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Un-named Thriller June 24th 2013 A military plane crashes in to the runway at an R.A.F Odiham. Normally a minor tragedy, but when the plane is carrying a disgraced national icon AND one of the worlds most wanted it throws into effect one of the greatest Man Hunts in world History. Why did it crash, Why were there no bodies and why is the military trying to cover it up?

Now it falls to Agent Connor Cash to recapture the men who have slipped through his fingers to nowhere.

Chapter 1

June 24th – Over the English Channel

11:51 am

Something was wrong with the plane. The large Hercules R.A.F cargo plane had banked heavily without warning and then righted itself. Whoever was piloting it was clearly having trouble but communications with the plane had been lost just off the coast of Calais much to the dismay of the controllers at the awaiting airbase. The plane banked again, this time bringing it perilously close to one of the 14 Typhoon fighter jets that now accompanied it. The squadron leader casually swung his plane out of the way of the cumbersome juggernaut and reported this new development back to control. Whatever was happening on the plane he thought, something was seriously wrong…

June 24th – R.A.F Odiham

12: 18 pm

The plane shimmered into view, the midday sun making it look like a godly mirage. It was followed a few seconds later by the roar of the turbines. All that were congregated on the runway hushed as one. The plane was intact, this they knew from the Squadron leaders reports, but in case of emergency three fire engines had been pressganged into service from local towns. Adding to the presence was an entire company S.A.S troopers, an array of official looking men and women in suits and even an air vice-marshal resplendent in his uniform.

© 2013, Daniel Reffold

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Amongst the suits stood Conrad Cash, dark shades covering his eyes and slowly drumming his fingers on the railing he lent on. His composure was a complete façade, the slow drum of his fingers a technique to slow his heart rate. None of the other members of MI6 approached him, but a trooper did keep shooting looks in his direction. Cash drew a packet of cigarettes out of his pocket and lit one. “Got one for me son?” Cash turned slowly and gave a half smile before reaching back into his pocket and taking out another Camel for the hulking Deputy Chief of the service, Eric Leland. “Reports say no-one’s left or entered the plane since the Typhoons joined it above Chad. Before that we were in contact with the plane the whole time. Whatever’s happened son, they’ll still all be on the plane. Don’t you worry.” Leland said in a surprisingly soft and measured tone “I’m not worried about them not being there, it’s the state they’ll be in that’s getting me.” “Well you won’t have much more time to wait,” Leland said heavily as the escort fighters peeled away and the Hercules began its wobbly decent to the tarmac.

June 24th – Above R.A.F Odiham

12:20 pm

On board the Hercules, all appeared normal. The pilot, Flight Lieutenant Dickie Mason and co-pilot, Flying Officer Stevens sat comfortably in their seats watching through the front window as the ground came closer and closer, the angle of decline rapidly becoming steeper and steeper, the runway quickly approaching, and neither pilot made any attempt to adjust to pull up out the nose dive that their landing had become, before… The ground shook and the summer sky was suddenly struck by a tumultuous plume of smoke and fire as the giant aircraft smashed into the tarmac pile driving itself into the concrete and flipping onto its back. The runway exploded into a mass of activity, the fire trucks surged forward and began to spray the burning wreck before the ground was shook again by a second, larger explosion. At the sight of the crash, Cash had bolted forward only to be wrestled to the ground by the iron grip of the ageing Deputy. “There’s nothing you can do here,” he whispered into Cash’s ear, the young agent shocked to see a tear rolling down the old man’s face.

© 2013, Daniel Reffold

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Un-named thriller  
Un-named thriller  

a spy thriller