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Newsletter 2010


SKYMARK Newsletter Despite the many challenging events of 2009, our ongoing success is testament to the dedication and uncompromising commitment of the whole SKYMARK team. SKYMARK continues to forge ahead with its investment plan to secure the latest innovative and modern technologies that ensure we can meet the current and future requirements of our current and potential new customers; we are proud of our financial performance and of the solid foundation this creates As the largest independent manufacturer of premium flexible packaging and film solutions in the UK, we have continued to grow year-on-year but our growth is never at the expense of our company ethos, Quality, Response and Service. SKYMARK realise if we wish to continue to lead in the market sectors we support we must continue to use the very latest technology whilst working in partnership with its customers to ensure future requirements are achieved.

Fischer & Krecke 16S 8 Colour - 1500mm This press includes the innovative award winning ‘smartGPS System’ (Graphic Positioning System), allowing the press to find the correct impression and register settings in each print deck simultaneously without running the machine and boasts a number of features and benefits: Reduced risk of over impression 1450mm printing width Job data is stored on the actual printing sleeve. No registration or target marks are required, saving substrate. Automatic inking and cleaning system “Innovation and technology are always a high priority when any investment is made, so the GPS Smart system was a must when SKYMARK made this investment. With vastly reduced set up time and increased speed of registration.” With many of our Key customers requiring larger print widths this is a welcome addition to our printing capabilities.

Gravure Quality Flexo Print . . . Striving to perfect the art of print; achieving Gravure Quality with Flexographic Technology! SKYMARK is proud to announce the addition of 3 new presses within its expanded Scunthorpe facility. This recent investment in state of the art flexographic print technologies demonstrates our ongoing commitment to offer high quality print to our client base; the investment supports innovation in inks, plate, high class print quality and print efficiency


SKYMARK Newsletter Fischer & Krecke 16S, 10 colour - 1300mm This investment marks SKYMARK first 10 colour flexographic press and includes the innovative award winning ‘smartGPS System’ (Graphic Positioning System). This press is fully gearless machine with direct drive to the C.I. Cylinder and uses sleeve technology for both anilox and printing plates; it also incorporates a new ‘retractable’ inter-colour dryer design for maximum accessibility and an advanced operator control system. This 10 colour press includes the ‘Access’ system, which enables any idle print deck to be automatically cleaned and set up for the next job whilst the current design is running, and also a unique C.I. Drum cleaning system. Mr. Paul Neath, SKYMARK Group Operations Director commented “Having a great deal of experience already with Fischer & Krecke machines, we concluded that this press was the ideal solution to our current needs; the results using smartGPS were very decisive. It was immediately evident that the ‘smartGPS’ system would offer us some unique benefits in the reduction of start-up waste and greatly reducing set-up times by providing the correct print impression with the first ‘kiss’ of the plate to substrate; very important features for producing our short run jobs profitably. No registration marks are required so we can also save on edge trim.”

Wide Width Large Repeat Print Our most recent investment in a 1650mm wide, large repeat CI Flexo printing press was installed into our Scunthorpe facility to add extra printing capability to meet the increased demands of its diverse customer base. In recent years the baby, adult and feminine hygiene sectors have seen a change in direction towards more printed films. This investment ensures that we able to offer our hygiene customers high quality printed products to meet the requirements of their business. A print width of 1600mm allows us to fully utilise the press and support the wider high quality 8 colour designs that we could not supply previously. The wide width press uses “Sprintwash”, a fully automated auto wash system that uses both grey and virgin solvents to maximize the effectiveness of the washing cycle and allows one, multiple or all decks to be washed on user defined wash cycles (short, medium or long) in less than 5 minutes. Other press facilities include: Independent Deck Presetting (IDP), which automatically controls deck printing pressures at job start up. Larger design repeats, up to 1200mm Auto print setting.

SKYMARK Newsletter EXTRUSION equipments and Substrate Technology Investment In order to secure its growing position within the Hygiene, Medical and Embossed film sectors, SKYMARK has made significant investment in a state of the art, 2 metre wide, 5 layer cast extrusion line capable of running at 400m/min specifically designed for micro embossed film manufacture, allowing us to double our capacity to over 11,000 MT per annum for these sectors. SKYMARK has seen substantial growth, within the infant and adult-incontinence films markets; interestingly 100% of this growth has been export based (mainland Europe, East European emerging countries, North Africa and Middle East). Future plans are nearing completion to AGAIN increase further our capacity in these sectors, in conjunction with other exciting ongoing developments . . .

Advanced Plast-Control Cooling Ring & Blown Technology SKYMARK is committed to being at the forefront of the environmental debate, with our latest investment in a “Magicflow” cooling ring enabling us to produce higher performance technical blown films. The cooling ring orientates the material in both directions allowing us to produce higher clarity, higher strength performance films at lower gauges; with up to 40% improved mechanical properties. This technology will enable SKYMARK to produce thinner films with the strength of much higher gauge products and therefore minimise the possible environmental impact they may have.

3 Protecting our Environment Carbon footprint and environment affect are of paramount importance during the selection of all equipment we purchase. In order to cope with the huge increase in its Flexographic printing capability, SKYMARK has also had to invest in the infrastructure of its Scunthorpe facility. Included in this investment is this new and up to date Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser (RTO) that has been built to cope with the most current and future environmental requirements. This unit takes the solvent laden air from the printing presses, destroying 99% of all solvents which in turn, leads to very low levels of CO2 being released into the atmosphere; the unit was specifically chosen for its ability to be expanded in the future allowing for future printing presses to be added.

Solvent wash and distillation system The cost and time of cleaning the printing press parts was paramount to SKYMARKs decision making process; having invested in very efficient F&K GPS printing equipment that can change from one design to another in minutes, what was needed was the ability to clean the press parts and solvent from the autowash system at a similar speed. Each press can generate up to 120 litres of solvent from every job change, the solvent autowash system can clean the dirty solvent and store it until automatically required; this offers massive savings in terms of prime solvent purchase; again reducing our Carbon footprint. We have also added a ‘washing machine’ to clean all ancillary parts; again the solvent used is cleaned using the autowash system.


SKYMARK Newsletter 7 R’s for Environmental Sustainability At SKYMARK we place great importance in Reclaiming and Recycling as much on site waste as is possible, for example, plain and coloured film, banding material, paper, cardboard, metals, inks and solvents, oils and redundant computer items. Our Recycling system ensures that we Recover and Reuse the maximum amount of waste inks and solvent and through further research and investment we can now Regenerate our solvent which will enable us to reuse it We have invested in modern reclaiming equipment; this is to ensure that the recycled polymer is of the highest grade for reuse and will meet the demand for recovering and recycling packaging waste. SKYMARK are an accredited waste Reprocessor. Most of SKYMARK's polyethylene products can be supplied in a bio-degradable format; these products will disintegrate within the desired period when buried in landfill conditions, thereby reducing our impact on landfill.

Other aspects that we pay particular attention to are: Reduce

gauge reduction, investment in machinery, scrap minimisation.


reclaim material, NGR.


NGR, closed loop waste streams.


innovation in sustainable projects, such as client partnerships investigating efficiency and scrap reduction, innovation in extrusion technical to produce low gauge film with strength and superior mechanical properties.


through continual investment we refuse to fall behind in our responsibility to do all that we can to ensure environmental sustainable packaging is at the forefront of our minds.


the reuse of support brand owner in their quest to regenerate the environment with organisations such as FSC, etc.


innovative thinking to produce environmentally sustainable options for the future.


SKYMARK Newsletter Solventless, Solvent Based and Water Based Combination Laminator

Origination and Pre–Press

The Combi 3000 Laminator is proof of SKYMARK’s ambition to be at the forefront of packaging innovation.

This is now within our Scunthorpe site; providing key support to the production department. Investment in the latest Apple and HP hardware and up to date software, including CS4 suite, allows SKYMARK to provide an improved internal artwork service to our customers; together with our external supplier’s, artwork, proofs and plates can be supplied within very stringent lead times.

The Combi 3000 boasts a number of features including: Solventless adhesives systems Solvent based adhesive systems Water based adhesives In line one colour print facility Coating and lacquer Cold seal in register application To date SKYMARK’s growth within its lamination department has been focused on wet wipe wrapping applications. Now with the added features the new Combi brings, it will enable SKYMARK to expand into more aggressive and technically advanced applications, such as speciality floor wipes, medical and pharmaceutical applications, retort and high barrier applications. 2010/2011 is set to be SKYMARK’s largest turnover within the laminated materials sector, with new contracts secured for many brand and retail owners. As with our other investments, this advanced laminator will help us in our quest to significantly increase our turnover in this sector by 2012

The extension will also house our ever expanding proofing department; the latest plate mounting has been installed to coincide with technology required for our printing presses. This also includes an anilox and plate cleaning machine, ensuring the essential components of the process are maintained and a significant investment to provide a vast selection of sleeves that cater for customer repeat size requirements. SKYMARK are also monitoring polymer plate making developments, to essentially mirror the successful internal facility we once had at our Leominster site, and new technologies such as HD, Kodak NXT, and thermal plates to ensure any investment made ensures we have the latest technology available to our customers

Ink Store Within the extension a new state of the art ink blending and dispensing department managed in partnership with Sun Chemicals is being established. In support of the latest Rexon ink dispensing system, SKYMARK have invested in a new X-Rite colour spectrophotometer to enhance its colour management to a higher level.


SKYMARK Newsletter Modern Slitting Dept

SKYMARK Rides Again!

Today's market requires highly efficient and operator convenient reel slitting and winding machines. In response to this demand, SKYMARK’s investment in the Conslit ensures downtime is decreased, thus increasing machine output.

Various personnel from SKYMARK have joined together to form the SKYMARK Riders Cycling Team. The team was formed in 2007 to raise money through sponsored cycling events to support a wide range of charities.

The Kampf CONSLIT 16/06 is a reel slitter with a working width of 1650 mm and a finished roll diameter of up to 600 mm. All usual packaging materials such as hard and soft films made of PE, PP, PA, PET, PVC, papers and laminates can be processed.

The charities have been chosen with personal experiences in mind and monies raised for charitable bodies including Click Sargent and Prostate Cancer Charity. Events have included the Great Nottingham Bike Ride; Coast to Coast – a distance of 130 miles from Woking (Cumbria) to Sunderland (Tyne & Wear) and this year the challenge has stepped up a gear to take on the “Cornish Way” taking the riders from Lands End to Bude a distance of 180 miles!

The units proven technology of ball friction winding shafts, laser assisted core positioning, motorised finished roll stripper and an optimised slitting section for all common slitting methods enables slitting widths from 50mm and up to be offered as standard SKYMARK’s site in Scunthorpe has just completed a 1,400 square foot expansion in order to house a bespoke ink dispensing facility, colour laboratory, ink store, origination department and additional production support facilities. We are all excited by the expansion and investments that have been made at the Scunthorpe site; not only because of the additional functions we can offer in house but also the job opportunities that are created for the local economy

A great deal of time and dedication is put into training for these yearly events and all the members are passionate about their involvement in raising funds for these well deserving causes

SKYMARK Newsletter

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