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Exactly what is the difference between moles and warts? Moles are pigmentation in the skin that appear in many different colors, such as red or brown. They can either be raised or flat on the skin and most of the time, they are not dangerous health-wise. On the other hand, warts are usually lighter in color, they can be white or flesh colored. On the surface, they can be raised and consist of a bunch of lumps. The major difference between warts and moles is that warts are caused by a viral infection. They seem to be most prevalent later on in life when the body has aged. Also, a change in hormonal levels in the body can increase your chances of not being able to prevent a wart virus from growing. There many different ways to treat a wart, such as using creams, solutions that are topical, or even a more invasive approach which is having surgery performed by a dermatologist or by a family practitioner. The treatment for moles is slightly different. It actually is harder to remove a mole by surgery because of the roots that go into the skin. Most of time, there is not a problem with them at all, such as being cancerous. If you have the type of mole called dysplastic nevi, there's a big chance that it will have to be moved by surgical means. It is very easy for dermatologist to tell the difference between a mole and wart just by examining it closely. If you have any doubt at all yourself, it's best to see a skin specialist just in case you do have a problem with a mole or a wart. Most people practically freak out when they have a wart because of its ugliness. If you have a wart that's growing in your genital area, it's possible that it's related to cervical cancer. Nevertheless, again, it takes an expert to determine this. It is not uncommon for children to be born with moles on their skin. If you were one of those babies that was born with skin moles, you will have a higher chance of having a lot of moles later on in life. Moles tend to appear on people that have very fair complexions, although they can appear on all types of skin. You'll notice that a mole that was not noticeable will become more noticeable if it is exposed to the UV rays of the sun.

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==== ==== If You Are Interested In Learning How To Get Rid of Moles or Warts Then You Need To Visit This Website: ==== ====

What Is The Difference Between Moles and Warts