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Issue 166 | August / September 2012

It’s time...

Also inside Pub News • PBF 2012 Guide Gigs Guide • Local Brewery Update and more!

Peterborough & District Branch of CAMRA |

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Chairman’s Corner

Chairman’s Corner | 3


don’t think we need to write an introduction for this issue of BAE. A great deal of it has all the information about this year’s annual Peterborough Beer Festival, held as usual on The Embankment in the city.

Visitors please take note! We have changed the layout back to its original plan, allowing visitors to walk all the way around the site. A slightly smaller length in the marquees is the result of our reduced budget but, you will hardly notice the difference. We have looked at the pricing structure and revised admission prices - downwards! Payment for glass hire is again separate from admission payment. These changes are in response to the many comments made over the last two years from our visitors, proving that we do listen to our customers. All we need now is for you to come along and sample some of the 350 odd different ales, as well as ciders, perries, bottled beers and home produced wines. Oh and maybe if you could bring a little sunshine or even dry weather with you, we would be eternally grateful. Now the England football team may not have come out on top of the Euro championships but, England does top the pile in another aspect. This is not a welcome championship that drinkers rave about. I refer to the highest proportion of tax that drinkers in this country pay on their pints, in comparison to the other Euro 2012 competitors. A whopping 55p on every pint is taken in tax here, with only Sweden (47p) and Ireland (39p) anywhere near our figure. English fans going to Ukraine only forked out 4p a pint in tax and, 12p in Poland. These figures don’t take in to account any additional VAT or any other tax levied on beer. So whilst enjoying your pint of ale at PBF this year, remember that half of the cost of it goes to the government coffers. We will be asking our visitors to sign CAMRA’s E-Petition to get the

government to scrap the Duty Escalator that automatically increases duty tax on beer every Budget. It will be positioned on our Information and Membership stand. Don’t leave without signing up! It costs you nothing but could save you a great deal in years to come.

A note of congratulations must go to our neighbouring branch in Rutland who have produced their first Newsletter. Named appropriately “The Tiny Pint”, the first issue appeared recently with, hopefully, four seasonal issues planned. The Rutland branch members were, until about four years ago, part of our Peterborough and District branch. A few like-minded souls decided it was time to make a stand for the pubs within the smallest county in England. A sub-branch was formed with our blessing, although placed under the Leicester branch. Last year, at the Rutland branch’s first Beer Festival, they were granted full branch status. The County of Rutland branch can now truly live up to the motto Multum-inParvo (Much-in-Little). All the details about PBF 2012 are in this issue. Hope to see you there! Cheers folks. David Murray - Branch Chairman.

ARE YOU MISSING OUT? Only the beer-stained copy left?

Get Beer Around Ere delivered to your door! For a year (6 issues) send a £3.30 for second class or £3.90 for 1st Class cheque/PO payable to “Peterborough CAMRA” and your address to:Daryl Ling, 19 Lidgate Close, Orton Longueville Peterborough PE2 7ZA Peterborough Branch Website |

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Pub News Around ‘Ere

t’s always nice to start with a bit of good news, so congratulations to Bruce and Denise of the Letter B in Whittlesey on being voted Cambridgeshire Pub of the Year. I’m sure there’ll be a bit of a write up elsewhere in this mag so this is just a brief thumbs up from Mr Pubs Officer. In the last issue I mentioned that the Palmerston Arms has a new man behind the bar. Ian Benton has only been in the place a few months and already the place is transformed from the barely inhabited boozer, home only to a lone drinker crying into his Oakham Inferno. It was my pleasure to drag myself, a Texan Membership Secretary and our long suffering wives down Oundle Rd on a recent Bank Holiday to sample the pub and what it had to offer. Not only ales in abundance in tip top condition and quality nibbles but also a blues band to add to the atmosphere. Standing room only? I should say so. Music seems to be a common thread here with a bit of acoustic Irish music on Sundays to accompany your post lunch pint. Alarm bells started ringing however when I noticed a request for ukulele players to come and have a practice in the pub. Must be worth a look if you're interested but the thought of a pub full of George Formby impressionists may be too much for mortal man to take.

Tales from Park Street…. While we’re in Woodston an update is in order regarding the curious world of the scotch egg. As we all know the centre of the Universe regarding said delicacies is the Coalheaver’s Arms. Not content with providing nuts and crisps from well known suppliers, Tom the landlord appears to be in league with Lucifer and uses alchemy to create mysterious items in his kitchen. As far as I know the scotch egg should contain sausage meat and probably an egg but Tom is not content with such pedestrian ingredients so we now have a new

variety almost daily. Having a quick flick through my ‘scotch egg’ diary (doesn’t everyone have one of these?) over the last few months I can see that Tom has offered regulars the following….Saag (spinach, garlic, ginger, cumin and chilli), Tikka, Chilli Con Carne Jumbo eggs, Spicy Satay, Herby Mozzarella, Rogan Josh, Egg Wellington (the humble egg encased in a layer of pate then wrapped in Lincolnshire sausage meat), Haggis & Whisky, Cheese and Onion and Springbok & Pesto. All of these exotic recipes have been a mere preamble to the ultimate in scotch eggs...... ’The Full English’ with added bacon, baked beans, mushroom and a cornflake crust. He’s gone completely mad, mad, mad I tell you… Something not worth whittling about The Whittle Way in Stanground has now been awarded Cask Marque and has four handpumps if required. Steve, our landlord who’s been here for about five years, only puts on enough ales to keep them in good nick so usually about 2 at any one time but his band of ale drinkers is getting larger. The Tim Taylor Landlord went down extremely well on my visit and I’ll be back for more sometime soon. So what activities go on at the pub then? Well, quite a lot it seems. Darts on Monday, Tuesday is poker night, Wednesday is domino night, and Thursdays can get a bit busy when the pool team and the ladies darts are both at home. Steve would also like it known that the pub is on the look out for brave souls (or soles) to take part in a fire walking event in aid of Little Heroes Children’s Cancer Charity. I can assure all those who will be worrying about burnt feet and blisters that strolling over hot coals is quite safe. I speak with some authority on the subject as I did it a few months ago for the Lee Groome Fund at the Dragon in Werrington. You can read the full painful account in a previous BAE! I have suffered absolutely no ill effects from the event although I

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do speed up a bit when passing the charcoal briquettes in B & Q. Ploughman Pub safe (for the time being) It would seem that Tesco have called a temporary halt to their ambitious plans to demolish the award winning community pub the Ploughman in Werrington. Landlord Andy Simmonds was recently seen sporting a smug grin after having his lease extended for 3 more years. Was it the massive campaign that the pub instigated which changed their mind? Who knows, but it’s good news anyway. An additional feather in the cap of the Simmospoons empire is the news that both the Dragon and the ‘Mothership’ (the Ploughman) have been awarded community gongs for their good works. All good stuff. A pub not so lucky is the Royal Oak in Walton. Plans to build houses on the plot had been granted several years ago and the pub has been boarded up ever since. It’s only in the last week that the bulldozers have finally moved in and flattened the place. Inevitable but sad all the same. I see that the Vine in Coates near Whittlesey has been put up for sale by Chas Wells. Whether this is for sale as a development site or not is unknown at present. The Stars in March has new tenants direct from the Coach House in St Neots and they have already added a guest beer to the Greene King IPA & Abbot. As trade increases so will the range of real ales and the pub will also return to its original name of the Seven Stars very soon. The Crown in Elton has had a bit of a makeover although no full report has been forthcoming. The quality of both the food and ale in here has always been excellent and I assume that this will continue to be paramount. The Chequers in Orton Wistow is going to be a Tesco Express, hurrah! For all those hoping to object to planning permission, tough luck, it isn’t needed as you can convert a pub to a supermarket without it. It would seem that it’s not only

14 Ever-changing Real Ales available every week! For live music and events please see our Facebook page Palmerston Arms Opening Times: Mon - Thurs 15.00 - 23.00 Friday - Saturday 12.00 - 00.00 Sunday 12.00 - 22.30

82 Oundle Rd, Peterborough PE2 9PA

Tel: 01733 565865 pubs that bite the dust either. On a recent visit to Bournemouth I witnessed a Tesco Express in a church! What an inspirational idea….keeping the Pinot Grigio in the font to keep it cool. Tesco will now continue to take over the world and the process should be complete by 2014. Sporting Types I’m glad that the recent beer festival at Peterborough Town Sports Club in Bretton / Westwood was a massive success. Organiser of the event Mick Daykin summarised the gig for me which saves me the effort of typing it myself... ‘We ended up with 22 local real ales including Brewster’s Eurogeddon, brewed for the Euro Football plus two Weston Ciders. The live music on Friday and Saturday went down well as did the cricket, hockey, squash and tennis tournaments. Over 1,500 pints were sold and £300 was raised for Macmillan Nurses through the sale of Festival Glasses. Mick would like to thank individual and team sponsors plus

Continued Overleaf

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29 North Street, Stanground. PE2 8HR. Tel 01733 753544 Friendly village pub with riverside mooring. Large garden • Dogs welcome • Open all day

nday 12th August Friday 10th - Su E SOUTHWEST BEERS FROM TH

e and Ciders. 8 Real Ales outsid Live Music igh Rollers Duo Fri 10th - 9pm H Dizzy Miss Lizzys e Th Sat 11th - 9pm ons pm The Jazz Pige Sunday 12th - 4.30


Food served: Tues to Sun 12.00 until 2.30pm, Mon to Sat 6pm to 9pm. Quiz night Sundays - cash prizes.

ANNUAL CHARITY DAY SUNDAY 12 AUGUST FROM NOON Lots of games, stalls, tombolas, raffle, BBQ - in aid of ‘Sailability’ and ‘Free Kicks’ charities.

Blue Bell

at Maxey Traditional Free House

• CAMRA Gold Award Winners 2005 • CAMRA Pub of the Year 2006 • Cambs Pub of the Year 2007 •

Now with NINE Real Ales including Fullers ESB and London Pride, at least one Oakham Ale and SIX ever-changing quality guest ales Club & special event buffets on request Real fires in winter, always a friendly welcome!

High Street, Maxey, Peterborough PE6 9EE Tel: 01778 348182

BAE 166 Prog_Layout 1 18/07/2012 13:33 Page 7 Pub News continued | 7 the lads for sleeping over for four nights guarding valuable beer! Anyone interested in providing sponsorship for next year please get in touch.’

The right to reply In the last issue it was suggested by a correspondent that the branch had a policy of ignoring pubs which have a restricted entry policy. We in Peterborough don’t have such a policy, although there’s probably something in the head office master plan requiring us to omit such pubs from beer guides and other publications, but we tend to ignore such things anyway. So what has raised this issue? Our correspondent believes that we have ignored the Old John Clare in Paston because there is a ‘Members Only’ sign on the door and a key fob entry. I can assure everybody that we have no issue with Mr Simon King who owns the place or his policy of denying access to some of the pond life who frequented the place in a previous existence. Thanks to Mr King the real ales are superb and he has enough well behaved customers to keep 4 handpumps in more or less constant use. Entry is of course available to other drinkers provided they are house trained and of a respectable appearance. As a final note I have mentioned the pub in this mag on at least 3 previous occasions. This is probably the fourth. June 21st, longest day, jobs done and beer in the Hand & Heart A day off on the longest day should perhaps have inspired me to great things but life and days off don’t always fulfil their promises. But a day off is a day off and we have to make the most of these small slivers of freedom away from the coal face. As it turned out Mrs Pubs Officer, ever vigilant of idle hands, had supplied me with a ‘to do’ list which diverted my day somewhat. With uncustomary enthusiasm I leapt into action and set about the offending list at the speed of a racing snake. By mid afternoon, appointments had been kept, family members delivered to various places, a bit of hoovering done in a half arsed blokey sort

of way and a sit down with a fluffy coffee and Hobnob was called for. So all was progressing well and the idea of a pint in a sunny beer garden could only be just over the Dogsthorpe horizon. So what about the weather? On the longest day of the year you would’ve expected the sun to be in evidence. Where were all the birds that should have been tweeting around me? I can only assume they were doing it online through Twitter to keep out of the appalling weather. As is so often the case with complex systems, summer had failed to download and I was looking at a damp and overcast error message. With my spirits under a storm cloud there was only one thing for it. Go to the pub regardless. The Hand & Heart is not too distant from Chez Pubs Officer and a 10 minute jaunt on the bike sees me propping up the bar with a golden beer in hand. It’s been a while since I mentioned the Hand & Heart, as was made acutely apparent to me as Bram pinned me up against the fruit machine waving a tightly rolled up copy of the Morning Advertiser in my face. ’It just so happens I was writing a piece about the pub for the beer festival issue of Beer Around ’Ere’ I offered in a meek and squeaky voice. ’ Well make sure you do or it’ll be a hot poker next time’ he quipped as he motioned us towards the fireplace. So, without any prejudice and with the thought of having my exits cauterized being furthest from my mind I’d like to say a few words about that prince among men Mr Paul Brammer and his lovely pub the Hand & Heart. The ’Hand’ has sat in a quiet backwater of the city since 1938 and now enjoys the dubious title of the last pub in the quaint little village of Millfield. It’s easily reached by public transport and is on the Citi 1 route (look for the traffic lights and the massive off licence selling Tyskie and Lech at very competitive prices on the right

Continued Overleaf

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BAE 166 Prog_Layout 1 18/07/2012 13:34 Page 9 Pub News continued| 9

and the motorbike shop on the left). There are 6 handpumps in use and generally offer small independent brews in a nice, bright, shiny condition. Mine host Bram can be loosely termed a beer enthusiast and enjoys nothing more than a small medicinal half or two with his happy band of followers who continue to support him and his better half Sue in the many events staged during the year. His only other pleasures are dominoes and a small sweet sherry before attending Evensong. The pub now has a superb beer shed outside which is fully utilised during beer and music festivals and is probably available for private functions if you lead a solitary life and don’t have too many friends. So what else does the ‘Hand’ provide us with? Apart from good beer, an excellent beer garden complete with beer shed and beer festivals what else is on offer? Well, on the third Thursday of the month you’ll come across a band of musicians doing their utmost to keep you from going home. So, back to my day off. It just so happened that the 21st was the 3rd Thursday of the month and I positioned myself at the bar with Duncan of Castor Ales who helped me drink my beer while trying to sell me a barrel of Roman Gold. We chatted, we laughed, we joked and then drank each others beer by mistake. After a few more beers we joined in with all the songs we knew the words to and after a few more beers we joined in with all the songs we didn't know the words to as well. The evening finished with more singing and more beer drinking before all going our separate ways. My evening ended with a bike ride home of considerably more than the ten minutes it took to get me here after which I collapsed and span round in my swivel chair, ate something I shouldn’t have and put a few inappropriate comments on Facebook. The longest day had been a good one with the Guvnor’s ‘to do’ list completed, beer drank, songs sang and barrels of beer inadvertently purchased. Perhaps I should do this more often (lists and hot pokers permitting).

Schmoozing and customer relations By the time you read this the Peterborough Beer Festival will be imminent and we’ll all be getting ready for our most sober week of the year (we staff rarely have time for a drink you know). Over the year I’ve mentioned numerous pubs around the area and the beer fest provides a perfect opportunity for pub landlords to find me and tell me all about themselves. You can find me suited and booted and awaiting your pleasure during the Trade Session on the Tuesday of the event. Please come and find me (text me, it’s easier to track me down that way) and have a chat. Remember, you don’t have to be a real ale emporium stocking a range of 20 beers to be of interest to us, we love pubs that sell one beer in good condition just as much as the larger concerns. Cheers for now Steve Williams 0775 6066 503

402 Eastrea Rd, Eastrea, Whittlesey PE7 2AR Tel: 01733 203333

3 Real Ales on handpump Exciting new menu Open all day every day (except Monday Lunch)

Entertainment every Saturday

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Matt and Emma welcome you to the Tel: 01778 560238 Barholm, Stamford, Lincs PE9 4RA ENTERTAINMENT

7th August Morris Men 12th August One Eyed Cats and BBQ

A Traditional Ale House with an open fire

Six Real Ales with four on rotation 3 Ciders • 2 Lagers • Fine Wine & Spirits large beer garden • Pool room Opening Times

open from 4pm week days

1pm saturday and 12pm sundays

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Letter B wins Cambridgeshire Pub of the Year 2012!

Campaigning | 11


he awards just keep coming for the Letter B in Whittlesey. In less than 10 months the pub has picked up a branch HOP award, won the Peterborough branch Pub of the Year and has now scooped the Cambridgeshire Pub of the Year title too.

Celebrations were, as usual, complimented by a fine selection of beers and a fantastic buffet; all in all a great night and a hat-tip to all at the pub for continuing to ensure a successful and thriving community local.

The award ceremony was held in front of a full house of regulars and local CAMRA members who were keen to congratulate landlord couple Bruce and Denise Roan and all the staff. A delighted Bruce thanked all of his loyal customers and members of CAMRA who had given their support in helping make the pub a success. Peterborough branch vice-chairman John Hunt presented the award and confirmed that nominations to go into the Pub of the Year for the Eastern region would now be open to the Letter B.

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Local Brewery Update 12 |

Blue Bell Brewery There is very little change at Blue Bell. Private party sales are still growing and bottled beer sales have also been good. Pub sales are still very static and Emma is not going to consider any new beers until pub sales start growing again.

Hopshackle Brewery – Market Deeping Hopshackle’s Peterborough Beer Festival Special is a golden beer 4.3% abv made with only English hops: Challenger, Fuggles and Goldings, most of the late hops will be added to the hopback. Two casks of Restoration 10% abv will also be available at the Peterborough Beer festival, one of them was racked in April 2010, the other in 2011.

Restoration is usually only available in a bottle! Also available at the festival this year is Simmarillo 3.8% abv, Extra Special Bitter 4.8% abv and Black Mule 7% abv Elgoods The latest Dog decathlon beer is Beach Collieball. Sales have been very good so far. All of the Double Eagle Stout has now gone. Bottled Indian Summer is definitely going on sale in Sainsburys supermarkets in September.

Finally, anyone wishing to help out at the Elgoods / SIBA beerfest in September should contact Marcus Beecher or John Hunt who can put them in touch with Marcus.

Oakham Ales Visit Some thirty, thirsty fans of Oakham Ales took on the onerous task of a visit to the brewery on Saturday 16th June and it proved the perfect antidote to watching England’s efforts in the Euros.

Split into groups of brewing students and well, just drinkers, the day proved a pleasant way to catch up with the gossip at the brewery. New head brewer Alex Keane took the reins and gave a splendid talk on all that goes into making the perfect pint in a guided tour of the mash tuns and fermenters.

If it was a pint and a chat you wanted three beers were provided, J.H.B., Citra and Scarlet MaCaw and all were in excellent condition. Everyone mellowed by the minute. On such a day as this time just seems to f ly and lo and behold at the appointed hour of 3 o’clock the last pint was drained and we had to leave. Thanks to the four folk of Oakham Ales (pictured) who gave up their time for a pleasant day. Do you know what? We may have to do it all over again sometime. Dave Allett

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All Things New at Digfield Ales

Local Brewery Update | 13

Top: Paul Waring on left Mike Cohrs on right, stood on reed bed filter

New location, new brew plant. The new 15 barrel stainless steel brew plant including two fermenters supplied by Malrex of Burton on Trent was first used on the 19th June to brew Fools Nook at their new brewery at Lilford Lodge Farm, Barnwell. The liquid waste from the brewery is dealt with using their own reed bed filter which was set up by Water-Line Solutions. Paul, Mike and Fred will continue to supply their current portfolio of award winning beers, also there are plans to brew a festival special ale for the Peterborough Beer Festival. They currently supply pubs within a 30 mile radius of the brewery mainly in Northamptonshire and because of this they support the LocAle initiative, although with their increased capacity they are looking to expand their supply area.

Above: View of new brew plant

The old brewery plant has been sold to fledgling Bexar County Brewery of Peterborough and the partners of Digfield wish the new brewers every success with their old kit. Dave Waller

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Hand & Heart

Come and visit the national inventory listed...

12 Highbury Street, Millfield Peterborough PE1 3BE Tel: 01733 564653

Cambridgeshire Pub of the Year 2010

CAMRA Gold Award 2010

5 Ever Changing Real Ales, always including a LocAle Large well appointed beer garden to rear, including stage & 35m2 Beer Shed facility (Uncle Bram’s Cabin) Open 3-11.30pm Mon - Thur; 11.30am-midnight Fri & Sat and 11am - 11.30pm Sun

Weds 2 Sun 6th to Septe 30th mber

50+ les A Realciders,ny & cluding ma ecials in

al sp

cle v ht in 'Un festi view Nig ique n Weds - Pre n' from 19:00 u bi Bram's Ca Shed, does Beer Girl noon, as opens at The Barley Boy & m b u P Thu kwash & r from 9p ac ba B e n th ai Capt ing in sers play om Noon Rafter Rai r Shed fr ormal, Bee n s en n op Sun - Pub t & 3pm Su Fri, Sat & ri, 5pm Sa as we F m 7p stage from orming Beatles Songs 1962! t c on the Live musi ds / Artists ALL perf gle release on 5th Oc an sin Up to 15 B ears of their first m-8pm 50 Y ailable 2p celebrate ed Food av & snacks ok s ll Co ro e ed om 's H mes. reshly fill Sue & Jess at other ti Fri-Sun, F

s s.

BAE 166 Prog_Layout 1 18/07/2012 13:35 Page 15 CAMRA Cricket | 15

CAMRA Cricket Update Rain, rain go away!!!

Of the twenty three games we should have played this season so far, only eleven have been completed due to rain. Skipper Nick Bradbury is leading by example having scored over six hundred runs at an average of 151. New recruit James Hilton-Robinson is proving a useful addition taking wickets, catches and runs, and also being a lucky omen for Nick who has not been out whilst James is in the team. This year’s tour to Oxford was a total wash out with no games being played, although some players did watch the touring Lashings World XI side with Brian Lara starring. The team did however go on three brewery trips to Great Oakley, Whittlebury and XT. Weather permitting the following fixtures are still to be played:-

August Sun 5 Thur 9 Sun 12 Thur 16 Sun 19 Sun 26

Burghley Park Orton Park Boughton Gonads Welney Croft Orton Park

Venue A A A A A H

Time 14:00 18:00 14:00 18:00 14:00 13:30


14:00 13:00 13:00 12:00 13:00

September Sun 2 Sun 9 Sun 16 Sun 23 Sun 30

Leverington Wansford Wakerley & Barrowden Seas End Hall Motley Crew

If you want a game or just want to watch please contact Matt on 07809629241.

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Coalheavers on Tour:

Tasters at the Beer Musuem


s regular readers may know, members of the Coalheavers touring party like the odd away day and are always looking for different places to go as long as it’s not more than a couple of hours or so away. We’ve been to places such as Nottingham, Derby, Norwich, Cambridge, London, Sheffield, York, Durham and Harrogate, all of which have been great. The next trip was to be a bit different. Mr Urch was getting married and he rather fancied a couple of days in Prague. After all, it is only 90 minutes away. With all our trips, a bit of research beforehand is essential and going abroad requires even more. So after a few hours on the net we had details and maps (Google, unfortunately) of about 8 to 10 interesting looking places to visit.

On arrival at the hotel, we quickly threw our bags into the rooms and headed for the U Fleku beer house. This place from the outside looks quite big but inside it’s huge with 6 or 7 drinking rooms and a massive courtyard. Only one beer is served here and it’s a very dark cross between a bock lager and a porter. The billing system is great, they place a bit of paper on the table and make a small tick for each beer served and then totted up at the end. Just round the corner was another bar, Pivovarsky Dum. As we were slightly peckish we had a large meat and cheese platter which perfectly complemented the beers, which in this bar were a bit different. Apart from regular lager type beer, they had wheat, banana, cherry, coffee and nettle beer. All very nice apart from the nettle. The coffee beer was fantastic. I don’t usually like coffee beers, I like coffee and I like

BAE 166 Prog_Layout 1 18/07/2012 13:35 Page 17 Coalheavers Arms on Tour | 17

some of them were pretty powerful. Out of the 30, at least 20 got a definite thumbs up and even the other 10 weren’t too bad. When we left, we had a very long but relatively cheap bar bill.

beer, but not together, but this one was different, rich, smooth and creamy with just the right amount of coffee. Everybody liked it. Very fortunately, there was a beer house about 30 seconds from the hotel. It was on Stupartske Street and that was also the name of the beer. A lot of the bars have their own micro brewery on the premises and the beer is often named after the bar or the street where it is located, and that will probably be the only place you will get it. It was an unfiltered and unpasteurised lager. Very nice and so was the food here.

While we were there the Prague beer festival was on - What a coincidence! I have been before and reported on it in last May’s BAE so I won’t dwell on it too much, but it was good, the beers were about £1.10 for a half litre and the Czechs are now using a lot of new world hops in their beers, producing brews tasting very British, almost like real IPA’s. Light, very hoppy and 6% to 8%. The festival is on every May for about 3 weeks and I would really recommend a visit. I recommend a Prague visit full stop. You won’t be disappointed. Dave Botton

Choices, Choices - The beer font - Beer Museum, Prague

The next bar was the best one we found, but that doesn’t mean there are not better ones around. It was called The Beer Museum. It wasn’t a museum at all, just a very good bar. It only had one beer font, but the font contained 30 different beer taps. And they do a tasting platter!! You get 30 thirds for about £13 and

BAE 166 Prog_Layout 1 18/07/2012 13:35 Page 18

BAE 166 Prog_Layout 1 18/07/2012 13:35 Page 19

BAE 166 Prog_Layout 1 18/07/2012 13:35 Page 20

Yes, it’s that time of year again, one of the most anticipated events in the Peterborough calendar will be appearing on an Embankment near you in a few short weeks. On the following pages you will find all the information you will need to plan your visit. We have loads of fantastic live acts for your entertainment while trying one (or three) of the 350 draught real ales on offer, see pages 22-23 for the full line up. For those of you yet to be converted to fine ale, we also have a fantastic range of ciders, perries, wines and soft drinks. Read on and get excited! What’s new this year? The two main things which we are hoping will attract people to the festival this year are the reduced entry prices and re-introduction of the original style layout. However, these aren’t exactly new ideas!

little easier. In practice there wasn’t much difference and the feedback from customers was they much preferred it when they could access the music stage from both sides rather than walk from one end to the other. Hopefully we will also have some new weather this year as we’ve been quite unlucky with the rain over the last couple of festivals! What specialty beers/ciders/wines can we look forward to? The full lists won’t be published until towards the end of July however as a festival we sell around 350+ real ales, 150+ world bottled beers, over 80 different ciders and perries, and 35 different English wines each year.

Unfortunately the cost of tickets had to go up last year to cover overheads such as entertainment which had been increasing year on year. However we’re hoping that by bringing it down this year we will attract more visitors and beer sales will increase to make up for it. Entry at lunchtime sessions is only a pound and is free to CAMRA members (with card proof of membership). Afternoon / Evenings (from 5.30pm) are £4 or £5 depending on the day and only £2 for CAMRA members. On Friday and Saturday when we have all day opening it won’t cost you any extra to stay in if you arrived during the lunchtime sessions.

Last year we had some real ale from a brewery based in Normandy, brewed, funnily enough, by a former Peterborough schoolteacher who had emigrated. The ale tasted authentically English, albeit with French nomenclature. We also had a festival special made to an American recipe - Texas Pale Ale by Hopshackle which was a personal favourite. A lot of the specialty beers are within the bottled/world beers bar. Here you will find all manner of ever popular fruit beers such as cherry, strawberry, banana, honey and even chocolate. There are many styles of bottled beers here from wheat beer, Trappist, Lambic to more traditional lagers and everything in between. Something for every taste!

There was a lot of demand for the original “horseshoe” style layout to return. We experimented over the last two years with alternatives which, we hoped, would make facilities jobs a

What’s the line-up in terms of live music? We will be having live music every night of the week and there will be a wide variety. The showstopper is always the Saturday headliner


ther he









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which the year is the Fab Beatles. Full details of all the bands can be found on the next few pages or on the website at How important is it for people to support CAMRA? The beer festival is organized and run by unpaid CAMRA volunteers who all share a passion not just for real ale & ciders, but also the pubs where people can socialize and drink in a responsible and friendly environment. Real ale has had something of a revival in recent years, with a huge number of small micro-breweries emerging, giving drinkers the choice and variety they want. However, this success story is in contrast to the steep decline in public houses which have been hit hard for many years by repeated hikes in alcohol duty, competition from supermarkets selling below cost and unfair pub company tenancy agreements to name but a few factors. With fewer pubs to sell brewers’ products, there is a danger that real ale could decline again as once they are gone, they are usually lost forever. So, we’re urging people to support CAMRA in their fight to save the British public house. Anyone who isn’t a member could help simply by filling in the online petition against the Beer Duty Escalator /petitions/29664 What benefits do people get from joining CAMRA? As well as reduced or free entry to over 160 UK beer festivals members also get £20 worth of JD Wetherspoon vouchers, an exclusive members’ newspaper and a quarterly “Beer” magazine, discounts off top leisure deals and more. Full details can be found at /benefits Your local branch will more than likely run socials and brewery trips throughout the year which provide great opportunity to sample new beers that you just might not encounter that often in your local. Have you found an increase or decrease in membership? The total UK membership now stands at over 141,000 members. That’s 10,000 more than when

I joined CAMRA just over two years ago. Peterborough is one of the largest branches in the UK with an average membership of around 3000. This is partly due to the large geography of the branch area and also because a lot of people join at the festival for the reduced entry prices. Although we love saving people money we’d also like people to use their membership positively by raising the awareness of what is going on in the pub trade in their local areas. Is real ale becoming trendier amongst young people Absolutely! According to the Cask Ale Report for 2011/2012 there are about 1.6 million regular cask ale drinkers under the age of 35 with the number under the age of 25 growing year on year. Far from being the stereotypical “old man’s drink” it could now be described as having an element of “retro-cool” about it. In addition out of 7.8 million regular cask ale drinkers 1 in 6 is female. This number has doubled in recent years.

NOW SERVING SIX REAL ALES plus Ciders and Perries. Over 30 Malt Whiskies

• Food served daily • 12-3pm Monday - Sunday 6-9pm Friday & Saturday • Sky HD and 3D showing Football and Rugby •

t. 01780 755141 w. Foundry Road, Stamford, Lincolnshire PE9 2PP

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We will be serving more than 350 draught real ales including favourites, beers from very small micros, many from new breweries, some produced specially for the festival and beers from our LocAle breweries. Almost all of the beers will be served by gravity – straight from the cask. Our aim is always to have every beer ready and available from the opening session – we do not hold any beers back. As always we will be serving beers of many styles including milds, bitters, porters, stouts, speciality flavoured beers and a few real lagers.

Our soft drinks bar, the Escape Bar, will be selling a range of soft drinks, non-alcoholic beer, crisps, ice cream, sweets and cigarettes. We will also be selling children’s drinks at a mere 50p.


Commemorative half-pint and pint sleeve glasses and half pint tankards bearing the festival logo will be available and all will be oversized so that we can guarantee that you get a full measure when the glasses are filled to the line. Festival wine and bottle glasses will also be available at the same price.


The cider bar is with us, as always, serving one of the best selections of traditional cider and perry to be found anywhere.


The wine bar will be selling traditional country wines and still and sparkling grape wines from English vineyards.


The popular bottled beer bar will be selling an extended range of traditionally made bottled beers from around the world.


There will be a wide selection of foods available including German sausages, French crepes, pizza, fish and chips, hog roast, doughnuts, toasties, oriental, biltong, olives, burgers, bacon rolls, pasta, hot dogs, Cornish pasties, pittas, pork pies, waffles, fruit smoothies, tea & coffee.


The Festival is organised and run by members of CAMRA who are all unpaid volunteers. We always need more help so why not give us a few hours of your time if you are a member. See the website for more details on how to register.


Children, accompanied by a responsible adult, are free. Lunchtime or early evening is the ideal time to bring the family, as there is always an easy going, friendly atmosphere. You can bring the dog (on a lead), the picnic table, food and soft drinks but you must not bring your own alcohol.


The 35th Peterborough CAMRA Beer Festival will be held in massive marquees on the River Embankment, Bishops Road, Peterborough PE1 1EF. This year we are going back to the original layout, popular with festival goers for many years. The site is only a few minutes walk from the city

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Tuesday 21st August 5.30 - 11pm £4 Wednesday 22nd August 12 - 2.30pm £1 5.30 - 11pm £4 Thursday 23rd August 12 - 2.30pm £1 5.30 - 11pm £5 Friday 24th August 12 - 3pm £1 3 - 11pm £5 Saturday 25th August 12 - 3pm £1 3 - 11pm £5 CAMRA MEMBERS Early sessions FREE, Late sessions £2

Open All Day Friday and Saturday. No additional admission cost if you stay beyond the early session times. centre, bus, rail and coach stations. A taxi rank will be provided to enable you to get home without driving. Beer festivals and cars don’t mix

OTHER STALLS On site you will find tombola, pub games, our lunchtime pub quiz, the CAMRA shop, a T-shirt stand, beer and brewing books, glass engraving and the RNLI will be at the front gate asking for your small change. This year we also host Tipplefair. If you’re interested in beermats, pump clips, glasses, pewter, brewery playing cards or any other memorabilia related to the ‘Trade’ then come along on Saturday between 12 – 5pm for a pleasant afternoon browsing.


The site is on one level on grass and disabled toilets are provided at the front and back of the site. Wheelchairs can be sourced but we do need advance warning – please call 01733 896555. Taxis and cars carrying disabled passengers are permitted to cross the Embankment and drop off at the festival entrance.

CAMRA MEMBERS CAMRA members get FREE entry to the festival for all of the early sessions and reduced entry prices at all evening sessions. There are many other benefits

too including free or reduced entry to over 160 beer festivals throughout the UK. To find out more or to join online visit If you’re not a member you can also join or find out more at our membership and information area or simply have a chat about what we do, ask about beer, pubs, brewing, etc


Providing a warm welcome to all our guests, with great beers, fine wines and traditional food in modern and comfortable surroundings.

FIVE HAND PULLED BEERS (three Everards and two changing Guests) Traditional Cask Cider also available We take pride in the quality of our drinks, food and accommodation. Call in and try us for yourself! Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 12-3pm and 5-11pm Saturday 12-11pm Sunday 12-10.30pm Food served: Mon- Friday 12-2pm and 5.30-9.30pm Sat 12-3pm and 5pm- 9.30pm Sunday 12-8pm Comfortable en-suite accommodation available.

87-89 Main Road, Collyweston, Lincolnshire PE9 3PQ Telephone 01780 444288

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Amplified (Main)

TUESDAY 21ST AUGUST 8.45pm to 9.30pm and 9.55pm to 10.40pm This talented bunch of lads has been together now for just over a year. In 2011 they started off by playing at the Brewery Tap open mic nights and since then have performed in and around Peterborough. Having built a solid reputation, they have appeared in the local press / magazines and recently entered a nationwide competition where they competed against 10,000 musicians to win a spot at the London O2 and managed to reach as far as the semi finals. Playing a range of music from the 50’s to the present day, they are currently writing their own material.

WEDNESDAY 22ND AUGUST 8.15pm to 9.15pm

Kerry Divine with Kasandra’s Magic Pylon Band (Support)

Peterborough singer songwriter Kerry Devine is accompanied by Kasandra’s Magic Pylon Band - Rob White - Bass, Nathan Wieskowski - Keys and Jes Kerr - Drums. Having self-released two EPs - ‘Bare Teeth’ and ‘Biscuit and Buttons’ Kerry and the band are now working on an album due to be released in November 2012. “a mysterious fusion of disparate musical talents

incorporating free jazz and classical baroque into their sound" Boomerang Returns Promoters - Stamford. “assured, mature and confident, a very impressive first record. There's more than enough to impress and more than enough to make you want me more." Review from "Art and Soul" magazine.

Columbian Necktie (Main) 9.45pm to 10.45pm

“All the stars in heaven began to glow as Columbian Necktie strutted the stage and regaled the audience with as fine a collection of vibrantly demanding - and yet playful and amusing - musical delights. If you haven't seen Columbian Necktie I urge you - I implore you to do so at your first opportunity or else leave your life bereft of all the joys they have to offer”. Once upon a time, not too many years ago, you could listen to any band on the UK rock scene and compare them to a band from the 60s or 70s...but UK rock has now developed its own sound and manifested itself in the form of Columbian Necktie who sound like everything and nothing that has gone before them. /columbiannecktie

THURSDAY 23RD AUGUST 7.30pm to 9.00pm

The Offshore Rivers


The Offshore Rivers are a four piece band from East Anglia. The band were first formed by two friends over a mutual love of music, many nights spent over a record player

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o rt

n of

een uve fer”.

o, k e d its m of ing

comparing notes on the likes of The Stones, George Harrison, Gram Parsons, Otis Redding, the Byrds, Captain Beef heart, Jimmy Cliff, Neil Young, the Band... It took over a year from the first spark of inspiration to the actual forming of the band, keen to find the perfect balance of players with a good ear for song and that wide but solid set of inf luences. The resulting sound is of bittersweet blues and tender soul laden with country guitar, the songs heartfelt and melodious with Dylan-esque prose, and layered vocal harmonies. The band is currently working on their first album which they hope to have out later this year. /theoffshorerivers

Soulweaver (Main)

FRIDAY 24TH AUGUST 7.30pm to 9.00pm

The Indigo Kings (Support)

9.15pm to 10.45pm



bands around. With dynamics, quality and intensity, Soulweaver contain the essence of classic British rock bands such as Led Zeppelin and Cream but with a contemporary edge that could see them described as the British Foo-Fighters. World beating rock from the UK that receives regular play on US, UK, European and Internet radio stations. Recent media comments include: “Very Impressive, Cracking Band” (Total Rock Radio) “Absolutely Outstanding” (USA Radio DJ)

Formed in Cambridgeshire UK in 2009, Soulweaver are making a name as one of the tightest, hardest working and entertaining live

The Indigo Kings was formed in early 2011 by the band’s bass player and lyrical mastermind Carl, with nothing but a War & Peace sized catalogue of scribbled words about heartache and desire; and an empty barn with a resident polystyrene alligator. Fast forward to 2012 and the 7 piece band play 1930’s inspired jazz and irresistible swing rhythms, fused with heart aching blues and a sprinkling of vintage pop. Sweet and saucy harmony vocals meet with gritty lyrics to tell stories of interludes between life and love, whilst smooth sax and classic blues guitar are woven together in the melodic haze with jazz piano to create a foot tapping vintage yet modern sound.

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The Bluebell Inn 10 Woodgate, Helpston Peterborough, PE6 7ED 01733 252394


traditional country Inn set in the beautiful village of Helpston. Offering a warm welcome and a typical English pub atmosphere.

Pictures by Michael Slaughter

We serve up to six real ales from national breweries and local microbreweries including Tydd Steam, Elgoods, Adnams, Fullers, Wells and The Grainstore Brewery. All changing weekly. Permanently available, exclusive to us John Clare Bitter 4.3% from the Grainstore. Good home cooked food served Tuesday to Sunday. Traditional Sunday roast served from noon and daily 2 course lunchtime specials.

We are in it!

Small parties can be catered for including funerals, christenings, birthdays etc...

BEER and HARVEST FESTIVAL Friday September 21st – Sunday September 23rd (Proceeds to ‘Help for Heroes’)

MINIMUM 15 REAL ALES + CIDER Open all day each day Live Music Friday (Paul Lake) and Saturday (The System) Harvest Supper and Auction on Sunday

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n 94


l s,





BANDS LIST-CONTINUED Motor City Vipers (Main) 9.15pm to 10.45pm

There has always been a strong soul-scene within Peterborough, so it seems particularly bizarre that the city hasn’t before given rise to a dedicated live soul band… until now! Motor City Vipers are an electrifying eightpiece band who lovingly recreate some of the greatest Northern Soul and Motown f loorfillers from the 60’s and 70’s… from The Temptations, Wilson Pickett and Dobie Gray, to The Supremes, Jackie Wilson and Otis Reading – ‘The Vipers’ do it all! Formed early-2009, Motor City Vipers have quickly gained themselves a reputation as a hugely exciting soul band that are in high demand all year round – performing at parties, weddings, corporate events, fundraisers and festivals across the UK; and we’re very pleased to welcome them to the 35th Peterborough Beer Festival.

SATURDAY 25TH AUGUST 8.00pm to 9.00pm

The Nuggets (Support) Sixties tribute band The Nuggets have been wowing audiences with their winning blend of sixties pop, soul and R&B classics for more than seven years. The excite-

ment of hearing these much-loved gems played live and loud never fails to energise their audience at pubs, clubs and festivals across the country. Fresh from their triumphant appearance at this year's Willow Festival, The Nuggets are delighted to be appearing at the CAMRA Beer Festival and hugely looking forward to supporting The Fab Beatles.

The Fab Beatles (Main) 9.15pm to 10.45pm

Formed in 1991 they have risen through sheer hard work & dedication to be one of the most sought-after Beatles tribute bands in the world today, with concerts performed all over the UK, Europe, Middle East & the Americas. The Fab Beatles show starts with early "Hamburg" material & goes right through all the singles & album tracks to "Let It Be" & the "breakup", with a repertoire that is second to none! Chosen by the BBC as "The Best" & commissioned by EMI to promote the "Beatles 1" CD. The Fab Beatles pride themselves on

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The Cherry Tree 9 - 11 Oundle Road, Peterborough PE2 9PB Tel: 01733 703495


FOUR Real Ales available including Oakham Inferno,Timothy Tayor Landlord and two changing guest ales.

OPEN ALL DAY EVERYDAY Traditional Meals Served Mon - Thurs and Sundays

Private Function room holds up to 40 people Ideal for small meetings, weddings and parties Covered Smoking Area • Childrens play area

3 Cask Ale pumps with at least 1 LocAle and others from far and wide

Live Music Every Weekend

Food served every day • Sunday Carvery

See ‘Rhythm & Booze’ section for full listings

Function rooms available to hire for all occasions


Karaoke every Friday 8.00pm Quiz Night every Wednesday 8.30pm start

AMPLE PARKING • CAMRA GOLD AWARD London Street, Whittlesey PE7 1BH Tel: 01733 351001

Melton Mowbray Beer of the festival 2011


Falmouth Beer Fest Best Bitter Category 2011


Broad Street, Stamford - 01780 763426

A FREE HOUSE Open all day - every day Six Real Ales including Fullers London Pride, Abbot Ale and our very popular Doombar.

Food Served Monday - Friday 12 - 2pm Saturday 12 - 2.30pm Large Beer Garden All Live Sports on 4 TV’s including our 64 inch big screen



le ailab ly av

in Br

n ighto

Hand made in Castor Mob: 07828 048 664


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professionalism & attention to detail & it's well documented that the Fab's sound is the closest you will ever hear to the originals. The Fab Beatles use only authentic instruments & costume & can now boast to have the very drum-kit Ringo used on The Beatles 1964 American tour no less! Without a doubt, The Fab Beatles are the industry's choice & considered the ultimate standard to aspire to by other acts. See & hear for yourself....... "The Fab Beatles are truly fab & I know because I saw the other lot." Michael Parkinson BBC "I must say, that their presentation of The Beatles is excellent. In fact, I could quite believe that I was actually listening to The Beatles I am sending a copy to Julia, Johns sister". Stan Parkes (John Lennon's 1st cousin)


From The Sticks 2.00pm - 2.40pm

When thinking of what to call the band the guys were just shooting in the dark, thinking of random names writing them down, but nothing felt right to them... until Ricky (vocals) pointed out "Well we’re all from the sticks" bingo bongo the rest is history. At the end of the day, the boys love their music and they love to play, giving it everything at every show. / FromTheSticks

Phoenix Calling 3.00pm - 3.40pm

The Cambridgeshire rock band Phoenix Calling deliver an energetic and polished performance of alternative rock. As a new upcoming band with promising reviews they have

already confirmed two radio slots, are supporting Hawthorne Heights and are working hard to record their first EP and video which is to be released after summer 2012.

The Mistreated 4.00pm - 4.40pm

The Mistreated is a four-piece classic rock covers band based in Cambridgeshire, UK. Fronted by the powerful vocals of Doc, they present well-known rock songs from the '70s, '80s and '90s to the present day. They strive to deliver awesome rock tracks at the highest standard of musicianship, but with emphasis on entertainment. Come and see them at the beer festival and you can expect to hear tracks by such diverse rock acts as Thin Lizzy, Muse, Led Zeppelin, Ozzy, AC/ DC, The Cult and many, many more.

Sons of Kal El 5.00pm - 5.40pm

Sons of Kal-El provide professional live performances of refreshing classic hard rock music in the UK. Through performing shows consisting of original songs from their debut album, the band is building up an excellent loyal fan base. Through also having a huge repertoire of covers, Sons of Kal-El are active on the function band scene. The band’s musicians have previously been signed to Transcend Records; toured Europe; performed with Steve Vai; and attained Honour Degrees in Contemporary Music from the world renowned Academy of Contemporary Music. www.sonsof Look out also for Shake Hands Eric performing their “unplugged busking set” around the festival site during Saturday lunchtime from midday to around 2:00 p.m. Mike Lane

BAE 166 Prog_Layout 1 18/07/2012 14:22 Page 30 30 | Please support our advertisers Beautiful traditional stone built oak-beamed pub just 2 miles from Stamford

FIVE Real Ales including Summer Lightning, Draught Bass, Greene King IPA + guests from Oakham Ales and Abbeydale and a Old Rosie Cider Open Tues-Thurs 12-2.30pm and 6-11pm (Friday from 5pm) Sat/Sun OPEN ALL DAY from 12 noon Extensive menu of good value home cooked food served at lunchtimes. 12-1.30pm and evenings 6.45-8.45pm – advance booking advisable! 2 course Sunday lunch – just £7.95 Ample Car parking – popular with walkers – park up, preorder lunch or dinner and enjoy the countryside!

Beer Festival - 3rd to 5th August

15+ good real ales & ciders • Charity Duck Race nd Rutla RA M A C e Year

th Pub of p 2012 ru Runne

nd Rutla RA CAM Season

the Pub of r 2011 Winte

Shepherd’s Walk, Belmesthorpe, Stamford, Lincs PE9 4JG Tel 01780 753081

The Jolly Sailor, 43 Great Whyte, Ramsey PE26 1HH Tel 01487 813388

Traditional Town Centre Pub with real fire

Five Real Ales and Stowford Press Cider Including Abbot, Wherry, Bombardier and two changing guest ales

Good Sized Car Park • Heated Smoking Shelter Now Serving Freshly prepared food Monday 12 to 2.30pm Tuesday to Friday 12 to 2.30pm and 6 to 9pm Saturday 12am to 9pm Sunday 12 to 4 Booking is advisable

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PBF NEEDS YOUR HELP! This is not the annual plea for volunteers to come and help us at this year’s PBF, although from the headline it would appear to be precisely that. I find we get a very limited response to our ’begging’ letters. I just want to remind anyone of you brave souls who do have the courage to volunteer to get your application forms in by the deadline. Friday 10th of August is the closing date for sending in your forms, either by post or by signing up on-line. (On-line saves me having to do it again). Full details are on our web site, at or contact our staffing


office on 01733 560453. Remember that this year we can only accept pre-registered volunteers on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the festival. On Friday and Saturday we can accept staff who turn up on those days who have not pre-registered. If you are not a member and have not worked at the PBF before, you will need a sponsor who must be a fully paid up member. Whenever you are able to give us a few hours of your time we do very much appreciate your help. Thank you. Dave Murray PBF Staffing

SINGLES BAR At this year’s Beer Festival we will be having a singles bar, but before you all get too excited, it`s not the kind of singles bar where you can possibly meet someone with a view to developing a deep and meaningful relationship, it`s even better than that. There will be a bar with about 30 one off beers and when they are gone, they are gone. The kind of beers available will vary from 2.5% beers, which may taste very nice but we might struggle to sell 3 firkins of, up to 10% ales which again will probably taste great but how much of it can we shift? There will also be one offs that certain brewers we have spoken to have found lurking in their cold stores and are still in date such as festival specials from other beer festivals or unusual dark f lavoured beers that no publican is brave enough to buy. A few examples of what will be available are Independence from Bristol Beer Factory, a

4.6% super hoppy beer, Glastonbury Thriller porter, a very rare porter f lavoured with real coffee beans, Restoration at 10% from Hopshackle, one from 2011 and one from 2012, nothing else to say about those, they are from Hopshackle so you know they will be good. We also have Firestarter from Kelham Island, details of which I cannot find anywhere. Also Deco from the Sportsman brewery in Huddersfield, Thornbridge Seaforth and Truefit Ironopolis stout. That’s just a small sample of what we will be offering and we hope to find 30. There will only be 10 to 15 on at any time so you may have to visit more than once. The singles bar will be located on Bar 1 on the very first bay. See you there. Dave Botton

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Blue B~ oEyear~ Selection of Real Ales including Oakham Ales Sky Sports • Pool Table • Darts Regular live music and Karaoke Bar snacks available Tuesday to Saturday lunchtimes Home cooked Sunday Lunches Small conference room available

(Weddings,Christenings and business facilities) FREE

46 High Street, Eye, Peterborough PE6 7UY Tel: 01733 222234

Peterborough’s Oldest Members Club Just a short walk from Bus and Railway Stations and Queensgate

5 EVER-CHANGING REAL ALES including Hopshackle Brewery ENTERTAINMENT Aug 4 Latino Sound Aug 11 Athenry Aug 17 Little Dave Band Aug 18 Tallawah Aug 25 Tom Wright Band Aug 26 Lloyd Watson Sept 8 Rocket 57 Sept 14 Betty Swallocks Sept 29 Tom Wright Band Weekends: Live Music every weekend (FREE to members, £1 non-membe rs)

£2.5T0 JUS


3 REAL CIDERS including local Jollydale brands


Membership just £5 until the

Normal opening hours:

end of 2012 – payable at the bar

Mon- Thurs 12-2.30pm & 5-11pm Fri & Sat: 12 – 1am Tuesdays: All Real Ales £2 per pint Sun 12 – 11pm Sundays: Quiz nights

Food: Traditional Sunday Roasts and Weds Curry Night - £5.95 each 120-guest capacity private function or £10 for two! room available for hire

Find us at: 7 Burghley Rd, Peterborough PE1 2QA Tel 01733 896989 theburghleyclub Website:

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Specialists in niche publishing and design solutions for the on-trade. We are proud to publish this magazine on behalf of Peterborough and District CAMRA.

Orchard House Media | 01733 211001

Pub Merit Awards & Gold Awards

The committee feel that pubs outside of Peterborough are missing out on Gold Awards and so they have introduced a new Merit Award for pubs that are continuously outstanding. If you know of a pub in our area that deserves a Merit Award or Gold Award then please complete the following form and send it to our Secretary. Pub name:

Pub address/town/village:

Reason for award:

Your name:

Your phone number or e-mail address:

Your membership number:

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9A North St, Stamford Lincs PE9 1EL 01780 765888

Food & Drink Awards, East Midlands Winners 2011 Peterborough CAMRA PUB OF THE YEAR 2010 Three ales served from the likes of Oakham, Digfield, Tydd Steam and Black Sheep Continental Lagers • American bottled beer Opening Times 12 midday to 11.30pm, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 12 midday to 2am Friday and Saturday, closed Tuesday.

Please see website for our wide range of music entertainments for all ages and tastes

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Saturday 25th August

Beer Festival Open 12pm to 11pm

Sunday 26th August

Beer Festival Open 12pm to 11pm BBQ from 12pm til 9pm Live music from 8pm with Gone to the Dogs

Monday 27th August

Beer Festival from 12pm til Sold Out! BBQ from 12pm to 8pm Live music from 3.30pm with Guido

Real traditional ale house in the heart of the city

5 Regularly Rotating Ales Opening Times :- 11am -11pm Monday to Thursday, 11am -1am Friday to Saturday, 12 - 11pm Sunday,

Live Music Fridays and Saturdays ring or check facebook for details! North Street, behind Westgate House, Peterborough Tel: 01733 746370


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Rhythm and Booze

Gig Guide | 37


27 July – The Limit - Cherry Tree, Woodston 27 July 10.30pm - One Eyed Cats - Charters, Peterborough Town Bridge

28 July – Indigo - Cherry Tree, Woodston 28 - 29 July - Woofstock Music Festival - Angel Inn, Yarwell

29 July - 3.30pm Groove Cartel - Charters 3 Aug -10.30pm - Swamptruck - Charters 3rd Aug – Black Rose - Cherry Tree, Woodston 4 Aug –Grumpy Old Men - Cherry Tree, Woodston 5 Aug - 3.30pm - The Gangsters - Charters 5 Aug Oakham Mic Night 9pm Host Band

26 Aug - 3.30pm - The Collaborators - Charters, Peterborough Town Bridge

26 Aug Lloyd Watson Burghley Club, P’boro 26 Aug - 3pm - Steve Bean Plays Classical Guitar

- Woolpack, Stanground 30 Aug – Open Mic. Night - Cherry Tree, Woodston 31 Aug - 8.30pm - Complete Madness - Bourne Corn Exchange

31 Aug - Live Band - Groove Cartel 10pm - Brewery Tap, Peterborough City Centre

31 Aug - 10.30 - From The Sticks - Charters, Peterborough Town Bridge

10 Aug - 10.30pm - Flashback Photograph -

Amplified - Brewery Tap, Peterborough City Centre

31 Aug – Little Dave - Cherry Tree, Woodston 2 Sept – MUSIC DAY Charity Event - Cherry Tree,

Charters, Peterborough Town Bridge


10th Aug – Dizzy Miss Lizzies - Cherry Tree,

8 Sept Rocket 57 Burghley Club, P’boro 8 Sept – The Limit - Cherry Tree, Woodston 8 Sept- 8.30pm - Aladdinsane - Bourne Corn


11 Aug Athenry Burghley Club, P’boro 11 Aug Saturday Night Brew 9pm DJ Brian Keith

- Brewery Tap, Peterborough City Centre 12 August - 3.30pm - Hi Rollers - Charters 17 Aug Little Dave Band Burghley Club, P’boro 17 Aug - 10.30pm - Marmite & The Pussy Ratz -

Charters, Peterborough Town Bridge 17 Aug – Beguiled - Cherry Tree, Woodston 18 Aug – Lloyd Watson Band - Cherry Tree, Woodston

19 Aug - 3.30pm - The Motor City Vipers Charters, Peterborough Town Bridge

24 Aug- 10.30pm - Les Woods Band - Charters 24 Aug – Hooker - Cherry Tree, Woodston 25 Aug Tom Wright Band Burghley Club, P’boro 25 Aug – Undercover - Cherry Tree, Woodston


9 Sept – Cutting Loose - Cherry Tree, Woodston 14 Sept Betty Swallocks - Burghley Club, P’boro 14 Sept – Retrolux - Cherry Tree, Woodston 15 Sept – Porky Pig - Cherry Tree, Woodston 21 Sept – Mind The Gap - Cherry Tree, Woodston 29 Sept Tom Wright Band - Burghley Club, P’boro Please send any details for October / November gigs to before 15th September.

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Magpas get Financial lift from Letter B Whittlesey In the past year the Letter B in Whittlesey were able to raise £886 for MAGPAS Helimedix from their fortnightly quiz and the charity bottle from the bar. They have been supporting the charity for 5 years now and raised over £5,000 for Magpas. Bruce said “I am proud to sponsor a local charity and I am grateful to all our customers for supporting them genourously” Picture is of Landlord Bruce Roan and Magpas representative Ivor Sanderson recieving the money at one of their quiz nights.

Barman Dominic serves a beer alongside manager Luke Richardson

The Cuckoo at Alwalton, near Peterborough held its first beer festival over the weekend of 15th-17th June. On offer were 20 real ales from as far afield as Scotland (Broughton Ales), Cumbria (Hawkshead and Coniston), four Yorkshire beers and a range of southern beers ranging from Fuller’s of London to Hopback of Salisbury.

Cuckoo at Alwalton holds first beer festival Manager Luke Richardson pointed out that many of the beers on offer this weekend would be featuring on the pub’s handpumps throughout the summer. As with any good beer festival, they also aim to raise funds for a worthy cause. Luke explained “We are heavily involved with the Children’s Amazon Ward at Peterborough City hospital and regularly do raffles to raise money for them”. Nurses from the ward were at the festival on the Saturday. Other events included face-painting, a cake stall and a “Meet the Brewer” event with Samantha from Adnam’s brewery. Each evening there was live music from local bands. They hope to do it all again next year.

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Rolling back the years Campaigning | 39

Richard and Katie Savage pictured left with family back in 1986 and pictured below, on their 26th Year at the pub


ichard and Kathy Savage threw a party on Saturday 26th May, to celebrate their 25th Anniversary at the Honest John in Chatteris. As a part of the festivities the customers had a chance to sample beer at 1987 prices. The bar was filled with happy regulars who raised a glass to toast the publicans. Richard and Kathy are looking forward to many more happy years in Chatteris. The average time publicans stay in a single pub is under 18 months, so 25 years is something of a rarity these days. Many things have changed in Chatteris pubs since 1987; five pubs have closed, the introduction of new licencing laws and a smoking ban, the duty on beer has risen and the price of a pint has risen from 82p to £3.40. On 23 January, IPPR published updated data courtesy of the latest statistics available from GCA Strategy. The latest figures show that the number of pubs closing rose to 16 per week in the second half of 2011, up from 14 per week between January and June of last year. The Honest John was converted to a public house, from its previous use as a labour exchange in 1977, by Stewart Stacy. The Honest John became the first free-house in Chatteris.

It acquired its unusual name because of Stewart Stacy’s father, “Honest John Stacy,” who had the reputation of setting a realistic price at the local auctions. The Savage family have been in residence since 1987, expanding the business to incorporate a restaurant, and now, the studio and art gallery. Amongst regular activities at the Honest John there is a monthly quiz, with the proceeds going to charity, and a monthly folk music evening. “In these days of doom and gloom in the pub industry, it is wonderful to have something to celebrate,” said the landlord, Richard Savage, he went on to say, “Pub life is a vocation and being in the same place for this length of time is something of an achievement; you have to constantly try to think up new things to keep people interested. It has been a privilege to meet so many wonderful people here. New people are coming in all the time, which bodes well for the future, we have no plans to move on, Chatteris and the Honest John is our home.”

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Diary Dates & Beer Festivals August - Diary Dates 11 Aug The Queens Head Trip. Depart the Brewery Tap at 4pm return by 11pm. Cost £10.00

14 – 15 September – 10th Melton Mowbray Beer Festival. Cattle Market, Scalford Road, Melton Mowbray, LE13 1JY. 55+ real ales.See www.meltonmowbray for full details.

September - Diary Dates 15 Sept Mystery Tour. Depart from the Brewery Tap at 12.00am and returning by 8pm. Cost £15.00 to include some refreshments.

14 - 16 Sept - The Windmill, Orton Waterville, Beer Festival. 10+ Beers available plus live music

17 Sept Branch Committee Meeting at Coalheavers Arms, 8-30 pm.

14 - 16 Sept Kings Arms, Polebrook Annual Beer festival with a Caribbean theme. 15 Real Ale, Caribbean street food.

August - Beer Festivals 2 - 3 Aug – Jolly Brewer, Stamford Beer Festival with 40+ Ales, Music and Food 3 - 5 Aug – Blue Bell, Belmesthorpe Beer Festival 15+ Real Ales and Ciders 10 - 12 Aug – Woolpack, Stanground Beer Festival 11 Aug – Duckfest. The Ruddy Duck Beer Festival. 10 Real Ales, Ciders & BBQ. Live Music from The One Eyed Cats, DB5 & The Nuggets - all back by popular demand!! 11 Aug - 12 Aug Cock Inn, Werrington. Summer Beer Festival with 14 real ales and live music 21 - 25 Aug Peterborough CAMRA Beer Festival 350 Real Ales, Loads of Cider, peery, wines and bottled beers. Live Music all week. For more info go to 25 Aug - 27 Aug The Chequered Skipper, Nr Oundle. Beer Festival with 14 real ales and Live Music 29 Aug - 3rd Sept Dove Street Inn, Ipswich Summer Beer Festival September - Beer Festivals 6 - 9 Sept Green Man, Stamford - 18th Autumn Beer Festival. Over 60 Real Ales

20 - 23 Sept Beer Festival at Coalheavers Arms, Park Street, Peterborough 21 - 23 Sept Beer and Harvest Festival at Blue Bell, Helpston 21 - 22 Sept 8th Annual Brigstock Beer Festival. 20 different beers along with ciders, For further details see 26 - 30 Sept – The Hand and Heart Autumn Beer & Music Fest. 50+ beers, 15+ live bands ALL playing Beatles Songs.

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