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This e-bulletin has been sent to share with you, our latest news, and to let you know just how much your on-going support has meant to us. Dear ................

Since Faraja was born, just 4 years ago, I have been proud to be a part of a vibrant community which is fighting to tackle the major cancer issues we are facing here in Kenya. Together we have achieved a great deal with Faraja becoming increasingly recognised a centre of excellence. I wanted to thank you personally for being a part of this. On World Cancer Day, the 4th February, the World Health Organisation released a statement that cancer had overtaken heart disease as the highest cause of death globally. It is unfortunately true that in Kenya, 1 in 3 will get cancer, and at least 2 million people are living with cancer today, so it is an issue that affects us all. Everyday people come to take refuge, from this devastating disease, in our peaceful sanctuary. On arrival they are welcomed by our therapist volunteer team. One young Mum, Monica (who bravely shares her story below) recently told us; ‘Faraja saved my life, and I will forever be grateful for the support. It has become like a second home to me and I cannot let a week pass without visiting’ she went on to say ‘I will continue to volunteer my support to Faraja in whichever way I can because they gave me hope when I had none, strength when I was weak and above all accepted me as I was. ………….I now believe that you can still achieve your dreams after cancer ………,

’ We are planning to help many more people like Monica, so it was a landmark occasion when the Faraja Wellness Centre was officially opened by Cabinet Secretary for Health, Mr James Macharia in February. The beautiful facility was gifted in-memory of Ivor Wekesa from Safaricom, who sadly passed away from cancer last year. Ivor’s close friends, colleagues and family reminisced about the moments they shared with Ivor, and how he came to value Faraja’s activities such as the yoga.

These support services really help patients going through tough times as Christpin knows “Faraja’s staff are kind. I would recommend Faraja to other cancer patients so that they too can be advised on a proper diet, become a little more active and maybe even have a massage at the end of it all!’ As Faraja grows up, we are starting to reach out further to people in need in different ways. This has included branching out to children. Over the past year art therapy classes have been run in the children’s oncology ward at Kenyatta hospital. It is wonderful to see the children’s faces light up when the Faraja team arrives with paint, pencils and paper in hand. It provides a welcome distraction from gruelling treatments. In time we hope to refurbish the children’s ward entirely so it feels more like home. Another new initiative has been the set-up of a medical assistance programme, which funds life-saving treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation to those who can not afford it. So far this programme has given 25 adults and children hope and a real chance of recovery. There are plans afoot to set up a special assistance endowment fund in this critical area.

Faraja relies entirely on the generosity of voluntary donations from individuals and institutions to continue our vital work. If you are in the position to consider making a

donation today we would be very grateful. You can do so safely and securely online here or please see the attached form. Over the course of the year I look forward to sending you more of Farajas’ news. In the meantime thank-you again, your support means everything to us and the people we help. kind regards Shaira scanned sig Shaira Adamali Faraja Founder +254 727 529 287 / Mobile Number PS I am delighted to let you know that Nereah has recently joined Faraja as our very own Fundraising Manager. She will be assisting me with all aspects of fundraising and would be delighted to show you around Faraja if you have not yet had the opportunity. Nereah can be contacted on or phone number. To sit just below cover email – to drive into pages of website Meet Monica <photo>

Kenya’s Biggest Coffee morning

Faraja Wellness Centre is now open

At the age of 27 young Mum Monica was diagnosed with oesophagus cancer. She bravely shares her story on how Faraja supported her, in many ways, through this difficult time. To read the full story click here We are currently on the look-out for five sociable people (in Kenya or overseas) to become a host for our brand new event ‘Kenya’s Biggest Coffee Morning’. Simply set a date in the month of June and invite your friends or colleagues to come along for a cuppa and cake. Any donations on the day are made to Faraja.


Zumba, yoga and mindscape are all lined up for the new Faraja wellness centre. Take a look at the opening photos to To read the full story click here Our wonderful team of 40-strong volunteer therapists are at the heart of Faraja. Jessica, explains how Pranic healing, a less well known therapy can help chronic conditions such as cancer

Giving and doing

To read the full story click here If you would like to raise funds for Faraja, but are not

<photo> How Pranic (energy) healing can help


sure how to go about it â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Nereah, our new Fundraising Manager has just the answerâ&#x20AC;Ś. To read the full story click here

Separate Webpage: Meet Monica <Photo> Monica Buluma, a 27 year old mother was diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus cancer in 2012 at Kenyatta National Hospital but due to the high number patients seeking cancer support services at the hospital, she could not secure a slot for surgery despite the urgency required in her condition. She was referred to Kijabe Mission Hospital where she successfully underwent 2 surgeries which enabled her to feed and swallow her saliva again. Weighing only 37kgs it made it difficult for the doctors to operate. However 3 months after her first surgery, she had gained 5kgs and was ready for a second major operation called an ‘esophagectomy’ which removes cancerous cells in the oesophagus. Three-quarters of Monica’s oesophagus and the upper part of her stomach were removed as they were severely affected by the cancer. After a month in intensive care, Monica was discharged and referred to MP Shah Hospital, Cancer Care Kenya for chemotherapy and radiotherapy to get rid of the final cancerous cells at the cost of KSH 500,000. There was no way Monica could afford this, coming from a very poor background (her previous operation was funded by well-wishers). With no hope, she visited the Kenya Cancer Association to request financial assistance and was referred on to Faraja Cancer Support Trust. In March 2014 Monica recalls ‘We met representatives from Faraja whom we explained our financial situation to and after 2 weeks we were called and told that our plea for medical support had been approved. I have never been happier in my life. Faraja saved my life, and I will forever be grateful for their support. It has become like a second home to me and I cannot let a week pass without visiting’ The therapies were very helpful to me and my family and I was able to regain my upright posture after a series of Yoga classes. After my surgery I used to walk while bending but now I can walk straight once again……I never thought that this was possible. My family had been alienated as my community thought that I was cursed but through the series of counselling sessions that my husband and I underwent at the Centre, we were more united than ever. Along with may other families, the information at the Faraja resource centre was very helpful and informative and supported my family in dealing with my condition. You cannot get information they have anywhere else in Kenya’ I still get pain due to fluid retention, but I am never worried as their staff are there to help, going an extra mile to slot me into one of the therapy sessions at the shortest notice. These

therapies are usually very expensive in the spas and none of my friends believe that I get them for free. ‘I will continue to volunteer my support to Faraja in whichever way I can because they gave me hope when I had none, strength when I was weak and above all accepted me as I was. ………….I now believe that you can still achieve your dreams after cancer ………,’ concludes a joyful Monica. The Medical Emergency Fund will help to give hope and save more lives like Monica


Separate Webpage: How Pranic (Energy) Healing can Help Faraja Cancer Support Trust wholly relies on volunteer therapists who support its operations. Since inception in 2009, the number of complementary therapies it provides has grown significantly providing an array of options for patients and their families in dealing with Cancer. Jessica, a volunteer therapist at Faraja Cancer Support Trust joined Faraja in 2010. She was referred by a friend who already volunteered at the Centre and has never looked back since. Being a Pranic healing expert (energy therapy) her greatest inspiration at Faraja is seeing patients get a new lease of life understanding that healing is within themselves. ‘Pranic healing has often been misunderstood by many….but it really is a way of helping patients understand themselves, changing their attitudes and perceptions towards cancer and channeling that positive energy towards healing themselves.’ …..the mainstream medical fraternity is also Pranic healing has been an eye opener for many as patients are able to tackle the negativity in them that comes with stress and worry of overcoming cancer. It goes deeper towards understanding a patients relationship with their family, work and overall financial situations and helping patients deal with these issues in a positive way.

gradually waking up to the role of pranic healing in trauma control and pain relief. For example, at the Apollo Cancer Hospital in Chennai, capital of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the pranic healing department assuages the ravaging effects of chemotherapy…. (Source:

‘I take time to talk to patients….look into their family life, work and teach them how to deal with these situations. I teach them how to heal themselves…. understand cancer and how to get rid of it.’ Even though Pranic healing in gaining popularity within the medical fraternity as a complementary therapy in chronic conditions such as Cancer, Jessica notes that very few patients in Kenya utilize the service. ‘Many patients only attend one of the four recommended sessions’ Faraja continues to provide information on various therapies and their medical benefits on its website, blog, social media pages and its resource center to encourage patients and their families to take up its services. This has worked well with Faraja having assisted over 1500 patients through complementary therapies since 2010.

‘Patients and their families should be encouraged to come back to the center even when they feel better and also to get the word out….they can be used to empower others to take up the therapies… talking about themselves and what they learnt.

Separate Webpage: Faraja Wellness Centre is now open Now our beautiful Faraja Wellness Studio is open we encourage anyone going through the cancer journey to come and participate in the activities at the new studio. Some of the activities we have lined up for the wellness studio include: Zumba, movement, music and dance therapy, mindscape and Yoga. The Official opening of Faraja Wellness Studio by the Cabinet Secretary for Health Mr. James Macharia was done on Febuary 22nd. The development has been funded by Safaricom Foundation and in attendance were Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore, Safaricom Foundation chairman, Joseph Ogutu, Hon. Moody Awori, Senator Prof. Anyang, family of the late Ivor Wekesa, Cancer Care directors, Faraja trustees, other dignitaries and friends of Faraja. Being a memorial event for Ivor Wekesa it was a very emotional event as many of the Safaricom staff and Ivor’s family reminisced about the moments they shared with Ivor who died of cancer last year. The below photo capture some of the moments of the day:

Separate Webpage – Giving and Doing By supporting Faraja you help us to continue the fight against cancer in Kenya. As we rely entirely on voluntary donations you are making a huge difference. Below outlines some of the different ways you can get involved. Please contact the fundraising team today on <phone number> or <email> and we will help you every step of the way. Make a Donation •

Make a one-off cash gift o KSH 1000 could go towards a therapy session providing emotional and practical support to someone newly diagnosed with cancer o KSH 2000 could keep our library stocked with all the information needed to support people affected by cancer for one day o KSH 5000 could help to run a breast or prostate cancer support group for 6 months o

Become a monthly regular giver


Your choice ____ KSH which will help people with cancer.

Just KSH 500 a month could help to provide paint, paper and brushes towards our Art Therapy classes for children with cancer.

Donate through your will o You can make a positive impact on generations to come. You’ll be helping a brighter future for cancer patients, and leave a true lasting legacy. We can help you the wording for your will.

Donate in memory of a loved one

o Many people who have lost a loved one to cancer choose to do something positive in their memory such as organising an annual event or making a cash gift. Please contact us today if you would like to do something in memory.

Take part in a Faraja Event Choose one of the following; •

24 or 25 May: White Water Rafting challenge

Anytime in June: Become a host for Kenya’s Biggest Coffee morning

13 September: Dance the night away at Faraja Fusion Night

27 September: Take some time out to stretch and relax at this years Yogathon

Do Your Own Thing Let your imagination run wild and create your very own fundraising event. Set the date, let us know how much you hope to raise, and what you’re upto. Here is some ideas and inspiration; •

A Sponsored Stop – give up a guilty pleasure and see how long you can last

Grow a Mo (moustache!) for a month, usually done in November and called Movember

Take part in an organised fun run, marathon or bike ride in your local area

Organise a Golf Day

Encourage your local school to hold a ‘dress down’ day to raise funds for our children’s project at Kenyatta hospital

Do good deeds for donations.

Become a Corporate or Project Partner We welcome Companies, Trusts and Foundations to contact us who are looking to support projects that make an impact in the cancer and health area. We have some transformational pipeline projects which we are currently looking for lead sponsors. If you would like to receive any further details please contact Shaira on today. . Preventative – We hope to save lives and raise cancer awareness by running a mobile clinic which will reach every corner of Kenya. Professional staff will also be on hand to screen for early signs of breast, prostate and cervical cancer. Support – To refurbish the children’s oncology ward at Kenyatta Hospital so it becomes more like home. An amazing CSR project in the making! Cure – Become a sponsor or develop an personally named Endowment Fund which will fund quality life-saving treatment, such as radiation and chemotherapy, giving hope and a fighting chance of recovery to people who have nowhere else to turn to. We currently have people waiting for treatment. Become a Volunteer Our volunteers are the life-blood of Faraja. We are currently looking for any volunteers who are skilled in the area of complementary therapies.

Gift Form Yes, I would like to make a gift, Help more people with cancer this year! Your name Your address Best daytime contact number Mobile number Email address Please let us know what you would like to do: <tick box> I would like to set up a regular monthly gift for KSH _____ a month. <tick box> I would like to make a single gift for KSH ________ <tick box> I would like to find out more about an event or project. Please let us know more details _______________________________ Where did you hear about Faraja ______________________________________

Nominate the method of payment for your contribution: Your payment details: <tick box> Credit Card Payment. Please debit this card: <tick box> MasterCard <tick box> Visa <tick box> Amex

Card number: Name on card:

Expiry Date: Security code: Signature:

<tick box> Any cheques or money orders payable to Faraja Cancer Support Trust <tick box> Online Payment Option: This can be done safely and securely through our website; or PESAPAL <tick box> MPESA: Faraja Account No 509700. <tick box> Direct Debit to <details here>. Deposit to the Faraja NIC Bank Shilling Account: Account Name: Faraja Cancer Support Trust Account Number: 1000018569 Please put your name in the reference and let us know you have done this so we can ensure your gift arrives safely.

Thank You in Advance.

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