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Advanced Digital Brightening & Brush Peeling System

PREFACE Congratulations and thank you for purchasing the Brighten SK4 luxury treatment system. Your choice of machine is a reliable, safe and easy to use piece of professional salon equipment. The Brighten SK4 is designed for multi-purpose use, only by trained beauty or medical professionals. Although the machine is designed for multiple treatment use, it must never be used for any purpose other than its intended design limitations. It is important that you read and retain this user guide for future reference. Should you need to contact us regarding your purchase of this product at a future date, please make a note (in the space below) of the following information upon arrival, as this information will expedite any communication with us.

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Machine Basics Congratulations on your purchase of the SK4 Brighten machine. The machine is designed with the purpose of further improving the effects and treatment results of your Hydra-SK4™ machine. The notes below show the functions and operating procedures for your machine. This machine is designed for use by level 2 NVQ or above, therapists only. If you are in any doubts as to the functions or use of this machine please do not use, and contact your purchasing/training agent ASAP. Front View

a) SPRAY- this button operates the on/off function for the spray unit and is activated/deactivated by simply pressing. b) ROTARY BRUSH- this button operates the on/off function for the rotary brush handset and is activated/deactivated by simply pressing.

c) DIRECTION- this button changes the direction of travel for the rotary brush handset. Simply switch between clockwise and anticlockwise direction. NB:- This function is designed to give personal preference to your treatments, and to increase the lifespan of your brush/peel attachments. d) TIMER- these buttons are used to increase or decrease the time span of the treatment function selected.

e) ENERGY- these buttons are used to increase or decrease the intensity/speed of the function in use. In ‘spray’ mode, the buttons will dictate the spray (output) intensity, and in the ‘brush’ mode the buttons will dictate the ‘rotary (RPM or turning) speed’ of the brushing unit, which is used in conjunction with the ‘Direction’ button.

Machine Basics continued Rear View


Brush Handset


SPRAY port Simply connect the spray bottle ‘carrier pipe’ over the nozzle on the rear of the machine by pushing firmly onto the connector. NB:- if hard to do, lubricate (wet) machine connector edges before pushing pipe on to it. This procedure is the same for connection of the spray bottle/hose fitment.

BRUSH port To connect the brush peel handset, simply locate the Din plug by aligning the socket and pushing firmly into the machine until securely located, and then repeat at the brush handle/cable connection, by twisting on the BNC plug in a clockwise direction until secured.

Machine Basics Continued Power Fittings 1) Power ON/OFF switch (select as required) 2) Power Cable Socket (insert cable prior to mains connection) 3) Fuse Holder (can be found above mains cable socket. Should you system suffer loss of power, please check this safety fuse. 4) Serial Number (quote this number during any verbal or written correspondence with your supplying agent.

Functions The epidermis, or surface part of the skin we can see, is made up of ‘stratum’ or layers, of which there are 5 in total. It is the ‘Stratum Corneum’ at the surface of the skin, and it is this layer that brush peeling addresses. Brush peeling is a mechanical exfoliation process which removes the outer dead cells of the skin. The life cycle of these cells is around 28 days from the stratum germinativum or ‘basal layer’ through the other layers up until their arrival at the skins surface were they die and are naturally shed. The mechanical removal or ‘exfoliation’ of these cells by brush peeling encourages the skins metabolism to carry out this process more effectively. Along with stimulating the skin, it also increases the oxygenation of the skin, which would otherwise become ‘blocked’ with dead cells waiting to be shed, together with the pollution and dirt from modern daily life. Method 1. Plug the connector of brush handset to the correct socket on the side of the machine. Then choose the appropriate brush head for the client’s skin type and push on to the handset ensuring the spindle is correctly aligned. In general, delicate or dry skins need the ‘soft-bristle’ brush heads, whilst combination or oily skin types would require the ‘stiff- bristle’ brush heads. 2. Turn on the power button for the machine and the LCD will illuminate. The machine is then in its default standby mode with the direction of rotary brush set as “ ”. Choose your ‘direction’ by pressing the direction button. Next, press the “Start/Pause” button to start the rotary brush, you may then start the treatment. You may adjust the rotary speed as required once the motor is running. A moving ‘brush logo’ will be displayed on the LCD when the motor is running, and it will stop when the motor is switched off 3. Holding the handset with a firm grip, begin adjusting the ‘Energy’ buttons (- or +) to your required speed. Whilst conducting the brush peel treatment, speed should be chosen according to the skin type, skin sensitivity, client comfort and type of product being used. (E.g. a coarse grain exfoliant would require a lower speed than a smooth product type.)

4. After completion of the brush peeling treatment, remove the ‘brush head’ and leave it to soak in a soapy solution for 5 minutes. Then remove the brush head and thoroughly rinse to remove all product traces. Then sterilise by either immersion in a chemical steriliser or by use of a UVC cabinet for at least half an hour. 5. The brush head may also be kept sterile between treatments by being stored in a UVC cabinet or in an airtight sterile container immediately after sterilisation. (it should be noted that UVC storage will reduce the normal lifespan of brushes)

Effects ‘treatment enhancement’ 1. Ensure the facial/treatment area is thoroughly cleansed prior to brush peeling. 2. Use of the ‘steamer’ or hot towels to open the pores and soften the face/treatment area prior to brush peeling. 3. After finishing the brush peeling session, cleanse to ensure no product residue remains. Then tone the skin with the appropriate product from your chosen skin care range, followed by a light moisturiser (preferably with an SPF). CAUTION 1. Whilst the brush head is running, excessive pressure should be avoided as this may cause discomfort to your client and will damage the ‘bristle’ brush heads, by greatly reducing their lifespan. 2. Do not to use the brush peel unit with any acidic or alkaline based substances. 3. After each treatment, return the handset to its accessory holder on the trolley (after cleaning/sterilization). 4. Contra-indications: Anyone suffering from hyper-sensitivity, or has any known dermatological condition or broken skin (infectious or open wound), must not be treated with the brush peel unit due to possible cross infection issues. 5. If the client has any broken or damaged capillary vessels (or other skin injuries) are present, do not treat this area with the brush peel system. 6. After each treatment the brush heads used, must be cleaned and sterilised immediately to prevent any possible hygiene/cross-contamination issues. 7. The brush peel handset should not be used for prolonged periods to prevent the motor from overheating. You should never attempt to hold or change the ‘Brush Heads’ whilst the motor is turning.

General Usage NB:- The ‘SK4 Brighten™’ is to be used only by qualified and competent personnel, authorised by the purchaser, and warrants they shall indemnify Cosmetronic UK Ltd against such unauthorised use’s where possible, to include, but not be limited to the appropriate user/public liability insurance as required by your regional/country of use legislation. The ‘Brighten SK4™’ logo and machine are used, under license from Cosmetronic UK, as determined at the time of purchase. This machine is not to be used for treatments (or any part thereof) other than its designed and specified purpose, and is for use with nominated treatment products laid out by Cosmetronic UK Ltd. Failure to adhere to these user guidelines may result in your machine warranty and/or skincare product supply, being withdrawn By Cosmetronic UK Ltd. However, use outside these terms (with products/treatments not supplied by Cosmetronic UK Ltd) may be sort, and given by Cosmetronic UK Ltd, when received in writing and authorised by return, from an authorised member of Cosmetronic UK Ltd. These terms and conditions are specific to the purchase of the ‘Brighten SK4’ machine and treatment use as supplied by Cosmetronic UK. These terms & conditions are between you (the purchaser) and Cosmetronic UK Ltd (the supplier) and do not affect your statutory rights. The ‘Brighten SK4’ Machine is supplied with a 12 months warranty against mechanical and material defect from the date of purchase, when used as per the guidelines above. Failure to observe these user guidelines, or use outside of these terms will be deemed a breach of warranty terms and conditions, and will invalidate any/all warranties implied, as laid out in Cosmetronic UK Ltd Terms & Conditions (available on request).

Warranty Procedure 1 - The warranty on all Cosmetronic equipment is 12 months from the date of invoice and covers the products against defects in materials and workmanship, or component defect (Unless superseded by an extended warranty agreement). This warranty is non transferable and applies to the original purchaser only. 2 - No product repairs or component replacement will take place unless all/any amounts owed to Cosmetronic for the said goods have been paid for in full, prior to any repairs. 3 - All extended warranty policies must be paid in full prior to dispatch of goods and will extend the above cover (No 1) by a further 2 or 4 years, to a maximum of 5 years including the first free year. 4 - Before returning any product to Cosmetronic UK Ltd for repair or replacement you must first: - Endeavour to establish cause of product fault (e.g.. check fuses etc.). - Notify Cosmetronic of any fault development within 24 hrs of its occurrence. - Contact a member of our technical service dept (95% of issues can be rectified over the telephone). - Obtain an RMA (return material authorisation) from a member of Cosmetronic staff. - Package the goods to include all parts or accessories received with that item. - Any item received incomplete for repair will be made complete and all relevant parts charges added to repair. - Package the goods to be returned in ‘sufficient’ protective packaging to prevent any damage occurring in transit, as Cosmetronic will not be held liable for damage to products due to insufficient packaging. - Clearly address the returned goods with our full postal address and RMA code. 5 - All goods returned to Cosmetronic without the correct RMA authorisation will be refused. 6 - No goods will automatically be replaced, when the faulty item can be repaired within a reasonable time span (except items deemed unserviceable on arrival). Goods will be replaced at the discretion of Cosmetronic when it is deemed that all/any goods are beyond economic repair. Items of loan equipment may be given at the discretion of the management and subject to delivery/collection charges, together with a refundable deposit. 7 - Cosmetronic will not be held liable for any momentary lack of stock, or technical resource, or any other circumstance beyond its control that may delay any component replacement or repair. Cosmetronic will not be held liable for any special, incidental, consequential damages resulting from a breach of warranty, or under any other legal theory, including but not limited to loss of profit or good will, downtime, damage to or any products, treatments used in conjunction with its products. Purchase implies your agreement to, and therefore acceptance, of Cosmetronic UK Ltd terms & conditions. 8 - When our service department cannot determine any fault or malfunction with the goods returned, you may be liable for any administration and testing costs (including pre-testing cleaning/sterilisation). 8a- When goods returned are not in a merchantable (dirty or unhygienic) condition, they will be made to merchantable quality again, and cleaning costs will be charged where necessary. 9 - All goods returned will be at the owner’s risk. Cosmetronic will not be held liable for any damage or loss to goods (or consequential loss) whilst in transit. 10 - Carriage costs are at the owners expense for both collection & return freight costs. All goods will be carried via Cosmetronic nominated couriers unless specified, and you will be bound by these couriers’ term & conditions of carriage. Any goods in transit insurance required must be requested prior to collection/dispatch. 11 - No repaired goods will be released until all costs relevant to that repair (unless covered under warranty) have been settled in full, this will include all relevant carriage charges or freight costs. 12 - Call out/on-site repairs will be conducted as soon as is physically possible after your request, and charged at a cost of £POA. The charge will be based on the original delivery address of the product when purchased. This charge is payable in full, prior to any on site attendance. This ‘on-site’ charge will not include travel expenses or any extraneous costs (fuel, parking, toll charges etc, incurred) but, will include labour and the parts replacement of electrical or motorised mechanical components, to include electrical motors, foot control boxes, and system control boxes, but does not include optional extras such as Vibro or Thermo heat functions. The call out repair charge will not cover any items deemed as natural “wear & tear” such as upholstery etc. The call out charge will not cover damage by accident, misuse, or misapplication, or if the product has been modified without permission. Any serial numbers removed or displaced will also result in warranty invalidation. Proof of purchase will be required before any repairs carried out. 13 - Warranty call out, or on-site repairs, will be charged as per the prevailing rate (POA), terms and conditions, and no labour or parts costs will be charged once established that any fault is covered under and within the warranty period and criteria.

SK4 Brighten machine  

Brightening and exfoliation, with vacuum and spray capability.

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