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How to Deal With a Cheating Spouse CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT HOW TO CATCH A CHEATING PARTNER Upon learning that your spouse has been having an illicit affair with someone, you are forced to face two roads before you. One road leads to total freedom, a life where you live on your own terms free from your partner. The other road is one where trust is restored and the marriage is back to normal. If you decide to leave your spouse for good, you must realize that that decision is final. There would be lots of counseling and law involved. And you will spend considerable time mending your broken heart before you can finally move on. There must be a moment of clarity before you decide to go down this road. If, on the other hand, you have it in you to hold on to the relationship, then you must device a plan on how to deal with your cheating spouse. It is not easy to confront people objectively, but it must be done in order to resolve things and put closure to what happened. Here are some steps that would help you effectively deal with this situation: 1. Before setting up the meeting, make sure you have covered all possible areas of argument. Do you have enough evidence to show to your partner? Can you hold yourself and not break down when your spouse starts getting overdramatic? Have you laid your plans on how to get the marriage back on track? By being conscientious about what you will say during the confrontation, you can say you have won half the battle. 2. Choose a place and time where there will be little interruption. Privacy is very important for conversations like this. Your home is an ideal battleground, just make sure the kids are away and are not running around while the two of you are talking. 3. Drop the bomb during the first three minutes into the confrontation. Don’t go cutesy and say that you know about the affair right away. Be as calm and composed as possible, but also make sure that your anger and disillusionment is coming through. You must send the message that you are extremely disappointed and heartbroken but that you are willing to work it out. 4. If your partner starts blabbering about it, let him or her talk. Once your partner is done, tell him or her that there is no excuse for what he or she has done.

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5. Be firm about your expectations. Don’t compromise nor settle for anything less. Tell your spouse that this list of expectations must be met if you are to start working on the relationship. 6. Ask if your spouse is still seeing the other person. If the affair is still ongoing, be very clear that you want it to end once and for all. Tell your spouse you cannot move forward unless the affair has been properly put to rest. 7. Learn to forgive. It is only through forgiveness that you can move things forward. A heart filled with resentment is not capable to love. Once you have secured your partner’s commitment and sincerity, be ready to forgive and forget.

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How to Deal With a Cheating Spouse