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NETWORK ARCHITECTURE AND OPTICAL PROJECTS The challenges faced by the network from the Data Deluge are huge and potentially incredibly disruptive. The volume of data being generated in the latest research projects is many orders of magnitude greater than even 5 years ago. Existing network paradigms may not be able to cope with the anticipated changes to data transfer. Looking forward towards future generations of networking technologies, these projects study future networking systems in order to help NRENs understand the issues and plan solutions. The world-class GÉANT network is the ideal environment for testing and building the future internet, starting with the hardware itself (fibre and routing/switching equipment) and the basic network architecture. Its dark fibre testbed provides record-shattering speeds in the order of Terabits per second over five long haul routes throughout Europe. Three projects are working directly with the fibre capabilities, both for scientific purposes and in the context of the evolution of optical transmissions, from increasing spectral efficiency on single superchannels, to exploring new wavelengths (e.g. Alien Wavelengths) that allow operators to introduce new features and technology on the existing optical transport infrastructure •

ICOF: Inter national Clock Comparisons via Optical Fiber a high profile scientific project performing a state-of-the-art atomic clock comparison using GÉANT long haul dark fibre COFFEE: Coherent Optical system Field-trial For spectral Efficiency Enhancement enhancing spectral efficiency over high capacity superchannels, using techniques such as Time-Frequency Packing MOMoT: Multi-Domain Optical Modelling Tool investigating the potential of providing an Alien Wavelength service in the GÉANT network

Two projects are working on network architecture, in the areas of flexible optical networks and clean-slate design for Future Internet: •


REACTION: Research and Experimental Assessment of Control plane archiTectures for In-Operation flexgrid Network re-optimization routing and spectral allocation algorithms enabling software-controlled super-channel transmission IRINA: Investigating Recursive InterNetwork Architecture as the next generation GÉANT and NREN network architecture the RINA protocol could entirely supplant the increasingly outdated TCP/IP


“We want to see if we can do eCulture stuff, broadcast and take to different places events which people cannot attend because [the event] might be in London and they live in Prague. To do this of course we need the network. For LoLa, we already used GÉANT since the very beginning of the project itself; on the other hand, with 4KTV we never tried, as a real experiment over the shared network. We want to see what happens.” Claudio Allocchio, eMUSIC

“GÉANT offers a rich community of experts in the area of digital identity, authentication, privacy and security, so we could use this community to share our ideas with and to get feedback; we can also use this community to try and pilot our ideas with real users.” Bob Huselbosch, WoT4LoA

“By the end of the day, I really hope that we can take something out of the project which will stand on its own, and for years to come will show people how to implement enterprise Wi-Fi, user-friendly and secure.” Stefan Winter, SENSE

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CONNECT Magazine May 2014  

Earth Observation - EUMETSAT and GÉANT ensuring delivery of critical data.

CONNECT Magazine May 2014  

Earth Observation - EUMETSAT and GÉANT ensuring delivery of critical data.

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