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By: Danny Daly Visual Communications 6-17-14


INTRODUCTION For my assignment I took pictures of Ryan Rizzuto playing basketball. They’re mainly of him practicing, one set of pictures is from inside the gym during a shoot around. The other set is outside when he’s warming up for a game later that night. He’s helping himself by playing basketball in the off-season to better himself. Practicing his shot and other moves improves his basketball game as a whole. Ryan likes to improve his basketball game all the time, even in the off season, he is truly dedicated to being better.

STRETCHING Ryan is starting out his warm-up by stretching. Stretching keeps him limber and from getting any possible injuries. He stretches all parts of his body, but focuses on the arms and legs because they are most heavily used in basketball. Stretching is a key component in any athletic activity. All pros in all sports stretch before they play.

WARM-UP DUNKING Ryan likes to start his basketball workout by dunking. He starts at the lowest height the hoop goes to and works his way up. This is to increase his vertical jumping ability. His personal goal is to be able to dunk on a ten foot hoop before he graduates high school. He can currently dunk on 9 and one half feet.

FOLLOW THROUGH Ryan is doing warm-up freethrows. Shooting free throws is pivotal in basketball games, especially in high school and other lower leagues, where fouling is quite often. You can see the follow through on his shot, following through is very important to all shots, including free throws. This picture is also somewhat symbolic since it has the 1,000 point scorers of West Boylston in the background and that is a pretty big goal of Ryan’s.

HUSTLE FOR THE BOARD Ryan is running for the rebound after his teammate Andy takes a free-throw. This drill is very useful, Ryan passes to Andy, Andy shoots, and Ryan runs to get the rebound. As a big man, rebounding skill are a necessity.

POSTING UP Ryan is practicing his post game against a defender (Kevin Mercier). Ryan is posting up, which is when you put your back to the defender and attempt to keep pushing them back until you get to a spot where you can easily score. A good post-game is very integral to a good big man, someone who can post up well can control the game.


Here is Ryan running suicides with his team. His team lost a three-point shooting contest against mine and as a result had to run suicides. He is in background of the photo. Suicide runs are good for you because they increase your heart rate and are good for your cardiovascular system.

HYDRATION Here is Ryan rehydrating after running his suicides. Keeping hydrated after intense physical activity is insanely important. Dehydration can lead to dizziness, thirst, dry skin, and headaches. If left uncared for severe dehydration can lead to death if combined with the sun or extreme heat.

ON-BALL DEFENSE Here is Ryan practicing his defense. Being a good defender is what separates good players from great players in basketball. Ryan always strives for excellence so even though he would prefer being on offense, a good defensive game is key.


Ryan is fighting for the rebound over a smaller opponent. It may look like Ryan has an advantage, but if you don’t have proper rebounding position height isn’t really important. Rebounding is important to a team and being a good rebounder makes a good team player. A good rebounder can overcome height disadvantages.


Ryan is defending the shot of Kevin Mercier. The way he is putting his arms straight up is a good way of playing defense without risking a foul. Shot defense is the main component of defense. Overall, Ryan does a lot of work outside of basketball season to improve his game. He has even given up playing other sports in pursuit of his dream of making it in the NBA

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