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WELCOME The arrangement or disposition of people or things in relation to each other according to a sequence, pattern, or method. The three principles of Order are sequenced: Modern, Practical, Considered. A quiet rebel in a world of high street and flash, Order is a menswear brand whose products exercise a minimalist approach, not overworking designs. Garments are made to be timeless and worn beyond the seasons. Made for individuals who value the subtle details and patterns scattered across this vast universe. From a design standpoint, Order believes that beauty is important alongside practicality. Designs draw inspiration from simple geometric shapes ranging from the likes of rectangles, circles, triangles and even simple lines. Geometric shapes are the ones we first learn about as little kids. They're the simplest, most common shapes of all: Most geometric shapes are symmetrical and instantly recognizable, a fundamental building block of our lives. Be it from large visible shapes to tiny lines on a garment, these fundamental structures will be incorporated into each and every piece in some form or another. Order does not make mass-market products. Distinct products for distinct people, each of its products has its own explicit profile with each its own explicit job to do in the market. In short, Order puts a twist on fashion staples.

Daniel Lim - Designer

T h e Co l l e c t i o n

An assortment of tailored and reinvented men's wardrobe staples

Grey Collarless Blazer With Rectangle Front Pockets & Fastening With Matching Trousers


Navy Classic Bomber With Circular Patches On Front With Matching Tailored Shorts

The Classic White Shirt With Boxy Fit Sleeves & Triangular Overlap Collar, Black Suiting Short

Classic Black Shirt With 3/4 Sleeves & Square/Rectangular Front Panel With Geometric Print. Black Trousers With Subtle Line Detail

Long-line Asymmetrical White Geometric Patterned Shirt With Contract Cuffs & Collar With Joggers.



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ORDER Look Book  

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