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Painting Your Wooden Blinds To Give Them A Fresh Look If your old wood blinds don't really look the same way they did a few years ago when you purchased them, then how about you will freshen up their look by painting them? Painting your blinds is not as hard as you may initially think and on top of that, the paint you need for the task is also very affordable. With that in mind, below we're going got take a closer look at the steps you need to take to properly paint your wooden blinds.


First of all you need to remove the slats by lifting the bottom rail and then finding the plastic pegs or wood along the bottom. Removing the pegs is simple and all you need to use is a screwdriver. After they're removed, you should pull out the revealed strings and cut the bottom knot. Next, you'll need to remove the main strings from the slats and then slide each wood slat out.


Now that you have managed to remove the wood slats, you need to clean them properly by using a damp rag on each slat. This way you'll manage to remove any fingerprints, dirt or dust that has settled on them. After all of them have been wiped down, just set them aside and let them dry.

Painting time

When painting your slats, you should use a standard paintbrush or one that’s made for varnish, especially if you're looking for that brushed look. You should paint one side of each slat and then let them dry. After that, go for the other side and be sure that the edges are properly covered with

paint, because they'll be visible. If required, you may apply a second coat.

After painting is over, you will need to allow the paint to dry and it's best if you will actually install them 24 hours after they’ve been painted. This way you can reduce any risks of damaging the paint by handling the slats too early. After a few hours of work, especially if you have many slats to paint, that won't be pleasant to deal with.

Painting your plantation shutters is not as hard as you think and now that you know how to do it, you'd better start making preparations. Check whether you have the required type of paint at home, but if not, go to your nearest home improvement store and get it. Your home will soon look amazing!

Painting your wooden blinds to give them a fresh look  
Painting your wooden blinds to give them a fresh look