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Why Running Your Business Without A Website Is Risky And Dangerous Recently, I read a thread in the Warrior Forum about an Internet Marketer who had his Blogger blog shut down by the Big G. He was earning about $300 – $500 per month from the Blogger blog and needless to say he was quite disappointed. For some reason, I can no longer locate that thread. I guess it was removed. But this is reflective of a dangerous myth that prevails in Internet Marketing. How often have you seen products and courses churning out with tempting captions. - No Website - No SEO - No PPC - No Products Honestly speaking, you should NEVER build a business online without having a website of your own. Sure there are a ton of free services that you can take advantage of, but having your money site on Blogger, WordPress, Squidoo or Hubpages etc is a perfect recipe for disaster. Why? Because those platforms though free are not owned by you. So you can be banned, slapped or flagged as spam without any warning. It is simple, it is their turf and they can do whatever they want to. And it is precisely for this reason why I am not a fan of any courses that advise you to build your business on Web 2.0 properties. They can act as good feeder sites but they SHOULD NOT be your money site. I understand why Marketers want to come up with products that encourage you to take advantage of these Web 2.0 properties. First, they are so easy to lure prospects into buying since the tagline of “No website” is way too tempting. Second, it may have worked for them. But the problem starts when there are changes in the way these sites operate or when the Big G decides to slap these Web 2.0 properties- Thanks to the ocean of garbage that is being thrown on these properties. Click Here To Get Free Instant Access For 4 Traffic Generation Videos

And really, there is just no excuse for you NOT to have a website of your own. It doesn’t cost a fortune and if you can’t afford to buy a domain name and hosting, I would suggest that you get a job or if you have a job, save some money to invest in a domain name and web hosting. For my sites, I use Hostgator and personally I have been very satisfied with their customer service. I also buy my domain name via Hostgator from Registry Rocket. As far as buying domain names are concerned, I know a lot of people recommend GoDaddy. But I have also heard horror stories and complaints from Internet Marketers and others who strictly advise against buying your domains from GoDaddy. Namecheap may be a better source for purchasing domains but again I personally haven’t used them. Here Is An Interesting Discussion Thread And when you look at the costs, it isn’t much. Hostgator Baby Plan costs about $7.95 per month and a domain name costs about $15 per year. So really under $30 you can have your own website. And if you are just starting out with Internet Marketing, I would advise you to go deep instead of going broad. What I mean is pick a niche and go deep within that niche. So for example, if you decide to build a weight loss website, here are some ways you can reach the sub-niches. a. Diet Plan Reviews b. Diet Pills Reviews c. Fitness Equipments Reviews d. Muscle Building Program Reviews e. Weight Loss Tips f. Muscle Building Tips g. Expert Columns etc. So instead of building different websites for each sub-niche, you can combine different sub-niches into a single mega authority website. But the key here is to be patient and just keep posting good quality content on a regular basis. For my cricket friends, here is an analogy. Think of it as a test match and you are the bowler. The odds are stacked up against you when you are presented with a dead pitch to go with hot and humid conditions. Click Here To Get Free Instant Access For 4 Traffic Generation Videos

As a bowler, you can only do one thing- bowl the length, bowl the line in the corridor of uncertainty. In other words, you need to be like Glenn Mcgrath bowling that nagging line and length just outside the off stump and it is just a matter of time before the batsman nicks one to the keeper or slips. Similarly when you building your website, do your keyword research, focus on long tail keywords particularly buying keywords and start producing quality content optimized for the keyword. Just keep doing that without losing focus and it is just a matter of time before you see traffic coming in. And once you start generating traffic, there are so many ways to monetize the traffic in the form of ads, promoting affiliate products and sell your own products. So the next time, you are sucked into the fallacy of starting a business online without a website, know that you are building your home on quick sand. It is just a matter of time before it comes down crumbling.

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Why Running Your Business Without A Website Is Risky And Dangerous