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Dear fellow rotaractors, With the spirit of Ramadhan, on behalf of rotaract club of Jakarta

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Gambir, I would to say “Happy Ied Mubarak, Minal Aidin wal Faidzin”. No one’s perfect while we striving to be perfect for each other. Let’s embrace goodness within oursleves to forgive each other and back to purity for a new beginning. This also remark Rotaract Club of Jakarta Gambir begining with new board 2012-2013. On behalf of club and as The President of Rotaract Club of Jakarta Gambir, I proudly present our first e-bulletin within this new leadership period. We call this e-bulletin as “Ragam Bulletin”. Ragam is an abbreviation fom Rotaract Gambir. Hopefully Ragam Buletin can be our club’s media to share Rotaract Gambir aspiration so that we can inspire others in having the same sincerity spirit to develop others. As you may know that this August is such a special month, not only Ied Mubarak but it also remarks our National Independence day. Thus this inspire our first e-bulletin theme. You will find within this bulletin, report of actvities that revolves around the theme. We have had successfully conduct our annual Flea Market event in Cilincing area. And we share our Independence celebration along with Rotaract Club of Mumbai Ghatkopar (Fyi, India’s Independence Day is at August 15) by having a joint e-bulletin with said club. Like an old saying “Tak kenal maka tak sayang” then for this first edition, we would like to share more about our club, especially our club’s history. Hopes this journey will indulge you. Enjoy! Sincerely,

Regular Meeting Saturday, 11.00 AM Meeting Place Killiney Kopitiam 2nd floor South Skywalk - Pondok Indah Mall

Anjar Titisari President Rotaract Club of Jakarta Gambir 2012-2013 “Gambir so Delicious” RAC Gambir Social Organization Developing Young Leaders through Sincerity

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Ramadan Flea Market 2012 “From the people and for the people”


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elcoming the holy month Ramadan, Rotaract Club of Jakarta Gambir (RAGAM) held an annual event Pasar Murah Ramadan (PMR). An event held annually as part of RAGAM Community Service Director’s program. Not so difference with the previous PMR, this year PMR was also held in a slump area – residence for unfortunate people. After having several surveys, we decided to choose Kampung Nelayan

project. Before PMR, we have been there to organize medical service on March 2012. PMR was hold on July, 29 2012. This event was not only conducting used clothing bazaar but also selling a variety of basic food packages to residents Cilincing fishing village at very cheap price. Clothes that sold around Rp 500,00 – Rp 5.000,00 (Approximately 5 to 50 US Cents) were all sold out. The basic food packages that we sold for Rp 30.000,00 were

that basic needs is very expensive during lebaran season. The event began with members of RAGAM, friends of RAGAM, and volunteers were gathered in the lobby at 07:00 am at FX Mall. Then the participants who had gathered and ready to go to Cilincing are divided into several cars. At around 08:15 am we headed to Kampoong Nelayan Cilincing once we finished with the praying for the success of the event. We reached Kampoong

Cilincing – North Jakarta as our PMR

very helpful for them as we know

Nelayan Cilincing around 10:00 am.


We found out that the situation on site was quite different with the bazaar layout designed by our

community leader), and Bapak Ustadz, RAGAM & Team left the site. The short preparation started

tent renting were helped by Aunt Ela and Aunt Same who also previously helped RAGAM during medical ser-

Project Officer, Rtr. Yusuf. Confusing in the beginning, but we swiftly re-layout the second hand clothes bazaar based on the site condition and soon we arranged the clothes on some tables that available on the site. By around 14:00 pm, the clothes are sold out. Basic food packages were also sold out by Cilincing residents. We soon gathered in a mosque not so far from the site to count the money and discuss about the last coordination. 15:00 pm after saying farewell to the citizens represented by Bapak RT (community leader), Bapak RW (Higher

on May was apparently not too burdensome for RAGAM. It was proved by the success of the event on the D-Day. The effective coordination among organizer lead by Rtr. Yusuf as Project Officer, RAGAM was able to held a success PMR on Kampoong Nelayan Cilincing. Coordination was done not only inside RAGAM but also coordination with the representatives from Kampoong Nelayan, Aunt Ela and Aunt Same. During PMR event, Aunt Ela and Aunt Same acted as caretaker who conveyed message between RAGAM and Kampoong Nelayan people. Site permitting and

vice project on March. “This event is very beneficial. Apart from helping Cilincing residents, I also feel the enjoyment of helping unfortunate people. I hope that this event can be developed into bigger scale, in order to help bigger group of the unfortunates” Said Yugo, one of the volunteer who helped PMR this time. RAGAM wishes that PMR able to help residents in Kampoong Nelayan Cilincing and gives valuable lessons to us as organizers – The beauty of sharing and helping others.(rizal)

from left to right : Pres. Anjar Titisari, Salahuddin Yusuf (Project Offcier), Bapak RW


queue up before entering the clothes bazaar

Rtr. PE W. Apri Wulan S. selling some clothes

First Project PMR was a big challenge for Rtr. Yusuf who was recently inducted as RAGAM member. Entrusted to be the PMR Project Officer was not an easy job. However with good intention, effort and help from All RAGAM members, Rtr. Yusuf was able to conduct PMR at Cilincing.


unday, on April 29, 2012 was the day when Rotaract Club of Jakarta Gambir celebrates the fourth birthday. At that time, me, (Salahuddin Yusuf) was inducted to be new member of Rotaract Club of Jakarta Gambir. I was immediately appointed as Project Officer for Pasar Murah Ramadhan (PMR).

the second hand clothes bazaar run effective, the residents are asked to wait in line and every person will only allow buying 5 peaces of clothes. if they want to buy more than 5, they must be willing to wait in line again. The basic food packages purchasing procedure was easier, because only residents who

the residents were very enthusiastic to follow the instruction in an orderly manner. The sun heat and the thirst were forgotten even though most of us were fasting at that time. Joking around with the resident from Kampoong Nelayan Cilincing and saw their smiley face made our spirit stayed up till the end of the

The goals of this event are; to sell cheap basic food packages and cheap second hand clothes to Kampoong Nelayan Cilincing residents. We sold Rp 30.000,00 (Approx 3 USD) per basic needs packet, and Rp 500,00 – Rp 5.000,00 (approx 5 to 50 US cents) for the clothes. The outcomes will be given back to the community in the form of stuffs that they may need, for example carpet for mosque, cleaning tools etc. Around 10:30 WIB just before the event started, I have to make sure that all my friends were ready at their respective positions. Then, I explained the bazaar purchasing procedures to the residents who

received coupon that was distributed two days before the event that allow to buy the packet. After the briefing done, we started the clothes bazaar. 3 personnel in charge as guards stand by at the entrance is allowing six people to enter the vicinity for each turn. My first duty as time keeper was to keep the number of buyer in every round. I restricted the length of the time in every round approximately about 3 – 5 minutes. This is in order to give opportunity to other residents who wanted to buy clothes were not running out of clothes that they want. I thought that the residents will be difficult to directed

program. After lunch break, we lowered the prizes down to Rp 1.000,00 00 (Approx US 10 cents) to attract the residents back to the bazaar. The resident came back to queue up and buy the remaining clothes after they heard the news. When the remaining clothes were almost all sold out, we lowered the prize again to Rp 500,00 (Approx US 5 cents) and even some we gave away for free and we left open the entrance with no guards and no need to queue. Hopefully, through this event, we can be more grateful to our current state and could help many people without expecting any return.

could not wait any longer. To make

during the bazaar, on the contrary,



Breakfasting with Rotary Club of Jakarta Gambir



amadhan month is not complete without having breakfasting event since it is more than a gathering to break the fasting day, but also a moment for people to have quality time to strengthen bond or “silaturahmi”. Thus at this lovely moment, Rotary Club of Jakarta Gambir together with Rotaract Club of Jakarta Gambir had joint breakfasting event which conducted in Thursday, 2 August 2012. Event was started from 5 PM, although most participants came around 6 PM. Traffic in Jakarta is challenging, especially when all participants were coming from different places in Jakarta. It was already a miracle that the event was already

total 12 people: Rtr. PP Paulus, Rtr. IPP Didi, Rtr. Pres. Anjar, Rtr. ADRR Tanto, Rtr. Ratih, Rtr. Mia, Rtr. Yuna, Rtr. Rizal, Rtr. Mira, Rtr. Nissa, Rtr. Yusuf dan Rtr. Suci. We were also having honorable guest from our alumni: Rtr. PP. Adri, Rtr. Raden dan Rtr. PP. Femi. While participants from Rotarians were total 9 people: PDG Rodolfo Balmater, Rtn Letty Balmater, PP Frankie Lee, AG Johnson Young, IPP Hendrik Onggo, Pres. Simon Sudarso, PP Yusuf Djemat, Rtn. Emeline & friend, dan Pak Tulus Suprapto. After dinner, event then continued with joint meeting for preparation of Installation / Board Change Over (BCO) Rotary and Rotaract Club

warming up at 6 PM. This event was held in Hanamasa restaurant in Mahakam (South Jakarta), but due to so many people joining this event, venue was then shared with Suki restaurant. Rotarians moved to Suki restaurant while Rotaractors stayed in Hanamasa. This new arrangement was inevitable, but it did not make our enjoyment less fun since we had such a long night and we were united again with Rotarians by the end of dinner to continue with joint meeting Rotaract-Rotary Club of Jakarta Gambir. Everybody was enjoying their delicious meat and friendly discussion just about everything. Total

of Jakarta Gambir. Yes, we were having our Installation together. This meeting was held in Millenium Hotel, venue for the upcoming Installation at September 8, 2012. We were having such comprehensive preparation in order to deliver best result, especially that there would be special guest from Rotary Club of Jakarta Gambir sister clubs (Malaysia, Singapore, Philippine, Hongkong, etc). It was such a long night which felt so short because like people said, time flies when you were really having a great time. Thank you Rotaractors and thank you Rotarians, we believe that togetherness will lead

participants from Rotaractors were

into great relationship. (mia)

TEDDY FOR DONATION “A Small Teddy For A Thousand Smile” “Families who are struggling to make ends meet can’t often stretch their budgets to include toys and stuffed animals for their children. And sometimes, it’s these little things that can make a big difference for a child.” Teddy For Donation is one of social activities project organized by Rotaract Club ofJakarta Gambir. This project is so simple and fun, just donate your doll* or money (Every Rp 50,000 will be converted into 1 pcs Teddy Bear) and we will give your donation to children in need via our community service events. So what are you waiting for? Donate now and see a thousand smiles with us

Email : Facebook : Teddy For Donation Twitter : teddy4donation *any kind of soft doll is acceptable, Teddy Bear is prefferable image taken from

The Revival of Rotaract Club of Jakarta Gambir

My hope for the Rotaract Club in Indonesia, is to further improve community service, which emphasize on the future of the Indonesia’s Children, because they are the Future

Vicky S. Gunawan Past President Member of Rotary Club of Jakarta Gambir D3410 Indonesia


Active role of Vicky S. Gunawan in the re-forming of Rotaract Club of Jakarta Gambir is undeniable. With his help, finally the Rotaract Club of Jakarta Gambir which had been vacuum managed to resurface and achieve success. Let’s take a look at the tale through our interview below. A father which was born in Surabaya 28 June has the hobby of travelling in between his hectic schedule running a business in planning and construction. In the beginning he got to know the social service organization Rotary International from the giant disaster Tsunami in Aceh (Indonesia) in the end

Mr Osman Aman (Rotary Tsunami Disaster Management), Mrs Monica Ginting (Rotary Tsunami Disaster Management), Mr Vicky Gunaman (Planner), Mrs Rithe Rihatinah (Rotary District Governor 2004-2005) and the Aceh Besar Regent Starting with the pictures, completed with Multimedia Presentation, the initial starting material for International Fund Raising within Rotary International was formed, which in the end produced a superb International Help Collaboration. As time goes, in the middle of 2006, the physical construction of Rotary Youth Center (RYC) Banda Aceh was started. It started with

nessed by PDG Osman Aman (as the sponsor), PDG. Natalia, Soebagjo, PDG. Rodolfo Balmater, PDG. Mark K.Y. Wong, PDG, Guz Goh and PP Andreas Sindhudarma (as the Club President 20062007). Surely there’s a reason why finally Mas Vicky wanted to join and be active after more than year. “There’s only one reason, it’s a very fundamental happiness when we had the chance to share to other human beings” explained Mas Vicky. “To me, the organization both Rotary as the main, and Rotaract as the subordinate has the sufficient core joint and ethical standars to conduct

of 2004, where as time passed by, a client namely Mr Osman Aman requested for his help. Mr Osman, the owner of an internation School in Jakarta, asked for the help to create a master plan to rebuild the village of Blang Kreung, a district in Aceh. After a few times visiting Aceh directly, interacting with the local communities and several personnel from Rotary International, then on February 2005 a concept of Rotary Youth Center Banda Aceh was born. An integrated complex for the activities of Aceh young generations which had been impacted by the Tsunami was originally a collective idea by Mrs Dedek Arrachmand

“Gampong Aneuk” which a place for the orphans caused by the Tsunami for the ages 12 years old and below, which is an assistance Project by Rotary Club of Turramurra D9680 Sidney Australia and RAWCS (Rotary Australia World Community Service). The activities has made Mas Vicky (The casual nickname of Mr Vicky S. Gunawan among Rotaract Club of Jakarta Gambir) involved directly and felt the call to give a professional service voluntarily. Finally on September 2006 Mas Vicky was officially inaugurated to became a Rotarian in the Rotary Club Jakarta Gambir by the District Governor of

social service activities. This makes the service results are measurable, and the impact is felt by the community which needs it “ he continued. Mas Vicky added “Being in an organization, there are a lot of lessons and experiences obtained; one of it is to learn to understand the characters of individuals, and then adjust to it. This is because each individual is a volunteer which is not paid and working according to his capacity with equal tasks and responsibilities. The on that tied us all is a spirit and commitment to serve without expecting return, for a better community”. The re-chartering of Rotaract

(Young Generation, Aceh Volunteer),

that period, PDG. Sujatmiko, wit-

Club Jakarta Gambir (RACJG) was


Program by Rotary Club Jakarta Gambir. It was agreed that the rechartering event to be conducted on 6th April 2006 at Jmoss Café Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta, with the old memberships was merged, when inaugurated, all will be considered as members with the new spirit. At that time, the names of the Re-charter members of Rotaract Club Jakarta Gambir are:

started from a few activities by Rotary Club of Jakarta Gambir which in the year 2005-2006 was busy with community service in Aceh and Teluk Naga Tangerang. In each of those activities, there were 2 youngsters which had always been involved, they are Farida Anggraeni and Raden Kusumarojo where they are still registered as the member of Rotaract Club of Jakarta Gambir, meanwhile

Initiated by a few meeting in the community service, together with the strong will to gather back all the youngsters ex Rotaract Jakarta Gambir which has similarity in vision to conduct community service, the meetings was started around January-March 2006 in a café in Pondok Indah Mall. The discussion was colored by a lot of story sharings volunteering in many social activities. Finally the discussion narrowed down to the idea to recharted the Rotaract organization which by that time was decided to be initiated by passive professional development. The background of the idea is because the volunteers was mostly Final Year university students which needs selfdevelopment so that when time comes, will be ready to work professionally. In the plan to recharter, there was an emphasis that the organization

the status of the club itself was inactive, therefore they were conducting their social activities via the foundation KKS Pelita Hati which is owned by ex-Rtn. Monica Soedibjo.

must have direct benefits to the members, so that a balance between giving to the community and giving to their own selves is achieved. In 15 March 2006, all who was involved, proposed to the Rotary Club President for that period 2005-2006, PP Johnson Young, to conduct the recharter of Rotaract Club of Jakarta Gambir as a part of Community Service

Mas Vicky among rotaractors of Rotaract Club of Jakarta Gambir


1.Farida Anggraeni – Re-Chartered President – ex. RACJG, ex. Volunteer KKS Pelita Hati 2.Ermin Kurniawati – Club Secretary – ex. Volunteer KKS Pelita Hati 3.Hilda Yuliastuti- Club Treasurer – ex. RACJG, ex. Volunteer KKS Pelita Hati 4.Raden Kusumarojo – ex. RACJG, ex. Volunteer KKS Pelita Hati 5.Bonny Adipradhana – ex. RACJG, ex. Volunteer KKS Pelita Hati 6.Rindang Medyana – ex. Volunteer KKS Pelita Hati 7.Femi Ardian – ex. Volunteer KKS Pelita Hati 8.Muhammad Jamaludin – ex. Volunteer KKS Pelita Hati 9.Andreas Permadi – ex. Volunteer KKS Pelita Hati 10.Yulanda Savitri – M. Jamaludin’s colleague 11.Rachmat Adriyanto – ex. member RAC Jogja With Mas Vicky designated as the Rotaract Advisor for the 3 coming years, the Rotaract Club Jakarta Gambir was inaugurated by DGE 2006-2007 Gus Soh and RCJG Club President Johnson Young. After the re-chartering, later on also joined: 12.Paulus Irawan – recommendation from ex. Rotarian RCJG 13.Raka Irawan – Raden’s colleague 14.Lala Keumaladewi – Rindang’s colleague 15.Dennis Soepomo – Femi Ardian’s colleague 16.Frederick Gerson – ex. Volunteer KKS Pelita Hati 17.PipietSavitri – Rindang’s colleague 18.Ratih Kurnia Dewi – Lala’s sister 19.Rusmin Marsyadi – Ratih’s relatives And that was the Revival of the Rotaract Club Jakarta Gambir, which later on Rotaract Club Jakarta Gambir further sharpens its social service, along with enriching its members with more professional Self Development. “My hope for the Rotaract Club in Indonesia, is to further improve community service, which emphasize on the future of the Indonesia’s Children, because they are the Future”, the final message from Mas Vicky at the end of the interview. (didi/rizal)


Rotaract Club of Jakarta Gambir 2012 - 2013 Chartered Membership Meetings

: July 27th, 1991 : 19 : Saturday at 11.00am Killiney Kopitiam, Pondok Indah Mall

from left to right : Ajeng febria, Ratih Kurnia Dewi, Nissa Aryani, Isabella R., Dewi Tresya Suci, Salahuddin Yusuf, Elma Iskarima

from left to right : Pres. Anjar Titisari IPP Rushmin Marsyadi, PE. W. Apri Wulan Sari, Mira Maulani Utami (Treasurer), Yunair Octaarianti (Secretary), A. Roy Tantono (Finance) Hartanto Yaputra (Community Service), Eka Tamia Mahakami (Club Service), Vinnny H. (International Sevice), PP. Paulus Irawan


(Proffessional Development)



Farida Anggraeni I get a lot from Gambir. Power of mind, discipline, creativity, faith and caring for others. One of the important thing is that I’m proud being part of RAC Gambir

arida Anggraeni (Ida) is known as the first president club of RAC Gambir after officially

Osman bin Aman and Rotaractor Bonny Adhipradana. Ida’s involvement with RAC

her effort in inviting new potential members, having long discussion and deep brainstorming, RAC Gam-

rechartered in 2008. This amazing woman whom was born in Jakarta, 26 February 1978, has brought changing in RAC Gambir with her big heart and social adventuruous nature. She has done countless contributions to the club, especially in key milestone of RAC Gambir rebirth. This woman whom graduated from Psychology Gunadarma University, started her involvement with Rotaract by becoming community service event volunteer for the first 3 years. Although at first she didn’t imagine herself to be part of RAC Gambir, but the urge to help others was really running strong within her blood, eventually she fell in love with rotaract and decided to join RAC Gambir after RYLA 2005 (Ungaran, Central Java). This decision was inspired by Rotarian

Gambir felt so natural since her passsion is in community service and at that time she already participated in a certain social organization community in Jakarta which having join project with Rotary and Rotaract Jakarta Gambir. Not only gained new family but Rotaract also gave valuable experience for her self development. Ida was getting more intense with RAC Gambir after she got back from her Social Duty in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam in May 2007. She found that her beloved club was no longer active. Her heart was called and she took drastic measure with support from Rotarian Vicky Gunawan to re-activate RAC Gambir. This was the beginning of RAC Gambir rechartered journey. It wasn’t easy, admited Ida, along with

bir was officially rechartered in April 2008 with total 11 members and Ida as The Club President. One of her regret was her late involvement in RAC Gambir. “Because I get a lot from Gambir. Power of mind, discipline, creativity, faith and caring for others. One of the important thing is that I’m proud being part of RAC Gambir” explained Ida. She has seen how this club progressed, in her opinion, the biggest challenge for RAC Gambir is to maintain family relationship among members so that each member can develop to be great leader in helping others and create positive difference for society. Currently Ida has been graduated from RAC Gambir. Despite of her alumni status, her spirit is still within RAC Gambir. Thank you Ida!(anjar)

Experience in Rotaract


Trainings/Seminars May 2008 May 2007 May 2006 Aug 2005 Aug 2005 Mar 2005 Jan 2005

Rotaract Club Officer Training by Rotaract Club International D3400 (Semarang) Rotaract Club Officer Training by Rotaract Club International D3400 (Bandung) Rotaract Club Officer Training by Rotaract Club International D3400 (Surabaya) Seminar “Bring Your Attitude!” by Rotaract Club International D3400 (Jakarta) Training Boards Program by Rotaract Club International D3400 (Jakarta) Rotaract Club Officer Training by Rotaract Club International D3400 (Bali) Rotary Youth Leadership Award by Rotary Club International D3400 (Ungaran, Central Java)

Organization 2009-2012 2008-2009 2007-2008 2006-2007 2005-2006 2004-2005

Member Immediate Past President (IPP) Club President Community Service Director Community Service Directir Member


Experience outside Rotaract Volunteerism 2012-Current Volunteer in Qalista Human Care 2002-2004 Volunteer in Yayasan Sahabat Rekan Sebaya, an NGO with mission of NAPZA usage prevention and HIV/AIDS treatment. 1999-2004 Volunteer in Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa, an NGO with mission of NAPZA usage prevention and HIV/ AIDS treatment. 1999-current Kerabat Karya Sosial (KKS) Pelita Hati, a social community which consisted of volunteer with mission of community development and Education support for needed community. 2007-2008 enrolled as Program Coordinator. 2005-2007 enrolled as Scholarship Program Coordinator. 2002-2005 enrolled as Volunteer Coordinator. 1999-2002 enrolled as Educator. Working Experience 2009-2011 Community Facillitator in Komunitas Konservasi Indonesia (KKI Warsi). Area: Taman Nasional Bukit Dua Belas, Kec Maro Sebo Ulu, Kab. Batanghari, Jambi 2008-2009 Freelance Assesor in PT. Bina Talenta 2006-2007 Facillitator and Motivator in Yayasan SOS Desa Taruna Banda Aceh 2004-2007 Psycholog Assistant in PT. Essensi Bina Tama 2004 Field Observer in PT. Media Rajawali Indonesia

Thursday, August 2 - Breakfasting RC and RAC Jakarta Gambir at Hanamasa Mahakam Saturday, August 11 - Donation distribution to Kampoong Nelayan Cilincing Residents Friday, August 17 - Indonesia Independence Day Sunday-Monday, August 19-20 - Ied Mubarak 1433 Hijriyah Saturday, August 25 - Guest speaker; Tidar Rachmadi and Putri RDL from Indonesia Mengajar

Saturday, September 8 - RC and RAC Jakarta Gambir Board Change Over at Millenium Hotel, Kebon Sirih Saturday, September 29 - Hello kids! at Roemah Hati, road to Social Media Festival 2012 Ida with some of the kid from Yayasan Sayap Ibu



promote all the District 3410 provinces; Aceh, North Sumatra, West Sumatra, Riau, Jambi, South SuI hope all District 3410 Rotaract Clubs can carry out their duties well, maintain which are good, raise which are already stable, and we will help which are in crisis to become more stable



DRR Inaguration Ceremony J

uly 1st 2012, placed in Award Hall of Bank Mandiri museum, Rotaract Club District 3410 DRR Inaguration Ceremony was held. On the same day Rtr. DRR. Ardian Arda was formally appointed as District Rotaract Representative 2012 – 2013. The Inaguration was started at 2 PM. Rtr. IPDRR. Tuflikha Putri was the first speaker of the welcome speech and was followed by Governor’s Representative, Rotarian PP. John HG Soe. After that Rtn. IPP. Ira Latief, sponsor of Rtr. IPP. Ardian Arda , shared her story about our new DRR. The Inaguration of Rtr. IPP. Ardian Arda as District Rotaract Representative 3410 year 2012 – 2013 was marked by the transfering of DRR medal from Rtr. IPDRR. Tuflikha Putri and the giving of DRR District 3410 placard by Rotarian PP. John HG Soe. “I hope all District 3410 Rotaract Clubs can carry out their duties well, maintain which are good, raise which are already stable, and we will help which are in crisis to become more stable” said Rtr. DRR


Ardian Arda. He also added “My hope is all District 3410 Rotary Clubs can be the sponsor for one Rotaract Club and


4 5

matra, Bangka Belitung, Bengkulu, Lampung, DKI Jakarta, Banten, West Java, West Kalimantan, Central of Kalimantan, South Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, Yogyakarta, also Central of Java regencies; Banjarnegara, Banyumas, Cilacap, Kebumen, Magelang, and Purworejo”. According to Rtr. DRR. Ardian Arda DRR Inaguration ceremony as the start of District 3410 was held well, this was proven by the attendence of approximately 50 Rotaractors and Governor’s Representative – Rotarian PP John HG Soe. It’s a good sign for new District 3410 to start its journey. “I express my gratitude to all Rotractors, especially for Rtr. Yunair Octaarianti Setyarini and her committee which hold this Inaguration ceremony very well and memorable for me,” said Rtr. DRR. Ardian Arda to close his speech. With the completion of DRR Inaguration, the event was continued with granting gradual plaques to Rotaract D3410 members who had served their clubs for years and the inaguration for new Rotaract Club District 3410 new members. The Inaguration was closed with fellowship dinner for all Rotaract Club members.(yuna)

1. DRR give his speech 2-3. Ambience inside the room 4. DRR granting gradual plaques to alumi 5. DRR take a picture after inducting new member


About Mumbai


The financial city of India is divided into two parts- South Mumbai and the suburbs. In South Mumbai only the rich and famous live while working class people dominate the suburbs. The difference is due to exorbitant real estate prices. Then there is the third area where people live in small and dilapidated huts near railway tracks, in large grounds and near building sites – the slum area. The largest slum area in the world exists in Mumbai – Dharavi. There is no proper sanitation, not enough supply of drinking water, and the surrounding area is very unhygienic. Still people lead their life there with a smile on their face. Arriving from overseas, one encounters first this extroverted city. But in the layers below, a strange truth is buried. If the elite live in virtual exile, seeing Mumbai as a part of departure, the city teems with millions of migrants who see it in exactly the opposite way: as a mesmeric port of arrival, offering what is missing on the mainland, a chance to invent oneself, to break with one’s supposed fate. “Rich Little, Poor More” by Rashmi Bansal, a mush read. Many said we will make it into Shanghai, it is possible but try making Shanghai to Mumbai and you fall flat on your nose. We love the way it is. We complain yet there are jitters when we have to relocate. We crib but we celebrate without reason. We hate but ask any Mumbaikar and you know the love for one’s city. The New York Times has described this city of heavens and hells. These dueling claims on Mumbai explain its mongrel look: like a duty-free mall in parts, in parts like a refugee camp. The wealthy complain that the surge immigration has strained public services, shocked roads, turned 15-minutes drives into 2-hour odysseys, rendered real estate into slum estates. They say migrants spit, steal electricity, commit crime, harass women and live off the public dole. Perhaps this is why the affluent dream of New York. But the migrants relish Mumbai, for they know other places.

“Dekhiye jidhar nayaa kuch kamaal

The longer you remain, the less you

Bombay sheher ka bada naam hai

hai Har kamaal mein koi golmaal hai. Dil-fareb laakh yahaan, humsafar yahaan Har nazar hai jeb par, yeh khabar kahaan. Kya hai jo nahin yahaan mile”

notice what Mumbai looks, smells, sounds like. You think instedof what it could be. You become addicted to the companionship of 18 million other beings. Surrounded by hells, you glimpse paradise.

Par gadbad ghotale ka har kaam hai Aalu ko bole batata yahaan Namaste ko kehte hai ta ta yahaan Amrud peru aur anda hai baida Yahaan par huey hai naye naam paida. Bombay sheher ka bada naam hai Par gadbad ghotale ka har kaam hai By Rtr. Aditya Kerkar Jt.Secretary and PD director 20122013

place which has seen the rise of stars like Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan and Sachin Tendulkan. But the real heroes are the so called middle class of Mumbai. They travel by the crowded train and go to work. They juggle a lot of things in a day. Even if they are tired at the end of the day, it is the enthusiasm and energy in them that keeps their life kicking. The trains are the lifeline of Mumbai. They carry millions of people to work and


back home. It the trains are disrupted even for an hour, the city comes to a halt.

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ave you ever imagined how rich a person could be if he had all the specialties and

flavors of India in his pocket? How enriching his life would be if only he could carry this essence of India, with him! Well, I just have. It is incredible to have the natural scenic beauty, the perfect blend of ancient and modern, advancing technology, oldest existing culture, and a combination of the best economic structure in our motherland. As a popular saying goes“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!”. But with all the cosmetic surgery, technology and make-up that we have in today’s world, beauty has become a commodity that can be bought and not natural. Yet India offers a pleasant break from the artificial environment we are constantly surrounded by. With Kerala’s majestic beaches and soothing calm, Kashmir’s scenic beauty, to Madhya Pradesh’s ancient all-famous monuments, all the enchanting forests and wildlife reserves, tourists can just never have enough of India! When I imagine beauty, I see something natural and simple. Whether it is a person or object, I cannot define beauty. It just has to please the eyes and soothe the nerves. Natural attractiveness is a rare and pleasing quality. And when you get all this in one place, what more could you ask for? Also, tourism isn’t the only thing India can boast about. It is a very swiftly developing country. Enormous advancements have taken place in all fields in India over


the past decade. Gujarat is the best

INDIA in a pocket size

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example to depict the amount of development that has taken place. Even after it suffered huge destruc-

ber, negative numbers, algebra and much more. Also India has made some noteworthy contributions to

tion and loss of so many lives and property in 2001, because of the earthquake, it is self-sufficient and fully developed today. It is one of the highest tax-paying states in India. Our motherland has also been known as the land of agriculture. We have acres and acres of beautiful fertile land. A majority of our population earns their livelihood from this sector. Currently, India ranks second worldwide in farm output. Even though the economic contribution from the agricultural sector is declining, agriculture is demographically the broadest economic sector and plays a significant role in the overall socio-economic fabric of India. Along with the development of the country, there has been sig-

science and medicines. The art of surgery has been recorded in our history as early as 800 B.C. Also, the science of mixing herbs and homemade medical remedies, Ayurveda first originated in India. Entertainment also forms a very centric and important part of any Indian’s lifestyle. And when you mention entertainment, Bollywood strikes your mind immediately. The Indian film industry, Bollywood has achieved a very respectable position not only in India but also throughout the world. Many of our artists and performers have been honored with international awards and recognitions. Even regional film industries have grown over a period of time and have been providing have exceptional works of art. India has its unity in diversity.

nificant economic growth of its citizens as well. Top four businessmen of India also occupy places in the latest Forbes list of richest people worldwide. Mukesh Ambani, Lakshmi Mittal, Azim Premji and Savitri Jindal have achieved great success and contributed to the country’s economy. India is also proud to have a rich history. Aryabhata, Bhaskara II and Brahmagupta are very important personalities of India who have contributed the most in the field of mathematics. The decimal system that is still in use today has been first recorded on Indian mathematics. Indians have also made early contribu-

It has a vast history, enriching culture and traditions. It is developing very swiftly and soon it will be a commendable power worldwide. It is the land of growth and new hopes, your playground to dream and achieve everything you want. As much as India gives to its citizens, they contribute more in making the beautiful country it is today! And to imagine a person having it all is just incredible. Let’s value and respect our motherland and pledge to do whatever we can for our motherland through Rotaract.

tions to the studies of zero as a num-


Hunkar Begendi & Tas Kebab Aubergine was said to have been brought by the Spaniards from Southeast Asia in 17th century, but it already featured in cookbooks at the time of Sultan Mehmed The Conqueror in 15th century. Hunkar Begendi is definitely a palatial dish from Ottoman Court. It’s name meaning “The sovereign approved /relished it” Also as a sign of being an Ottoman dish, it is prepared in two stages: Fumed aubergine sauce and stewed meat.

Eat & Eat Gandaria City

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n this very first edition, Food Corner will discuss about one of the most favorite places for RAGAM, Eat&Eat at Gandaria City. Having a

ous country such as Rujak Juhi from Betawi, Takoyaki from Japan and Ice Cream Potong Magnolia from Singapore.

“Creating Food Adventure” theme, Eat&Eat really knows how to satisfy its customers with several venues spread in Jakarta. A cozy interior with authentic food are the keys of Eat&Eat to create an adventure experience for the customers. The design are very unique, Eat&Eat Gandaria City with its industrial concept having bunch of barrels, sauce bottle and wheat flavor giving its own attractiveness. Eat&Eat serves various choice such as Indonesian, Malaysian, Singaporean, Taiwan and Japan. For example Nasi Gudeg Jogja, Singaporean Chicken Rice, also Taiwanese Beef Noodle. Not only the modern food,

EAT & EAT Payment system is unique. It is using a card with deposit money in it. People who will have their meal should deposit their money with desire amount in the front cashier. It is as simple as show your card to the food stalls cashier, the card will be swept and voila, the food is paid instantly. The remaining money can also be redeemed in the front cashier. So simple and unique! The food’s price is quite cheap. For example, customer can get Nasi Timbel Solo with IDR 18.000 or GyuCashu Ramen with IDR 39.000. The food price is between IDR 10.000 – IDR 70.000, depends on what kind of food that you ordered. Bon appé-

Eat&Eat also serve snacks from vari-

tit! (tanto/nissa)

Eat&Eat Gandaria City Lantai 2 Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda No. 57 Arteri Pondok Indah Kebayoran Lama Jakarta Selatan business hours : 09.00 - 21.00

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Hunkar Begendi sauce: 2 large, firm aubergines 3 tpbs (tablespoon) flour 2 tbps butter 2 glasses of milk (heated with 1/4 onion and 1 bay leaf) pinch of sugar pinch of nutmeg salt 3 tbsp grated mozzarella Wrap the eggplants in aluminum foil and grill over the stove. Prick aubergines with a knife to prevent them bursting under gril, when they are burned turn the other side, burn very well. Then leave to cool. In the mean time prepare the bechamel sauteing flour with butter adding milk and seasoning. Peel the aubergines crusty burnt skin. They come out very easily as strips after cutting the head. Scoop the flesh out, discard the seeds if there is any. Taste it. It should be sweet with very nice fumed aroma. Chop well, then add to the bechamel with mozzarella and nutmeg, incorporate. It should be broken white in colour. When you taste it, if it is somehow tangy, bitter, unpleasant to you, drain the juice marinade with

some milk, then drain and use. Istanbul women used to do in the older days. I don’t know why other recipes recommend lemon juice. Tas Kabab: 450 g lamb meat (cut into 3 cm cubes) 1 large onion (chopped julien) 3 tbsp olive oil 1 tsp (teaspoon) flour 1 tsp tomate paste salt, black pepper pinch of cinnamon (optional) Tas means bowl. In the authentic version they put raw meat,onion and seasonings into a bowl then turn it upside down to the tray, adding some water when necessary and cook very slowly. It is actually steamed inside the bowl. Place the chopped meat and onion with olive oil in a saucepan, put the lid on, cook on a moderate heat adding water when necessary till meats are tender. When it is still juicy, add flour, tomato paste, spices, and seasoning. In the end you will see the onions will melt and produce a rich, creamy sauce and the meat will keep their shape, but when you touch with a fork they will easily flake. It maybe a good idea to marinade the meat with onions a day before if you are using other than lamb. I prefer preparing the tas kebab well in advance. It makes things easier. When serving the dish, you can put the sauce and the meat side by side, or serve the meat on top of the sauce.


Kremzlyky (deruny, dranyky, keyslyky – there are plenty of possibilities to call this dish in Transkarpathia, Western Part of Ukraine) Ingredients (for 8 person)

Gravy Ingredients

10 large potatoes 2-3 yellow onion 6 eggs 1 teaspoon salt 3-4 tablespoons all-purpose flour ground black pepper to taste 2 cups sunflower oil for frying

2 tablespoons butter 3/4 cup chicken broth 1-2 garlic pieces 2 cups of sour cream

Directions Finely grate potatoes with onion into a large bowl. Mix in eggs, salt, and black pepper. Add enough flour to make mixture thick, about 2 to 4 tablespoons all together. If there is excess liquid, add more flour. Heat 1/4 inch oil in the bottom of a heavy skillet over medium high heat. Drop two or three 1/4 cup mounds into hot oil, and flatten to make 1/2 inch thick pancakes. Fry, turning once, until golden brown. Transfer to paper towel lined plates to drain. Repeat


until all potato mixture is used.

3 cups sliced mushrooms 4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves

Directions In skillet, melt butter over medium heat. Brown both sides of chicken in skillet. Add mushrooms. Add chicken broth to pan. Fry until chicken is no longer pink and juices run clear. Add salt, sour cream and garlic. Stew for 1015 min. Pour gravy on kremzlyky and enjoy!

Congratulation to

Pres. Simon Yos Sudarso and Board of ROTARY CLUB OF JAKARTA GAMBIR 2012 - 2013

RAGAM Bulletin  

1st Edition of Rotaract Club of Jakarta Gambir (RAGAM) Bulletin

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