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Transport and Logistic Solutions Europe srl


May 2008

Transport and Logistic Solutions Europe srl

TLS Europe srl is a private Company, with the Head Office in Genoa and a branch office in Palermo. The aim of TLS is to produce and provide products and services in the transport and logistic fields, with particular reference to maritime freight transport and intermodality. TLS EUROPE is a new Company operating since 2006, but over 25 years’ background of knowledge and experiences of the staff are available to the customers. TLS EUROPE provides the best solutions based on advanced technologies and innovation, tailored to satisfy the Clients needs.

TLS EUROPE is small but is a very innovative world wide Company. TLS’s growth program involves several geographical areas and continents and the short term priority focus is for the Mediterranean area, the Black Sea area, India and China. TLS is a distributed Company working by a distributed network of expertise and knowledge, involving its own operational units, co-makers and suppliers. TLS is shaped time to time for developing specific products or specific services; the variable size of the Company and variable skill of the people involved in the projects are shaped according to the projects needs. The strength of the Company is based on the flexibility, the high technical profile and the capacity to mobilise large teams in a short time, starting from a base of slim internal structure and a network of more than 500 contacts in Europe and in the Mediterranean Countries, recently enlarged by some Companies located in the Black Sea and Far East Areas. Among them are included: ◊

Technology providers

Service suppliers

Consultants / Consulting Companies

Legal and financial consultants

Universities and Research Centres

Banks and Financial bodies

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Transport and Logistic Solutions Europe srl

The Company’s development plan is based on a step by step start up process of diversified activities included in five branches (TLS Consulting, TLS Projects, TLS Future, TLS SysTech, TLS Freight)

TLS EUROPE provides the Clients: ◊

Solutions, Technologies and Systems for transport and logistics.

The development of technologies, systems, services and pilot solutions for the implementation of the “Motorway of the Sea” / Costal shipping and intermodality.

Design, building, setting up and management of: ƒ Cold chain logistics ƒ Fresh produce logistic and transport systems / services ƒ Fish Logistics

Design, optimization and implementation of logistic systems for Industry

Technical support to Public and Private Stakeholders in the transport and logistic field (Regional, National, Transnational, etc)

Technical support to stakeholders at European level, with particular reference to the European Union Commission

New business development and new services for transport and logistics

R&D services, education and training services.

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Transport and Logistic Solutions Europe srl

TLS CONSULTING TLS EUROPE provides to the Clients the optimal solutions, from technological, functional and economical point of view, for the implementation of new services or for the development of new projects in the field of freight transport and logistics. The solutions for systems, technologies and services are selected and tailored by TLS EUROPE on the base of the specific client needs, in close cooperation with the clients. The Consulting activity combines technology and transport economy competences and experiences and covers strategic planning and technical design in order to satisfy the wider needs of private and public operators, Public Administrations and Port Authorities. The activity is also addressed to the Industry and to other production sectors, as for example the horticultural fresh products. The Consulting activity includes: ◊

Scenario Analysis and Studies

“Motorway of the Sea”; systems, services and technologies

Transport and logistic Macro-systems (Area level; worldwide level)

Logistics for Industry

Coldchain logistics and reefer systems

Fresh produce Transport and logistic

Fish logistics

Ports and Terminals Planning

Ports, terminals and logistic platforms design (including technologies and systems design)

Procurement assistance for the acquisition of systems, technologies including cranes, handling systems, warehousing and packaging systems, ICT systems (information and communication technology), safety & security systems

Procurement assistance for the acquisition of transport means (including ships) And cargo units (including containers)

Engineering and technical services

Advanced Technologies

Technical support to Public Stakeholders: Federal/Union Administration (including the European Union), Ministries, Regional Administrations, local Administrations, Port Authorities, Maritime Authorities, etc: ƒ Technical support to policy implementation ƒ Technical support for the definition and update of development plans ƒ Promotion of development and innovation ƒ Management of Agency (f.i. sectorial development, research, etc) ƒ Set up Pilot Projects

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Transport and Logistic Solutions Europe srl

TLS FUTURE A key word for TLS EUROPE strategy is “INNOVATION”. TLS EUROPE is involved in the innovation process in the intermodal transport, based on maritime, and in the logistic sector. TLS EUROPE is looking for new solutions, based on the use of the most advanced technologies and on the most efficient operation models. This requires R&D and study activities are carried out both to support its own activities and to satisfy its clients’ needs. The most significant technical background acquired by the Company, since it was established, is relevant to industrial technology R&D for transport, logistics and shipbuilding sectors, together with strong and consolidated links with the most important Universities, Research Centers, Consulting Companies in Europe. More recently new links have been established in the Mediterranean south, in the Black Sea and in the Far East areas and new actions along this line are still ongoing to consolidate relationships. TLS Europe strategic objective is to stand on the technology frontier in the transport and logistic field and to consolidate its position in the R&D field among the Center of Excellence in the Mediterranean Area. R&D priorities are on the macro – system analysis and implementation, integrating existing components and identifying and filling out the technological gaps. Transport systems, in particular regarding the aspects of ship to shore interaction and cargo interoperability for intermodal transport, and cold chain logistics are the main field of excellence. “Information and Communication Technology” (ICT) for intelligent transport systems and for intermodal transport chain security are also included in the fields of interest: ◊

ICT infrastructures

“Service Information Systems”

Tracking – Tracing systems

Supply chain Management systems

New combined security and service information systems

Management systems (terminals, door to door intermodal systems, etc.)

TLS FUTURE is involved on Education & Training activities developed on the base of specific client needs.

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Transport and Logistic Solutions Europe srl

TLS PROJECTS TLS EUROPE activities in this field are relevant to large projects in the transport and logistic sector. The services that TLS EUROPE provides to the Clients are the following: ◊

Project Management

Conceptual definition and implementation of new projects

Supply turn key Project

Pilot project implementation

TLS EUROPE is also a Project Developer, building its own projects in the Project financing scheme. TLS Europe services include the management and implementation of large turn key projects starting, when required, from the first conceptual system design, including the selection and design of technologies, systems and tools, the functional and operations design, the marketing and cost – benefit analysis, the risk assessment analysis up to the final delivery of the products or services, including delivery trials, the start up and other complementary services such as the recruitment and the training of the staff, etc. Some project examples are: ◊

The development, the functional and economical improvement and the expansion of maritime terminals (container / RORO), inland and multimodal terminals

The development of a new short sea shipping line or a the door to door multimodal freight transport link

The development of a transport and logistic macro-system connecting one area / Country to other areas Countries (as the case of the recent TLS EUROPE project for fresh produce, linking the production areas of Egypt to the distribution markets in Europe or others involving Southern Mediterranean Countries focused on fish logistics)

The development of a logistic center including operation and management design

The development of transport and logistic for multi-site factories.

TLS PROJECTS builds up and manages industrial projects, sets up industrial partnership, supports clients in finding public and private financing for the Clients. For this type of projects TLS Europe is also willing to be the “Project Developer“ The Project Management activity includes also large R&D industrial cooperative Projects supported totally or partially by Public Funding, like those financed by the Commission of the European Union. Cooperation Projects, financed at bilateral level by Italy or the European Union, are managed and carried out by TLS EUROPE.

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Transport and Logistic Solutions Europe srl

TLS SYSTECH TLS EUROPE provides systems and technologies for freight transport and logistics. TLS EUROPE is involved in the design, development, production and commercialisation activities, in different ways, depending on the types of products. TLS Europe provides to the clients the procurement assistance for the acquisition of the systems and the technical assistance and support for the start up phase. The products of TLS EUROPE interest are: INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES TLS interest includes a broad range of different advanced technologies and systems: ◊

Service information systems

Navigation and tracking – tracing systems

Security systems ƒ Sealing systems ƒ Electronic identification systems - Electronic gate - Scanning systems - Personnel ID systems - Other systems

Combined Security and Information systems

Management Systems ƒ Supply chain management systems ƒ Terminal Management systems ƒ Transport chain management systems

TLS EUROPE provides to the Clients with customised solutions and the assistance for the acquisition of the systems, the integration of the individual technologies and equipments in a system; the setting up and the management of the systems TERMINALS, LOGISTIC PLATFORMS, LOGISTICS FOR INDUSTRY TLS EUROPE provides, in cooperation with the technologies providers: technologies, tools and systems, for new solutions for Terminal and ship-shore operations and for transport and logistic operations, including cold chain logistics. TLS EUROPE is also working with industrial partners, to improve automated systems. TRANSPORT MEANS TLS EUROPE provides innovative solutions/ design for ships and barges, rail and road (trailers and track) systems, focused on the enhancement of cargo interoperability.

R&D activities and the industrial exploitation of R&D results are carried out by TLS EUROPE, in cooperation with partners (industrial Companies, Universities and Research Centers). On the innovative technologies, components, systems (including ships and other transport means), mentioned above,

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Transport and Logistic Solutions Europe srl

TLS FREIGHT TLS EUROPE a Multimodal Transport Operator and a Logistic Operator TLS EUROPE provides innovative, efficient, and reliable integrated transport and logistic services in the Mediterranean and Black Sea areas. TLS EUROPE is willing to provide these services also in the Middle East areas and increase their services to link Asian and Pacific Areas. TLS EUROPE is working to enlarge and strengthen its network to create a wide integrated intermodal transport and logistic network to meet, jointly with its partners and sister companies, the customer needs everywhere in the selected areas.

TLS Europe’s services include: ¾ Maritime - Multimodal Transport ¾ Integrated transport and logistic services from door to door in the Mediterranean and Black Sea areas ¾ Deep sea door to door transport services for the selected areas ¾ Integrated logistic services ƒ Warehousing ƒ Consolidation and Deconsolidation ƒ Handling & Packaging ƒ Customs Brokers Services ƒ Insurance ƒ Services for special cargoes ¾ Project cargo ¾ Transport and logistic chain setting up and management ¾ Cold chain Logistic Services TLS Europe’s transport and logistic services for perishable products, fresh produce and fishing products, in the Mediterranean Area, are in a significant development phase. Efficient solutions and services, in particular, have been implemented for fresh produce, to link through Italy, the Egyptian production areas to the distribution markets in Europe.

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Transport and Logistic Solutions Europe srl

TLS CLIENTS All Industrial players, especially those operating with multi-site factories and worldwide markets, and all the other producers, cargo owners and traders and all the stakeholders in the transport and logistics sector, are TLS EUROPE potential Clients. Among transport and logistics sector there are: ◊

Technologies and systems providers

Industrial companies building systems, tools and equipments for terminals, ship-shore operations and cargo handling

Industrial companies building vehicles and transport means

Service providers: ƒ Intermodal transport and logistic operators ƒ Ship owners and maritime transport operators ƒ Rail, Road, inland waterways transport operators ƒ Port and Terminal Operators

Port Authorities

Public Administrations at local, regional, national, transnational and European levels

Other Public bodies and private Associations

TLS PARTNERS All the most important TLS EUROPE clients are the first potential TLS EUROPE partners; for the most operative and specific aspects of projects development and implementation, other partners could be required such as: ◊

Consulting Companies

Engineering Companies

Professionals (legal and financial matters)

Universities and Research Centers

Banks and financial bodies

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Transport and Logistic Solutions Europe srl

Find us at: HEAD OFFICE TLS EUROPE srl Via XII Ottobre 2, 16121 Genova ITALY Tel/Fax +39 010 565763 Email: MBOX@TLSEUROPE.IT PALERMO OFFICE TLS EUROPE srl Via Giuseppe Sciuti 85, 90144 Palermo ITALY Email: MBOX.PALERMO@TLSEUROPE.IT WWW.TLSEUROPE.IT

CONTACT: Dott. Fabrizio Camisetti Marketing and Sales Manager

TLS EUROPE srl Iscritta al registro Imprese di Genova 01519500993 R.E.A. n. 415696 Codice Fiscale e Partita Iva 01519500993

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