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INSTRUCTIONS FOR HIGH FREQUENCY F-803/804/806/812/815/816/817 Theory of High Frequency Electrotherapy High Frequency Electrotherapy instruments, generates a high speed vibrating current, which may convert to heat energy and kill bacteria. As the vibration frequency is too fast, it will not cause muscle shrinkage, yet will provide physical stimulation to the skin.

Function: a. b. c. d. e. f. g.

Accelerate blood circulation. Stimulate the glandular activity. Help the skin’s natural excretion and absorption process. Promote increased metabolism. Sanitize & ill bacteria Generate heat energy inside skin tissue. Help increase product penetration into the skin

Instructions First choose the required glass electrode pipe and insert to the output mouthpiece of the High Frequency handset, then connect to the machine in the appropriate output socket. Glass electrode selection is as follows: a. Mushroom-shape electrode ---- is used for large areas of skin: face, forehead, neck, etc. b. Oval-shape electrode ---- is used for medium area of skin: chin, etc. c. Pinpoint electrode ---- is used for small area of skin: nose, etc. d. Straight electrode ---- is used for indirect treatment.

Direct usages: a. You should hold the handle section of High Frequency handset (try not to touch glass electrode pipe with hands or metal objects), and turn “H/Energy” output dial to minimum. b. First power on “Hi-Frequency”, and turn “H/Energy” dial to minimum, then touch the body part that is to be treated with glass electrode, slowly adjust the “Hi-Frequency” button clockwise until a mild Hi-Frequency current will be felt. If the face is covered with product, move the glass electrode upward from client’s neck, slowly slide toward the chin, face, cheek, nose and forehead. In the course of treatment, you should slowly adjust the “H/Energy” to the appropriate intensity as required. c. As the skin tissue generates heat energy, it may comfort and calm the skin by directly using the High Frequency Electrotherapy, meanwhile it is a very useful tool as a sterilization method for killing bacteria on the skin. This is particularly applicable to oily and with acne skin.

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d. After treatment, slowly turn the “H/Energy” output dial to minimum, and power off the “High Frequency”, before taking away the glass electrode from the client’s skin.

Indirect use: Firstly let the client hold the straight glass electrode pipe, then power on the “High Frequency”, and gradually increase the “H/Energy” to the desired intensity. Then the facial treatment/massage may be carried out to the client’s needs, and during this process, the operator should not touch the glass electrode. The operator must power off the machine before taking away the glass electrode pole from the client. Indirect usages will accelerate and comfort the skin at the same time

Caution: a. The glass electrode will have a neon luminescence & crackle when it is in use, if the client has sensitivity, please reduce the energy output of Hi-Frequency. If the client still feels sensitivity, you may cover the face with a treatment gauze or piece of dry cotton cloth, but do not use synthetic fibre products, e.g. nylon. b. To preventing arc-ing, you should make contact with the skin on the minimum power setting, and slowly increase the Hi-Frequency output to the desired level. c. Before taking away the glass electrode from the skin, you must turn the “H/energy” dial to minimum, then power off the machine before lifting it away from the skin. d. When fitting/removing the glass electrode’s pipe, ensure you turn the “H/Energy” to minimum, and power off “H/Energy”, the machine before attempting. e. Glass electrodes must be kept clean and dry, and sterilized before, or after use.

. Warning! a.

b. c. d. e.

Clients are should not wear, or be in contact with any metal objects such as jewellry, during the High Frequency treatment. All such items must be removed prior to treatment. Avoid use on pregnant women and people with electrical implants, such as pacemakers etc. Any facial cream or product used in Hi-frequency electrotherapy treatment must not contain alcohol or spirit, due to danger of ignition. DO NOT touch the eyeball or surrounding area with the glass electrodes. DO NOT insert or touch the metal output socket of the Hi-frequency machine or handset whilst it is switched on.



High Frequency user guide for F803 & F817 machines

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