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Part of GÉANT’s role is pushing the boundaries of networking technology to shape the internet of the future. The GÉANT Innovation Programme exists to develop an advanced portfolio of technologies, to develop into services, tools and network capabilities for tomorrow’s researchers. Here are just a few ways the GÉANT Innovation Programme is driving discovery in networking technology.

RESEARCH PROGRAMMES The research elements of the GÉANT project focus on three core areas: • Network architectures for Horizon 2020 • Technology testing for advanced applications • Identity and trust technologies By being technology and supplier neutral, these research activities contribute greatly to thought leadership in networking services across Europe.

STANDARDS The use of standards and information from standards bodies are essential to the development of GÉANT services to ensure interoperability with services of other networking organisations. Members of the GÉANT project have leadership roles in the OGF (Open Grid Forum) and IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) standards organisations and make significant contributions to the formation of standards.

TESTBEDS “Testbeds as a Service” provides two types of testbed capabilities to support the network research community. Dynamic Packet Network Testbed Service supports upper layer network research, and the Dark Fibre Testbed provides photonic layer long haul facilities for testing novel optical/photonic technologies in the field.

OPEN CALL The Open Call projects bring in fresh ideas and support new uses of the network. €3.3m is being invested into 21 independent projects for research into advanced networking technologies. In support of the Horizon 2020 aims, each project is aligned to one of the GÉANT Joint Research Activities. The four subject areas are: • Applications and Tools – supporting advanced research activities and projects. • Authentication – helping support secure end-to-end authentication of systems and people. • Network Architecture and Optical Projects – studying future networking systems. • SDN - exploring Software Defined Networking potential to meet new networking demands.

ASPIRE FORESIGHT STUDY ASPIRE (A Study on the Prospect of the Internet for Research and Education) provides recommendations to policy and decision makers on topics likely to have a significant impact for the future of research and education (R&E) networking. For instance: • The adoption of cloud services • The integration of mobile services into NRENs service portfolios • Middleware and managing data and knowledge in a data-rich world • The future role of NRENs The final report can be downloaded from the TERENA website:

TASK FORCES Task forces (TFs) and special interest groups enable experts from the wider GÉANT community to share knowledge in such areas as security and mobility. These provide input to the definition of new R&D project activities and Open Calls, and offer feedback on existing project developments. They provide an agile way for GÉANT to capture emerging ideas and a fast and efficient mechanism to pilot them before assessment and formal inclusion in the project work-plan.


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CONNECT Magazine Issue 18  

Innovation with impact - An in-depth look at GÉANT’s first Open Call

CONNECT Magazine Issue 18  

Innovation with impact - An in-depth look at GÉANT’s first Open Call

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