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USER GUIDE Model F-805

Galvanic Machine

INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE F-805 Galvanic Machine For Single or Double Roller Version Galvanic Machines

Instructions for treatment . Theory Galvanic current is a direct current, which causes a chemical change in the tissues by reacting with the sodium chloride salts in the body. Galvanism uses two electrodes both applied to the client’s body, one strapped on or held by the client and the other in contact with the client by means of the therapist moving it across the skin. The electrodes have a specific polarity and a switch of a button on the machine can change that polarity. Within the galvanic treatment the electrodes act as poles, working to attract or repel the actively charged elements in the desincrustation or iontophoresis phase. General effects being deep cleansing and hydrating.

. General Usage NB: - If you have a twin roller machine with no earth bar, the black lead roller acts as your earth/indifferent bar (there is no need for the client to hold the earth bar, as current travels between the rollers) to maintain the circuit continuity. (1). Connect all the machine accessories before turning on the power. The Client should be holding the earth bar, prior to turning the power on and the therapist using the rollers or desincrustation attachments. (2). To change the polarity of the rollers, use the polarity switch to (+R) for postive current, or to (-G) for negative current. The skin should be cleansed prior to treatment to ensure the area is clean, which will increase the benefits of the galvanic treatment. Turn the electrode button to (+R), now the roller is positive while the indifferent bar (earth bar) is negative, or visa-versa. Then, using the desired product of your choice set the machine to the correct polarity for the skincare products and carry out the treatment phase according to your product brand training schedule. Generous application of the product will always ensure a good conductive circuit is made and maximum treatment results are achieved for your client (3). Power on the “IONOS”, and select the polarity setting and then turn the “I/Energy” to the minimum setting. You may then make contact on the skin with the rollers and start your treatment phase. You may then, as required, turn up the output slowly by adjusting the “I/Energy” to the appropriate intensity at which the client feels a mild tingling sensation. Once the client feels the tingling sensation, you should leave the machine setting at this level for the duration of the treatment. You may then smoothly slide the rollers over the skin, in the movements laid out by the skincare product supplier.

Caution and Contra-Indications NB: -After treatment, the rollers and/or indifferent/ earth pole must be cleaned (or sterilized) and dried thoroughly before its next use. Due care should be taken during cleaning or sterilizing of the attachments. This should be observed to prevent damage or a shortening of the attachments lifespan. (1) Some clients may feel a strong, or painful tingling sensation during initial phase of the treatment, which may be due to hypersensitivity to the current, or the machine output setting is incorrect. The output should be reduced immediately if the client feels any discomfort or more than a mild tingling sensation. Failure to reduce the output level or holding the rollers in one position may result in galvanic burns. (2) Prior to any electrical treatment any jewellry (including body piercing’s) must be removed. (3) Suitable galvanic (polarized) gels must be used with the machine at all times to achieve maximum results for your client, and maximum performance from the your machine. (4) In the course of using the roller/s, they should not be touched together, if any accidental contact between the rollers/earth bar happens, the instrument safety system will stop the current output to protect the client automatically. At this point, you will need to turn the “I/Energy” to its minimum position and restart it again, by turning off and then on, the power switch. You will then need to reset the out put you need too. (5) Each bar (LED) on the power display represents 0.1 of a Milliamp. The machine runs at a standard facial output of 0.8 to 0.85 milliamps. Should your client require, or the treatment you use require a stronger output, you may adjust the output setting to a maximum of 1.25 ma when all LED’s are lit. Should you try to increase the out put further than this, the safety cut out will engage and the machine will require restarting (as per step 4 above). (6) When powering off the instrument, ensure you turn off the “I/Energy” first, then the “IONOS” switch, to prevent any damage to your machine. (7) If only the power indicator lights when switching on the instrument, the “I/Energy” is in the stand-by status, but if the energy output lamp has no indication, you should switch off the “I/Energy” and restart it. (8) General contra-indications to electrical facial treatments: Allergy to metal/nickel Cancer Metal pins/plates Pregnancy Skin diseases Silicone implants Roaccutane (within last 12 months) Epilepsy Pacemaker Thrombosis/phlebitis Operations (within last 6 months) Hypersensitive/vascular skins

F-805 Overview Power level indicator Bar

Before switching on the machine, ensure the power output dial is turned fully to the left. The LED power indicator shows increments of 0.1 ma (milli-amp). The machine is preset to run at .8ma output for standard facial procedures. Should you wish to raise the output, the machine will rise to 1.25ma when all LED’s are lit. If the dial is turned pass the 1.25ma (max) setting, the auto safety cut out, will Switch the power output off automatically for safety, to prevent galvanic burns. The machine will require the output dial fully to the left, to restart after saftey mode. The machine should only be switched to the higher settings if the client is intolerant to current, or you are conducting treatments such as body desincrustation etc.

Machine will cut out when Maximum output is reached.


MAX Output


. +R

Polarity Switch + = Red LED - = Green LED



Power Level Dial



Power On/Off Switch

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F-805 Galvanic machine user guide  

F-805 Galvanic machine user guide