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16 page section detailing: GÉANT Open Call (page 14), Elixir and eduGAIN (page 20), GÉANT presentations (page 26) and eduCONF (page 23)


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he growth in GÉANT’s usage by pan-European projects continues apace. Copernicus (page 7), the world’s most comprehensive Earth Observation programme and EUMETSAT (page 9), a global satellite agency delivering weather, climate and environmental data to users worldwide – are both vitally important projects set to benefit from GÉANT’s high-capacity network. Find out just how significant the world of Earth Observation is to society (not to mention why the EU is investing almost €12 billion in space technology over the next seven years).

Yet more awards to announce this year with two GÉANT project participants inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame (page 2). They join some of the great internet developers and visionaries of our time, including Sir Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of the World Wide Web) and former US vice president Al Gore. On page 10, learn about MDPaedigree, a pioneering project that will help paediatric doctors make better decisions using big data and incredible simulations created from MRI scans. For our readers involved in research networking, you’ll find a guide to GÉANT’s participation at this year’s TERENA Networking Conference on pages 14 to 27. Here we reveal our new Open Call partners, who will be publicly announced at Europe’s largest and most prestigious European networking conference - in May. We have insights from DANTE Head of Communications, Melanie

Pankhurst on page 28, who explains the challenges of communicating this vast and complex project and some success stories from that outreach: including the NASA sonification story, which led to the feature on page 4. On page 33 you’ll find useful advice for anyone looking to reduce their ICT CO2 emissions. That should be all of us right? Finally, a sad farewell to Karel Viestsch, TERENA’s Secretary General who passed away earlier this year and is greatly missed. You can read more about the significant contribution he made to the GÉANT project on page 44. There is of course, so much more to read in this issue than we can mention here. So without further ado, we’d like to give a quick thanks to the growing number of you getting in touch to share your stories. Please do keep it up, we love hearing from you! Write to us at

Editors Paul Maurice & Tamsin Henderson


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CONNECT Magazine May 2014  

Earth Observation - EUMETSAT and GÉANT ensuring delivery of critical data.

CONNECT Magazine May 2014  

Earth Observation - EUMETSAT and GÉANT ensuring delivery of critical data.

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