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Danny Rumbelow TEL - 07500427457 EMAIL - PORTFOLIO - DANNYRUMBELOW.COM

There's nothing better than having a passion for one's trade, and when it comes to being on set there's nowhere I'd rather work. I regard myself as an ambitious individual, with a friendly and approachable personality. I work well within a team and keep in mind the thoughts and ideas of my colleagues. Through experience as an individual on set, I feel as if my characteristics drive and motivate others to keep pushing to the end goal. Within high-pressure situations, I have disciplined myself to meet the requirements that are expected of me. As you can see in my portfolio, I have experience on set as a 1st Assistant Director and a Director with smaller productions. However, I'm eager to learn and develop new skills that I can apply to my trade. With the right opportunity and guidance, I wish to achieve my career goal as a 1st Assistant Director on high-budget film sets.


Education RAVENSBOURNE UNIVERSITY - BA (Hons) Digital Film Production (2:1) A LEVEL - Art (A*), Spanish (C), BTEC Business studies (Distinction)


GCSE - (C) Maths , (C) English , (A*) Spanish

Industry projects (all work can be seen on my website DANNYRUMBELOW.COM)

• 1st Assistant Director - Dirty Thrills - "Law Man" (Official Music Video) • 1st Assistant Director - The Fallen State - Four Letter Word (Official Music Video) • 1st Assistant Director - Sintra - Never Give Up (feat. Ayah Marar) (Official Music Video) • 1st Assistant Director - KEYS - #NewUK (Official Music Video) (LINK UP TV) • 1st Assistant Director - “MK studio session’’. (Official Music Video)

Work experience • 4K London - - working alongside DITs and colour grading equipment, I gained a much more rounded understanding of post production and editing.

Independent cinema • Writer and Director - Broken Symmetry - • 1st Assistant Director - L'appel du Vide (Call of the void) (short film) References - Joel Scott-Halkes (Director, Producer) - Peter Menage (Film and Music Producer for Sintra records) 07870 988041

Can use editing software -

Danny rumbelow cv  
Danny rumbelow cv