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Taheesha Quarells, Communications Division, DANTES


oluntary education is now available on mobile devices. The new MyVolEdPath mobile app is a tool aimed at increasing service member awareness of and access to voluntary education programs and benefits. The new app serves as a discovery tool to help military students begin to build personal pathways to their individual education and career goals. It serves as another resource to demonstrate the Department of Defense (DoD) Voluntary Education program’s commitment to ensuring service members are properly informed of the array of educational opportunities available to them.

Tool to Help Counselors & School Representatives

One of the voluntary education community’s strengths is its myriad of education counselors and school representatives from DoD Voluntary Education Partnership Memorandum of Understanding (DoD MOU) academic institutions. The MyVolEdPath mobile app is provided to help these professionals empower students to navigate the vast amount of available information. Counselors and school representatives can encourage students to use the app to aid in making informed decisions on the right programs and benefits that will help them prepare The MyVolEdPath mobile app can be and be ready to succeed while pursudownloaded from the Apple App Store ing post-secondary education. The app can be used to begin the process of and through Google Play. Access to clearly defining education goals and download the app is also available connecting to those resources that will through be the most beneficial throughout a member’s education journey. Continued on page 2

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MyVolEdPath Discovery Tool for Students A key feature of the mobile app is the discovery tool designed to quickly assess and generate recommended programs. Students can “Create a New VolEd Path” by answering a few short questions about their career and education goals. Based on their responses, app users are presented with program cards that introduce them to programs that can help them reach their goals. Once those selections are made, the user is taken to their pathway. Voluntary Education Pathways The “My Pathway” section of the app provides the user with a customized checklist to support the pursuit of their education goals. Students are presented with a snapshot of their discovery tool selections to remind them of the options they chose. Because students are able to create multiple pathways, this reminder allows them to be clear on the pathway that corresponds to a particular goal (for example: military advancement, officer accession,

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college degree, etc.). Next, the user is presented with the option to “Find a Counselor” and explore “Recommended Programs.” The programs included on the “Recommended Program” list will include those voluntary education programs that best correspond to their current education level and future education goal. As the user selects a program, they are taken to an overview of how the program may help them prepare for college and career advancement, find support as they pursue schooling, and save time and money while completing degree requirements. To find more detailed program information, users can select “Learn More”. For those who may be ready to get started with using a program, they can select “Try Now” to instantly connect and register for a program. Students are also able to share their recommended pathways directly with their education counselor through email or social media.

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Connections to Counselors Service members using the app are able to connect to voluntary education professionals through the “Find a Counselor” feature. By selecting their branch of Service, CONUS or OCONUS, and their state, app users are presented with all of the education centers available to them in their state. The app includes additional functionality that connects directly to the mobile device’s call features to allow users to contact the education center. The education center location and street address are also included. For those who may prefer virtual assistance, the branch of service selection will automatically populate the appropriate Virtual Education Center or voluntary education portal information. Education Program Information & Access Not everyone who uses the app may want to complete the discovery tool assessment. For those interested in learning about of the available programs, they can select “All Benefits” from the main menu. This will bring the user to an overview of all the programs included in the app and links to additional program information. From here, users can also access each program by selecting “Try Now.”

The app also includes articles on various education topics from the blog for service members. Each week, new articles are available that offer guidance, advice, encouragement, and information that supports military students pursuing voluntary education. FAQs, Resources, and Encouragement An important aspect of promoting quality education opportunities for service members is ensuring they have adequate support. In addition to being able to “Find a Counselor”, the app provides users with connections to DANTES support resources. From any screen within the app, users can select the question mark at the top right hand corner of the screen to be connected. A member can either chat live with a DANTES representative via instant messenger or send a message for an email response. In the “FAQ and Resources” section, members can find answers to frequently asked questions and links to helpful resources.

MyVolEdPath users will also benefit from positive reinforcement and periodic encouragement through badges. Users can earn badges for reaching certain milestones within the app. These Videos, Podcasts, & News badges can be viewed with their profile and are Because there are various ways learners consume also shareable on social media. information, the mobile app includes videos and To download and view the MyVolEdPath mobile audio podcasts. These resources will be updated on app, visit or the Apple a regular basis and provide program benefit infor- App and Google Play Stores by searching for “My mation and tutorials based on frequently asked VolEd Path.” For additional information, contact questions. DANTES Information Bulletin

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MyVolEdPath Education professionals have access to a variety of tools and resources to learn more and inform service members on the benefits and use of the mobile app.

My VolEd Path Mobile App Webinars for Counselors Education professionals are invited to join DANTES for in-depth webinars to review and discuss the new MyVolEdPath mobile app. Each webinar will include an overview of the app, best practice examples, a look at outreach support,

and a Q&A session. To accommodate multiple time zones and various schedules, the webinar will be offered on: • •

April 20, 2017 (3.00 p.m. EDT) April 21, 2017 (10:00 a.m. EDT)

The webinar will take place via Facebook Live. Visit the DANTES Facebook page at the appropriate time listed above. Like us on Facebook at to receive notifications and updates on the live webinars.

Digital Outreach Items

Digital Web Banners in various sizes are available to be added to websites to help promote awareness of the mobile app. Outreach Messages for service member email campaigns and mass education system broadcasts are available by request. Social Media outreach messages and images will be shared on DANTES Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. These posts can be shared to support awareness of the new app. To get access to the above items, email

Student Handout

Although we live in a digital age, printed handouts are useful ways to inform and remind service members of this new app. Command education service officers, education and family service centers can receive a My VolEd Path Promotional Package which includes the following items (please click on the pictures below):

Printed flyers (8.5 in. x 11 in.)

DANTES Information Bulletin

Phone-sized info cards

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Posters (2 ft. x 3 ft)


Program Updates

Hot News

a voucher code via email within a few days. At the time of the retest, they simply provide the voucher code. Voucher codes must be redeemed by June 30, 2017.

DSST Second Shot is Back


new Second Shot promotion is now available through April 30th! Military service member students who have not passed the first attempt at an exam will be eligible for one FREE retake until April 30, 2017. Test takers can have anxiety in preparing for an exam and this can have a negative impact on their performance. By guaranteeing a second free attempt, the anxiety is removed, instilling confidence on the part of the test taker.

The promotion was so successful last year that April 2016 recorded the highest number of military service member exams in 2 years! What’s even more impressive, is that 67% of all service members passed their exam on the first attempt! Encourage military members to use the knowledge they already have and get credit for it at no cost!

Public Speaking Exam Changes There are changes to the Public Speaking exam designed to make it more user-friendly to service members and proctors.

Second shot is an exceptional opportunity to move forward with their education, one that’s made better because DSST is also reducing the standard re• take wait period from 90 to 30 days. This promotion does not apply to the Principles of Public Speaking exam. Service members should check the DANTES funding guide to verify eligibility. If a test-taker does not • pass the first attempt at an exam, they will receive

DANTES Information Bulletin

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Candidates can now get their scores immediately after taking the Part 1 multiple choice portion. If a candidate passed, they move on to the speech portion. However, if they failed, they no longer have to wait for the conclusion of the speech portion to receive their score. Effective March 2017, the Public Speaking exam no longer requires the use of a key code.


Program Updates

Hot News How Members Can Get Started with DSST:

New DSST Exams Titles

1. Visit search and click the green button “Take a DSST Exam at a Prometric Test Center.” 2. Review the information on the scheduling page and check DANTES Funding Guide to confirm eligibility. 3. Click “Schedule my test” at the top of the page and complete the registration. 4. Print their confirmation email and bring it with them to the test center.

DSST’s list of exams is ever changing and the following are available with more to come in 2017: • Principles of Supervision • Computing and Information Technology • Human Resource Management • Organizational Behavior • Ethics in America • Health and Human Development • Introduction to Business • Introduction to World Religions • Substance Abuse • Business Ethics and Society

Important DSST Facts to Know • • •

All Prometric locations are accessible and fullyfunded for eligible, service members. Funding is not available to military re-testers or civilians. Eligible military test-takers must provide a valid government issued identification card and Common Access Card (CAC) at the time of check in.

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Program Updates SOC Degree Network System (DNS) is seeking New Programs


he Defense Department (DoD) is seeking new degree program applications from institutions desiring to become part of the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) Degree Network System (DNS). DoD launched this effort to make the DNS more reflective of high-demand occupations and workforce trends. Applications are due May 15, 2017. Program submissions in the following networks are requested: • Automotive Maintenance (2-year) • Electronics Technology (2-year) • Accounting (4-year) • Human Resources (4-year) • Information Systems Management (4-year) • Marketing (4-year) • Technical Management (2- & 4-year) Instructions for Program Submissions: Visit the SOC website for more information about program submission package requirements, http:// soc-dns-membership •

Only submit degree programs aligned with the proposed networks during the submission period assigned. • Include the following items in your submission: o Degree program requirements

DANTES Information Bulletin

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o Curriculum o Course descriptions for all major and major-related courses o A specific point of contact for these programs • Submit the required program information to:

FY17 DEPH Update Available in DAIMS


ANTES publishes the DEPH every 6 months to keep education counselors and personnel better informed. The bi-annual DANTES Examination Program Handbook (DEPH) includes condensed, uniform information for the GRE General, GRE Subject, GMAT, GED and Praxis Series, as these programs are now managed via Exam Reimbursements and no longer require Test Control Officer signature. The updated FY17 DEPH contains two additional chapters: • Chapter III: includes a reimbursement section that instructs DANTES test site personnel on the reimbursement process • Chapter IV: includes a section for non-funded exams or exams not funded by DANTES


he FY17 DEPH bi-annual update will be available online the end of April to DANTES testing personnel with access to the DANTES Academic Information Management System (DAIMS). Users can view, search and download the DEPH, as well as other forms and documents used by DANTES testing personnel.




of the opportunities identified, participants should use the “Contact TTT” selection at the end of each he Troops to Teachers (TTT) website is continually being updated with new information opportunity that they are interested in. A TTT program specialist will respond to the inquiry within to assist military members and participants 3-4 business days. with their teaching journey and transition from the military to the classroom. Check out the EVENT CALENDAR: TTT’s website now offers following website additions and updates at www. an Events calendar to find out what’s going on . and where to find information about education fairs, hiring fairs, webinars, conferences, etc. TTT PARTICIPANT RECORD: Current participants can update and upload documents to their Troops Events can be posted and viewed on under Resources>Events>Submit New Event. Event submisto Teachers participant record by going to the TTT website and using the “Login” button at the top left sions are viewed by a TTT program specialist and posted within 3-4 business days. side of the main webpage.


TEACHING OPPORTUNITIES: Hiring officials can now post teaching opportunities on the TTT website for participants to view and inquire about. The process starts with the hiring official submitting the position details. The national office reviews the position and posts the information within two business days. Participants can find the list of teaching opportunities by selecting “Participants>Teaching Opportunities” from the main webpage. If interested in one DANTES Information Bulletin

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Education Spotlight

USAF C5s to High School Video Game Design SSgt Kenneth Myers (Ret)

By Erin Roberts, Communications Division, DANTES


edically retired after serving 11 years in the Air Force, SSgt Kenneth Scott Myers is now the Business and Technology Department Chair, Project Lead for the “” Game Design Academy, Lathrop High School, in Lathrop, California. Myers served as a C-5 flight engineer and instructor. Dual-hatted as the squadron network administrator, he took care of all the computers when he wasn’t flying. “The medical retirement process is pretty long… they had me in the computer shop working networks all day, so I went ahead and got my industry certifications,” recalls Myers. After his medical retirement, Myers returned home to California and sought employment as a network administrator, “When the lady was looking at my resume, she saw that I had been a military instructor and said we have an opening for a computer teacher, would you be interested in teaching a computer class instead of working with computer networks?” remembers Myers. He accepted the job offer. Some would say that he was in the right place at the right time… but he also had the right skills – thanks to his military service. “I want to say I was in the classroom within 3-4 days after being hired. And because I had a security clearance when I was in the Air Force … I was alone with high school students on day two. It was an interesting, very fast transition,” says Myers. He started teaching on the career and technical education path which seeks candidates with experience in a certain industry. Over the next five years, he took classes and received the necessary teacher credentialing.

Through his Veterans Affairs (VA) appointment, he learned about Troops to Teachers (TTT). He said that the stipend helped pay for his credentialing courses and the 15 units in teaching he needed. He said working with TTT was surprisingly simple, “…the stipend was a huge help. Without it, I don’t know if I would have dropped teaching, but it would have made life a lot more difficult.” Later, in 2009, he also received a bonus for teaching in a high need school, “It was absolutely painless. They were quick to respond to questions and it’s just been great.” As for his military service, he says it really helped him in the classroom, “I was able to prioritize and I taught the high school students the same exact way (as when I was an instructor) and I still do 16 years later.” Myers says he runs his classes the same as he did while serving, “I expect a lot out of the kids and I push them as hard as I possibly can … I give them something really hard and we kind of work backwards on it, and every single kid gets it. It’s fantastic.” Fast forward to the present, Myers has become the project lead for a video game design charter school program. He designed the curriculum and manages the program, essentially running his own school on the campus, “I’ve helped other schools setup their own video game design programs and developed one of the first college approved high school video game design courses. I even do speaking engagements about using video games in education, so overall this has been a fantastic second career for me.”

Enter Troops to Teachers. When Myers went for Vol 477 DANTES Information Bulletin


DANTES Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support

DANTES OCONUS European Advisor (Contingency Operation Support)

6490 Saufley Field Road, Pensacola, FL 32509 (850) 452-1901


usarmy.badenwur.usareur.mbx.dantes-euro@ DANTES4Military.Education


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DANTES Information Bulletin: (4)Apr 2017  
DANTES Information Bulletin: (4)Apr 2017  

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