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USER GUIDE A-30 Series Ozone Steamer With Herbs & Essential Oil Facility

PREFACE Congratulations and thank you for purchasing your A30 series Aroma-zone and herbal steamer. Your choice of Steamer is a reliable, safe and easy to use piece of professional salon equipment. The A30 series steamers are designed for multi-purpose treatment use by trained beauty or medical professionals. Although the steamer is designed for multiple treatment use, it must never be used for any purpose other than its intended design limitations. It is important that you read and retain this user guide for future reference. Should you need to contact us regarding your purchase of this product at a future date, please make a note (in the space below) of the following information upon arrival of your steamer, as this information will expedite any communication with us regarding your purchase.

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A30 SERIES FACIAL STEAMER Function 1. To soften the skin & necrotic cells prior to cleansing in any subsequent treatments. 2. Opening up the skin pore’s for deep cleansing & drawing debris to the surface. 3. Steam vapour- penetrates deep into the pores and aids the breakdown of grease, black-heads, make-up remnants as well as daily dirt and atmospheric pollution. 4. Steam vapour helps the skin to effectively release natural toxins. 5. Steam vapour helps to soften wrinkles prior to treatment. 6. Increase blood circulation, moisten the skin, improves metabolism and skin renewal. 7. Helps to treat acne, port wine stains, brighten and nourish the skin when used with herbs. 8. Introduce aromatherapy herbs or essential oil in to a treatment for therapeutic effect.

Features This steamer has a ABS toughened plastic casing; a double sheeted insulated base, and toughened Plexi-water container and a copper vapour pipe. This makes for a compact and durable unit with a pleasant design. The unit’s components contain as few as possible metal components to avoid rusting, and where possible copper or aluminium is used as these will not rust, therefore preventing foreign matter from entering the water or steam unintentionally. The Steam nozzle is fully adjustable, and independently moveable on the steamer arm. The steamer is equipped with an easy to operate control panel with a minimum of functions. The steamer has thermostatic water level detector. The unit will automatically cut-out, to prevent damage by ‘overheating’ should the unit be left unattended or ‘runs dry’.

Assembly Firstly remove the steamer from its transportation packaging, including the cellophane hygiene bags. Take the plastic water vessel from its packaging and ensure the rubber water seal is fitted to the rim of the jar (or insert into steamer housing). It is advisable to wash the new water vessel thoroughly with clean water only prior to its first use. You should then assemble the steamer ‘roller base’ unit by attaching each ‘leg and wheel’ assembly into the main ‘star’ shaped base component. Once all five arms are fitted, take the chromed steel steamer tube from the polystyrene protective packaging and insert into the main upright tube housing. Next place ‘upright’ tube assembly into the roller base section and then turn upside down. Next; insert the mounting bolt through the washers supplied and tighten the retaining nut until it is as tight as can be, using the supplied spanner. Once the base is assembled, do not adjust the height of the base upright, until after the steamer is fitted into the main tube holder to ensure the pole does not accidently ‘spring out’ and cause injury. Then mount the steamer to the roller base mounting point by aligning the tube of the base unit into the receiving hole of the steamer. Next mount the water vessel into its housing point around the heater element ensuring a snug fit before twisting to tightening the vessel into place. Once all of the previous steps have been done, take the power supply lead and insert it into the power supply socket on the rear of the steamer. Once the steamer is plugged in, then insert the mains plug to the wall power socket. Do not switch on the mains power until the unit has been filled and is ready for use, to prevent any chance of accidental water spillage over the steamer whilst live at the mains.

Application Using the A30 aroma-zone herb & essential oil steamer 1. To fill, you can remove the filler cap and herb case, then pour the distilled water into the water container to the correct level, or you can remove the water vessel and replace after filling.(always ensure the arm is in the upright position during filling, to prevent water entering the arm, as this can cause spitting). 2. The water level should be between the max and min limit displayed side of the jar. 3. For conducting herbal treatments, remove the herb pot from the filler housing and place a small amount of herbs (small pinch) in the metal dish at the bottom of the herb pot. Then replace the herb pot and the filler cap. Special care should be taken to ensure nothing (any herbs) gets into the water supply as any ‘contaminate’ in the water will cause splitting and may result in injury. 4. Switch on the “VAPOR” button. The machine starts to heat and will produce steam vapour in approx 5 mins. Never start the steamer without water, always ensure the water level is within the safe limits marked on the outside of the water vessel. 5. Switch on the ‘OZONE’ button if required --- The green lamp turns on. --- Ozone light operates. --- There is an ozone smell in the vapor along with a distinct increase in atomization. Notes During operation the water level will drop to the ‘minimum limit’. Once reached, the machine will automatically turn off the heater element and prevent use of the steamer whilst it contains no water. Once the water level has been refilled between the required levels (it may take a few seconds for the element temperature to drop enough for the ‘safety cut-out’ to reset), repress the ‘VAPOR’ button on again to proceed with the re-starting of the steamer. Once your treatment is concluded, switch off the VAPOR button and the machine is then in its ‘stand-by’ mode and ready for its next use.

Method 1. Remove the filler cap and herb pot; pour distilled water into the water container. The water level should be filled between the “MAX”& “MIN” level displayed on the jar. To use herbs for treatment, remove the filler cap and take out the herb ‘cage & jar’, place a small amount of herbs into the metal tray in the cage, then replace the herb cage and filler cap. Special care should be taken to ensure nothing (any herbs) gets into the water supply as ‘any contaminate’ in the water will cause splitting and may result in injury. 2. Plug in and switch on mains supply 3. Turn the “vapour” button on. --- “vapour light” illuminates to indicate it is on. --- The heater element starts to work. --- In about approx 5-6 minutes, steam vapor will come out from the arm nozzle. 4. Turn on the “ozone” switch (if desired) ---“ozone light” turns on. --- ozone light illuminates and starts working. --- You will notice an obvious ozone smell and an increase vapor atomization. During the working process, water in the cup will drop as the vapor sprays out constantly. When the water level reaches the low limit, please switch off the “VAPOR” button firstly, and then switch off the power supply. Then, remove the filler cap & herb cage after the vapor stops, using a cloth or towel. Refill with distilled water to the correct level- switch on and resume operation. After the working time is reached, switch off the “steam” and the unit will be in standby ready for its next use.

Treatment suggestions

Skin types (recommendation)



Greasy skin, poor blood circulation

35-40 cm

Normal skin

35-40 cm

“ 10 min

Sensitive skin, dry skin


“ 5 min

Capillary vessel expansion, UV inflammation


“ 5 min


15 min

CAUTION (during use) 1. Should height adjustment be required, you should tightly hold the stand pipe of the unit with one hand, then twist the tightening nut with another hand. Ensure the steamer is switched off during any adjustments, and is not pointing at you or anyone else, so as to prevent injury. 2. The water vessel gets very ‘HOT’ never touch with bare hands during use. 3. When installing/fitting the water container, do not fasten the container too tightly, over tightening may damage the rubber ‘jar seal’ or the locating thread and shorten its lifespan. Over tightening may cause cracking of the water jar, and possible damage to the heater element. 4. The water level should be filled between the “MAX” & “MIN” level displayed on the side of the water vessel during use. Incorrect levels may result in injury. 5. When adding water via the filler cap, always unplug the unit from the mains supply. Although water-tight, care should be taken to avoid spillage and prevent leakage into the steamer housing and possible electrical shorting of the device. 6. If steam or water leakage is visible from any place other than the arm nozzle, switch off the “POWER” button immediately, and disconnect from the mains power supply. Then remove the water container and check to ensure rubber seal is seated properly, and then reinstall it. Also check the main filler cap housing to ensure the seal is correctly fitted. If nothing has improved, please consult your sales agent. 7. When operating the steamer, the nozzle must not be aimed at client’s face until the vapor has begun to spray out continuosly and evenly, keeping a minimum distance of 45 cm from the face. The vapour should be sprayed between the client’s decollete, to the top of the face/hairline. 8. Since the ozone (when used) kills skin bacteria, it is not recommended for use over a prolonged period of time, the usage times should be according to the client skin types (see chart). 9. During continuous use, when water level falls below the ‘low’ limit, the following will occur:-

The steamer should automatically turn off the heater element and will not restart until the element has cooled and the water vessel has been refilled to the prescribed fill level. Then repress the ‘VAPOR’ button on to proceed with normal operation. NEVER attempt to use the steamer with no water in the vessel, as damage may occur to the unit. 10. The steamer/machine should only be used with an earth grounded mains supply.

WARNING Do not use any substance other than distilled water in your steamer unit water vessel, doing so will change the way the boiling process occurs and any ‘contamination’ will cause the steamer unit to spit or spray scalding water. Due care should be taken when using essential oils or herbs, so as not to contaminate the water used for steaming, as injury’s may occur from accidental or negligent contamination during use. 1. NEVER point the vapour jet directly down onto the client’s face, as scalding may occur. 2. NEVER use the steamer unit in humid or unvented environments, such wet rooms or bathrooms etc. To prevent damage to the electrical components of your unit. 3. NEVER use the steamer outside, exposure to the elements will cause damage. 4. NEVER attempt to open the steamer casing/housing yourself as it contains no user serviceable components. Always consult a qualified technician, or for further information contact your sales agent for advice on returns and repairs.

Maintenance It is advisable to clean your steamer at least once a week, preferably to also include descaling of the water heater element. Once the steamer unit is cold the water vessel should be removed and filled with the appropriate descaling/water solution and left to stand overnight. Then remove the water vessel and rinse with clean water to expel any descaling agent residue. Then refill with water and run the steamer through a minimum of two run cycles, to remove any remaining residue from the steamer unit. Then remove the water vessel and rinse as before. Refill with water and you are then ready for use. Failure to remove all descaling residue may result in ‘spitting’ of the steamer. If this occurs, simply repeat the rinse and refill proceedure until the issue is resolved. Although the steamer unit has an automatic low level cut out system. It is advisable to regularly check the water level during operation. By pre-empting the activation of the safety cut out, you will extend both the time between cleaning, and also the longevity of the steamers heater element. Failure of the heater element due to incorrect operation or from lack of cleaning will invalidate your product warranty.

Product information Name

Aromazone Facial Steamer

Item no. Rated working Voltage (regional) Rated working Frequency Rated working power

A-30 AC 100-130V

AC 220-240V


60Hz 700W

Warranty Procedure 1 - The warranty on all Cosmetronic equipment is 12 months RTB (return to base) from the date of invoice and covers the products against defects in materials and workmanship or component defect (Unless superseded by an extended warranty agreement). This warranty is non transferable and applies to the original purchaser only. 2 - No product repairs or component replacement will take place unless all/any amounts owed to Cosmetronic for the said goods have been paid for in full, prior to any repairs. 3 - All extended warranty policies must be paid in full prior to dispatch of goods and will extend the above cover (No 1) by a further 2 or 4 years, to a maximum of 5 years including the first free year. 4 - Before returning any product to Cosmetronic UK Ltd for repair or replacement you must first: - Endeavour to establish cause of product fault (e.g.. check fuses etc.). - Notify Cosmetronic of any fault development within 24 hrs of its occurrence. - Contact a member of our technical service dept (95% of faults can be rectified over the telephone). - Obtain an RMA (return material authorisation) from a member of Cosmetronic. - Package the goods to include all parts or accessories received with that item. - Any item received incomplete for repair will be made complete and all relevant parts charges added to repair. - Pack the goods to be returned in sufficient packaging as to prevent any damage occurring in transit, as Cosmetronic will not be held liable for damage to products due to insufficient packaging. - Clearly address the returned goods with our full postal address and RMA code. 5 - All goods returned to Cosmetronic without the correct RMA authorisation will be refused. 6 - No goods will automatically be replaced, when the faulty item can be repaired within a reasonable time span (except items deemed unserviceable on arrival). Goods will be replaced at the discretion of Cosmetronic when it is deemed that all/any goods are beyond economic repair. Items of loan equipment may be given at the discretion of the management and subject to delivery/collection charges, together with a refundable deposit. 7 - Cosmetronic will not be held liable for any momentary lack of stock, or technical resource, or any other circumstance beyond its control that may delay any component replacement or repair. Cosmetronic will not be held liable for any special, incidental, consequential damages resulting from a breach of warranty, or under any other legal theory, including but not limited to loss of profit or good will, downtime, damage to or any products, treatments used in conjunction with its products. Purchase implies your acceptance of Cosmetronic terms & conditions. 8 - When our service department cannot determine any fault or malfunction with the goods returned, you may be liable for any administration and testing costs. 8a- When goods returned are not in a merchantable (dirty or unhygienic) condition, they will be made to merchantable quality again, and cleaning costs will be charged where necessary. 9 - All goods returned will be at the owner’s risk. Cosmetronic will not be held liable for any damage or loss to goods whilst in transit. 10 - Carriage costs are at the owner’s expense for both collection & return freight costs. All goods will be carried via Cosmetronic nominated couriers unless specified. Any goods in transit insurance required must be requested prior to collection/dispatch. 11 - No repaired goods will be released until any costs relevant to that repair (unless under warranty) have been settled in full, this will include all carriage/freight costs. 12 - Call out/on-site repairs will be carried out as soon as is physically possible and charged at a cost of £ POA. The charge is based on the original delivery address of the product when purchased. This charge is payable in full, prior to any on site attendance. This charge will not include travel expenses (fuel, parking, toll charges etc.) but, will include labour and the parts replacement of electrical or motorised mechanical components, to include electrical motors, foot control boxes, system control boxes but does not include optional extras such as Vibro or Thermo heat functions. The call out repair charge will not cover items deemed as natural “wear & tear” such as upholstery etc. The call out charge will not cover damage by accident, misuse, or misapplication, or if the product has been modified without permission. Any serial numbers removed or displaced will also result in warranty invalidation. Proof of purchase will be required before any repairs carried out. 13 - Warranty call out, or on-site repairs, will be charged as per the prevailing rate (POA), terms and conditions, but will be refunded once established that any fault is covered under and within the warranty period and criteria.

A30 Steamer  

Entry level steamer with ozone and aromatherapy facilities via use of hers or essential oils