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Micro-current Facial Machine (Computer Controlled)

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Preface Microcurrent The Machine Aspects of micro-current on the body Introduction to the main unit and accessories Automatic program Treatment advice Contra Indications The ageing process Fundamentals Automatic program treatment commentary Diagram’s of sequence

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Preface Wrinkles and loss of elasticity are the main concern for all maturing skins. Since ancient times, people have been seeking a remedy to smooth wrinkles, recover elasticity and to keep the skin looking young and radiant. By means of professional electrical equipment this ideal can be made more achievable. Your Bio-skin smoother uses micro-current which stimulates muscle memory in order to remind the muscles how to function optimally. Microcurrent is a very low intensity, direct current which is modified to produce low frequency pulses of differing wave forms. These very low intensity electrical currents stimulate the cell’s metabolic processes. Research indicates that weak stimuli inhibit, therefore these small pulses of current are more effective and beneficial in improving the condition of the tissue. Microcurrent therapy has been used within the medical field for many years to promote tissue healing and treat sufferers of stroke and bells palsy. This then led to it being developed for use within the beauty industry. For optimum results, a course averaging between 10 to 15 treatments should be carried out. This varies according to the clients’ skin tissue and their muscle tone, but not their age. On completion of one course, another course isn’t necessary. However, we strongly recommend a maintenance treatment every 4-6 weeks to maintain and prolong the results of the first course. Microcurrent is designed to lift, tighten, firm and tone the muscles by working on the Golgi Tendon. It is called “the brain of the muscle”, so it is virtually sub sensory. This is found with each and every muscle and is part responsible for keeping a muscle toned and healthy.


Microcurrent How the Microcurrent works The machine sends a sub sensory (no feeling) message to the brain. The brain sends a message to the belly of the muscle via the golgi tendon The muscle will shorten or lengthen appropriately without visible contraction It takes 4 – 6 seconds for the contraction to occur. This is the length of time it takes for the current to arrive at and stimulate the muscles. Electrical impulses can be used to stimulate motor nerves and produce contraction of muscles. Normal muscle contraction is brought about when impulses from the brain are transmitted via motor nerves to muscles. The impulses produced by machines have the same effect as those from the brain. They stimulate the motor nerve directly and this will initiate a contraction in the muscles supplied by that nerve. We isolate each muscle with the positioning of the probes at each stage. General Effects of Microcurrent • Virtually sub sensory • Increases the circulation to the skin, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the cells and speeding up the removal of waste products. • • • • • •

Improves lymphatic drainage thus reducing puffiness. Improves cell permeability, allowing substances to pass in and out of cells more easily. Increases cell metabolism which will improve the condition of the skin. Improves protein syntheses which will improve the condition of the tissues Stimulates activity of the basal layer and cell mitosis which enhances skin renewal. Improves ion exchange which normalizes the activity of deficient cells thus augmenting the body’s own healing process.

• Stimulates myofibrils improving muscle condition and function.

The Machine During the treatment phases, the machine will prompt you with the following types of audible beeping, to announce the changes in function or timings: 1)Action switch Beep – One strong beep, this prompts the therapist to change from one movement to another. The machine will beep every 6 seconds, this is in accordance to the time it takes for the current to reach and stimulate the muscle. (It is important to hold a movement for the full 6 seconds to ensure the muscle is stimulated entirely) 2)Waveform switch Beep -- two rapid beeps, let’s the therapist know that the wave has changed, as well as prompting the change of position & movement. 3)Treatment completion Beep -- when the treatment is completed, the machine will give one continuous beep for 5 seconds, to clearly indicate the output phase of the treatment has ended. 4) This beeping function may be muted, once you have become comfortable with your movement sequence and timings. To mute this function, go into the manual mode, press the + and – keys individually one at a time. The machine is now in muted mode. You may then repeat these steps to turn on the ‘active beeping mode’. Note: The muting function may only be activated or deactivated in the ‘manual mode’ setting.) 3

The important aspects of micro-current on the body Microcurrent is a micro signal created by microcomputer with simulation to the human body. They can infiltrate into cells and help the wounded and aged cells to restore balance and to promote cell metabolism. In the way of beauty, there are following 4 important aspects for the micro-current current: By adapting the waveform, frequency, energy and polarity of a microwave you can adapt the wave to suit the skin you are working on. 1. Waveform The milder the waveform is, the stronger its penetrative ability is and the least irritating to the skin; skin; the sharper the waveform is, the weaker its penetrative ability, and the more irritating to the skin. Several waveforms according to their penetrating ability from weak to strong are ranged as sharp, pulse, gentle and mild. You should make relevant adjustments according to the facial conditions of the client as well as her reaction against the currents.

a. Sharp Wave(SHARP)Reminder Penetrates the skin up till the epidermis, but is the most irritating to the skin. Used at the end of a treatment to reinforce the other waves. Because of its irritating nature movements are kept short and quick.

b. Pulse Wave(PULSE)Normal Has penetrative ability up till the dermis and medium irritation to the skin. Used on medium muscles of the face, like the cheeks.

c. Gentle Wave(GENTLE)Sharp Penetrates into the deeper collagen tissue and is less irritating. Used on larger muscles of the skin like the platisma

d. Mild Wave(MILD)Soft With its strong penetrating ability being particularly effective on the Golgi's tendon, it is used with good results for exercising small muscles such as those, which are found around the eyes.

2. Scale of Range The collagen cortex within the skin is most sensitive to electrical stimulation, while the epidermis is less sensitive. Thus, it should only take a relatively weak current to exercise the collagen cortex, while a relatively stronger current is utilised to exercise and smooth the fine lines and wrinkles on the surface. (Note: When a relatively strong current is chosen, the probe should not stay on the skin for too long.)

2. Frequency (The Circulating Time of a micro-current waveform per a second) The depth of penetration is up to the frequency used on the skin. The higher the frequency is, the weaker the penetration energy is; the lower the frequency is, the strong the penetration energy is. Thus, when penetration to Golgi's tendon is required, lower frequency should be chosen, and when action is required on the surface, a higher frequency should be chosen.

4. Polarity a. Positive Polarity: Positive current from a positive polarity can relax nerves, tighten pores, strengthen cell and muscle tissue, and gives acid reactions. b. Negative Polarity: Negative current from negative polarity can irritate nerves, dilate pores, soften skin tissue and have alkaline reactions. c. Alternating Polarity: Both positive and negative currents are produced alternately, providing both alkaline and acid reactions on the skin. It is only necessary to work in this phase. 4

An Introduction to the Main Unit and Accessories 1. List of accessories F-819 Main Unit 1 Pc Double Bar Probes 1 Pair Single Bar Probes 1 Pair Ball Bar Probes 1 Pair Cotton Sticks 1 Carton Power Line 1 Pc Operation Manual 1 Pc 2. Operational description of the control panel

Figure 1

(1) Power Indicating Light (2) Power Switch(POWER) When the power switch is turned on, there will be an active Silver-Fox logo on the LCD screen. At this moment, the main unit is initializing. After the initialization, The screen will show all the options of wave form, frequency and strength. The handimode and positive polarity will automatically be chosen. The main unit is in stand by mode

(3) LCD Screen (4) Indicating Light (H) of Manual Operation Mode When the indicating light (H) of manual operation mode is turned on, the main unit is in the manual operation mode; output waveform, treatment time etc can be set by hand. It will show “Mode: Handi-work” on the operation mode indicating area of the LCD screen. You can adjust this setting by pressing the ‘mode’ button.

(5) Mode Switch Button(MODE) By pressing the mode button, the working conditions of the main unit will switch between manual operation mode “H”and automatic operation mode “P”.

(6) Indication of Automatic Operation Mode(P) When the indicating light “P” of automatic operation mode is turned on, the main unit is in automatic operation mode; the indicating area of operation mode on the LCD screen shows “Mode: Program-X”(X means 01、02、03……12).

(7) Waveform State Button(STATE) By pressing waveform State Button “STATE”, waveforms will switch between square waveform “PULSE”, mild waveform ”MILD”, sharp waveform “SHARP” and gentle waveform “GENTLE”.

(8) Option Button button for Microcurrent frequency(BIO-FREQ) Available Scale: 0.1Hz、5Hz、10Hz、20Hz、30Hz、60Hz、120Hz、240Hz、480Hz、680Hz by selecting the “BIO-FREQ” button.

(9) Indicating light of bioelectrical currents with positive polarity(+) 5

(10) Option Buttons of Electrode Polarity(ELECTRODE) You can choose between (+) and (-) polarity or choose to have them alternating. The different polarities are indicated with indication lights on the electrode switch. By pressing this switch it will go through the selection of each polarity. Where both polarities are illuminated the machine is in alternating current mode.

(11) Indicating light for negative bio-electrical currents (-) (12) Selection of automatic program (PROGRAM) The selecting range is from PROGRAM-01 to PROGRAM-12 by two selection buttons between

“+”program to increase and “-” program

to decrease.

(13) Strength selection of bioelectrical currents(BIO-CURR) The selection values are 20uA, 80uA, 180uA, 280uA, 640uA of five scales by two strength selection buttons of microcurrents between “+”program to increase and “-”program to decrease.

(14) Timing selection(TIMER) The timing range is from 01 to 30 minutes by two selection buttons between “+”program to increase and “-”program to decrease.

3. Descriptions to LCD display

(1) Display region of operation mode: There are two kinds of manual operation (Handi-Work) and automatic operation mode (Program). (2) Display region of microcurrents. (3) Display of waveform: There are four kinds of waveforms of gentle waveform “GENTLE”, mild waveform “MILD”, square waveform “PULSE”and sharp waveform “SHARP”. (4) Timing display: Range from 01 to 30 minutes. (5) Strength display of bioelectrical currents. (6) Display of synthetical waveform. It displays synthetical waveforms to display the output level of output waveforms, polarity and conducting conditions through the human body. During the treatment the waveform shifts according to the polarities of the micro-current, the timer begins working on contact (when the machine detects a circuit) with the skin. When probes are lifted away from the skin, the machine senses a ‘lack of circuit’ and cuts off the signal output after a few seconds. This is done as a safety feature, but the current will restart again on contact with the skin once the machine detects the completed circuit.


4. An introduction to the rear control panel of the machine

1. Output socket / plug 2. Main power lead socket 3. ‘In-line’ fuse holer 4. Mains (on / off) power Switch

5. Main Technical Specification of the Instrument Rated Voltage: Maximum Power: Net Weight: Main Unit Size:

AC220v~240v 50/60Hz 2W(Max) 4.2(kg) 45X36X18.50cm

6. Probes In order for the machine output current to flow, a circuit must be created. This is done when the probes touch the skin. (See paragraph 3, item 6) 1) Single (straight bar) probe. This is used to treat large areas of skin such as the legs and body, gluteals, and to conduct lifting movements for slimming treatments.

2) Twin probe. This is used to treat smaller areas of the skin such as the face, neck and hands. The probes must be used with cotton buds (the cotton buds used must be made from a conductive material - paper types are recommended) which are cut into two pieces and inserted into the small holes of the probe tip. 3) Round (ball tip) shaped probe. This is used on difficult to reach areas such as the hands, eyes and smaller areas. When working on the eyes use appropriate product and protection, never go too close to the eye or lids. 4) OPTIONAL Multi-roller probe. This may be purchased separately, and can be used as per the single bar probe, but with greater area coverage and time benefits.


7. Automatic Programs

Guidance for use of automatic programs: The Automatic programmes are designed to be used in a course of 12 treatments, conducted twice a week for 5 to 6 weeks. Treatments should never be on consecutive days and a minimum 1 day rest period between treatments is advised. After the initial course is completed, maintenance treatments are recommended once every 4 – 6 weeks. The neck area should be treated using only programs 8 to 12. For maintenance or ‘one off’ treatments, program 12 should always be used. 8

Treatment advice Notes 1. When using the machine, you should only use water soluble products on the skin. This will increase ionization and improve the absorption of your products active ingredients. 2. Always use adequate amounts of medium (chosen product) to ensure good conductance, and keep the probes in contact with the skin at all times. 3. When working with the ball ended probe, use eye protection (cover were possible) to prevent irritation, and product getting into the eyes. 4. After each use, ensure the machine is turned off via the rear ‘power’ (on/off) switch and also at the mains switch. If the ‘power’ switch is not turned off, the machine will beep intermittently to remind you. 5. This machine should only be used by competent therapists, qualified to the equivalent of NVQ level 3 (UK standards). This level of education will provide you with the necessary knowledge and experience needed to use the machine both, safely and effectively. 6. Clients should be advised ‘prior’ to treatment that they may experience slight redness on areas of sensitive skin. Post treatment, the clients skin should be applied with a suitable ‘soothing’ aftercare product. 8. It is important that a thorough consultation is done before any treatment commences. Lifestyle factors such as diet, smoking, and drinking habits, could affect the results of any treatment given, and clients should be informed as such. WARNING 1) Remove all jewellery or any metal objects before commencing any treatments with this machine. 2) Your F-903 Bio-Skin Smoother is a ‘professional only’ machine and contains no user serviceable parts. Should any issue arise with the normal functioning of your machine, please contact your sales/service agent for advice. 3) Do not open or attempt to fix any parts or accessories of the machine yourself. Repairs may only be conducted by competent or authorised persons. Failure to do so, will invalidate your manufacturer’s warranty and may also prove dangerous.


Contra-indications 1)

Allergy to metal and nickel


Acne treatment – Roaccutane






Metal pins and plates (implants) in working area


Pacemaker or any rhythmic heart device




Thrombosis or phlebitis


Skin Diseases


Operations within the last 6 months


Silicone implants in the treatable area


Hypersensitivity or Vascular skins


Use of anti Depressants




Heart conditions


High/Low Blood Pressure






Recent Glycolic or Retinal peels




Metallic dental implants


The ageing process of skin Lines and wrinkles – the signs of ageing Like all organs, the skin is affected by the ageing process. In contrast to other organs, changes in the skin become visible over the years. The signs of ageing start to show as early as the end of the second or the beginning of the third decade of a persons life. At first, fine lines start to form between the nose and the mouth, around the eyes and on the forehead. As a result of facial movements that are often repeated, the first expressive wrinkles come into being: laugh lines, brow furrows and crow’s feet. Over the years, the skin loses its elasticity because the dermis produces fewer and fewer collagen and elastin fibres. This, results in the weakening of connective tissue causing the skin to lose its tone, the skin becomes flabby and wrinkles are formed. Due to gravity, wrinkles develop downwards, a phenomenon seen in sagging cheeks and drooping eyelids. 1. The skin The skin is the single largest organ of the body, comprising of approx 16 to 18 percent of our total body mass. The skin has four main functions; to protect the body from radiation and mechanical injuries, a sense organ, regulates the body temperature and metabolises and stores fat. The outer- protective layer of the skin that we see is called the epidermis. It is separate from the nourishing dermis below. The dermis manufactures new cells rapidly, transmitting them from the dermis, to the epidermis. The dermis is packed with oil glands, hair follicles,. Blood vessels, nerve tissue and sweat glands. Collagen and elastin are the major proteins and building blocks of the dermis. It is the collagen fibres in the skins connective tissue which undergo changes with ageing and contribute to the appearance of wrinkles. Elastin is the protein that forms the chief constituent of elastic fibres. Any successful skin-care program, combines with micro-current treatments, will give you remarkable results. It does not create miracles, and the care of your skin does not stop on the salon at the end of your session. Your skin care program will only help promote what the treatment has started. You need to follow your skincare program diligently. If you eat properly, Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day, exercise and keep your skin clean. In a little over 15 days, you will find that your skin will look new and glowing and younger. The care that you give our skin today, Along with your micro-current treatments, will be your reward 10 -20 years form now. 2. The muscles Movements of the human body rely on muscle contraction. These contractions are controlled by impulses form the brain to the Golgi tendon. The Golgi tendon controls the muscle's length, burliness, strength and pain. Golgi tendon weakens due to use over years. The muscles loose their normal length, which leads to skin slackening and wrinkles. Therefore, by activating the Golgi tendon and stimulating it to perform adequately you can eradicate lines and wrinkles.



The diagram of the facial muscles 1) Cap-Shaped Aponeurosis 2) Musculi Nasalis 3) Labrum Muscle 4) Jaw Delta Muscle 5) Sternocleidomastoideus 6) Frontalis 7) Eye-Socket Orbiculares (Eye-Bow) 8) Nose-Root Muscle 9)Eye-Socket Orbiculares (Eyelid) 10) Big Zygomaticus 11) Small Zygomaticus 12) Musculi orbicularis oris 13) Musculi Quadratus labii Inferioris 14) Musculi Mentalis 15) Musculi Platysma

3. Wrinkles The diagram of facial wrinkles 1) Forehead Wrinkles 2) Frown lines (brows) 3) Pucker lines 4) Crows Feet Wrinkles 5) Pouch Wrinkles 6) Mandible Wrinkles 7) Frons Wrinkles 8) Naso Labial Wrinkles 9) Smile Wrinkles 10) Jowl Wrinkles 12

4. The diagram of the muscle movements Direction of the arrows represents direction of muscle movement. The beginning of the arrow is the start point, whilst the end of the arrow-head is the finishing point.


Microcurrent Procedure Neck – Hold all movements for 6 seconds 1) Using Uni (single bar) probe, place one probe stationary on the jaw and glide with the other, in direction of arrow, up the platisma. Start from left to right, repeat the last movement and work you way back again. 2) Using Bi pole probe, pinch the sternocleidomastoid muscle. Do 3 pinches from top to bottom and the repeat the last movement and work your way back up. Repeat on the other side. 3) Pinch under the chin x 3 Face – Hold all movements for 6 seconds 1) Using Bi-pole (twin) Probes, one probe stays stationary in the middle of the chin and the other draws from the stationary probe outwards, about 2cm. Do four movements as in the diagram and repeat all movements once. 2) Stretch the chin vertically by moving probes from the middle of the chin drawing them away from each other. 3 movements across the chin and then repeat going back the other way. 3) Stretch the corner of the mouth. Hold probes parallel to the jaw and stretch starting with probes next to each other drawing the apart. Repeat each side x3 4) Lip Curl. One probe stays stationary on upper lip. The second probe draws from the chin to the cheek in a smile like movement. Repeat x3 each side. Lift the stationary probe between each movement. 5) Cheek lift. One probe stays stationary next to the nose. The other draws a smile line from chin to cheek as in step 4. Repeat each step x4, lifting the stationary probe between each movement. 6) Pinch the ear. Pinch in front of the ear x3 on each side. 7) Cheek lift. One probe stays stationary just below the check bone the other pinches from underneath. Work your way across the cheek bone, about 4 movements, repeat the last movement and work your way back. Repeat on the other side. 8) High Cheek lift. One probe stays stationary on the cheek bone, the other pinches from underneath. Work your way across the cheek bone, about 4 movements, repeat the last movement and work your way back. Repeat on the other side. 9) Chubby cheeks. Pinch the cheeks horizontally from top to bottom, about three movements, repeat the last movement and work your way back up. Repeat on the other side. Eyes – hold for 6 seconds – you can use the ball ended probes in this stage. 1) Frown line stretch. Stretch out from between the eyes to above the eye brows. Repeat x3 2) Drain and pinch. One probe stays stationary at the medial side of the eyebrow. The other probe draws from lateral to medial to pinch at the medial. X3. Repeat on the other side, and below. 3) Eyebrow lift. One probe stationary above the eyebrow, the other pinches from underneath. Move from medial to lateral, repeat last movement and work your way back. Repeat on the other eye brow. 4) Temple Stretch. Stretch the temples x3


Forehead – hold for 6 seconds 1) Pull, push, pinch the frontalis muscle. Drag your first probe from the corner of the eyebrow to the hairline, keep the probe stationary there while you draw the second probe from the eyebrow to the hairline into a pinch. Move your way across the forehead in 5 movements, repeat the last movement and work your way back. Reminder Phase – 2 second hold Repeat all movements from neck to forehead but instead of holding for 6 seconds do light movements only holding for 2 seconds.

General notes It should be noted that your Bio-Skin Smoother is CE approved and is only for use by competent or qualified professionals, as required by your regional or national legislation that is currently in effect. It is recommended that you should annually have your unit checked (PAT tested or equivalent) by a competent technician to ensure continued safe working practices. We recommend that you regularly (minimum of once weekly) inspect all trailing leads and power cables to ensure no accidental damage has occurred during use. By being proactive it this matter, you will help to continue the safe use and longevity of your unit and its accessories. We recommend that when not in use, your unit has all cables and attachments securely stowed were possible, to prevent tripping hazards, and that the unit is stored in a suitable location to prevent accidental damage by other items of salon furniture and equipment. Your Bio-Skin Smoother is covered by a manufacturing warranty for a period of 12 months from the date of your purchase invoice against component or material defects. Should you encounter any user issues affecting normal use of your machine, immediately unplug the unit from the mains power supply and contact your sales agent/supplier for further advice at the first available opportunity. Do not use your work station if you are unsure of any of its operations or features, to prevent accidental damage or injury. Never under any circumstances try to open or inspect the machines or its accessories. Should an inspection be required, please contact your supplier or an approved, suitably competent technician to do so. There are no user serviceable parts with your Bio-sSkin Smoother. Any repairs or alterations made to your F-903 machine by unauthorized persons will invalidate your manufacturer’s warranty and will render you liable in full, for the cost of any necessary repairs, whether covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty period or not. Any machines not bearing the original manufacturer’s serial numbers will invalidate their warranty. When the manufactures warranty has been invalidated for whatsoever reason, any repair costs incurred will be chargeable in full. This will include making ‘whole’ any returned items missing their originally supplied attachments or accessories, which will then be charged at the applicable retail rates.


Warranty Procedure 1 - The warranty on all Cosmetronic equipment is 12 months from the date of invoice and covers the products against defects in materials and workmanship, or component defect (Unless superseded by an extended warranty agreement). This warranty is non transferable and applies to the original purchaser only. 2 - No product repairs or component replacement will take place unless all/any amounts owed to Cosmetronic for the said goods have been paid for in full, prior to any repairs. 3 - All extended warranty policies must be paid in full prior to dispatch of goods and will extend the above cover (No 1) by a further 2 or 4 years, to a maximum of 5 years including the first free year. 4 - Before returning any product to Cosmetronic UK Ltd for repair or replacement you must first: - Endeavour to establish cause of product fault (e.g.. check fuses etc.). - Notify Cosmetronic of any fault development within 24 hrs of its occurrence. - Contact a member of our technical service dept (95% of faults can be rectified over the telephone). - Obtain an RMA (return material authorisation) from a member of Cosmetronic. - Package the goods to include all parts or accessories received with that item. - Any item received incomplete for repair will be made complete and all relevant parts charges added to repair. - Pack the goods to be returned in sufficient packaging as to prevent any damage occurring in transit, as Cosmetronic will not be held liable for damage to products due to insufficient packaging. - Clearly address the returned goods with our full postal address and RMA code. 5 - All goods returned to Cosmetronic without the correct RMA authorisation will be refused. 6 - No goods will automatically be replaced, when the faulty item can be repaired within a reasonable time span (except items deemed unserviceable on arrival). Goods will be replaced at the discretion of Cosmetronic when it is deemed that all/any goods are beyond economic repair. Items of loan equipment may be given at the discretion of the management and subject to delivery/collection charges, together with a refundable deposit. 7 - Cosmetronic will not be held liable for any momentary lack of stock, or technical resource, or any other circumstance beyond its control that may delay any component replacement or repair. Cosmetronic will not be held liable for any special, incidental, consequential damages resulting from a breach of warranty, or under any other legal theory, including but not limited to loss of profit or good will, downtime, damage to or any products, treatments used in conjunction with its products. Purchase implies your acceptance of Cosmetronic terms & conditions. 8 - When our service department cannot determine any fault or malfunction with the goods returned, you may be liable for any administration and testing costs. 8a- When goods returned are not in a merchantable (dirty or unhygienic) condition, they will be made to merchantable quality again, and cleaning costs will be charged where necessary. 9 - All goods returned will be at the owner’s risk. Cosmetronic will not be held liable for any damage or loss to goods whilst in transit. 10 - Carriage costs are at the owners expense for both collection & return freight costs. All goods will be carried via Cosmetronic nominated couriers unless specified. Any goods in transit insurance required must be requested prior to collection/dispatch. 11 - No repaired goods will be released until any costs relevant to that repair (unless under warranty) have been settled in full, this will include all carriage/freight costs. 12 - Call out/on-site repairs will be carried out as soon as is physically possible and charged at a cost of £ POA. The charge is based on the original delivery address of the product when purchased. This charge is payable in full, prior to any on site attendance. This charge will not include travel expenses (fuel, parking, toll charges etc.) but, will include labour and the parts replacement of electrical or motorised mechanical components, to include electrical motors, foot control boxes, and system control boxes, but does not include optional extras such as Vibro or Thermo heat functions. The call out repair charge will not cover items deemed as natural “wear & tear” such as upholstery etc. The call out charge will not cover damage by accident, misuse, or misapplication, or if the product has been modified without permission. Any serial numbers removed or displaced will also result in warranty invalidation. Proof of purchase will be required before any repairs carried out. 13 - Warranty call out, or on-site repairs, will be charged as per the prevailing rate (POA), terms and conditions, but will be refunded once established that any fault is covered under and within the warranty period and criteria.



F-903 Micro Current Machine User Guide


F-903 Micro Current Machine User Guide