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Sexual Indifference- Is Your Partner Cheating? Why Doesn’t He Want Sex Anymore? Does sexual indifference mean he’s cheating? Men want sex. He’s always wanted you before. You have the sexiest woman you’ve ever met. But lately she just never feels well enough. Are these warning signs of a cheating spouse? Let’s face it, after the initial bloom of new love wears off, there’s got to be some slowing down of the hungry lust for each other’s bodies, right? Well, no, that’s not really true. If you’ve had a satisfying sexual chemistry and even if you’d fallen into somewhat of a routine, you still placed importance on finding the time and energy for that crucial bonding aspect of your relationship; physical intimacy. Now there’s a change, and suddenly you begin wondering if maybe you relationship is in trouble. Does lack of interest in sex signal a possible affair? The truth is, even if you’re the one who hasn’t been the main initiator of sex, the thought of him going elsewhere for it is like a blow to the stomach. How can you tell if he’s really just feeling stressed at the office or if she really has a bad headache again? Check your radar for other tell-tale signs of trouble; 1. Less closeness, less intimate conversation 2. Jumpier, tenser behavior overall 3. More defensive or snappy behavior 4. More criticizing or nit-picking 5. More nagging or blaming 6. More secrecy, more protectiveness when it comes to personal records and objects (purses, briefcases, cell phones, computers

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7. Changes in dress, appearance or demeanor, for the better, but excluding you 8. Sudden and unexplained involvement in new hobbies 9. Sudden preoccupation 10. Becomes interested in new music, new foods, new activities that seem totally independent of you and isn’t shared with you — or is forced on you 11. More or less attentiveness 12. More or less gift-giving 13. Guilty body language 14. Anger or offense if you question anything suspicious There are some other warning signs: 1. He suddenly starts doing his own laundry 2. She stops discussing her day at the office 3. She suddenly stops mentioning her ‘special friend’ at the office 4. You find birth control devices that don’t make sense, like condoms even though you’ve had a vasectomy 5. He’s gotten a new, separate cell phone account 6. Suddenly she shuts down her computer screen when you walk in 7. He mumbles low on the phone, turns his back to you, hangs up or finished his conversation suddenly in an exaggeratedly casual way Now, also be honest with yourself. Have you been an attentive sexual partner? Have you tried to share his or her fantasies and enthusiasm for sex? While it’s certainly possible, even likely he’s having an affair; sometimes the answer takes more soul-searching. Sex is intimate. Of course. But the sharing of sex is sharing on a deep level that exposes our fears, weaknesses, needs and kinks. Visit To Catch A Cheating Spouse Or Partner 

If you’ve rejected or criticized his sexual fantasies and refused to live the out with him, or if you’ve stopped making her feel safe, appreciated and cherished in other areas of your lives together, your partner may simply shut down and turn off. Whatever the cause (cheating or other problems in your relationship), it won’t go away on its own. Try to be mature, address the issue, and if needed don’t be afraid to enlist professional help. The survival of your marriage is at stake.

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Sexual Indifference- Is Your Partner Cheating