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Girl Power sell sheet

Girl Power Button Box By Allison Cole 120 piece button box




Best in show sell sheet

Best in Show Button Box By Gemma Correll 120 piece button box




Iron-on embroidered patches $3 Wholesale | $6 MSRP

6 per style minimum. Sold on individual hang cards with UPC. Plastic-free when possible.

Iron-on adhesive. 100% post-consumer recycled display card. Packaged in Portland without plastic sleeves when possible.

Individual By SKU

By the Box

$3.00 ea.

$2.75 ea. 60 piece assortment | $165

Save 25¢ when ordered in pre-assorted patch box!

6 piece min, per style for orders by SKU. $6 MSRP Imported

G RE E T I NGC A RD S PI NNE RDI S PL A Y 48pocket s Eachpockethol dsupt o12A2car dsor6pat chcar ds . 16” Dx16” W x62”H[ wi t houts i gn] Cos t$200 #GCSDSP

FREEwhenf ul l 48pocket sx12car ds@ $2. 25 ( $1296t ot al )

sal es@badgebomb. com

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Badge Bomb Summer 2019 Supplement  

Badge Bomb Summer 2019 Supplement