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How to Estimate the Cost of a Graphic Design Job Coming up with an accurate estimate of a graphic design job remain a big question among people who are in the business of design, even how long they are already established or reputable. Freelancers and established companies admit bidding on design jobs is one of the hardest part of the enterprise. In addition, there seems no hard and fast rule about the price of a graphic design service that can be used over and over again. Setting your Graphic Design Job Fair Price Accurately bidding on design jobs can emerge out of experience. Sometimes, it helps that you are able to streamlines your bidding process to remove time wasters and land more real clients. In this business, preparing proposals is one time wasters, especially if that didn't get accepted. One important first step is by researching the standard cost of graphic design job that the other advertising agencies, design companies and freelance designers charge their clients. Use such information as your guideline for what is fair and acceptable hourly or flat rate, without crossing the thresholds of being unethical. Remember that this is quite risky in that when you charge too much, you will be lose your clients when you are unable to justify the premium cost. If you give a fairly cheaper cost, you will get the label as the cheapest in town, giving the impression that you might not be that good or you can't produce a quality output. Know What Your Clients Need Don't forget to speak with your clients about a new job and what exactly they need from you. The information that you will gather will help you prepare an estimable time of your completion of the project as well as provide a fair ballpark price for the project. Every project is different and no work is the same but by taking this step into consideration, you have a place to start. Give Hourly or Flat Cost? Since majority of clients want to have an exact and hard cost for the finished graphic design job, hourly rate is often shunned. To some, an hourly rate for the design job can trigger some fears simply because it's open-ended. To bid a flat rate, which your customers so requested, you can set an hourly rate for yourself based on what is competitive to your area. The rate you will set will also provide you the right margin to allow you to operate your business and give your staff graphic design job to do that will benefit all parties. You can make a

comparison between the hourly rate you set to the actual time spent on a flat rate proposal. This is a good way to determine whether you are in fact profitable in the jobs you're bidding on. Determine Price Range for Specific Graphic Design Job If you still can't decide about the price of your service based on flat rate or hourly rate, maybe it can help you bid fairly by determining price ranges for specific types of graphic design job. These services include logo design, post cards, basic website design, e-commerce sites, and many more. The usefulness of this cannot be undermined simply because it can give you a buffer for working on a particular project. Second is that clients are more receptive of a price scale, projecting an image of your willingness to work with your clients on getting them to that lower end of the scale. Usually this is entirely up to the client, how they will perceive such price points to cover the whole flow of the project through the approval process. Conclusion To give an effective graphic design job estimate, you should be clear. Be direct in specifying a fair price and including the services you are going to provide. Don't muddle the details and get your message straight and to the point by also being specific. You will appear more experienced and professional if you can leave as few questions as possible. The chances of you getting a graphic design job at a price that works for both you and your client will be greater.

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How to Estimate the Cost of a Graphic Design Job  

Coming up with an accurate estimate of a graphic design job remain a big question among people who are in the business of design, even how l...

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