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Back-to-School Safety Advice from Guardian Systems—A Professional Security Monitoring Service Soon, summer will be over, and kids will head back to school. During this time, attention turns to how parents can keep children safe while they are getting to and from school and during the school day. According to the National Safe Kids Campaign, as many as 2 million children under the age of 15 could be injured in a school-related accident in the coming year. Many accidents, however, can be prevented. These guidelines will help you talk to your children about back-to-school safety. When walking to/from school: Walk with others on a pre-planned route. Do not walk alone. Only cross the street at marked crosswalks and always obey traffic laws. Ideally, cross where there is a crossing guard. Unless the child has already received permission to go elsewhere, he or she should come directly home after school. Upon arriving home, children should be taught to reset the security monitoring service device. This added home security at your Tennessee residence will help assure the child remains safe while home alone. If you have given the child permission to go to a friend’s house after school, ask him or her to call you upon arriving at the designated place. Whether your child walks to the friend’s house or rides a bicycle, be sure he or she lets you know when they are leaving and what route they will take on the way home. Riding a bike: While riding a bike to/from school is fun, children need to take the same precautions as those who in addition to following all the road rules. Riding the bus: Children should never bend down or stop in front of a school bus. The driver has limited visibility in this area and may not realize they are there. Children should not stand in the street while waiting for the bus. Children should not start walking toward the bus until it has come to a complete stop. Remind your children to look for cars even though the bus has put its arm/sign out and once aboard the bus to quickly take a seat.

Use passwords for protection: Children should never accept a ride to or from school, or anywhere for that matter, with anyone including family members and friends of the family, unless that person can give then a password that you have chosen. This password ensures that the individual picking the child up has spoken with you, and you made these arrangements. Do not tell anyone this password. Each time a password is used, it needs to be changed. In the classroom/at school: Obey all school rules, these rules were created for a reason. Never leave the classroom without the permission of a teacher. Tell your child to notify the teacher right away if he or she notices any behavior in or around the school grounds that seems suspicious. Avoiding Injuries Backpack/Messenger bag: An overloaded backpack/messenger bag can cause injuries to the neck, back and shoulders. Ideally, the backpack’s weight should be less than 10 percent of the child’s body weight. On the playground: Each year, more than 200,000 injuries are sustained on playgrounds in the U.S. that require emergency treatment at a hospital. Many of these injuries could be prevented. Remind your child that recess is a time to have fun and pushing, pulling and rough housing with fellow classmates can be dangerous. Bullying: Bullying can occur anywhere outside of the home—on the school bus, on the playground or at school. Children may not be comfortable telling someone they are being bullied, so it’s important to encourage your child to let you or a teacher know if someone is harassing him or her. Of course, there’s no reason to worry while your children are at home. Your security monitoring service will help ensure your child’s safety. Should there be a breach in your home security in Tennessee, Guardian Systems will make sure help is on the way.


Upon arriving home from school, children should be taught to reset the security monitoring service device. This added home security at your...

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