Now they see me rolling, Your mother, I’ve her number, I is phoning!!!! So open your mouth, Go with the flow, If you’re looking for some SW4G, Just say YO!!! By Ganstaz Matt, Nico & Ya-ya

Simple, It’s simple, At least that’s what I heard. Some find it, Some lose it, But remain hardly disturbed. I’ve fallen I’ve tried Yet my efforts were denied, that one expectation: Eternity Find me, Please do. Tim Keegstra All delegates know DYF is pretty swag Rock GA! #yolo Harm van Leeuwen


BEAUTY IN DIVERSITY – LANGUAGE VARIETY The extinction of accents “What we say is who we are. We are talking about our identities when we talk about our accents” Mr. Upton affirms Outside of cities, the hundreds of accents that once distinguished small towns and rural districts are gradually being subsumed into regional “super-accents”. Many experts predicted that within 20 years or less, there will be a region with the unified manner of speaking and all the accents will be lost. This disaster is received in different ways by experts. Some say it is superb, while others claim it to be cultural loss. Accents at heart are a communication tool and not only the indicator of regional provenance. Writer Beryl Bainbridge has recently submitted her view on the whole situation as following: “All regional accents should be wiped out”. “To reduce the wealth of the country’s accent diversity to a uniform received language would make for a sterile and poorer culture,” says Michael Tooley, professor of applied English linguistics at Birmingham University

The former European Commissioner on Multilingualism had a speech on these issues: “Language is the most direct expression of culture; it is what makes us human and gives each of us a sense of identity” - Mr. Leonard Orban former European Commissioner for Multilingualism We will now take a look at how it is done in the European Parliament, where you might see the following situation: there are 23 official languages, everything that is being said is immediately translated into all of the official languages and an official lingua franca at the institutional level is not introduced. Many MEPs complained about the money being invested into translations as the main argument. Again, unfortunately the language variety is put under threat. Once, I wanted to do a defence speech on the topic of multilingualism. I thought that the best way to begin the speech was to greet everybody in 23 different languages and then say: maybe I have already spent one of my three minutes on greeting you in so many languages, but do you see the beauty in cherishing so many languages? Moving on, let us get to some interesting aspects of multilingualism. It has been proven that people who speak many languages are quicker at thinking than people who do not. The more languages you learn, the faster you can remember things. Even though there is no empirical research, experts believe that bilingual and multilingual dreaming is the proof of language proficiency.

Language variety Furthermore, it is not only the accents that are under the threat of disappearing, but also the languages. Languages represent the core of the cultural heritage a nation has. The variety in languages is rather to be To wrap it up, imagine the Scottish, English and Irish cherished than just forgotten. delegates all having the same accent on an EYP sesIn the past decades, there have been many sion. What a pity that would be! Marko Kažić discussions in the European Parliament about the EU’s policy for languages and the introduction of a lingua franca. What is going to happen with all the languages if everyone speaks the same? How are we going to keep the most vulnerable languages alive? There are around 6000 endangered languages in the world according to UNESCO.


THERE IS A FIRST TIME FOR EVERYTHING When attending my fourth session in Kiel, Germany, I met a girl who persuaded me to apply as a journalist for the DYF. It was her first time as a journalist there and she confessed she thought it was even better than being a delegate. As I was always curious about the life of officials, it convinced me I should at least try to apply and see if it would work out. aHow surprised I was when an email arrived telling me that I was selected and should confirm my attendance! It was a step into unknown territory for me - I did not know the country, the city and the people I would be working with for a whole week. I remember getting off the bus and searching for Zorana, thinking I was totally lost as I did not even know what she looked like... But then we finally met and it was the start of an amazing experience! Do not get me wrong; I am not trying to show off a perfect, flawless picture. It was hard. Especially the first days - older officials seemed to know each other very well and I sometimes felt left out a bit, especially because I do not know many EYPers and did not attend that many sessions to talk about. However, I was lucky - our editor is a super nice and friendly girl who explained everything and was very supportive. It was easy to get into a routine of writing with her guidance and a great press team to back me up.


What I enjoyed the most was the freedom that officials have, not only about the topics to write about but also during the session programme. I could plan my day, writing, taking pictures and spending time with my committee. The amazing AFCO soon became a reason that I felt more and more comfortable as well. All in all, I learnt so much during past days that it will probably take me a while to fully comprehend all of it. I had such a great time! In the future, my goal in EYP is to get selected as an editorial assistant for layout. Moreover, I am now browsing through session calls, looking for the perfect session to apply for! How To Apply Do you want to try out the role of a journalist or chair? The only way is to regularly check out the EYP alumni website or your country’s newsletter. Just log in and you will find the future session calls. Lastly, do not be afraid to apply if you are not a “pro” EYPer yet! If you believe in yourself and write good and motivated applications, you will manage to get selected for sure. I hope I will meet some of you again as members of an officials’ team somewhere in Europe! Tinna Harakova


Have you seen any couples on the session? Well, I bet you have. If you want to get erotic with your girlfriend or boyfriend, go ahead, but please: do it safe. There is one serious advice that I would like to give concerning protection.

However, the risks are high! If the person who is doing the licking has a cold sore or herpes, they can spread herpes to the other person’s eyes, potentially resulting in scarring the cornea or blindness.

What I mean is that we should all be careful with what we do or what we should not do. So please do not lick each other’s eyes! You might be very surprised reading this, but it is not a joke.

It was said that Naver Matome, a Japanese magazine, had picked up reports claiming a Japanese school had noticed children coming into class wearing eye patches, with reports of twelve-yearold children at the school engaging in “oculolinctus”.

A new trend that started in Japan in 2006 has now been spreading throughout the entire world during the last couple of years. Oculolinctus, also known as “worming”, refers to the alleged paraphilic practice of licking eyeballs for erotic gratification. Would you lick someone’s eyeball? This odd new trend was started by children and teenagers. The appeal of the sensation, reportedly akin to toe sucking, may lie in the high number of nerve endings in the cornea, which make the eyeballs very sensitive.

I sincerely hope that you find this trend as disgusting as the press team does. However, if “worming” ever gets popular in Europe, be warned that it can be very dangerous for your health! Eleni Giannouli


VIRTUAL MENTALITY Death. Game over. It is the inevitable ending to life. There is no high score, there is not even the possibility of finishing a final level. Depressing? Perhaps. However eternity can be a drag too. Some decide to waste their entire lives searching for its meaning (SPOILER ALERT: the answer is 42). Others, even more incomprehensibly, meander their way through their daily lives, experiencing next to nothing of note. Whatever views one may hold, to me one thing is clear: life is a game. Then again, life is not the Sims, where actions are controlled. I am the master of my own fate, holding the joystick of life in the palm of my hand. Frantically trying to reach that checkpoint before the battery dies. HP: 0. Sorry, this is a no respawn server (unless Hinduism is your thing). Trial, tribulation and terror await. To the inexperienced; this game does not have a tutorial. No cheat codes, no exploits. Every step, choice and action is final. When being chased down by Slenderman, never look back. You have to just keep pushing on. This game is all about blasting ahead, enjoying the fireworks. We are living in a modern matrix, constantly evolving, but still just as momentary. What is the key?


It is less of a bank robbery but more of a mission impossible. Cut through the metal, p ut the foot on the pedal and crash your way through to that golden sunset...

And if all else fails, just make sure that you go down with a smile on your Face. “Cast a cold eye on life On death, Horseman passby� - W.B Yeats Matthew Brazel, Tim Keegstra and Nastassia Winge

BARRIERS TO SUCCESS Disney has remarked our childhood and is still a big a part of our lives. Many films that the Disney Company has created inspired us and will inspire us forever. If we take a look on what has been done in the past, we can see a long list of all those costly masterpieces. However, sometimes one film may bring you more disaster than fame and you simply do not want to see it again. Even though some think that failure might push you to make a step backwards, Disney thought differently: “I think it is important to have a good failure when you are young. I learned a lot out of that. Because it makes you kind of aware of what might happen to you. Because of that, I have never had any fear in my whole life when we have been near collapse and all of that. I have never had the feeling I could not walk out and get a job doing something”. Walt Disney has warned that its Lone Ranger summer film will lose it between $160m-$190 after heavy spending on promotion failed to bring returns. They showed earnings almost unchanged but revenue up 4%, thanks to its theme parks and cable networks, such as ESPN.

“If you are not failing every now and again, it is a sigh of you are not doing anything very innovative” - Woody Allen

The losses from the Lone Ranger film, which stars Johnny Depp, will show up soon and there will be many consequences of the big risk that was taken. Mr. Iger, an important manager, said he was happy with the results adding the following: “We are confident that our strategy of creating high-quality branded content positions us well for the future”. Nevertheless, there is something more about taking the risk and failing to succeed. If we simply reflect on daily life, we see many situations in which people do not succeed. They fail to accomplish what they wanted, so either they quit completely or improvise to make it somehow done. Many people including me think that failure is the biggest ally in life. When you reach the point of failing and actually feel like you have to give up, it is not going to feel good at all. In fact, you may even feel depressed or suicidal. It takes a lot of courage and strength to pick yourself up and continue to fight for your dreams. In the end, Disney is the best example of taking the best out of the failure. Even when stats show that Lone Ranger has only unfortunately harmed the budget of the company they still reject to admit it. Their concerns are not whether the failure is going to happen but what are they going to take from it. The Walt Disney Company has taken the risk so many times but has succeeded in the most of them. After all, they are a huge company and managed to play a role in the education of children all over the world. A survey amongst delegates proved that this is the top three of favourite Disney movies: Aladdin, The Aristocrats and The Lion King.


Marko Kažić

EYP FRIENDSHIPS Nađa Lazić and Jana Todorović In EYP you come across all sorts of people and by the end of the session you cannot even count how many new friends have you made. Every one of them plays a special part in your life. You cry when you have to part and jump of joy when you meet again. From session to session, seeing your EYP friends and meeting new ones is what you look forward the most. Is it actually possible to admit you fell in love with someone at the session? Can someone who lives across the continent be your best friend? We interviewed a few of the more experienced EYPers on their friendships in EYP. Those special bonds that we all make during sessions can last for years and they are the proof of it. Interviewing Harm, the President of the session, he said that over the time he has been in EYP, he has met some really great people which later turned out to become good friends.


Even though those bonds are slightly different, he still can compare them to those made in everyday life. They cannot see each other very often, but they have an obvious thing in common. That thing that plays a huge part in their lives, having that as a start, just lines up other interests they share. All the similarities and differences they have, are put together in a thing that will last, as Harm hopes, for life. One of the Vice-Presidens, Roksolana, told me a story about how she met a dear friend of hers. Last February she was at Kosovo’s national session where she was on the team Dominic Degen. They immediately clicked. After the session they stayed in touch through Facebook and Skype. They did not find the time to meet up, but they managed to compensate for that the following year. The main thing that brought them together is that they are both real gossip girls.

She is really satisfied with their relationship and hopes it will remain like this for a long time. Dasha, the editorial assistant, says it isa the open-mindedness that makes a difference in EYP. Differences on the level of characteristics of the people, but not in the type of relationship she has with them. She believes that her EYP friendships are as strong as any other. She trusts these friends just as much and has no issues to tell them everything. The only problem standing in the way is, as previously mentioned, that they do not see each other that often. When she does, though, it makes the waiting worth it. Sometimes it is still unbelievable that we find an essential part of our lives in EYP. Friendships are most definitely an irreplaceable part of every session. You might just go for coffee or lunch and end up next to someone who will make your life just a little more beautiful. Destiny might surprise you any moment.


DYF2013 - Issue 4  
DYF2013 - Issue 4