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How To Set Up An Autoresponder In Aweber How to Set Up an Autoresponder in Aweber Autoresponders are email messages that are pre-set to go out at certain time intervals. For example, you could set them to go out daily, or weekly, or monthly, etc. Try AWeber’s Autoresponders for $1 In the previous section I showed you how to set up your email list and opt-in form. Now once people get onto your list you’ll want them to receive a nice, warm welcome message. This message will go out automatically upon signup. This is called an autoresponder. Here’s how to set up your first autoresponder message in Aweber: 1. Click on the ‘Message’ tab across the top of the screen. 2. Click on ‘Create a New Follow Up Message’. Next, you’ll want to fill out the appropriate section: 1. If sending HTML you’ll need to fill out both the HTML and Text sections. 2. If sending Text then you’ll need to leave the HTML section blank and fill out the text only.

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How To Set Up An Autoresponder In Aweber