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AP Psychology: Unit 1 Study Guide Directions: Complete the study guide following the directions for each section. The study guide is worth 100 points. All work must be completed before the test to earn full credit. Due Date: Thursday, August 21 Vocabulary (20 points) Using the Frayer Model, define the following vocabulary words. Psychology Psychoanalysis Biopsychosocial Clinical psychologists

empiricism humanism basic research psychiatrists

structuralism nature-nurture applied research case study

functionalism natural selection counseling psychologists survey

False consensus Correlation Double-blind study Control group

population scatterplot placebo effect random assignment

random sample illusory correlation placebo independent variable

naturalistic observation experiment experimental group dependent variable

Mode Standard deviation

mean median statistical significance


Psychological Concepts (15 points) Answer the following questions using complete sentences. 1. What are psychology’s three main levels of analysis? 2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the following research methods? a. Descriptive research b. Correlational research c. Experimental research Free Response Question (25 points) Respond to the following questions using proper psychological terminology. Remember to define the selected terms and support your answer by referencing it to the situation posed. Design an experiment to determine whether a new medication will help Alzheimer’s disease (AD) patients. Be sure to name and describe all of the components of an experimental study including a. Independent, dependent, and confounding variables b. Random sample and assignment issues c. Control Discuss at least two ethical issues related to the study Practice Quizzes (40 points) Students must score a minimum of 12 out of 15 to earn 10 points per quiz. There are four practice quizzes in this unit. Quiz results need to emailed to me: Prologue

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AP Psych Unit 1 Study Guide  
AP Psych Unit 1 Study Guide  

AP Psych Unit 1 Study Guide