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Understanding Botox Injections And Their Uses Even though when it comes to Botox injections they have several medical uses, the most popular use for these wonder injections are in the cosmetic industry. Many people use Botox in order to gain a youthful appearance, but they are also the primary choice of those who just want to do anything they can in order to slow down the aging process.

What Is It? First of all, before you consider them, you need to know that Botox injections are generally performed by a licensed professional. You can easily find a Botox in Glasgow clinic with a simple online search, so be sure you research the one you want to use prior to making any final decisions. Compared to the majority of anti aging treatments out there, Botox doesn't prevent the formation of wrinkles, but simply makes your fine lines and wrinkles invisible to the eye thanks to its plumping effect.

What It's Made Of The Botox injections are made using specific bacteria called Botulinum toxin. While some people will be scared off when hearing about it, doctors are quick to offer them peace of mind by telling them Botox is not dangerous if administered in small doses and the results of doing so will give people a younger looking skin.

Who Needs Botox? If you want to get a Botox injection, then you need to be at least eighteen years of age and maximum sixty five years old and have wrinkles and fine lines on your neck area and on your face. At the same time, you can also use Botox injections for treating tremors and muscle spasms.

Where is Botox Applied?

When you visit a professional who administers Botox injections, you will find out that you can have the shots applied throughout the neck and face area. This also includes the lip areas and the eyelids. In terms of effectiveness, you can expect the Botox shot to be effective for as little as four months and as much as eight months after the initial treatment. If you want, you can consider re-injecting Botox after at least 3 months since your initial session.

Side Effects The FDA has approved Botox use since 2002 and it has been used extensively ever since to treat patients with wrinkle problems. However, sometimes certain patients may experience some side effects and though rare, they may include nausea and temporary muscle paralysis within close proximity to the injected site.

Understanding botox injections and their uses