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10 Tips To Overcome Writer’s Block One of the hardest things when you start out in Internet Marketing is to write articles. It is a different matter if you are a natural writer or have a passion for writing. When you have a limited budget and Pay Per Click Marketing is not your forte, you may have to write articles yourself till you see a steady stream of income. CLICK HERE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT ARTICLE WRITING Here are a few tips on how to overcome writer’s block if you are just getting started or struggling to write articles regularly. 1. Select a topic of interest: First, let me emphasize that in order to make money online, it is not necessary for you to engage in something you are knowledgeable or passionate about. Having said that, I can assure you that it makes a ton of difference when you do something you love- you feel a lot more fulfilled, you enjoy your work and even the obstacles and failures won’t be a big deal. So when you start writing articles in something that interests you or you are passionate about, you will find doing research a lot more enjoyable and in fact you may need to do less of research since you may already be well versed with the problems your prospects face in the marketplace. Writing will be that much easier since you won’t have to scratch your head thinking of ideas to start writing. 2. Write As You Talk: Ever met a friend at a bar? Did you struggle to have a conversation or did the conversation happen naturally? Was talking to your friend an endeavor or pleasure? Why not adopt the same style for your writing? Click Here To Get Free Instant Access For 4 Traffic Generation Videos

In fact, such a writing style will work better than a formal, grammatically perfect, polished writing style. Why?- because it feels as if you are talking to your audience at their level, like a friend with a caring, friendly and genuine voice. You can even use software like Dragon Naturally Speaking to make this task a lot easier. It is an excellent resource for those who love to talk and express themselves while the software does the grunt work for you. Below is a demo video of Dragon Natural Speaking 3. Have A Writing Schedule: Stick to a writing schedule and block some time off everyday so that you can get the work done. It is a good practice, just as experts recommend people who are struggling to get quality sleep to embrace a regular sleep routine. Make sure you do nothing but researching and writing during this time- switch off cell phones, turn off instant messengers, no youtube videos and checking emails. You will be surprised how much work you can get done when you are COMPLETELY shut from distractions. 4. When It Rains It Pours: Have you ever had days when you just are in the zone? I don’t know about you, but those days are just golden. On those days, I just feel like writing on and on and on. It’s one of those days when ideas rush to mind, when the writer in you unleashes his full potential and you just feel like knocking off dozens of articles in a jiffy. Make sure that you capitalize on those days. If you are using articles for your blogs, you can schedule those extra schedules on a later date, if you are submitting articles to article directories, you can submit them in batches or all at once depending on what works best for your business. 5. Take A Break: Click Here To Get Free Instant Access For 4 Traffic Generation Videos

Just as it is important to capitalize on those days when it rains, you should also learn to respect your body and mind. Don’t push yourself too hard and force yourself to hammer out articles when you just don’t feel like it. Take a break and get away from your computer. It is important to reward yourself every now and then when you have accomplished something. 6. Organize Your Workspace: Avoid clutter and make sure that your workspace is well organized. If you find your workspace too distracting, try going to a public library. I have found that I get a lot of work done when I am in the library as opposed to me working at home. At home, there are far too many distractions or should I say, I get distracted very easily. 7. Watch Videos Related To Your Topic: Often, I find a lot of valuable content from a minute video. You can browse for videos related to your topic on YouTube and other video hosting sites. As you do a search, look for videos from experts since they are usually of the highest quality. You can also look for videos specific to your niche on related authority sites. For example, if you are writing articles in the health niche, the videos in WebMD would be a great source for doing research and gathering information. 8. Have A Journal: It is amazing how many wonderful ideas pass through our mind and we merely rely on our memory to keep track of them.

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Too often it gets forgotten; instead have a journal to jot down any ideas that come to your mind. Especially when you specialize in a niche, having a journal can help you keep track of a number of ideas. 9. Forum Fishing: Forums are an excellent resource to explore the commonly faced problems by the people in your niche. If you are running out of ideas, browse for forums in your compile a list of problems faced by consumers, do research to find out how to solve those problems and write them as articles. 10. Just Do It: Sometimes people just overcomplicate things. Remember your writing need not be perfect- it is ok if your writing is colloquial, it is alright if you make a spelling error every once in a while and overlooked your punctuation marks, as long as you offer something of value to your readers and subscribers. Just like any other profession, your writing will only get better and better as you write more and more. So don’t let the fear of getting it perfectly done ruin you from writing articles. Remember an imperfect article that is published will bring you more traffic and sales than a perfect article that lives in your brain.

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10 Tips To Overcome Writer’s Block  

1. Select a topic of interest: First, let me emphasize that in order to make money online, it is not necessary for you to engage in somethin...

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