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VOID-FILLING AND PRODUCT PROTECTION WITH AIR The new and compact AIRPAD table top machine from Fromm follows the revolutionary idea of the successful AIRPAD machines AP502 and AP503: - Production of different pad sizes only at a touch of a button and not by changing film rolls. - Pad sizes from 120 mm to 400 mm - Lower costs by using folded flat films without pre-seals and pre-perforation. - No compressed air / Versatile / Handy

The new table top machine in combination with a wide variety of standard or customized accessories offers customers an extensive range of applications:

Technical specifications: - Power supply: 115 / 230V - 50 / 60Hz - Pad sizes: From 120 - 400mm programmable - Film width: 210mm - Film thickness: From 25my to 50my - Film quality: PE and PE/PA - Folded film / no tube Easy to operate control panel. Stand alone systems or integrated in multi-user workstations.

Easy to operate control panel

Packaging Incorporated / 6775 Shady Oak Road / Eden Prairie, MN 55344 Customer Support 1.800.328.6650 /

AP 250 Features of the machine: - Long life design and rugged construction - Minimum maintenance required - Easy Teflon changes - No compressor required - Easy filmload - Easy to operate - Adjustable air volume - Programmable lengths of air-chains - Programmable lengths of airpads

Options: - Movable and adjustable table - Storage hoppers: - attached to table - overhead air supplied - Automatic Storage control - Footswitch - Remote control

New Fromm Table Top Airpad Machine Packaging Incorporated is thrilled to be introducing a truly innovative table top airpad machine. The machine which will be available starting in May is truly one-of-a-kind in the industry. The Fromm Airpad is the only table top machine that can adjust pillow size without changing film. It will utilize folded 16� film and can adust the pad length from 3.15� to 31.5� in length by the millimeter. The machine can hold up to 36 different sizes in its memory and can adjust with the simple touch of a button. It also has an auto cut-off feature to allow you to batch pillows. It uses ambient air, so no compressor is needed; it also boasts an impregnated Teflon coated metal to initiate the t-2 seal. Film for this machine ranges from 20 micron to 42 micron polyamide.

New Ultra-High Performance Cynch Stretch Film Platinum Max machine film is an ultraperformance stretch film that provides unmatched puncture. Platinum Max delivers load containment at gauge levels well below the competition. Highest stretch at the lowest gauge for optimal stretch wrapping performance.

Ultra-High Performance

Why settle.....When you can have PLATINUM MAX! Plastic resin costs continue to increasePolyethylene (PE) resin costs are still steadily increasing due to tight PE resin supply. This is a result of elevated demand, reduced inventory levels and lower production rates. PE resin suppliers have implemented multiple price increases over the past three months and there are more announced. The forecast for the months ahead indicate that the tight supply of PE resin will continue due to demand pressures and supplier outages. As world tensions mount and petroleum continues to increase we won’t see a stabilizing of prices for a while. Great deals on Packaging Equipment! Packaging Incorporated has initiated a companywide sale on all packaging equipment. There are great discounts available with a consumable purchase. Please contact your local sales person for an equipment review.

Next Generation high performance machine film

One-Sided Cling

Higher Pre-Stretch – Higher Puncture Resistance

500mm or 750mm widths • 39 gauge – 44 gauge – 48 gauge – 55 gauge – 61 gauge – 70 gauge • Available in Convenient (50 rolls / skid) • Extreme down gauging with superior force-to-load • Beat every film in the market!

Quad Cities Service Center February 2012, Packaging Incorporated opened a tool repair center in Bettendorf Iowa. The repair center will service all brands of pneumatic nail guns and strapping tools. Customers will also be able to purchase basic maintenance items for their tools directly from the repair center. Hours of operation are from 8:00am-1:00pm Monday – Friday.

Packaging Incorporated / 6775 Shady Oak Road / Eden Prairie, MN 55344 Customer Support 1.800.328.6650 /

Bullet Tools

Strapping News

EZ Shear SST 13 and EZ Shear SST 20

In our industry, we are beginning to see steel strapping prices stabilize; plastic strapping is on the rise. Typical of the time of year and as expected, when fuel prices are on the rise, we are receiving price increases from all the major manufacturers on both Polyester and Polypropylene strapping.

CP Supply is pleased to partner with Bullet Tools and offer 2 sizes (SST 13” & SST 20”) of their award winning siding and siding trim shear. Bullet Tools was a recipient of Building Magazine’s 2010 Green Product Award. Advantages • Cut quickly & quietly with no dust • One premium blade outlasts many saw blades • Quiet – requires no power • Easy & fast – reduced set up time, no cords, works where you are, no need to go outside, clean up is a breeze, just cut and go • Safer than conventional power saws • Economical – shorter job times save you money • Lightweight & portable Partial Cut List • Fiber Cement: James Hardie, CertainTeed • Vinyl Siding: All Brands • OSB/Hardboard Siding: LP Smartside • Wood Siding: Cedar Lap, Shake Shingles • Asphalt Shingles: All Brands And much more #213 EZ Shear SST 13 MSRP $259.95 #220 EZ Shear SST 20 MSRP $489.95

We can say with confidence that plastic costs will likely rise in the next couple of months. Where steel goes from here is anyone’s guess. The steel mills are trying their best to pass increases but weaker than expected steel consumption seems to be halting the mills efforts. With the above mentioned, we are still converting steel strap customers to plastic at a steady pace. The benefits of converting steel to plastic are so overwhelming that the typical price fluctuations of steel and plastic really need not be considered. For those of you who have not had a demonstration to look at replacing your steel with plastic, here are few advantages of plastic to consider: • Cost savings-Most conversions come with significant cost reductions. • Safety-Steel strap is the culprit behind many workplace accidents. • Ergonomics-Coils often weigh half that of a coil of steel and the tools are easier to use. • Superior tooling-Tool manufacturers see plastic as the future and plastic tooling is where the R&D dollars are going. With the release of a battery operated 1-1/4” x .050 polyester strapping tool scheduled for summer of 2012, no steel application is safe from plastic. Heavy duty steel applications make way!

Contact your sales person for information on the strap markets, conversions to plastic, or to see a demo today!

Import Freight Rate Increases Freight costs on products shipped to the USA from Asia have continued to increase this year due to a number of factors that are creating additional surcharges. Of course, this is increasing the landed costs of all products that are coming in from these markets. The end of year Peak Season Surcharge remains in effect at $320/container. March 15, 2012 brought an additional $240 per container surcharge. April 15, 2012 brings another announced $320 surcharge per can. A $640/container increase has been announced for May 1, 2012 but is still being negotiated. The following is a letter by a freight forwarder describing what has occurred up until the end of March:

ry Partner, Dear Indust

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Road /

Customer Support 1.800.328.6650 /

Antidumping Lawsuit against U.A.E On March 31, 2011, Mid Continent Nail Corporation (Magnum) of Poplar Bluff, MO filed an antidumping petition concerning imports of nails from the United Arab Emirates. The suit claims that imports from the U.A.E. are likely to be sold in the United States at less than fair value as provided by the Tariff Act of 1930. On May 19, 2011, the International Trade Commission and the Department of Commerce selected Dubai Wire FZE, Precision Fasteners and Tech Fast International Ltd, as mandatory respondents in the investigation. The period of investigation that the commission studied was January 1, 2010- December 31, 2010. The products to be reviewed were all collated and bulk nails, either galvanized or not galvanized. Excluded from the case were roofing nails, staples and finish nails. On May 20, 2011 the ITC released an Affirmative Preliminary Ruling against the respondents and found that they were indeed in violation and required that the respondents post a cash deposit (tariff) for all exports leaving the U.A.E. equal to the rates that were determined. Eden Prairie, MN 55344 Dubai Wire FZE 27.73 % tariff Precision Fasteners LLC 19.23 % tariff Tech Fast International Ltd 61.54% tariff On March 20, 2012 the Department of Commerce announced that after reviewing the data used for the Preliminary Ruling that the duty rate that was established would be reduced to reflect these rates.

Dubai Wire FZE Precision Fasteners LLC

6.29% tariff 2.8% tariff

This latest antidumping case has certainly had an impact on the market in the U.S. The U.A.E was one of the largest importers of collated nails into the U.S. and the high preliminary tariff rates that were imposed effectively shut down the production in the U.A.E. The rest of the world was left to pick up the extra volume and that has led to slight increases and extended lead times on overseas shipments. Now that the DOC has lowered the duty rates on the U.A.E. the production has picked up but both manufacturers are forced to pay a cash deposit respective to the rate imposed on them. This will certainly have an effect on the market and will most likely lead to increased prices over the upcoming months. The final determination is still to be determined sometime in late April. At this time the U.A.E will find out if this rate will be permanently enforced. Please contact your Packaging Incorporated sales representative to discuss your fastening options.

Packaging Inc. Catalog- June, 2012  

Catalog for Packaging, Inc.

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